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I have mixed feelings upon finishing this latest Lee Child novel Slipping into the world of Jack Reacher lots of violence and very little angst is comforting and familiar Child has a formula going in many of his books and for the most part, it works pretty well Jack Reacher comes into a small town in Nebraska but it could be Montana or Texas or anywhere else with wide open spaces and sparse populations and discovers that something is not right Even though he is on his way to somewhere else in this novel, he s headed to Virginia to meet an important character from 61 Hours , he decides to stay and get involved In Worth Dying For, Reacher s decision to drive a slightly drunk doctor to take care of a battered woman leads him to cross the Duncans, a family who controls this Nebraska county economically and otherwise with an iron fist The events this one action set in motion are complex, layered, and ultimately bloody.That said, I felt a bit uneasy in how the whole plot plays out and the phrase, revenge porn, again comes to mind These are all bad, bad men but the fact that Reacher kills without remorse feels like a fantasy of what being a cop or a soldier is like I think of Arkady Renko and Dave Robochieoux sp and of how violence and rage lead to alcoholism and nightmares In this novel, Jack Reacher is like a robot or an avenging angel, playing at humanity I rooted for him the whole way but then felt kind of sick about it afterwards. 4 stars Lots of bad guys for Reacher to beat up It was well done and lots of fun.STORY BRIEF Reacher arrives in a remote farming area in Nebraska The Duncan clan has terrified the entire county into submission They require all farms to use their trucking company and pay high rates They have former football players on staff as thugs to bully the locals They are waiting for a shipment of something illegal to arrive which they sell to a guy in Las Vegas Twenty five years ago the daughter of one of the locals disappeared It was never solved.REVIEWER S OPINION This is one of the better Reacher stories I had a few laughs from Reacher s macho talk The ending was excellent I don t want to be redundant, but for newcomers I ll repeat a few things I ve said in other reviews Reacher is like a comic book super hero You need to suspend disbelief He has no luggage He buys new cheap clothes about every three days and throws away his dirty clothes He lives in motels, eats in cheap diners, and usually travels by bus or hitchhiking I enjoy hanging out with him even when I give the story a lower rating.NARRATOR The narrator Dick Hill was very good DATA Unabridged audiobook reading time 13 hrs and 45 mins Swearing language none Sexual content none Setting current day Nebraska Book copyright 2010 Genre mystery suspense thriller Ending feel good and satisfying.THE SERIES Following is a list of the Jack Reacher books in order with my ratings All the books could be read as stand alones, but I suggest reading them in order, maybe saving the lower rated ones for last Dates are copyright dates.4 stars Killing Floor 1 19974 stars Die Trying 2 19984 stars Tripwire 3 19992 stars Running Blind 4 20004 stars Echo Burning 5 2001 3 stars Without Fail 6 20024 stars Persuader 7 20033 stars The Enemy 8 20044 stars One Shot 9 2005 movie with Tom Cruise available 12 2012 3 stars The Hard Way 10 20063 stars Bad Luck and Trouble 11 20072 stars Nothing To Lose 12 20084 stars Gone Tomorrow 13 20093 stars 61 Hours 14 20104 stars Worth Dying For 15 20104 stars The Affair 16 20114 stars Second Son 2011 short story at the end of the The Affair and available separately on Kindle 2 stars A Wanted Man 17 2012 not read Deep Down 2012 short story available on Kindle set during Reacher s army days 2 stars Never Go Back 18 20133 stars Personal 19 2014TOM CRUISE AS REACHER If you haven t heard, Tom will be playing Reacher in the first Reacher movie based on the book One Shot He s tiny HE S A LITTLE GUY There are billions of people in this world You d think at least one exists who s the right size and can act Stallone was an unknown when he did the first Rocky, and it turned out great Please movie people, show some Reacher integrity Reacher is different Let him stay that way I heard the author respond to this by saying they wanted an A list actor and all of them were within 4 inches of Tom Cruise s height No A list actor is over 6 feet tall He also said don t believe press releases about actors heights. Three and a half stars While sticking to the basic formula of Reacher kicks bad