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!FREE EBOOK ☣ Dead Man's Chest ♪ Dot Unfolded The Note He Says That His Married Couple Will Look After The Divine Miss FisherI Ll Leave Out A Bittheir Name Is Johnson And They Seem Very Reliable Phryne Got The Door Open At Last She Stepped Into The Hall I Think He Was Mistaken About That, She CommentedTraveling At High Speed In Her Beloved Hispano Suiza Accompanied By Her Maid And Trusted Companion Dot, Her Two Adoptive Daughters Jane And Ruth, And Their Dog Molly, The Hon Miss Phryne Fisher Is Off To Queenscliff She D Promised Everyone A Nice Holiday By The Sea With Absolutely No Murders, But When They Arrive At Their Rented Accommodation That Doesn T Seem Likely At AllAn Empty House, A Gang Of Teenage Louts, A Fisherboy Saved, And The Mystery Of A Missing Butler And His Wife Seem To Lead Inexorably Toward A Hunt For Buried Treasure By The Sea But What Information Might The Curious Surrealists Be Able To Contribute Phryne Knows To What Depths People Will Sink For Greed, But With A Glass Of Champagne In One Hand And A Pearl Handled Beretta In The Other, No One Is Getting Past Her All Miss Phryne Fisher and her adopted family want is a nice, quiet holiday in Queenscliff Just a few days at the beach, far away from the city But, Phryne being Phryne, she attracts danger wherever she goes As they arrive at the house they rented for the holiday, they realize the housekeepers have been abducted, the pantry raided, and the valuables missing Summoning a local constable, Phryne realizes that if she wants to know what happened, she will have to investigate herself Soon, she finds herself in the midst of domestic problems, loss, kidnapping, an attempted murder, a smuggling enterprise, and searching for the Phantom Pigtail Snipper , and, oh yes, a pirate treasure This was a fun one The atmosphere Greenwood created was very different in this one, and you could relax along with Phryne while she and her family enjoyed themselves The mysteries were all connected to the various interesting people Phryne meets which, this time, include a bunch of Surrealists who were very interesting , and it was, as always, expertly drawn The I read by this wonderful author, the I realize how wonderfully she can create atmosphere due to her meticulous research, you always like you are right there with Phryne, and the people she meets are so much a result of this atmosphere, it is amazing how natural it all feels.This is definitely one of my favorite Phryne books so far, and could be read as a stand alone Not that I m advising missing out on anything, but I think this would be a good introduction to Phryne for anyone who has never read one of the books I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Even while on holiday, Phryne Fisher can t manage to steer clear of those ever present mysteries When the house she is renting appears to have been abandoned in a hurry, the servants gone missing and the small town constable seemingly satisfied to sweep in all under the rug, the mystery practically begs for a lady detective to do a bit of her own sleuthing I m a huge fan of the TV show and when I saw this book I couldn t turn it down If you re not familiar with Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries, I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix I was hooked from that first intro episode And if you like the show, I would highly recommend reading the books What really caught my attention in the books versus the show is the supporting characters Not that I don t love all the secondary characters like Bert, Cecile, Mr Butler and of course, Jack Robinson The difference being, there are so many characters in the book that play pivot roles that we either don t get at all on TV or they are down played For example, I loved Jane and Ruth, they were such diverse, likable characters and I wouldn t mind seeing of them again Dot and Hugh were once again adorable and perfect and in case you didn t know I ship them so hard Mystery wise, there was a lot going on and than one mystery to solve in this edition but it flowed nicely, kept me wildly entertained and surprised me in the end I would recommend for those who like a little mystery, humor and good old fashion sleuthing led by a lady detective with wit and fashion styleARC provided for an honest review I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Dead Man s Chest by Kerry Greenwood is the 18th book in the Miss Fisher Mysteries series Phrynne, together with her companion Dot and daughters Ruth and Jane, travels to the seaside town of Queenscliff for a holiday only to find that the couple that was to look after them gone missing An enjoyable book with the addition of a new character, a young boy, Tinker, reader of Sexton Blake stories and who utterly adores Phrynne The surrealist neighbours seemed a bit weird though Otherwise an interesting, light and fun addition to the series. This rather relaxed mystery takes place immediately after the events in Murder on a Midsummer Night Deciding that her domestic circle is in need of some relaxation after her most recent, rather trying, investigation, Miss Fisher takes her companion and two adopted daughters for a month at the seaside But when she arrives she finds her borrowed house unlocked and the servants missing Foul play Of course But of what nature Since the Johnsons seem to have left under their own steam this mystery is not urgent and the tone of the book proceeds in a leisurely and unhurried way even than Phryne s normally sybaritic routine Greenwood captures the feel of a long vacation with not much to do, creating a perfect read for one s own long weekend or day at the beach With cocktails, naturally. Five stars for this instalment with no sex, no gore, just