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Spoil Free ReviewAfter Cascades emotional and fantastic ending, Gabi and Lia find themselves racing back to 14th Century Italy For Gabi she is racing back to her true love, for Lia she races back to save her family and an unspoken romance that has risen in her own heart Coming back this time however will have its consequences, getting back home will be almost impossible and perhaps out of the question now that a life hangs in the balance.Gabi knows her family will be making a huge sacrifice to stay in ancient Italy but also knows she tied to Marcello in a way that cant be broken, that is until events change the political atmosphere surrounding Marcello and the nation of Sienna With a shocking wrench thrown into the plotting, Gabi s life may take a completely new direction than she ever imagined While those who love her fight back and Gabi risks everything, the torrent that threatens to devour them all rears it ugly head.My favorite of three, Torrent was a fast rollercoaster of emotion, shocking plot twists and a gorgeous well done end I cant review any of the stuff that made Torrent what it was due to not spoiling it for readers, is all I can say is that things happened that I wanted to happen and things happened that shocked me Lisa threw in some added drama for Gabi that she needed in order to truly see what being with Marcello would mean, she also by the end grew Gabi into a fully developed character that shreds the last lingering thoughts of a 21st century teenager yet still maintains her spunk, bravery and courage.Now that Ive finally docked the boat after being on a river that turns, spins, crashes, rips you under with its current and then gently calms you with its tranquility, I must say reading the River of Time series has been a marvelous adventure I love these novels than cake and that s saying a lot Lisa Bergren with her Jedi Master skills at romance, history that doesn t put me to sleep and action that jumps off the pages had me at page one in Waterfall, made me fall in love in Cascade and stole my heart with Torrent This is a series that will stick with you long after you finish The concept of this book could have been really good I read this one because, after hating the middle book, I wanted to finish the series as a whole to see how the end turned out I still think the first book is the strongest of the three This one is probably just as awkward as the second book, sadly Time travel is never an easy thing to write about The language the author puts into her main characters head seems so mom ish Its what a mom thinks a teenager thinks like One of the major flaws of the series is in the second book The whole awkwardness with the mom appearing, making Marcello and Gabriella s moments together childish and super awkward This is 5x intensified with awkwardness with the appearance of the dad This one big happy family thing in the story is so old, and makes the romantic love seem unbelievable I also find it really hard to believe, that every member of the family would be ok with living out the rest of their lives never seeing the present time again, just to satisfy Gabi being able to be with Marcello The concept is just to perfect at the end And the selfishness Gabriella eludes is annoying She doesn t consider any option but staying with Marcello She gets overly sensitive when her parents start talking about other possibilities Its just weird In the middle of the story, their are glimmers of what this book could have been The bits when Gabriella is away from Marcello and captured and forced into almost marrying that other guy, it was actually intriguing Then the family Marcello comes to rescue her and its all awkward again It makes me think that at least I know their is a good story hidden somewhere in this book, but it does not come into focus, because it was not executed well.The dialog is riddled with cliches I got to eye rolling every time I read a yeah, this is gonna be good or Marcello is the one, this is true love or something along the lines of saying bring it Yuck.If the author was going to write a fun, witty, love story then Luca should have been the lead His character was actually enjoyable to read He had the best lines. @Pdf è Torrent (River of Time, #3) Í Would You Sacrifice Your Future For An Uncertain Past Gabriella And Evangelia Betarrini Are Just Two Normal American Teenagers Normal Except For The Fact That They Time Travel To Fourteenth Century Italy, Where They Ve Lived In Castles, Become Swept Up In Historic Battles, And Fallen In Love With Handsome Knights Willing To Do Anything To Keep Them AliveThey Ve Returned With Their Mother To The Present To Save Their Father Before His Tragic Death, And Now The Family Travels Back To The Place That Holds The Girls Hearts Medieval Italy But Remaining There Means Facing Great Risk As The Battle For Territory Wages On And The Black Plague Looms Will The Betarrinis Truly Be Willing To Risk It All Or In Facing Death Head On, Will They Discover Life As It Was Always Meant To Be Lived If haven t said it before, I will say it again stands on soap box I LOVE THIS SERIES I am convinced this needs to be a movie series I had bittersweet