guys butts, Child manages to change it up a little In some ways, Reacher s an anachronism, and if serious modern technology was used with strategy against him, he d be in trouble It starts to look as though he will be outnumbered when professional enforcers get added into the mix of local thugs, but view spoiler part of the problem is solved by them turning on each other There s no honor among thieves, I guess hide spoiler In this 15th book in the Jack Reacher series, the steely hero intervenes in a domestic abuse situation, and draws the ire of the town mafia The book can be read as a standalone Jack Reacher, perpetual traveler and tough guy seeking justice, stops off in a small Nebraska community as he s hitchhiking south While having coffee in a motel bar where the local doctor happens to be drinking, a call comes in Eleanor Duncan has a nosebleed The doc refuses to respond so Reacher suspecting domestic abuse insists on driving the doc to Eleanor s house and finds she has indeed been hit in the face Reacher proceeds to locate Eleanor s husband Seth at a steakhouse and breaks his nose After this all hell breaks loose Seems the Duncans Seth, his father and two uncles have a stranglehold on the local farming community and have completely intimated everybody who lives there The Duncans aren t about to take any flak from Reacher and tell a couple of cornhuskers former college football players the Duncans hire to be bodyguards and enforcers to get rid of Reacher The two cornhuskers don t succeed Moreover the Duncans are involved in illegal trafficking through Canada and are in trouble because a shipment they promised is late Since they re already furious at Reacher the Duncans tell their customers that the shipment is delayed because Reacher is sniffing around Before long a slew of people are out to maim kill Reacher including a bunch of cornhuskers and three sets of hitmen sent by the Arabs, Italians, and Iranians who are awaiting the shipment.Reacher is very tough, however, and his encounters with these creeps generally ends badly for the would be assassins Lee Child does a good job describing scenes of combat and carnage and one has to admire Reacher s capabilities with his fists and any tools or weapons he happens to get his hands on While all this is going on Reacher hears about the disappearance of a local young girl twenty five years ago and decides to find out what happened to her not so easy while so many people are out to kill him Most of the story is about Reacher playing cat and mouse with the people chasing him and there s a lot of violence and unpleasant behavior However Reacher is very clever and figures everything out in the end There are some surprises and twists in this exciting thriller Recommended for fans of the series.You can follow my reviews at [ FREE PDF ] ♹ Worth Dying For ⚖ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Compulsively Readable The Wall Street Journal Don T Pick Up This Jack Reacher Novel If You Don T Have Some Time On Your Hands, Because Worth Dying For Is Difficult To Put Down Child Manages To Get An Amazing Amount Of Suspense Into The Novel Associated Press There S Deadly Trouble In The Corn County Of Nebraska And Jack Reacher Walks Right Into It First He Falls Foul Of The Duncans, A Local Clan That Has Terrified An Entire County Into Submission But It S The Unsolved, Decades Old Case Of A Missing Child That Reacher Can T Let Go The Duncans Want Reacher Gone And It S Not Just Past Secrets They Re Trying To Hide For As Dangerous As The Duncans Are, They Re Just The Bottom Of A Criminal Food Chain Stretching Halfway Around The World For Reacher, It Would Have Made Much Sense To Put Some Distance Between Himself And The Hard Core Trouble That S Bearing Down On Him For Reacher, That Was Also ImpossibleNUS This Edition Contains An Excerpt From Lee Child S The Affair A Model Of Suspenseful Storytelling And An Outstanding Addition To A Series That Stands In The Front Rank Of Modern Thrillers The Washington Post Still The Thinking Man S Action Hero, Supreme Butt Kicker And Smartest Guy In The Room The Seattle Times This Series Is About As Good As Pop Fiction Gets The Miami Herald Another great Reacher If you like Reacher, that s all you need to know. I get the feeling like I m the last person to know I bought this book still thinking that it would be a shocking resolution to the cliff hanger ending of the previous 61 Hours.You see I was hooked into the possibilities could Reacher actually be dead OK I really doubted it but likely would everyone s favourite 00 bearman