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I absolutely loved this series and was enthralled by the first book I didn t mind when there was romance later in the series, but I have to admit that I disliked what happened with Cine s husband and the fact that her child was a male I d have loved to see a female child of Cine as the protagonist of the fourth book, which is why I could only give this series 4 stars It s still a solid and engaging read, and I would still recommend it as a good fantasy series for kids. I recently finished reading these books with my ten year old daughter I read them years ago, so I didn t remember much plot, just that they are fun fantasy And they are light and witty, funny, creative, and strong female characters I didn t like the last book as well It didn t seem as well written and I missed Cine as a main character But it was needed to finish the story It was fun to enjoy the books together We no longer have much of an oral tradition in our society, so it s easy to forget the relish of books read aloud Unless, of course, you like recorded books My voice may sometimes tire, but sharing books personally with my children and husband creates special bonds which I cherish I would rate the series a 3, but it goes up to a 4 because of the treat of reading them aloud with my daughter. #Download Book ⚞ The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Dealing with Dragons / Searching for Dragons / Calling on Dragons / Talking to Dragons ó Collected Together For The First Time Are Patricia C Wrede S Hilarious Adventure Stories About Cine, The Princess Who Refuses To Be Proper Every One Of Cine S Adventures Is Included In Its Paperback Edition Dealing With Dragons, Searching For Dragons, Calling On Dragons, And Talking To Dragons In One Handsome Package That S Perfect For Gift Giving This is a series for people who like fantasy with a dash of humor and a strong female heroine who is perfectly willing to tell the slightly stupid handsome prince he can kindly throw himself off a cliff Add some dragons, a few wicked wizard, one very forward thinking witch, a floating blue donkey with a 6 foot wing span, and an entire kindgom made of magical threads and you might begin to understand the stories Wrede has a way of pulling in a few old fairy tale favorites while forging a story completely unlike anything else Worth the read So I was waiting for my latest book club s choice to arrive in the mail, and knowing that it was a serious choice this month, I decided to relive some young adult books that used to be great favorites of mine I own a very ratty hardcover copy of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, but recently purchased the newly released paperbacks in a box set Perfect time to read them These vary in how much I like them The first one I ve read than the rest, and do like a lot It features a feisty princess named Cine who runs away to willingly work for a dragon The second one is great too It s told from the point of view of Mendanbar, the King of the Enchanted Forest, who hangs out with Cine to save the dragon Kazul The third one is probably the best because it s just so darn cute There are talking cats, a flying nearly seven foot tall blue donkey that used to be an ordinary rabbit, and a lot of references to fairy tales and other children s stories The fourth one is definitely my least favorite It jumps far forward in time and the main character is Cine s teenage son The writing comes across as childish, and doesn t feature as much the characters from the three previous books But all in all, very fast, fun reads. I never read Harry Potter or Okay, time for a Nostalgia Review Recently somewhere on the depths of the internet I came across a list of badass women of fantasy or something like that, and Cine from this series was on there And I was like, I remember her She was awesome And I was possessed by a sudden desire to reread these books because I hate doing things that I need to do So that s what I did Each book is only about 100 200 pages long, and it took me around 3 hours to read each one Unsurprising, given the target audience is like 7 11 year olds, but still If you re not familiar with the plot, it goes like this Cine doesn t look like the typical princess Instead of being a delicate flower with blonde hair and blues eyes, she is tall and strong with black eyes and long black hair that she likes to wear in braids She doesn t have princess approved interests, either swordplay, cooking, Latin, politics, and magic, among others When her parents decide to solve the problem by marrying her off to an air headed prince, she decides to run away and ends up working for a dragon The first book takes off from here, focusing on Cine with the dragons and their fight against some evil wizards The following books really expand the world and focus a bit on the nearby Enchanted Forest and its king, Mendanbar, who certainly has one of the greatest names in fantasy literature These books are utterly charming They re basically fantasy fairy tale satire for children, which is a concept I can get behind 100 % Looking back, I can understand quite easily how reading them and I read each several times in my youth influenced both my sense of humor and my opinions about fantasy There is definitely an emphasis on practicality and doing things for yourself, which is quite nice A funny thing about the