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Una manera f cil y amena de aprender un poco m s sobre el terrible r gimen norcoreano En este reportaje Delisle nos cuenta su propia experiencia en este pa s y resulta tan surrealsita que a veces no puedes evitar soltar alguna carcajada pero luego lo piensas y te dan ganas de llorar. This is a work of satire Which means that trenchant wit, irony, sarcasm, parody or caricature is used to expose and discredit vice or folly, to ridicule conduct, doctrines, or institutions When I read the reviews, I have the impression that people tend to forget this, or that they really don t like this genre A considerable number of reviewers think the author is racist, misogynistic, self righteous I don t see him like that at all His satire and politically incorrect jokes are lighthearted and not really offensive, and above all, he has always a self mocking attitude Probably it all depends on one s level of tolerance If you re easily offended, you better avoid this This book was originally published in 2002, and while much of its content is common knowledge by now, I was still startled by some of the things mentioned in it At some point Guy Delisle was surprised by the complete absence of handicapped people in Pyongyang When he tried to talk about it with his guide, he received this answer There are none We re a very homogenous nation All North Koreans are born strong, intelligent and healthy This struck me as curious indeed, and after some searching on the internet, I found some really upsetting informationhttp www.telegraph.co.uk news worldhttp www.theaustralian.com.au news 7 10 @READ E-PUB ñ Pyongyang õ Famously Referred To As One Of The Axis Of Evil Countries, North Korea Remains One Of The Most Secretive And Mysterious Nations In The World Today In Early Cartoonist Guy Delisle Became One Of The Few Westerners To Be Allowed Access To The Fortress Like Country While Living In The Nation S Capital For Two Months On A Work Visa For A French Film Animation Company, Delisle Observed What He Was Allowed To See Of The Culture And Lives Of The Few North Koreans He Encountered His Findings Form The Basis Of This Graphic NovelGuy Delisle Was Born In Quebec City In And Has Spent The Last Decade Living And Working In The South Of France With His Wife And Son Delisle Has Spent Ten Years, Mostly In Europe, Working In Animation, An Experience That Taught Him About Movement And Drawing He Is Now Currently Focusing On His Cartooning Delisle Has Written And Drawn Six Graphic Novels, Including Pyongyang, His First Graphic Novel In English It was ok The subject matter and observations were pretty fascinating But I LOATHED the artist s tone, and it was distracting I found him to be disrespectful and xenophobic Yes, I said disrespectful and I meant it Sure, the North Korean government is responsible for some of the worst human rights violations in the world, and they deserve to be criticized But the author chose to go there, chose to do business with them, and chose to allow the money he is getting paid for his work there to enable him to live like royalty while the people around him suffer, brainwashed and starving Forgetting the FLAT OUT RACIST comments he casually drops about other asian nations, I don t think he understands the difference between criticizing a tyrannical government and criticizing an ethnic culture.I am also not a fan of his artistic style, but that s just a matter of opinion note This was translated from the original French, so while I think a certain je ne sais quois might have been lost in translation, i don t know what it might have been. Guy Deslisle s Pyongyang provides a still rare look at N.Korea, the waking authoritarian nightmare from which millions of whispering prisoners are still hoping to wake while the majority of these prisoners were born in their jail cells, and lack all context for imagining a better life The Kim Jong s tightly controlled censors filters made certain every trickle of online data passing through their servers firewalls could never threaten to destabilize the slapdash scaffolding propping up their towering illusions of NK Normalcy Deslisle was an animator before he started making comics, and oddly enough, North Korea has been a world leader in cell animation for decades This meant he was one of the few westerners to live the surreal life in Pyongyang, spending two months on a work visa Animation is the most unlikely of North Korea s rare export success stories, and a dying one cell animation continues to diminish in favor of easier, cheaper and better computer animation But North Korea s richest domestic crop is fear and paranoia, and what with the insane dicktators and the nuclear bombs and all, it s become their top export as well now the rest of the world can enjoy cold war type armageddon shivers with a spicy Korean flavor Hey, man remember the 80 s You haven t lived until you ve escaped a post apocalyptic nightmare of the irradiated, liquified skin organ variety Fun shit, but we re nowhere near the glory days of nihilism, circa 1984 Curiously, we have walked ourselves like fucking sheep into a room with no exit, as the sound of a massive steel bolt sliding into place with a clunk behind us signals we re trapped in a real world version of 1984 Despite all the glib, cliched references to Orwell that way too many people consider close enough to actually reading the shit understanding it we re in the midst of living our own nightmare, and Millennials, lacking any pre digital age context, think they re living Apple Google Facebook dream, getting weepy at video of Steve Jobs blathering sales propaganda that makes the iPhone sound like the answer to disease hunger Pyongyang is going to be far less dire and dramatic than a native North Korean s account Westerners, of course, only get vague hints of the clockwork nightmare behind the curtain, though portraits of the fat little wizard and his Pop were everywhere I guess Big Brother is the proper analogy, since Pyongyang sure as hell isn t the Emerald City, and there s nothing remotely similar to a yellow brick road unless it s the DMZ, and Em City is Seoul On the other hand, Kim Jong il and Kim Jong un are clearly munchkins Although he keeps the atmosphere light and entertaining, and his artwork has a charming, minimalistic style, the creepiness of it all adds up to an unsettling look at the institutionalized madness of North Korea More Art book Reviews More Comic book Reviews More Novel Reviews Delisle s Pyongyang experience is a little different from his other books because in the case of North Korea, Delisle is here to work on animation studies for a film Apparently most major animation studios find animation devilishly expensive to produce in the home country and so go to lower wage countries to do the in between frames in a storyline so that the work is smooth and not herky jerky.Foreigners are asked to come for short periods of time to keep an eye on the project and get the work done on time and with the proper standards While he was there, Delisle came across a not insignificant number of people living in Pyongyang or passing through, on their way to remote outposts for different reasons I d always wondered about that, but wasn t sure if it actually happened Must be pretty grim work, considering Delisle s experience ensconced in a big, empty, cold impersonal hotel in the citysurely as comfortable a place as can be found.Anyway, one gets a very good sense of what his days were like, what the city looked like, how fun was to be had, if it was to be had at all, but very little of the inner lives of residents, which is to be expected Delisle s work again adds to the richness of our understanding of the world. . Pyongyang A Journey in North Korea originally published as Pyongyang in French by Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle, is a travel memoir presented in a graphic novel format The book presents the author s personal experiences at Pyongyang , the capital of North Korea during his two months stay in 2001 working as a coordinator between a French animation company and SEK studio in North Korea During this stay every movement of Guy Delisle was constantly accompanied and monitored by the state sponsored translators and guides and like any foreign visitor he was limited to access only a pre select choice of sights and monuments to enjoy.The book is narrated in a straightforward, matter of fact tone, which can seem insensitive and even rude at the first glance Guy Delisle records the routine life that he faced during his stay in Pyongyang as sharp notebook sketches brimming with his thoughts and opinions on whatever sights and people he was allowed to encounter While conveying these opinions the author is so candid and full of cynicism that these comments and thoughts borders the realms of being classified as racist, tactless, egocentric and arrogant He is not at all concerned about being politically correct and this is the point which makes Pyongyang A Journey in North Korea a worthy read The sketches are done entirely in black and white with a plain, unadorned pencil drawing style and this shows the author s intent on reflecting the bleak dullness and monotony of a totalitarian regime, which he experienced during his stay This book was written during a period when North Korea was opening it s doors for foreign economic investments after a long period of isolation and this is mused upon by the author in some of his sketches.This is not a book on the daily life of North Korean people or a judgmental study of the moral atrocities related to the authoritarian system of the country The author intent was to showcase the personal viewpoints and thoughts of a foreigner who was experiencing such a strange controlled environment for the first time as candidly as possible and in this Pyongyang A Journey in North Korea succeeds. I don t know where to begin describing this book When I first read about it, I was so excited to get