feeling when I started Torrent, because I thought it was the last book in the series, and I wasn t ready to say goodbye But thanks to my awesome goodreads friends I see It s not over y all dances There s novellas and a book 4, lol, I m soooo excited.Every book I read in the series just gets better and better Gabriella, Marcello, Luca, and Lia are just my favorite I feel like I ve seen them really grow into their own in this third installment This book really deals with the tense political climent between Siena and Florence in the mid to late 1300s You see Marcello and Gabriella taking key roles in a growing war I love how Bergren integrates real history throughout the story But don t worry there is still plenty of awesome action and heartfelt drama mixed in There are so many major things happening in this book, I don t want to spoil it All In have to say is read this series Review to come D Just as rockin awesome as the first time through Lord Greco was OH MY WORD awesome Loved falling for him all over again I can t wait till Tributary comes out More Lord Greco Yay Oh My Word The She Wolves of Siena are BACK If you ve heard me talk about the River of Time series before, you know I thought Waterfall was awesome and Cascade was awesome er but I think Torrent was awesome est Each book just kept getting better, and better, and better Starting Torrent sometime in the afternoon, I did not stop reading till I finished it Clinging to the pages in breathless suspense, I devoured the new adventures that Gabi and Lia go through with their guys, Marcello and Luca I ve said it before, but I m saying it again this is a series you do NOT want to miss All the characters were just as amazing as in the previous books I loved the twist of Gabi being forced to marry one of Marcello s enemies I kept willing her not to give up on her man All the adventures were new and had twists in the plot nearly every way they turned No one can accuse Lisa Bergren s plots of getting monotonous, boring, or clich When you pick up Waterfall, Cascade, or Torrent, you just have to hold onto your seat and prepare for a wild ride All the tension and suspense wrapped up in Torrent would be enough to break the weak of heart But, as all River of Time fans know, none of the Betarrini s are weak Each one bears up under all odds In a very hedge sort of way, Gabi is told that not only will she be forced to marry the enemy of Marcello, but that several prominent men would watch the consummation to ensure the plan was carried all the way out Awful thought, if you ask me But, then again, that was the way it was back then Marriage was important, and to successfully marry Gabi away from Marcello would ve aided the Firenze s plans While it might seem crude TMI to include, I m thankful Lisa doesn t ignore the gritty facts of the medieval period.There was sensual tension in Torrent then the others, as both Marcello and Gabi are itching to get married There are several heated kisses and Gabi even raises the question why they have to wait for their wedding night, but Marcello instantly rejects the idea My respect for them went up There s also a scene where the husband is helping his wife undress for the night They begin kissing and the scene cuts off as they fall into bed Lord Rodolfo Greco was introduced in the last half of Cascade and I really liked how, while he was on Firenze s side, he was really trying to help Marcello and Siena A double agent Yes, I admit it, there s just something about the slightly bad boys that I love I was so excited to see Lord Greco back in Torrent I fell in love with him all over again I know Gabi was in love with Marcello but, man, Rodolfo sure can be tempting While I always liked Marcello and Luca, I never felt head over heels for them But I sure do with Rodolfo He was totally awesome While I was so sad to see this series come to an end, I couldn t have been pleased with how Lisa left the She Wolves of Siena It made me want to find my own time capsule transportation and go back in time with them and find Lord Greco, of course I know the River of Time series will forever be a favorite of mine and one that I will read over, and over, and over again Lisa Bergren has written a winner with this series An enchanting time period, a complex and unique plot, and in depth characters that leap from the pages all come together to make an AMAZING and award worthy book Don t miss out Seriously They need to be read in order to get the whole effect, but all are totally awesome and Torrent is sure to sweep you off your feet Words just can t do this series justice Torrent was definitely my favorite book in the River of Time series so far D There was so much going on in this book compared to the others At least to me anyway P I never wanted to put it down and when I had to, I couldn t stop thinking about it I felt connected to the characters and the world in this book and I could easily picture all of the beautiful scenery of Siena, Italy A big plus for me in this book is that we got to see of Lord Greco Rodolfo And I have to say that I really did enjoy his character, because he made the story waaaaay interesting P And is it bad that I kind of liked Lord Greco better than Marcello