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!Ebook ♳ If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5) ⚖ The Entire School S Talking About The Gorgeous New Math Teacher, Mr Beck Everyone Except Kaylee Cavanaugh After All, Kaylee S No Ordinary High School Junior She S A Banshee She Screams When Someone DiesBut The Next Scream Might Be For KayleeYeah It S A Shock To Her, Too So To Distract Herself, Kaylee S Going To Save Every Girl In School Because That Hot New Teacher Is Really An Incubus Who Feeds On The Desire Of Unsuspecting Students The Only Girls Immune To His Lure Are Kaylee And Sabine, Her Boyfriend S Needy Ex Girlfriend Now The Unlikely Allies Have To Get Rid Of Mr Beck Before He Discovers They Aren T Quite Human, EitherBut Kaylee S Borrowed Lifeline Is Nearing Its End And Those Who Care About Her Will Do Anything To Save Her LifeAnything I cant wait i hope kaylee ends up with tod i never really liked nash i dont no why he just rbbes me the wrong way maybe thats why rachel vincent put bina in the books so nash will realize he wants her and not kayle if its not the last one something better happen between tod and kaylee you can only go so far on hope ok rachel posted the main idea so mabey kaylee dies and becomes a reaper and then she can be with tod POST READING ooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg IM SORRY I NEED A FAN GIRL MOMENT HECK YES GO TOD IT WAS SO AMAZING I THINK I CRYED I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE DON T READ IF YOU HAVEN T READ MY SOUL TO STEAL Before I read the book This is how it could possibly end Tod KayleeNash Sabine andAlec EmmaAnd, oddly enough, I would be okay with that After I read the book SPOILERS OHHH.MYYYY.GOSH I was right well, partially anyways I can t believe it I m so ecstatic right now, that I m bouncing off the walls The last few books that I read had endings that were just kind of Ehhh And I was starting to get frustrated but this book completely took care of that Kaylee and Tod s relationship was a long long, long,long time coming, even though to some people, it might have seemed rushed.And to those people, I say You Are Crazy I have been waiting for this to happen since the second that Tod showed up.The book still took a few twists that I wasn t expecting, and at one point, I thought that I was going to bawl my eyes out if you ve read the book already, you ll know what I mean But everything ended mostly okay, and now I really can t wait to see what happens next I love love LOVE Kaylee s relationships with Emma and Alec, and TOD They are all so protective of each other, And yes, I still love Nash, even though I think that he could use an itty bitty attitude adjustment Gosh, even Sabine is starting to grow on me I still don t know how I feel about that. SEE BELOW UPDATE 13th MAY 2011 but only for those who have read book 1 4 I mean it OMG I m dying to read this Dying What is going to happen image error May contain spoilers It is inevitable people are going to be heartbroken by this book because Kaylee has to make some really serious and life changing decisions to make That being said, the heartbreak that you are bound to experience while reading this book doesn t make you dislike the book one bit, if anything, it makes you love the world that Rachel has created eventhan you thought possible It becomes evident that Rachel has grown as an author tremendously as an author while writing this series while I only felt meh about the first two books in the series, My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save , I found My Soul to Keep and My Soul to Steal to be exceptionally better than the first two and If I Die Well, all I can say is that Rachel really outdid herself and I am truly left speechless I found that Kaylee really started to come into herself in My Soul to Steal becoming a strong, independent female who wasn t afraid to stick to her guns and she became evenso in this book, which made me like her all theFurther, while I really liked Tod in the earlier books I found myself falling even harder for him in this book Where he was geeky and cute in the earlier books he was totally hot and swoon worthy in this book seriously, the whole random swirly eye thing, the over protectiveness, and the rumbly lower octave voice thing going on, I don t know how a girl couldn t fall for him Also, I found myself really liking Sabine in this book well, the first halfso than the second half , her life situation is pretty cruddy being born a mara aka a living nightmare and therefore you cannot help but feel for her and overlook the fact that she is a conniving booger As for Nash Well, it should come as no surprise based upon my reviews of the earlier books , but I have never been a fan of him and therefore as horrible as this may sound I wasn t at all saddened by his outcome in this book dare I say it I was quite happy with his outcome Originally read 6 4 6 5 11 and reviewed Gave it my off the menu 6 star rating on the blog.Re read 6 1 12 On re read would also give it 6 stars.Every time Kaylee Cavanaugh thinks things are beginning to settle down at Eastlake High, something always happens When she suddenly has to fight against singing for a soul in the middle of her new math teacher s class, she can hardly believe it.She knew that as long as the Netherworld s base of operations sat just below the thin veil that separated the school in her world from theirs, things wouldn t be quiet forever, but she hoped they would remain normal for just a little while longer.Long enough for her to figure out if she and Nash are really meant to be, or if his past betrayals were just too much for her to forgive And long enough for her get used to the idea that if she gave him up, he would get back together with his ex girlfriend Sabine, who has been waiting not so patiently for it to happen.With the clock ticking down, will Kaylee once again be the savior that everyone needs her to be Or will time run out, with each new complication slowing her down, leaving Emma, Nash, and all of Eastlake at risk If I Die is the most thrilling, heartrending, explosive and exhilarating book yet in the Soul Screamers series by author Rachel Vincent The pace never lets up, and the surprises just keep on coming.Once again the story picks up shortly after the events in the previous book, My Soul to Steal, and readers are immediately pulled into the next puzzle that Kaylee needs to solve.But before readers can even begin to unravel this mystery, the author delivers a shocking blow that makes this story evenriveting And from then on, each moment is filled with apprehension as readers come to grips with what just might be the most heartbreaking ending yet.As Kaylee tries to deal with a new threat to Eastlake high school and keep her