a good read I begin to understand why those who started with the TV series dislike the books so much I did see the filmed version of this book before reading it and boy, did they ever change it Phryne goes on holiday with her family only to find that the house a stranger offered her for the stay is empty of food and domestic staff Said total stranger is off to the back blocks, and she s not even sure where he is, let alone how to reach him It has happened to me too, that a person I knew only slightly offered to let me stay in their house while they were away Amazing people, but that was 30 years ago, too Nothing daunted, she settles in and the mysteries start to come to her Who is cutting off the local girls long braids Where are the Johnsons, and why did they leave their dog behind What is going on at that mysterious moving company And what really happened to that nasty old woman across the street If cosy comfortable fiction is your forte, you will enjoy this Call me old fashioned and goodness knows I am but it was nice not to be subjected to sexual encounters that do nothing to further the story There s even a recipe for Impossible Pie at the end I m not usually sold on mysteries mit recipes, but I was glad for once that I didn t have to Google the dish myself Some of the mystery threads come unravelled, but not even Phryne is perfect. Although eighteenth book inthe series, Dead men s Chest is as charming and interesting as eariler books, if not even The author acheived much with change of scenery, adding new characters and putting old characters in new situations Not to mention treasure hunt. 4 starsI enjoyed reading this book, 18 in the series I have already read book one in the series and have been watching the tv series This book has Phryne going to the coast to stay in a house borrowed from an acquaintance while her house is being renovated She arrives to find the live in servants and all of the food gone She determines to find out what happened and encounters an interesting group of characters It was a light, easy read In 1920s Australia, cigarettes are called gaspers Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me this ebook. Dead Man s Chest takes Phryne from the comforts of her own home to an attempted holiday, much in the vein of Peter and Harriet s honeymoon in Sayers Lord Peter books, that is to say a busman s holiday For all that, it s a reasonably relaxed mystery, without too many dead bodies or late night attacks There s one or two nastier elements, but for the most part it focuses on Ruth getting to play house In fact, the nastier element is almost entirely glossed over In this book, a new character joins the cast, and I rather hope he ll be a recurring one Enter Tinker a young boy who spends most of his time gadding about and isn t any too clean or conscientious, until Phryne gets her hands on him He quickly finds a place in the household, and it doesn t feel forced I quickly found myself interested in what Tinker was up to and what was going to happen to him And poor Gaston, the dog Some of the usual elements are missing here I don t think there s a single sex scene but for the most part, it s what you d expect from a holiday with Phryne It captures the feel of a long warm day pretty well, too and I d say you can almost taste the gin and tonic, but I have no idea what that tastes like and not much inclination to find out.I think these books have essentially stopped surprising me at all, and instead become something comforting that comes out or less as I d expect, and deals with characters you can mostly sympathise with and like There s a place for that kind of reading, and I m not disparaging it at all it s just that the Miss Fisher mysteries do somewhat lose their spice as they go along, because you get used to it.Originally posted here. Dead Man s Chest is the 18th book in the Phryne Fisher series by popular Australian author, Kerry Greenwood It is January, and Phryne has decided to take her family to Queenscliff on holiday while her bathroom is renovated But their arrival at the beachside house borrowed from Mr Thomas, an anthropologist currently on a field trip in deepest Northern Territory, instantly immerses them in a mystery The Johnsons, butler and cook, are absent, along with all their goods and chattels Their immediate neighbours, a Hungarian lady with surrealist tendencies and a widow hosting three obnoxious teenaged schoolboys, are unable to clarify matters The local constable, Tom Dawson, is soon labelled Constable Moron by Phryne To make matters interesting, there is someone going around snipping plaits off young ladies and there is a film crew making a movie about the legendary Swan Bay pirate, Benito, and his hidden treasure of Peruvian gold When the Johnsons beloved dog, Gaston turns up, the mystery deepens Luckily, an eager young lad, soon christened Tinker by Phryne, is engaged to assist with investigations, adopted daughter Ruth delights in testing her culinary skills, and Dot s fiance, now a Detective Sergeant, Hugh Collins arrives to lend official help where needed In this instalment, Jane reads a lot, sorts bones and stars in a movie Dot buys a dress and uses a coal scuttle as a weapon Ruth lovingly prepares many meals Phryne muses on the contents of boys pockets, on Crimes against Couture, and the dogs solution to any problem, barking a fish skeleton is used as a fashion accessory and a weapon Phryne spends an evening with surrealists there is murder, kidnapping and attempted kidnapping, a treasure hunt and smuggling of tobacco and rum After causing readers mouths to water with several mentions of Impossible Pie, Greenwood thoughtfully provides the recipe for this, as well as Potato Scones and Noyau Cocktail Another excellent dose of Miss Fisher.