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spoiler FREE Dear Vanish, let me count all the things I love about you This is a fantastic sequel I really liked what Sophie did with the story line and the direction it goes Not only did she introduce of her Draki world, she included a few great kissy scenes, added a lot action no I don t mean that kind , and she ends Vanish with the perfect set up for the next book I literally could not put this book down once I started it I loved how much in depth the characters are in Vanish and I felt emotionally connected to them It was easier for me to understand Jacinda, Cassian and Will s motives and sympathize with the way Jacinda felt through out much of the story The tensions are higher, the emotional connection with the characters is greater and the character chemistry is still really hot The Draki world is enticing, but there s a lot at stake now that Jacinda, her mother and sister have been taken back to the pride Like Firelight, Vanish is just as exciting and engaging, and Sophie throws in some fabulous surprises and twists into the plot that I didn t even see coming, but I loved every moment of it Of course that may have to do with the fact I enjoyed seeing a lot of Cassian in this story Not that I don t love Will, because I do, I just like Cassian I really like the way Sophie has created a great romantic interest with both guys One is Jacinda s destiny and the other one is a choice, and I m really curious to know who she ll pick when the story continues in the next book I think there s a lot we ll get to know about both Cassian and Will With this series, Sophie has me thinking that the impossible could be possible I love the thought of a Draki world existing within a human world and for me when a book captures my attention and causes me to get lost in the story s endless possibilities and expands by own imagination, the author has done than told a story They ve brought it to life I feel that s exactly what Sophie has done with Firelight and Vanish If you loved Firelight, you ll enjoy Vanish I highly recommend picking this book up when it s out If I could, I would have already pre ordered the next book in this series I need to know what s going to happen next I wanted so much from this follow up to Firelight, which was a lush and refreshing take on YA fantasy Unfortunately, Vanish suffers from what I hope is merely Second Book Slump and not an indication of the way the third book will go Vanish picks up immediately where Firelight left off as though Jordan wrote them as one big book and split them in half with Cassian taking Jacinda, Tamra and their mother back to the pride What follows is three hundred pages of prettily written teenage angst as Jacinda vacillates between her feelings for Will and the ones she s beginning to develop for Cassian And while that wasn t unexpected I think we all knew the love triangle element was going to ramp up in the second book I certainly didn t expect it to be the only thing to happen in three hundred pages There was literally no forward progression in the plot None All the questions posed in Firelight remain unanswered, and Vanish failed to pose any compelling questions of its own Except, of course, Team Will or Team Cassian I hope the next book in the series meets the expectation set by Firelight and does not continue in the vein of Vanish. @EBOOK º Vanish â An Impossible RomanceBitter RivalriesDeadly ChoicesTo Save The Life Of The Boy She Loves, Jacinda Did The Unthinkable She Betrayed The Most Closely Guarded Secret Of Her Kind Now She Must Return To The Protection Of Her Pride Knowing She Might Never See Will Again And Worse, That Because His Mind Has Been Shaded, Will S Memories Of That Fateful Night And Why She Had To Flee Are GoneBack Home, Jacinda Is Greeted With Hostility And Must Work To Prove Her Loyalty For Both Her Sake And Her Family S Among The Few Who Will Even Talk To Her Are Cassian, The Pride S Heir Apparent Who Has Always Wanted Her, And Her Sister, Tamra, Who Has Been Forever Changed By A Twist Of Fate Jacinda Knows That She Should Forget Will And Move On That If He Managed To Remember And Keep His Promise To Find Her, It Would Only Endanger Them Both Yet She Clings To The Hope That Someday They Will Be Together Again When The Chance Arrives To Follow Her Heart, Will She Risk Everything For Love Spoiler alert After the first two paragraphs of my review, there are a few spoilers, so please don t continue reading if you want to avoid them Whenever I think of Jacinda in this book, I think of myself as a teenager, lying on my bed in the dark in the afternoon, no less , repeatedly listening to The Cure and Pearl Jam, writing depressing songs lyrics and poems on my Converse in marker writing stories in which I am hit by a car and everyone feels so sorry they weren t nicer to me before I died scrutinizing myself with horror in the mirror screaming at my parents that they didn t understand anything and were so unfair and stomping