friends and schoomates safe from harm, she must also decide whether she ll truly be able to forgive Nash or if she should let him go, for her own happiness and his.And with an even bigger threat to herself, a mara still intent on getting between her and her boyfriend, and an unexpected complication in her already over complicated life, Kaylee must put the pieces together and make up her mind before it s too late.Author Rachel Vincent has yet again delivered a story in her highly addictive series that is unputdownable If I Die is evengripping, torturous and all consuming than its predecessors Readers will be put on an emotional roller coaster that won t let up until long after the book has been read.With five full length novels and two novellas already written and with twoto come, the Soul Screamers series is immensely entertaining and has managed to carve out its own unique niche in this genre.If I Die is a must read for anyone who enjoys a nail biting story that will keep them tied up in knots from start to finish, an incredibly fast paced mystery with twists and turns that will keep them guessing, and a love story that will break their heart over and over Gave this one my off the menu 6 star rating on the blog On a personal note If I had to come up with just a few words to describe this book they would be Unbelievable Unexpected Amazing Shocking Mind blowing.If I Die starts right off with a punch to the solar plexus I m not kidding It nearly killed me before I even got started I did not look at the blurb on the back of the book or even really think about the meaning behind the title when I started reading it I read this quite early this review will have been sitting in drafts since the beginning of June and so I read it long before the buzz on this book started heating up So, everything in this book was a complete shocker.Even though I read it early, it had been awhile since I d read the previous book in the series, and when I picked this up for some reason I thought this would be an easy breezy kind of read I completely forgot how every single book in this series by the author has at least one heart stopping moment and that with each book I can never fully catch my breath I m so completely tense from beginning to end It is literally like the air is being squeezed out of my lungs.This is my favorite book in the entire series I thought the first one was, because it was the first, it was new, it was different, it was exciting, but this one has that beat It was a complete surprise It has made following this series worth every single moment of heartbreak, anguish, torment and distress I suffered along with Kaylee.Often, in a series that has as many books as the Soul Screamers series, they tend to lose some of that appeal The story can feel like it s dragging and has overstayed its welcome It is totally the opposite here Not only is the story not flat or stale, this is the most exciting installment yet.Everything I love about Rachel Vincent s writing is back in this book the sarcasm, the humor, and that absolutely amazing way she has of building tension but there is wayI thought I d met every possible baddie that the author could throw at us from the Netherworld Well, a whole new repulsive one managed to slither its way onto the pages of If I Die.And talk about steamy Who knew wholesome Kaylee would raise some eyebrows in this book.But I am always a sucker for a love story And boy does this book have one of those And yes, it did make me cry Twice.Another thing I love about this series is that the characters are not only memorable but that you actually care what happens to each one of them Even if you don t like them, you still want to know about them They re not just an afterthought.Somewhere early on in this series I went from being a huge fan of Nash to Team Tod And that almost never happens I always think the first guy is the guy for the heroine and that s pretty much it But that Reaper is a definite charmer And he won me over long before the novella, but that was the clincher.As I don t include spoilers if I can help it I can t talk about any of the many, many things that made me laugh, cry, or just hold my breath in anticipation But there were so very many And I can t tell you why my heart was broken and mended and broken all over again But it was.I cannot recommend this series enough It is one of my very favorites, and is one of a handful that makes my heart drop to the pit of my stomach at least once in each book From my original comments Still holding off on my review, but just had to add Everything I love about Rachel Vincent s writing is back in this book the sarcasm, the humor, and that absolutely amazing way she has of building tension but there is wayI thought I d met every possible baddie that the author could throw at us from the Netherworld Well, a whole new repulsive one managed to slither its way onto the pages of If I Die.I think this is my favorite of the series or it s a tie with the first book.As I can t quite talk about this without spoilers at the moment, I will just say that this book was so awesome.I really couldn t read fast enough I was dying for every single reveal throughout the book and when they came they wereWowUnbelievable. Tod x KayleeThe moment they met I knew who I ll be rooting for.Team Tod here 5 StarsI think it doesn t hurt to let someone else do the rescuing every now and then, when your own armour starts to get banged up Tod Hudson page 140I ve reread this book four times now and I still keep coming back forThis book picks up the series as a whole I wasn t in love with books 3 and 4 but this definitely makes up for it On a normal for once night for Kaylee she gets the rosy kind of news her name has appeared on the Reaping list she would die on the following Thursday Distraught at the news and the reactions of those around her especially her desperate father, Kaylee turns her attention to ridding her school of an Incubus knocking up her classmates in this time of uncertainty Kaylee realised just who she can rely on to be there for her and it just might be the someone she never suspected view spoiler For starters who isn t team Todd He s been my favourite since book one I m glad that they re finally together hide spoiler OMG HOLY COW So unexpected and full of craziness, surprises, action, adrenaline and completely not what I thought would ever happen but was everything I could hope for I might say best one yet even TEAM TOD can pull out their party balloons, confetti, and hey don t stop there grab the streamers, noisemakers, hats, and presents because that was unbelievable Nobody likes apricot jam Sure, strawberry is theobvious choice, but I submit that apricot has acomplex, unusual flavor, with just enough tang to keep things interesting image error