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First of all, I want to say that the Anna Pidgeon mystery series is stellar and I absolutely love it I eagerly await every book and would recommend it to anyone.That being said, there was one glaringly obvious flaw in this book, that I just had to point it out Minor Spoiler References below Anna is supposed to be a law enforcement agent With her training, and after all her previous exploits in which she is physically harmed, why did she not inform someone of where she was going to be before she went on a 24 mile hike during the winter in one of the most harsh environments If someone couldn t have accompanied her, she should, at the least, have called in and let one of the other rangers know where she was going Also, at the end, when she was walking everywhere, didn t it occur to her that there was a disfigured, partially burned murderer out there who might still want her dead Yet she continues to be out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, where even someone who didn t have law enforcement training, and criminals after her, wouldn t dare to walk.Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest Other than that, this is an excellent series, well worth reading I just wish Anna would get a bit sense 3.5 starsI find the Anna Pigeon crime mystery suspense novels as reading comfort food They are well written and predictably good Anna Pigeon is this kick ass crime solving national park ranger Even though this is a series, I find no problem reading them as stand alone books I listened to the audio version of this book and narrator did an adequate job in reading this book The narration was not bad and not exceptionally good either In this book, Anna is undercover in Yosemite National Park trying to track down why four young hikers mysteriously disappeared in the Yosemite back country Anna s cover is working as a waitress in the restaurant of one the Yosemite Valley lodges The timing in the story is in the winter So, as in many suspense novels, the winter season casts a dark and ominous backdrop to the story The characters besides Anna are not always strongly developed so they are stereotypical in their roles in the story This however is not necessarily a bad thing.The main attraction is the plot and the twists and turns through the story In this particular story, some of the twist and turns are not as good as they could be Other parts of the plot twists are really good The writing, I think, is good and the dialog well crafted We see the story through Anna s eyes so we go through her mental processes as she reflects on the situations and problem solving the mystery There are parts of the book that are quite suspenseful that manage to get me and keep me hooked.Besides the crime suspense aspects, Anna is a lover of the outdoors and has deep respect for Nature and its creatures Her job allows her to get out explore the different National Parks She portrays some of the culture as a part of the story For example, Yosemite is a mecca for rock climbers who see its majestic cliff walls as a challenge as well as a scenic wonder I like this feature about this book and the other books in this series by Nevada Barr.The Anna Pigeon mystery books are good solid crime suspense reads that don t run too long and keep me engaged. Damn Nevada Barr for writing books I can t put down so I don t get enough sleep I should know better than to start one of her novels in the evening Nevada Barr is one of those people who write so well I find myself slowing down to make sure I capture every word It s kind of necessary as her prose isn t the light and simple fiction one finds in the average mystery novel High country is tight, fast paced, interesting and full of content While that last may be an odd description, I m tired of mysteries that use a lot of pointless banter or heroine in grave peril for no discernible reason just to fill out the pages As she s gotten older, she s gotten opinionated and I expect conservative But the writing is so good, I ll forgive her defense of profiling this once I d like to remind her that the second largest terrorist attack on American soil was perpetrated by a white Christian American Her opinions did bother me twice in this novel but both were only a couple of sentences long and moderately applicable as well as being appropriate for the character to feel Unlike Dana Stabenow who, while a good writer, is judgmental on really silly things Her main character has proclaimed that a woman who doesn t provide her child a light on the nightstand to read by is a bad mother and clearly doesn t respect herself if she doesn t make her bed Men on a week long backwoods hunting trip carrying in backpacks by float plane don t care about their families if they don t also bring framed photographs of their loved ones Who takes a framed photo camping I don t even take them to a hotel But I digress I like Anna because she s a little of a curmudgeon but she knows it and it fits with the character She doesn t expect people to like her much but she knows there s a reason She s a real, 3 dimensional character What s , she s in law enforcement and acts like it.If you like mystery thrillers and the wilderness, I think you ll love Nevada Barr. This mystery novel s heroine is Anna Pigeon, an undercover park ranger She is working as a waitress in the hopes of discovering what happened to four missing people The poor lady is beat up several times, left on her own by her supervisors, and deemed to be a poor waitress which seems to hurt her self esteem Maybe the real reason is that hits too close to home as she isn t that great of a detective she doesn t solve the mystery as much as just get the solution handed to her.Anna is a professional involved in the national park system but doesn t leave word of where she might be going when she hikes into danger Not sure who might be the killers, she has no trouble walking around alone but importantly while not paying attention to her surroundings