around slamming doors and such I think of the endless painful crush I had on a particular boy and how I felt like the air got sucked out of the room every time he was with someone else, and how I would drive around at night just so I could be alone, crying and feeling like everything had gone wrong And I forgive Jacinda a bit for being so melodramatic and self pitying and miserable in this book, because while her constant woe is me, my life is so tragic attitude gets annoying, she has good cause to feel that way She certainly has cause to feel that way than I did, and at least her story is written by someone who knows how to evoke those emotions strongly but can also temper them with some heavy action scenes fighting, chases and escapes, sneaking past enemies, you get the idea.Look at everything that s happened to Jacinda Even though she risked her life and her secret as a draki shapeshifter to save Will, her human boyfriend, she lost him anyway, and now he s back with the draki hunters with a supposedly wiped memory While she s pining for him, he might not even remember her, which leads to, you guessed it, MORE pining Then there s home, her little draki community in the mountains Through much of Firelight, all she wanted to do was go home, get out of the stifling hot desert air where her draki was withering, and now she s finally returned and she s happy for, like, a second Literally Then her and her mother are put under house arrest for fleeing in the first place, and when everyone finds out accidentally that Jacinda had the hots for a human, and a hunter, no less, they ostracize her right quick Also, ALSO, her sister Tamra manifests into a super rare shader draki, so while Jacinda and her mom are shunned and spied on and ignored, Tamra is actually a celebrity Even though Jacinda always complained about being the pride s celebrity, having it taken away and given to her sister sucks Oh, and her mom starts self medicating and becomes totally useless Then, there s Cassian, who hasn t given up trying to make Jacinda his wifey poo Only, as it turns out, he s not so bad he might actually understand her better than anyone in town, and maybe she has the hots for him, too And finally, there s Cassian s dad, who still wants to clip her wings the second she puts one talon out of line.So Let s recap Pining for Will, who has supposedly forgotten her Shunned by her former friends and neighbors Separated from her sister, who is living the high life that used to be hers Pining for Will Being afraid of Cassian s dad Having the hots for Cassian Making out with Cassian No, wait Pining for Will No wonder she mopes around for so long.Eventually, she starts to assimilate back into the community people start trusting her again, she wins back her friends, makes up with her sister, and Cassian and her start to get cozy ish So, when Will shows up in town, pretending to be a lost hunter, as we all knew he would, she s understandably in a tizzy, because she had just started to convince herself that she could make a life with Cassian, and now she can t unthink those thoughts or the kiss they shared But Will s all, Run away with me I love you and we will be together no matter how many people hunt us down and try to kill us Jacinda thinks about how awful it would be for her to abandon her mother and sister and friends how irresponsible it would be to betray her community and put them at risk by going on the run with Will, who has draki hunters coming out the wazoo after him and how mean it would be to hurt Cassian by running away with Will after she had the sexy times with him and then she agrees Quickly And I wanted to slap her Vanish is well written, just like the first one, highly emotional, with a ton of action once Will shows up anyway , and the series has a very interesting shape shifting take on dragons that I think is different enough to stand out The ending, which I will not spoil here, leaves the book in such a truly exciting place that I will have to pick up the next one Jordan definitely knows how to get Jacinda into some real trouble I enjoyed how Firelight explored Jacinda s thorny but loving relationships with her mother and sister AND Will, but in Vanish all of the other relationships take a backseat to the boys and their imminent love triangle I wanted to slap Jacinda over and over again for making a series of incredibly selfish, poorly thought out decisions, most of which arise out of her ping ponging between Cassian and Will I know love encompasses all, and everything, but it s terrible how she just throws her sister and mother and whole community under the bus for a chance to run away with Will, knowing the whole time that it s probably a bad idea and she ll regret it and it is, and she does.I don t care that she s wishy washy about the two guys in her life, each of whom feel like a potential soul mate that s standard PNR fare and she has hot chemistry with both of them Jordan writes some smokin make out scenes Sure, it s not my favorite