my hands on it because it sounded so intriguing And with all the excellent write ups people have given it, I was hopeful it would offer a an insightful account of a travel work experience in North Korea and b a narrative that was somewhat self aware and unlike so many travel logs by douche baggy Westerners who have a superiority complex yet claim not to be racist I m so utterly disappointed At the first overtly racist comment Delisle made on page 9, I began anticipating that he would start out being the typical Western douche bag only to learn a thing or two and redeem himself toward the end But somewhere between pages 28 45, that glimmer of hope began to fade I went back and started flagging all the unapologetic racism all the easy generalizations and depictions of North Koreans as completely subservient sub humans The comments Delisle makes are not only painful to read, but they make me wish I could reach into the book and shake him for failing to see his own stupidity and ethnocentricism What s worse is that his racism and complete lack of cultural sensitivity are so deeply connected to his plain bad manners as a guest in someone else s country, you would think he d have some moments of graciousness and tolerance let alone acceptance Here s a list of some the comments I flagged At the hotel It s got those good old standard rooms cold and impersonal, just like they like them in Asia 9 So now he s the expert on the entire continent of Asia a region that can be lumped into one category, stamping out any diversity.At a restaurant I don t mean to complain but this is the filthiest tablecloth I ve ever seen Argh And it s wet, too My elbows are soaking Ugh This stuff the food on his plate is swimming in oil What They call this ice cream 20 He complains about the food throughout though there are a couple very brief moments where he acknowledges that many North Koreans do not have enough to eat This jackass filled his belly with food whenever he needed or wanted to Couldn t he at least devote some significant portion of this book discussing his ridiculous amount of privilege About North Korean music on the radio The tunes sound like a cross between a national anthem and the theme song of a children s show like a Barney remix of God Save the Queen or Oh Canada 28 He s constantly infantilizing North Koreans in their tastes and their political alliances, as well as their interests and leisure activities It s always a pleasure in these countries to pay 5 for a lousy cup of instant coffee 35 What are these countries supposed to signify How many North Koreans have 5 to dispose of everyday Hey We ve got newcomers on the floor You don t have to be psychic to know they re Chinese They leave the door open, watch television in their underwear and yell to each other from room to room until late into the night 38.He s angry because the chambermaid comes into his room while he s asleep to refill his water an important and kind gesture, one might think, regardless of the inconvenient time As though it s absolutely crucial, the chambermaid comes at 7am sharp to bring my daily water rations The next frames show him fantasizing about dumping water on her as a way to keep her out Two trips to China have taught me to hand this kind of situation with detachment Mmgrm bitch gmrmm he mumbles in his sleep 44.In reference to his guide and translator s enthusiasm for national landmarks and the country s leaders he asks Do they really believe the bullshit that s being forced down their throats 74 Couldn t he ask himself that question about Western media as well About Western politics and policies, customs, beliefs etc North Koreans are not the only people that are being suckered and duped in the world Not by a long shot.At a museum he notices The pick in the picture isn t the same as the one on the wall I think of mentioning it to our charming guide, but why bother in a country that s devoid of common sense 102 Common sense So, everyone should have a common idea of what common sense means How is this perspective any different from the let s flatten individuality and diversity missions of the North Korean leaders that Delisle seems to despise so deeply Even though it s a slow night, a girl at the wicket pulls a long face and sighs as she takes my money Where else but in a Chinese casino 118 So all Chinese casino workers and ONLY Chinese casino workers are irritable with customer service He seems to say where else would you find crabby, grumpy, sulky workers but in China What a load of crap First of all, why does he have such unrealistic expectations for customer service, such a sense of entitlement, and as if service industry labourers don t have off days or get grumpy ANYWHERE else I don t even understand how his thinking can be so insular.He visits an elementary school and some of the children put on a little improvised concert for him Behind their strained faces, you sense all the concentration that goes into playing the music and, especially into trying to