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, Drinking at the Movies , 2007 . Come promettere il retro di copertina in questo graphic novel, Julia Wertz ci racconta la sua vita dopo aver lasciato San Francisco ed essersi trasferita a New York Durante la lettura affrontiamo un paio di anni nella vita di Julia, tante micro scene quotidiane che compongono i capitoli stagioni in cui sono divisi gli anni 2007 e 2008 E una lettura piacevole che ti aiuta o almeno l ha fatto con me a scoprire gli aspetti politi culturali e sociale di New York e, pi in generale, degli USA durante quegli anni La Wertz non filtra niente tutto cos com successo Questo mi ha affascinata molto ma devo dire che alla lunga la ripetizione delle sue giornate e dei suoi fallimenti sempre tutti identici mi ha un po stancata A mio parere sarebbe stata perfetta tagliando quasi met delle scene ripetitive e snervanti A livello grafico la protagonista ben caratterizza, la si potrebbe riconoscere in una folla gremita di gente, mentre gli altri personaggi sono tutti uguali, dipinti con gli stessi tratti fisici, sono interscambiabili fra loro, tanto che, o ti ricordi tutti i nomi e sono tanti , oppure non li distingui. [Free Kindle] ♑ Drinking at the Movies ♌ In Her First Full Length Graphic Memoir, Julia Wertz Creator Of The Cult Hit Comic The Fart Party Documents The Year She Left San Francisco For The Unfamiliar Streets Of New York Don T Worry This Isn T The Typical Redemptive Coming Of Age Tale Of A Young Woman And Her Glorious Triumph Over Tragedy Or Any Such Nonsense It S Simply A Hilarious Occasionally Poignant Book Filled With Interesting Art, Absurd Humor And Plenty Of Amusing Self Deprecation Box By Box, Wertz Chronicles Four Sketchy Apartments, Seven Terrible Jobs, Family Drama, Traveling Fiascos, And Too Many Whiskey Bottles To Count Really super good.This year I ve made it a point to look out for comics that are good alternatives to canon titles and that have good female characters This one hits both.This book is a really great alternative to some of those titles like Persepolis or Blankets in that it s good comics, a simple story, and it s all told very well There are genuine laughs, and there s a true style to both the writing and the art.Okay, it doesn t seem like it s telling an important story It s not one of those NPR books so much But this is a plus for me I feel like I ve read a lot of really good, slice of life memoirs in comic forms that are better than the ones I ve read in pure text It just works better You can get such a great sense of a person from this kind of material, and you can have that experience where the mundane is also kind of magical Which I hate myself for saying, but it s true.As for female characters, Wertz, as herself, is likable in her unlikability, if that makes sense She s this curmudgeonly figure who is interested in pizza than dudes, and I don t think I ve read a lot of books with so little love story, so little dating or romance, and that s what made it so great It s like a Jeffrey Brown but without the angst, a Peter Bagge without the gross sexual stuff I love those dudes, but this offered something pretty different.There s this thing that can happen in stories sometimes, when a really good writer is trying to figure herself out and she works through it on the page It s not great to see the ending or these bold conclusions, but those clumsy attempts at self discovery, those are so illuminating to see on the page I really have a lot of respect for artists who do that, who go through that figuring out in the book and take us along with them, and especially when they re okay not necessarily coming to a conclusion. Julia Wertz is that little voice in your head cracking wise during situations that are absurd or even borderline tragic Where plenty of boring people have learned to silence it, or at least self edit, Wertz spits out these bits of irreverent nuggets My life is the abortion Juno should have had, the be T shirted and bobbed 20 something tells her friend in her graphic memoir Drinking at the Movies The quip comes in a vignette called Today Everything is Shit and by shit she means a jackhammered morning, a massive coffee spill, a broken camera and printer, and an accidental reply all Her brother, a drug addict, relapsed and crashed her car She brought brown pens instead of black, her health insurance ran out, and she s accosted outside of her apartment by a bum with a hook hand.It s all part of the mess hinted at on the first page of the Fart Party creators story Wertz comes to consciousness at 3 a.m on her 25th birthday in a laundromat in Brooklyn She s got a fistful of Cracker Jacks, and she s dressed in plaid pajama pants What the Wertz asks, staring at a pile of double decker driers.From there she doubles back to chronicle the year that she moved from her excellent apartment in San Francisco to Brooklyn A sort of whim that represents the side of her brain prone to doing the thing everyone advises against The antagonist to the side of her brain that is totally responsible and, like, knows how to handle a weeping baby.Wertz Is Hilarious.She is a cartoonist who trolls for minimum wage jobs, who wears a uniform of comfy pants and a T shirt or hoodie She drinks plenty, sometimes in bed, and has the universal thought What if computers had breathalizers attached to prevent drunk internetting