be crippled with burns At any rate I thought the pundit prediction that his female counterpart running Reacher s old unit would play the major role of this novel was spot on.But no Even just reading the blurb will tell you that Reacher is still functioning I m pretty sure Childs plays on our expectations, having Reacher described as hurting but at the end of the day he can still kick ass without flinching so one wonders why even bother trying to fool us into thinking Jack Reacher is mortal Instead of playing the awesome sequel card, Childs just introduces us to another Jack Reacher adventure this time versus the Duncans an evil family of hick paedophile smugglers who control a local farming community with extreme violence and a gang of retired football players most of whom are named Brett If that isn t slapstick enough for you, the Duncans answer to a the Italians, who answer to some other bad guys, who answer to some Iranians, who answer to the Saudis all of whom send a couple of guys to keep an eye on the others, resulting in a small town full of organized criminals who comically murder each other or get their hearts punched out by Reacher While the story is fairly run of the mill for Childs, the prose is solid, and the action is well planned The drama is somewhat limp for this story as the main characters are nowhere near as memorable as in 61 hours and other Reacher novels, and without attachments the story merely becomes a blow by blow account of Reacher pounding on the baddies, and dressing down the cowering townsfolk.Still, Child leads the field in thriller writing, and Worth Dying For is a prime example of his brillance, I think as an author not living up to your own works is forgivable when all your works are leagues ahead of everything else in the genre Book 15 in the Jack Reacher series.First things first, there is one hell of a lot of carnage in this book and not a police officer in sight Four crime groups all trying hard to improve their position on the food chain The best method of achieving this is by killing your opponents on the chain But when not killing each other they, all four groups, have one man in their sights and that man is, of course, Jack Reacher Jack being Jack he is not about to sit around waiting for his own demise he is busy dispensing his own brand of Divine retribution.In a small town in the middle of Nebraska which is in the middle of nowhere, the Duncan family rule the rest of the community with an iron fist By happenstance Jack finds himself here and when he see what fear the locals are living in he decided to make things better for them, Jack Reacher style Let the killing start and believe me there is a lot of it.I m not saying that the baddies don t deserve everything that gets dished up to them for they are, without a doubt, truly the lowest form of life, but the killing is just so unrelenting Ah well when all s said and done this is fantasy, is it not A fantasy where good always prevails Sometimes, though, the division between good and evil can be a bit blurred.If death and destruction being served up to the baddies is your thing you are going to love this If, on the other had, it s not your thing it s probably best not to bother.For me, it was a page turner but I would have preferred a little less slaughter A four star read because it kept me glue to the page. 4 Stars I think this happens to be the most satisfying Reacher book I ve read Not only did I finally find out how Reacher escaped from his predicament in 61 Hours but I believe the antagonists of this book definitely deserved what they had coming to them Reacher was seriously injured from the proceedings of 61 Hours but he still managed to kick some serious ass in their book This book is definitely action packed to the last page Until the end I hadn t guessed what it was the Duncan s were actually doing Now that Reacher is I ally on his way to Virginia to see Susan I really hope they ll meet in one of the next books Them Cornhuskers oughta stuck to huskin corn, cuz they shore ain t no match for Jack Reacher He can outthink and outfight and just plain outCOOL everyone who tangles with him This one was very satisfying It was reminiscent of the older Reacher novels totally unbelievable and all the fun because of it Jack gets to spout off a lot of great quips in this one, too Wouldn t we all love to be able to think of those perfect comebacks in every stressful encounter This story will make you want to avoid Nebraska for at least the next few lifetimes, unless you like your landscapes FLAT and featureless.