Lol okaaay maybe not better , I just thought that he made the story a little fun and it kept me on the edge of my seat I am just being honest lol But of course I still love Gabi with Marcello, I mean, who wouldn t Marcello is so sweet and you can tell that he really loves her Another thing I loved about this book is that we got to see the whole Betarrinis family together and I thought that Gabi and Lia s parents were so sweet I am a little sad that we didn t get to see of Lia and Luca in this book But hopefully there will be of them in the others D Now I just need to order the last two books and I will be good to go I really can t wait to get my hands on Bourne Tributary as soon as I can I think a lot of what I could say in this review would be rehash from my previous book in the series Gabi is awesome Lia is awesome Luca is awesome and Marcello is awesome They all stay pretty consistent throughout the series Gabi is faced with obstacles and there are some big decisions that have to be made view spoiler I like the addition of her parents in this one, while they don t play a huge role it is nice to see their family all together again It gives Gabi extra strength and motivation to keep going hide spoiler What a rush.A rush of excitement A rush of intensity A rush of exhilaration Torrent, the third book in the River of Time series by Lisa T Bergren, was the perfect ending to a story that has captured our hearts and minds, eliciting a fervor from us that we never expected when we picked up Waterfall, the first in the series The final book in a series is always the most delicate It must be well crafted and live up to those beginning books that so captured our interest, while closing out the story and giving us any missing pieces of the puzzle The development and pacing must be sure footed, making us glad that we followed along for as long as we have.Ms.Bergren hits it center faced with Torrent, and after the electrifying words of Cascade, it was all I could hope for from the third installment Each book begins where the previous left off and we can t help but be grateful to Ms Bergren for leaving nothing out in this regard, allowing us as readers to take in the full, tempestuous feelings flowing through each of the characters.Torrent holds surprise after surprise, with Gabi at the lead, growing and developing in ways we weren t sure she would ever be able to reach She has a strength we would like to see in ourselves and her ability to move and develop in spite of her weaknesses gives us hope to, one day, do the same The endearing nature of Gabi toward her family gives us the impression of solidarity and is a refreshing change from the bad parental broken sibling stories we see often than not.Through to this point, we ve seen the story progress through trials and heartache, seeing and feeling the pain and deaths of those we had grown to care for Each of our amazing characters has had to push their way through these hardships, all the while growing and feeling With the added development of the relationship between Marcello and Gabi and Luca and Lia, Ms Bergren plays on our heartstrings in Torrent and we commend her for making us feel so attached to these characters Further, Marcello who we have loved for so long has felt the most loss of all, with most of his family gone and his people suffering we can t help but want to hold his hand and wrap our arms around his beautiful neck and comfort him in anyway possible.However, Ms Bergren, the amazing sneaky author that she is has given us something else to think about and while we want nothing than to hold and comfort Marcello and see him succeed in all his wants and loves, we also want to molest Lord Rodolfo Greco I spoke of him in my review of Cascade and the feelings of not quite knowing who he is or what his purpose is Only knowing that he was important in some way In Torrent, we finally deduce the meaning of Lord Greco and while we still ascertain deep feelings for all the characters, we cannot help but love and adore Lord Greco for all he is and all he presents to us The conflicting emotions surrounding his character and his feelings only serves to further our feelings toward him and we want nothing than to take him for our own and never let him go I d definitely throw him up against a wall licks lips Overall, the torrential downpour of feverish emotions and the awe inspiring characters who have grown from something small to something bigger than time, makes Torrent a read that will warm the soul and brighten the heart I give the River of Time series a strong 5 out of 5 and highly recommend the River of Time series to all those who enjoy Young Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction, Time Travel and books about Italy Now, for all those who haven t jumped into this series, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR It really is amazing For all those who have jumped into this series, you know what I m talking about Lisa T Bergren has started on book 4, but hasn t signed on for it yet They need to see how her other 3 books do, so GO buy the books, read them, they are amazing And for you curious readers, here is A LINK TO SNIPPET OF BOOK 4, Tributary squee It s epically exciting