She s got a handful of cool friends, who also draw And her life has some downers Lupus, but no insurance Her brother is an addict who keeps relapsing, and she feels guilty for being the width of a country away from him Her stepfather has cancer.Still, she drops perfect colorful punchlines, the smartass in the back of a classroom If her memoir were a movie, she would be a supporting character who outshines the star of the show with quotable one liners I bet my spirit animal is something retarded like a root hog, she thinks in a fit of insomnia and homesickness That s gayer than giving a rainbow a rimmer, she says while chilling with a friend in Chicago and missing a very important conference call which she eventually takes in an unlikely place This is Julia from a trash can in a back alley in Chicago, she says.This year in the life is such a superfun memoir And if you don t believe me, Wertz got a super clever blurb from Fiona Apple. Another book read with a cold This time also drinking a beer and half watching Autumn in New York.I liked this a lot only criticism was it felt a bit episodic, so hard to get totally into it But it was sweet, funny, a little dark, and I liked it, love these graphic memoirs. 7 31 15 look forward to rereading this new updated edition just got review copies of the fall 2015 line up from Koyama Press I like the look feel of this one so much , which just goes to show you how much better comics presses generally are with the production of graphic novels so much loving care goes into them 12 05 15 Yeah, this still holds up well The book is Wertz s funny rueful account of her stumbling her way into a new life in New York City as a twentysomething in the late 2000 s She s completely ill prepared for this transition, which makes for very funny and occasionally even heart tugging reading though she refuses to to tug for than a moment This new edition is a big improvement design wise, and the narrative is as engaging as ever It also features some new material, including an amusingly weird introduction by Janeane Garofalo As fun as Drinking is, it s really in her subsequent book, The Infinite Wait which I m now going to reread , that Wertz goes much deeper as a writer, while continuing to grow as an artist cartoonist Most of the drawings in Drinking are just fine, though fairly rudimentary and occasionally a bit sloppy especially in the earliest strips the artwork that really shines here are her new drawings of NY cityscapes and buildings several pages of which are featured at the end, serving as something of an afterward Wertz has a real flair for rendering in this area and I think she wisely wanted to show off her chops a little bit Bottom line a very enjoyable read with some killer profanity laced one liners all wrapped up in way pretty new duds, courtesy of Koyama Press Four out of 5 s I got this book today at BN I just kind of grabbed it b c it looked cute and I love graphic novels by oddball chicks, like Diary of a Teenage Girl and stuff like that I guess I had the force with me b c this book turned out to be the greatest thing I stayed up all night reading it and now I feel gross but I m not even regretting it Jenny, you are going to love this I love how the people have gumby arms with no elbows And YAY I own it and don t have to give it back to anyone Okay, a few coherent thoughts now that I ve gotten some sleep I loved the author s brutal honesty in this book I can t imagine anything was held back here And she s just really funny and comes up with the most hilariously raunchy things to make her little Julia say Also, the little Julia drawing is so cute, and when you finally get to the actual pic of the author there s like this sence of relief, because she is actually very cute and does not have wavy bangs and protruding ears But it s so funny to think that this is how she maybe sometimes percieves herself I loved it a ton and I m definately going to read it a million times. This was basically everything I wanted in a graphic memoir about moving to New York City nice, clean drawings, small and funny anecdotes about adjusting to the city with just enough meaning and nostalgia at the end to make me feel hopeful, but not enough to make this too heartfelt and cheesy This was mostly just funny stories about the shitty things that happened to Julia in the first year that she lived in NYC And when I say funny, I mean I actually laughed out loud This is a graphic memoir that you 100% have to read, and it s probably my favorite graphic memoir to date. I ve been reading lots of superhero stuff lately, so this graphic novel was a nice, refreshing change of pace Very indie style story about a girl in her twenties moving from SF to NYC I haven t read Fart Party, her other work, but I really enjoyed the perspective, even though I wanted to throttle her at times for being so self destructive It definitely has that hipster I m messed up, watch me be unrepentantly messed up vibe to it, but I enjoyed it and the simple but frequently LOL drawing style.It s not best read in one sitting, it gets a bit repetitive and the story is vignettes than overarching storylines There s a humanity to it that s very refreshing though, and I d like to have a drink with the author Er, correction maybe prevent her from having a drink with me, because drinking is so clearly bad for her, haha Go out for malts Aw, whatever.