keep up those miss world smiles The little savant monkeys are displayed with great pride 157 I CANNOT believe he refers to these children as savant monkeys no matter how facetious he s trying to be here, there is absolutely no way this term is acceptable If he s such an expert on the entire Asian continent, as he seems to claim, he should know the very problematic nuances of these terms At a museum Our guide is truly stunning, and listening to her graphic descriptions, I think up a few tortures of my own that I wouldn t mind inflicting on her 169 It s incredible how connected Delisle s racism and misogyny really are his self righteous, superior, ethnocentric attitude toward North Koreans is inseparable from his description of North Korean woman as bitches in reference to the chambermaid or hyper sexualize play things that he might like to torture This is some seriously unchecked prejudice and sexism.It s as though Delisle feels that since he s been to Asia, traveled, and stayed in various countries for some time, he s at liberty or even entitled to make all kinds of derogatory judgments and generalizations as he wants He comments at one point that he doesn t really make any North Korean friends, and what a shock Who would want to befriend a guest that comes over and behaves like such a feeble, narrow minded, judgmental asshole I just can t believe that this book is being talked about in a positive light All it really seems to do is reify and reiterate the master narratives of Western colonizers traveling to foreign lands where barbarians and savages go about their lives in unthinking and uncivilized ways Who does Delisle think he is He should be deeply embarrassed by this book And tragically, he could be a talented writer and cartoonist with so much to offer There s so much I could have taken away from reading this book, and I knew that, which is why I was compelled to read it to the end Unfortunately, I was left with a very bitter taste I think Delisle owes the people of North Korea an enormous apology, as well as all the people he hurt and offended who ve read this book and see right through his discriminatory and hateful claims and actions.I wrote the publisher a very long letter explaining why this book offended me, and I asked them to forward the email directly to Delisle I m astounded at how many people on goodreads rated this book with 4 or 5 stars Didn t anyone else see the glaring racism here Just seen the news about Sony s movie The Interview and now I m thinking Uh oh I hope this review doesn t get hacked and bring Goodreads down with it Because really, all I am trying to do is to lower the international temperature and turn those tears to smiles as we present a short musical selection we like to call MY BRILLIANT KOREAPresident Obama dressed as a Mother Superior Have you met my good friend North Korea, The craziest nation on earth You ll know it the minute you see it, You ll collapse into inappropriate mirthMrs Kim Jong un looking up from reading the New York Times The Jong uns, darling we re the Jong unsAnd Jong uns shouldn t be afraidto build socialism while the flame is strongCause we may not be the Jong uns very longKim Jong un Climb ev ry mountain, ford ev ry streamFollow ev ry rainbow till you build a socialist utopiaA socialist utopia that will need all the love you can giveEveryday of your life for as long as you livePrez Obama How do you solve a problem like North Korea How do you drag the Kims before the courtsFor infecting all the people with such fearThey try to make their brains stop thinking thoughts Kim Jong un Pyongyang is pretty, oh, so pretty, It s so pretty and witty and bright And I pity any supreme leader who isn t me tonight See the great leader on that billboard there Cute party cadres What billboard whereWho can that attractive man be Such a noble face, such a well cut suit, Such a handsome smile, such a pretty me I feel stunning and entrancing, Feel like running and dancing for joy, For I m loved by a pretty wonderful socialist nationoh what what s that you want a book review too well I suppose so This is a slightly mean spirited book which recounts all the tedium of a couple of months in Pyongyang as a Western visitor There s nothing much to do except visit massive monuments to Kim Il Sung as it was in 2005 when GD went there Or you could visit massive monuments which are in the process of being built Or you could mutter about being told to keep your acid jazz music down because it might not be appropriate for other people to hear Hmph All the minor indignities any Westerner would zero in on Guy does a lot of huffing and puffing and tutting, and thereby reveals his own appalling pettiness just as he exposes the gruesome mindsets of the North Koreans Since we already know that Westerners are a pain in the arse when they visit foreign countries and North Koreans are all poor and oppressed and benighted, you really don t get to learn much you didn t already know Two and a half very lukewarm stars.