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No.No.No.Stop this right nowAuthors, be aware of the audience you re targeting Be aware of how fragile some minds are You have a weapon here and this book is very dangerous I am so mad right now.So, the last book of this trilogy I didn t like the first one, i didn t care much for the second one But i have this need to finish a series once I start it No matter how bad it is Well except for The House of Night books.So when I saw this book at our local library, I just picked it up and decided to add it on my to read pile just to find out what happens to Abbey and Caspian.God, why did I do this So many eye roll moments, so many awkward did you just write that moments and don t even get me started on the November night I had to put the book down and calm my nerves.Caspian s nickname for Abbey Astrid made me want to hurl It was and always has been cheesy Our dear Mary Sue Abbey who is actually a really bad friend to everyone yet somehow manages to get away with it Her parents are ridiculous and absent pretty much for the majority of this book And their graduation present was a little outlandish for a teenage girl No matter how responsible she apparently is.The themes of controlling boyfriend came up and although Abbey tried to not be controlled, the charm and cute smile of these boys won her over of course All these characters were just thrown in as props None of them really stuck with me and I didn t connect with any of them spoiler Now the ending.NO.NO.NO.You do NOT ever EVER write about a character that willingly kills herself to be with her boyfriend NO I am disgusted by that ending What message are we trying to get across here, Verday That it s ok to throw your life away for the sake of love That you can cause your parents and friends so much pain just because you give your soul and heart and damn virginity to some perfect guy She re wrote time, I suppose Meaning Kristen was the one who mourned her death and her parents the ones who suffered But really How selfish of you, Abbey Subjecting your parents and no doubt your best friend to the pain YOU suffered when she died I get that it was meant to be you who died, but you didn t What you should have done is walked away and let the dead be dead and the dead move on What you should have done as a caring, responsible, mature person is see this as a second chance You owed Kristen that much That s what you should have done But you didn t.You chose to kill yourself For a boy I am not okay with this No one can convince me otherwise This relationship was very unhealthy Abbey s need for Caspian was unhealthy and wrong She lived with him She spent every second with him When he wanted to take a walk, she fought off her tears NO.STOP WRITING BOOKS LIKE THIS.STOP IT RIGHT NOWchokengtitikkomachokeng nice touch with the Supernatural reference I m a huge fan. LOVE THIS COVER It s the best one out of all three books.This book made me cry soooooo many times while I was reading I can t even remember crying this much for a book I literally cried a liter of tears Thank you so very much Jessica for writing this book and the entire trilogy I look forward to reading of your books in the future. I cant wait for this book to come out The Hallow and The Haunted were probally two of my favorite books ever.The characters are all so real and they are great story s so im beting The Hidden will be great to oh.my.god this book could not have been any better Caspian and abbey3 sooo cute I promise you forever, whatever that is Whatever i can give you You have it all All of methe most romantic thing anyone could ever say I cant get over how well written the story and the characters were Abbey s perfume shopevery little detail made me long for what she had, yet cry for what she didnt I found myself counting down the days till his birthday as the pages passed, and was so happy when it did I adore this series and everything about it., Thank you, Jessica Verday, for wrighting such beautifull novels. What a sad way to end this trilogy I ll have you know I both loved The Hollow and The Haunted But I can t say that to The Hidden I felt half empty to be perfectly honest When I finish the book, I felt so unsatisfied Like is that it Is that all It took three books, only to end it where it started Once again there are a lot of unnecessary events I ll gladly skip them all and went ahead to the few remaining pages of the book You know why Because that s where the answers I ve been dying to know are It was crammed in that last few pages I have the feeling that if I did skip, I ll probably still get the story Yes, that s how trifling some of the events are It s been almost a year since I last read The Haunted, but I still remember the story like I said, I like it Although I did forget about the revenants as a term, I still know why they are there After a year the term revenant is something I associate now with zombies yep, I m talking about Die for Me I digress, getting back, I think it s kinda frustrating to drag the story so much I really wanted to know why Vincent is stopping Abby and Caspian What is the revenants real mission What really are they And then I ll find the answer at the very end Are you kidding me I don t mind if the important information is at the end, as long as the events prior to it are significant too But really The prom The finding the dress for the prom The talk about food While it was interesting when Vincent went to Abby s house as a pastor, I still don t get the reason why he needs to do it Just a practical joke That s all time waster to me Even Vincent s motivations once I found out are really unexpectedly boring Then there s a new character, Cyn I found it tad late to introduce a new character I know, she serves as an important role in the story But she s so out of the picture most of the time, for someone important All I know was she s curious about Abby, and she has something to do it s a bit spoilerish to Kirsten Given that her character is significant there s no groundwork to work with It felt to me that she s just there for convenience, because without her the ending wouldn t be possible.Aside from Cyn, I wanted to know why Ben had been dreaming of Kristen lately But even that was just a piece of the story that didn t bother to explain I still have some questions and because this is the final book, it looks like I will never have the chance to know it But it s still hard to accept that everything happened is just that Na ah I like Caspian and Abby s relationship I really do But even though the conclusion of their love story is sort of happy, I m not I m not really satisfied with the ending I don t know what to say any It was really