plotline but as long as something else interesting is going on that doesn t center entirely around the which boy will I pick dilemma, I enjoy it And that s where Vanish fell below Firelight for me, because only at the end does Jacinda start making decisions that feel like she s thinking of someone other than herself and Will Cassian.I m definitely still excited to read the third book and see what happens view spoiler to our merry band of Jacinda, Tamra, Will, and Cassian on the road hide spoiler Sophie Jordan knows how to write one steamy kiss.I admit as soon as I opened Vanish, I skipped ahead to read a highly anticipated reunion scene I mean, I have been looking forward to this moment for almost 365 daysat least, that s how I justified it Once I was satiated, I decided to behave myself and read the book in order from page 1and I kept burning through the pages until I d read Vanish in one sitting Sophie Jordan s writing flows like a seasoned pro s It s easy to lose yourself in these pages, to glance up and realize 100 pages have melted away because you re so immersed A lot of the clunkiness, the overwrought descriptions and awkward dialogue, that plague other YA novels are refreshingly absent from Sophie Jordan s writing And WOW does she know her romance.And let s just say it again Sophie Jordan knows how to write one steamy kiss I admit the romance is my favorite part of Firelight A bit shallow, I know I ve read other YA novels written by adult romance novelists, and Sophie Jordan hands down does the most skillful job of taking those romance talents and creating a fresh, compelling, steamy yet appropriate novel for teens.And let s talk love triangles Some are abhorrent And some give you all kinds of butterflies For me, this love triangle is the latter Sophie has developed Cassian into this layered, tender, protective, caring character with hidden depths, and though I doubted it would be possible after Firelight, he is definitely some formidable competition for Will But we all know I m cheering for Tamra and Cassian And speaking of Tamra and her character arc, I just have to say, I so called it back in Firelight Jacinda s grown as a character, too She s still a wee bit selfish at times, but many of the mistakes she makes in Vanish are when she s trying to do the right thing and help other people and fix her wrongs She just never has been given a choice She feels trapped between loyalty, love, and duty, and that desperation created by never having had a choice in her own outcome drives her to make some mistakes that she will try to repair at any cost Sophie Jordan throws some game changing twists in there, too, keeping the story riveting I cannot wait to see the next chapter for Jacinda, Will, Cassian, and Tamra I have some predictions, like always, and I can t wait for the final story to unfold. OMG IM SOOO HAPPY THT I FOUND THIS BOOK I WAS SOOOOOOOO MAD AT THE ENDING OF THE FIRST BOOK I ALMOST CRIED AT THE ENDING SOOOOOOO HAPPT I was really excited for this book because Firelight leaves us in such promising ending But again nothing worthy happens There s the Tamar s thing and Jacinda back and forth feelings that really annoys me and that s all I kept waiting for something to develop, and about halfway through the book, the story got really promising Again Talks about the consistency of the author.Great start.and then boringboring.until the last page gets exciting again.then bam Cliffhanger there are too many chapters that wasted on Jacinda s thought, the thing she want to do, the sadness she felt and confusion to Will or Cassian thing One thing, in my mind if Jacinda is so special with her fire breathing and all the draki have training everyday why Jacinda is not so strong I mean come to think of it she s always depending to her boys to protect her Hello Why try to use your fire thing and burn all the enemiesI ll bet Katsa can teach you how to be a true warrior without using your secret weapon At this point I was a bit tired of Jacinda but it s not to say that I will not read the next book I want to see how Tamra will do now she s capable of something The ending was a cliffhanger it ends right in the middle of some serious action that I pin up for so long in this series Hope the next will live up than that.First Book FirelightSecond Book Vanished Holy crap That cover is EPIC.Freaking loved it And Cassian, of course Can t wait for the next book Um, yes I wrote I love CAUTION RANTING AHEAD Not the whole thing, but I had a lot to get off my chest lol First I need to say just how much I love the covers for these books so far I really liked Firelight s, but I think I like Vanish s even and when you put the two side by side, it s just like, wow Love themSo now we know what Jacinda and Tamra look like, I wonder who we will be seeing on the third cover Alright, so now onto the actual story The number one reason that I enjoyed Vanish so much than Firelight was because I accepted some basic truths about the series before I started