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!Free Book ♵ Her Hero in Hiding (Conard County, #22) ☫ On The Run From A Killer, Kay Young Depended On The Stranger Who Rescued Her One Snowy Night Though A Lifetime Of Hurt Had Made Her Wary Of Men, Clint Ard Was Different He Offered Her Shelter, Protectionand The Chance To Discover True PassionA Soldier Turned Writer, Clint Craved The Privacy Of His Secluded Ranch, Where He Could Be Alone With The Gruesome Memories Of Combat But Once He Let Kay Into His Home, He Let Her Into His Heart When The Danger Shadowing Her Closed In, He Knew That There Was Only One Way To Ensure Kay S Safetyand Stop A Killer S Obsession Review to cone, why I changed, loved the book SRS 1611 4.5 stars.Her Hero in Hiding by Rachel LeeCopyright in 2010..After just reading 3 books by Rachel Lee I am struck by how in tune and sensitive she is with her characters and their situations She seems to have a very good grasp on the subjects brought up and is able to convey things in a clear and engaging manner for the reader And to do it in a way that seems realistic, no over the top drama The issues for both the H and h in this book are handled wonderfully Even though it seems most of the problems of the heroine are being handled you can see that at the same time the character growth for the Hero in the interactions with the heroine In this particular book the Hero is dealing with issues involving his military service and the heroine is dealing with major league domestic abuse issues I wouldn t want a steady diet of such heavy problems but this book is very well worth a read If only real life situations of this type could be handled as well or in a perfect world they would never come up. Loved it Rachel Lee is one of my favorite go to authors She writes old style romances that are so satisfying I almost want to hide the books like a guilty secret This book in particular made my cry cryand then feel so sickeningly happy by the end, I thought I would go into a diabetic coma.So many books fall flat for me, since I read around 1 book a day that finding an author who can evoke such an emotional response is a real gem Definitely must read Running from her abusive ex boyfriend, Kay Young is found near collapse on the side the road by ex soldier, Clint Ard Not being about to get over all he did and seen in combat, Clint now lives on a secluded ranch away from others, but he just couldn t leave anybody out in a storm like this, especially when he see her black eye He offers to take her to the hospital, but when she freaks out muttering words about being found her decides just to take her home There he learns the horror her life has been since she started running from her ex, Kevin Deciding it s up to him to deal with this creep once and for all, she stays with him waiting for Kevin to make a move While trying to help her heal from what she s been through, Clint ends up helping himself too and allowing himself to let someone into his heart. This story was riveting It was emotional It took place almost entirely in the living room of Clint s home You could feel the tension I loved it From a review posted by an eHarlequin.com member, to readgo Kay is kidnapped beaten and raped, when she gets away she finds herself helped by a very strong man whom she has problems trusting but doesn t have a chose as she needs help while she recovers He doesn t just help her recover but helps her find herself and love I liked the premise of an ex Special Ops turned a hermit into the wilderness of Wyoming that finds a beaten up woman stumbling on the road, takes her home, nurses her back to health, and helps her get rid of a pesky problem.Unfortunately it dragged for too long before anything significant happened There was no major buildup to the climax, no slow escalating of suspense and dread, everything was okay one moment, there was the big showdown only a couple of pages length , and then it ended.I was hoping for some fireworks at least those the first few chapters promised , but instead got a slow paced book with a very rushed ending. Part of the Conard County series, a favorite of mine The hero, a disillusioned vet, helps a woman on the run from an abusive ex boyfriend The protagonists are intelligent and likeable, and the isolated ranch setting adds to the suspenseful atmosphere.