depressing for me I m so sad because I ve been looking forward to read it This is the final book, it should have that kick, but it so plain to me that even the twist didn t come to me as is I don t know I just can t sigh I came across a book that was Twilight but worse a girl had a dead boyfriend, and was caught in a love triangle between a dangerous, hot mysterious guy who was dead, and an emotionally available boy who wasn t Twilight, with stupider stakes And I thought My God, they re still making this crap I can t believe a book with so stupid a premise would ever get published And then I found this book I didn t realize it was third in a trilogy until I got home from the library, but I thought I d give it a shot, because it was Sleepy Hollow and that had all sorts of neat possibilities oh god the main character is in love with a ghost At least in the previous series, the boyfriend had at one point been alive I literally dissolved into angrish over this book, reduced to arglebalrgleargleargh.This is why America can t have nice literature, people Because we hate our authors, and we hate our deep, intelligent, clever authors even , and shove them out of line for crap like this This psuedo fanfiction y crap The kind of love that is written about in books like these is what Shakespeare tried to mock with Romeo and Juliet it is selfish, self absorbed love, irresponsible love, cruel love that not only injures the families and loved ones of the lovers she chooses to die and shrugs over her parents s anguish ARE YOU KIDDING ME but is so all consuming, the love allows no room for other pleasures or identities, like responsibility, ethics, or self expression.And apparently folks keep eating it up, because I know at this moment someone is writing crap like this, publishing crap like this, and reading crap like this And if literary conventions reflect societal ones, we all want unflinching adoration all the time forever and always, no matter how selfish it might be to want it and get it Shame on the author for indulging in claptrap that was awful in theory even before Fifty Shades of Grey made it all so much worse Did you think you were being clever vomiting up Twilight, Miss Verday Just because it was the only book you ever read didn t give you the right to go out and put three just like it Incredibly stupid, just start to finish, dumb, dumb, DUMB. I wished this trilogy was just a stand a lone This one had all the makings of one I liked how it ended and we finally get answers and closure The writing flows so it s a quick read Recommended for romance fans Oh My God Can this series get any better Any emotional, Heart breaking, tearful and romantic Yes The last book in the The Hollow series The Hidden is a perfect ending for an amazing series.Caspian and Abby are back and in Love that ever Things are changing and looking worse for wear and through out the novel I was on the edge of my seat praying that everything would be okay This novel was definantly the best outta the whole three Just because things we waited for through out the series all seemed to come into place Jessica has written such a captivating exciting story.Again the scenes between Caspian and Abby are Amazing Even beautiful than ever Some really touching moments and if you loved their scenes in the first two books then you will LOVE these scenes I promise you I wanna say that I m so sad its all over and I will miss Caspian and Abby very much I loved going through their story together, from their one touch to declaring their undying love for eachother Great trilogy *DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇹ The Hidden (The Hollow, #3) ✒ A Love That Knows No Bounds Abbey Knows That Caspian Is Her Destiny Theirs Is A Bond That Transcends Even Death But As Abbey Finally Learns The Full Truth About The Dark Fate That Links Her To Caspian And Ties Them Both To The Town Of Sleepy Hollow, She Suddenly Has Some Very Hard Choices To Make Caspian May Be The Love Of Her Life, But Is That Love Worth Dying For Beautifully Spun, Emotionally Gripping, And Irresistibly Romantic, The Hidden Will Leave You Breathless Since I am feeling unwell I m just going to get straight to the point before I forget what happened in this book I m sorry if this is just a huge rant about how much I hate Abbey.The Haunted book two irritated me because Abbey turned into a mega bitch all of a sudden and became whiney, demanding and acted like a spoilt little princess.Safe to say, she really overstepped the mark in this book Abbey infuriates me as a character She is a bitch and completely tactless and tramples allover people s feelings without so much as a second thought Her poor parents, seriously, I feel sorry for them the most For a good part of the book she just talks about how she s looking forward to dying and is convinced that it what she is going to choose, yet she wonders why her mother gets upset when Abbey starts talking about coffins and funerals and flowers Her parents seem to go out of their way to make her happy and give her all this amazing stuff yet she s willing to give up a happy, long life with her parents just to die to be with her dead boyfriend She really should have been locked up in a mental hospital at the end of the first book.Since this is what I assume is the last book, why did the author go to all the effort to introduce even new characters Cyn was pointless and weird and wasn t even tied into the story right Abbey s friendship with Beth was pointless And Ben went from okay in the second book but in the third was a bit of a douche And what was with that new dead guy at the end I can t remember his name but I was just ilke where did YOU come from anyway AND WHY WHY WHY WHY The whole book was just so overdone and over the top The dream sequences added no value to the plot, and the scenes with Vincent were awkwardly written and had no real effect on me Abbey was disgustingly rude and spoilt Her parents essentially set up her own business for her, and yet she chose to die After everything and all the good things in life she had going for her, she chose her dead intangible boyfriend ghost thing over a long and happy life with her parents and I think that is the most disgustingly selfish thing I have read in young adult fiction And the end well it all wrapped up neatly but so fast Failworthy to the extreme And it s really sad because The Hollow was quite a good book It just went all downhill It s baffling to me why these YA authors have so much promise yet they throw it all away for the drama and OTT plot lines. I literally can not wait for this book to come out The Hollow and The Haunted were amazing to read and I m so excited to find out what happens next XD