first book is that Cine runs away to escape from oppressive female stereotypes, but she ends up spending all her time cooking and cleaning for a dragon At first glance that may seem a bit backward, but does organizing the library count as anti feminist when it includes translating Latin and dealing with murderous genies I don t think so, and certainly the whole point is that Cine is capable of taking care of herself and thinking outside the paradigm of what s proper, which for princesses does not include getting dirty or cooking On that level, I think these books are especially great for young girls to read because Cine is a wonderful role model She s smart, determined, practical, and a bit of a badass The second book is my favorite, and it introduces us to Mendanbar, who as I mentioned previous is fairly awesome He s Cine s badass male counterpart, basically In this book, the rules of magic are fleshed out much , and Mendanbar in particular gets a very interesting way of doing things Telemain, a magician, speaks almost entirely in magical technobabble, which I found moderately humorous Most of what he says makes at least some sense if you read it, but I kind of doubt I did anything other than skim it when I was younger Anyway, I appreciated the way magical things or less made sense from kind of a psudeo scientific standpoint As might be expected, the plots are not too complex Chekov s Gun is in full force for most plot points, which is fine The way the heroes stumble upon a critical plot device is lampshaded beautifully in the last book The villains in particular are rather weak, being little other than cackling stereotype evil wizards who aren t given motivations for their actions other than we re greedy and evil They re also mostly ineffectual and not very threatening I wouldn t exactly call our heroes round characters either, because they re honestly not They are, however, interesting ideas and they certainly grab your attention In my opinion, that s one of the strengths of this series It s the kind of story that grabs your imagination it certainly did mine when I was little and makes you feel like you know a lot about the characters than is actually written down in the book The concepts are so fun you wish there was , that you could really get to know the characters better The other strength, of course, is that it s quite funny in a gently whimsical manner The self awareness of the characters of what happens in a fairy tale is pretty much the whole point I definitely thought the first two books were the strongest, and the third the weakess, but I highly recommend this series, especially for young girls. I read and reviewed each of the books collected in here separately, so this is really just for my own records The rating 2.5 stars, rounded up to 3 is an average of the individual ratings The first two books in the series, Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons, both earned 3 stars They were fun and often funny fantasies for kids, and their strongest point was their protagonist, Cine, who ran away from being a princess to be housekeeper for a dragon, making lots of desserts particularly chocolate mousse and cherries jubilee while learning magic and seeing off blockheaded suitors The later volumes, however, only earned 2 stars each In Calling on Dragons, Cine became a background character, replaced by Morwen Now I like Morwen, but she was saddled, in this volume, with a transformed rabbit called Killer, who is one of the most irritating supporting characters to ever draw breath And finally, Talking to Dragons had as its protagonist Cine s son Daystar, who inherited not a single scrap of his mother s personality or charm Basically, the series started well but soon began to suffer from repetition and an unbalanced sense of the ridiculous Quirk became laboured silliness, and the whole thing just sort of ran out of steam and interesting plot Cine deserved better. Only just recently, it has come to my attention that the final book in this series was actually written FIRST THIS BLEW MY MIND The final book ties everything together so very neatlyGoodness gracious my perception of the world is crumbling around my widdle ears OK so, these books are all really good aside from the whole my not being aware of the chronology of the publication and whatnot They re all dragony and delicious And also, it s like one giant fairy tale of awesome Also, there are some versions of these books that are published with hideous cartoony covers Those are lame I can t stand books with ugly covers The outside should be a glorious sneak peek of the glory within I m rambling. This is some of the best young adult fantasy out there, especially if you like some humor in your fantasy In the first book, the main character gets fed up with her life as a princess When she tries to learn to fence, she s told it s unladylike, so she has to stop When she tries to coook, she s told it s unladylike, so she has to stop So, we begin the story with the main character running away to find a dragon to live with She does find one, and she spends much of the book making cherries jubilee for said dragon and trying to explain to princes who come to rescue her that no, in fact, she does NOT want to be rescued That s just the first book Many other characters come into the series in the later books All four books are delightfully funny I really love this series.