reading Truth 1 It is a teenage love story therefore yes, there will be teen angst, love triangles, whining and pining, hormones galore, and lots o drama.Truth 2 It will be cheesy as all get out embrace it and enjoy.Truth 3 It will not be a high fantasy adventure with lots of battles a la Lord of the Rings Deal with it.Now with Firelight, I had assumed that this series was going to be something totally different than what it actually was, which led to a lot of ranting from yours truly But I wanted to give the series another chance So as I started reading Vanish, I told myself OK, I m just going to enjoy this story for what it is instead of trying to turn it into something its not Embrace the teen angst and love triangles and Mary Sue esque main character And you know what Once I did just that, I started to appreciate the series a lot That is not to say I won t be indulging in some mild ranting here like with Lauren Kate s Fallen series, I liked reading Firelight and Vanish, not so much for their literary merit, but because they re purely entertaining Maybe that s unfair of me, but I ll try to fill you in as best I can on what I did and didn t like about this latest draki drama fest SoVanish begins with Jacinda, Tamra, and their mother being taken back to the draki pride after the whole face off with the hunters at the end of the first book Jacinda the pride s only fire breathing draki is in deep trouble for not only revealing herself to hunters, but also for falling in love with Will, one of the hunters who kill draki for their skins Once taken back to the pride, Jacinda is treated like an outcast and her mother becomes depressed for making the mistake of leaving in the first place And Tamra, Jacinda s twin sister, is revealed to be oops, I m not saying, that would spoil the BIG surprise in the beginning You ll just have to read it for yourself Likes First of all, I think that most of the characters seemed slightly multi dimensional in this book than the first one, and we really get to see their strengths and weaknesses and interaction between them Cassian became a lot vulnerable and likable while Will became a whole lot of a controlling and manipulative jerk wad I really can t decide which I like or dislike to be perfectly honest, but I don t understand at all why Jacinda is so convinced that Will is it, when there is nothing there between them but physical attraction Cassian cares about her just as much, if not than Will does Sorry, I just don t get Jacinda s head over heels fascination with Will He s kind of a creep and the only major connection they shared in the entire book was a make out session that I ll talk about in just a minuteSecond, the relationships in Vanish became a lot interesting Tamra is still in love with Cassian, but Cassian only has eyes for Jacinda, and Jacinda only wants to be with Will she thinks Love triangles abound, and I found that if I just accepted the whole love triangle plot line instead of getting annoyed with it, I actually started to enjoy seeing the dynamics play out between all the characters I was also really happy that this story took place in the draki pride and not so much in the human world, like the first book did this was my biggest beef with Firelight Finally, this book transitioned extremely well from the first one I never felt lost or confused about what had happened in Firelight and thought that the plot ran very smoothly and was easy to follow from one book to the next HoweverOh yes, that is a big however I have some things I need to discuss about this book some large, glaring things that just beg to be addressed Dislikes I know I said I accepted Jacinda, the Mary Sue draki, but still, I m going to rag on her a little C mon now, I swear it s all in good fun Why, you ask Because I have no clue why everyone is so in love with her Cassian s obsessed with her, Will s obsessed with her, Corbin s creepy stalker obsessed with her and do we know why Nope Not really She s a fire breather, but other than that there isn t anything terribly special about good ol Jacinda She s whiny and angsty and pretty darned selfish She likes to fly, which doesn t seem too out of the ordinary, considering the fact that she has wings The only other thing she does in her spare time is sit around and watch TV and occasionally cook dinner Oh, and fantasize about Will No other hobbies, special talents, desire to help others I wish we could see something interesting or fierce or noble about her, but really all we have are endless angsty descriptions about how she wants to live her own life and be free and independent, while in the meantime she makes incredibly stupid decisions that get her and everyone else in deep trouble.Oh yes and she whines and pines about Will A LOT.Also, the draki pride really, really annoyed me As a group, they make zero sense to me I mean, first they re dead set on clipping Jacinda s wings off with a pair of garden shears because she s put everyone in danger so many times, and next thing