so she can be run off the road She needed or the writer wanted breaks in the story so she could rehash what had been learned This became very tedious, causing the reader to mentally wonder off This device was probably warranted as Anna seemed to have trouble remembering she has a significant other waiting for her thus it isn t much of a stretch to believe she can t remember the clues she has so far.Instead of any real detective work, the author uses the chance discovery and the villain s desire to spill it all.The mystery is solved three fourths of the way through the book, leaving the reader to wait for the wrap up that will eventually come.There are some spots with confusing sentence structure which is jarring causing the reader to leave the story in an attempt to understand what the writer is trying to say. [ Download Kindle ] ⚖ High Country ♊ It S Fall In The Sierra Mountains, And Anna Pigeon Is Slinging Hash In Yosemite National Park S Historic Ahwahnee Hotel Four Young People, All Seasonal Park Employees, Have Disappeared, And Two Weeks Of Work By Crack Search And Rescue Teams Have Failed To Turn Up A Single Clue Investigators Are Unsure As To Whether The Four Went AWOL For Reasons Of Their Own Or Died In The Park Needing An Out Of Park Ranger To Work Undercover, Anna Is Detailed To Dining Room Duty But After A Week Of Waiting Tables, She Knows The Missing Employees Are Only The First Indication Of A Sickness Threatening The Park Her Twenty Something Roommates Give Up Their Party Girl Ways And Panic Her New Restaurant Colleagues Regard Her With Suspicion And Fear Yet When Anna S Life Is Threatened And Her Temporary Supervisor Turns A Deaf Ear, She Follows The Scent Of Evil, Taking A Solo Hike Up A Snowy Trial To The High Country, Seeking Answers What Awaits Her Is A Nightmare Of Death And Greed And Perhaps Her Final Adventure I ve said it before, and I ll repeat it here, I m generally not a fan of the mystery fiction genre I ve read a few of the Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon mysteries simply because I am a fan of our National Parks, and I liked the idea of using the Parks for literary series The fact that Nevada Barr is also a true National Park Ranger has made it interesting.I am also not in the habit of listening to a book rather than reading one, but because I knew I was going to be driving a good distance several days in a row, I quickly rushed to my library to look for a book on CD that I thought I might enjoy.This has been my least favorite of the books I have read by Barr I immediately sensed the red herrings and was sure I knew who was behind the trouble I was right The fact that drugs played a key role in the plot was a real disappointment Didn t drugs figure in to another of her books I believe so.I guess, all in all, it really just seemed too easy I didn t have to work much as a reader, and I didn t feel she had to work too hard as a writer stock characters and plot, and a wonderful setting that never really figured in to the story.Not recommended. It started off as appealing, wondering how the scraps of information would lead to a fabric that the protagonist would put together, but there was a lot of supposition going on, and it felt rushed, sloppy even After a while it felt as if the author had contempt for city people that come to parks and ruin them, which I get, but it came off as condescending and I could not get over that characterization Having been to Yosemite, I expected to experience a sense of Nostalgia for the camp, but it never came across Perhaps that s my own disconnect, perhaps the author s At any rate, the book simply felt rushed, and the characters felt forced It s a mystery, so I can t critique the ending without spoiling it, so I ll just say I wrapped up the book feeling underwhelmed. I was a little dissappointed by this book Having been to Yosemite many times, I felt maybe she hurried the research for this book Her facts could have easily come from a short visit, brouchers and blogs Her story lines are predictable so I want to be carried by the scenery. Another fantastic adventure with Anna Pigeon I love, love, love this series Somehow I read some of the books out of order But when I started this one and realized it took place at Yosemite, I wanted to continue with it It s been a number of years now but I have visited Yosemite several times, camped there, and other times stayed in the charming town of Mariposa so this book enabled me to relive those times It s a very exciting story Anna is undercover and has several close calls I enjoyed the book so much I decided to immediately read another of Anna s adventures I don t do that often but I m enjoying the book I have started. Her experience waiting tables in college lands park ranger Anna Pigeon in an undercover assignment in food services at Yosemite National Park Four of the park s employees have gone missing, and the rangers in the park aren t finding any leads Anna is rooming with a couple of fluffhead girls while posing as a middle aged waitress, but even her proximity to the other employees can t make her fit in When one of her roommates collapses after getting high on something, Anna becomes concerned Some odd men claiming to be friends of one of the missing employees have taken over his cabin, and their presence, along with mountains of gear, coupled with a snippet of overheard conversation and a single line note from a missing woman to her brother, send Anna on a wilderness hike that very nearly ends her life when she stumbles across a big secret Though I wouldn t be so ungenerous as to say the book fell flat, it was definitely missing a vital ingredient usually present in these adventures Anna spent an inordinate amount of time being hunted by killers in the wilderness and not enough putting things together The villains were also perhaps a tad too sadistic, and they roughed Anna up a little than necessary In all, though it wasn t my favorite Anna Pigeon mystery, it was still a decent chapter in her saga.