you know they re leaving muffins on her doorstep when she does what they want by bonding with Cassian Kind of ridiculous in my opinion Oh, and Cassian and Jacinda living together AwwkwaarrrrdThat s all I ll say about that you could cut that tension with a plastic butter knife I kind of feel sorry for poor Cassian that s one draki who won t be getting any action any time soon ALSO, despite my great attempts to start loving this series, I have to mention my numero uno MAJOR dislike which goes for any book and it s called the Too Much Information Love Scene Yes, I know that Sophie Jordan writes adult romance novels complete with your run of the mill covers featuring shirtless guys with rippling muscles oh yes, they ripple and doe eyed gals who look like they re about to pass outI just wish she left all the hot and heavy action OUT of her teen books, because I m seriously not interested in reading detailed accounts about people getting it on If I wanted to do that, I d go pick up some 99 cent Harlequin Romance in the check out line at the grocery store, you know Lines like his warm palm a rasp on my cheek as he swallows up my moan and the mere texture and taste of his mouth completely devastating me just make me want tovomit Blech Please, spare me the details, this is waaayyyy than I want to know Oh, and it only gets betterMy body cradles his, instinctively welcoming him I breathe a greedy sound, not even thinking we might be moving too far, too fast There s only need Hunger I m tired of being deniedp.202Oh good lord, seriouslyGag me with a freaking spoon Dearest fellow readers, if you re like me and can t stand the TMI love scenes, I recommend just skipping chapter 20 altogether I mean really, Jacinda actually starts growling while they re making out And then Will starts growling right back Yup, growling Not speaking growling And breathing greedy sounds I m not making this up, so please humor me here and tell me this is freaking weird GrowlingIs this supposed to be sexy or romantic or something Because it just makes me think Jacinda and Will need to go to the doctor s, maybe get on some meds Not hot Just ridiculous and hilarious to read about Sorry, maybe it s just me but I don t want to hear about moaning, growling, swollen lips, tender spots justyuck.In fact, you know what I m taking a whole star off just for the TMI make out sessions Yup, sorry, it s my review, and that s how I roll.That s what you get for grossing me out Jacinda.I think for the heck of it I m going to actually practice breathing greedy sounds a little later today and see what happens I m guessing I ll probably scare the living bejeezus out of some random peopleAnd holy crap, repeat yourself much There have got to be like half a dozen recycled lines in these books that are re worded but basically stating the same darned thing over and over and over again I can think of a few right off the top of my head I could feel my inner draki I tensed and had to release my inner draki About 300 interchangeable lines about MY INNER DRAKI I could sense Will nearby I missed Will He loved me for me I missed Cassian He loved me for me Don t leave, he growled Shall I go on No, OK I ll spare you And last but not least, I thought the ending was frustratingly anti climactic The last half of the book was building up to some big, action packed event which I won t give away and then in the last few pages we learn that, oh sorry You ll have to wait to see what happens in the next book because CLEARLY two books just can t contain THIS much awesome So we ll end this one with Will and Jacinda sitting around a campfire eating Twinkies No, I m not making this up Will and Cassian roll on the ground for like 15 minutes and a less than menacing black bear makes a brief appearance for about 2 paragraphs and that s pretty much the extent of the action in this book Alright, so now that I ve gotten all that out of my system and have tried numerous times to erase the memory of Jacinda and Will growling at each other , I will conclude with this When you approach a book or series with preconceived notions about what it should be and then it turns out to be something totally different I think it s important to re think what the book is trying to accomplish Otherwise, you ll probably end up annoyed and disliking it because you tried to force it into a genre that it s not even in But if you can appreciate the book simply for what it is and not for what you think it should be, it becomes a lot easier to just enjoy it.So I embraced the cheesiness I embraced the angst iness I embraced the Mary Sue ishness Yes, I still ranted about it, but making out aside, Vanish was still a huge improvement over Firelight, with greater character development and a refreshing change of scenery And yes, I am looking forward to the last book in this trilogy I m also dying to get my hands on Rapture by Lauren Kate Such are my guilty pleasures and cheap thrills in reading.Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland