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I see I m not the only one unthrilled by this second book There are no spoilers in what follows, but if you loved the first one and are excited for this one, read no further Or if you do, don t complain to me that I killed your joy This story meandered way too much to keep my interest, and I thought the plot was dreadfully thin Lots of window dressing and trying too hard to be cute It felt very much like a 70 something year old man trying to sound like an 11 year old girl And of course, that s exactly what it is, but it wasn t so noticeable in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. You have to read nearly half the book before the actual mystery is introduced, and then the story continues to wander hither and yon It had its moments, but didn t add up to much when the tale was finished Further, the entire thing was so larded down with inapt similes that it was at times unbearable to continue Am I the only one who noticed this I couldn t decide whether to hurl the book against the wall or just plain HURL I thought the first book was far charming and entertaining I didn t hate The Weed That Strings the Hangman s Bag, but I won t be continuing with the series. The Weed That Strings the Hangman s Bag picks up a little than a month after The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie leaves off, so it was good to read them consecutively It s summer in Bishop s Lacey, the little village outside of which eleven year old Flavia de Luce lives with her father and two older sisters in the old family manor, Buckshaw Flavia s relaxing in the churchyard when she sees that she has company it turns out that the van of a famous puppeteer, Rupert Porson, has broken down, and he and his assistant are stranded The vicar convinces them to put on a show while they wait for the mechanic to fix the van, and Flavia s roped into helping them set up and settle in they ve been given permission to camp in the field of a neighboring farm The farm belongs to a couple whose young son was found hanged in the woods five years earlier, and they ve become reclusive since then Flavia has a than a little creepy encounter with the woman of the house, which makes you wonder what other creepiness has happened on near this farm, and what other creepiness is still in store As with the last Flavia de Luce mystery, in this one the stranger who arrives in town dies soon after and turns out not to be a stranger at all And once again, Flavia has a role in unraveling how the stranger is connected to Bishop s Lacey, and why he s ended up dead.I am still fond of Flavia and her boldness and cleverness passages like the below crack me up You are unreliable, Flavia, he said Utterly unreliable Of course I was It was one of the things I loved most about myself.Eleven year olds are supposed to be unreliable We re past the age of being poppets the age where people bend over and poke us in the tum with their fingers and make idiotic noises that sound like boof boof just the thought of which is enough to make me bring up my Bovril And yet we re still not at the age where anyone ever mistakes us for a grown up The fact is, we re invisible except when we choose not to be p 112 I like the little world of Bishop s Lacey, and I feel like Bradley s writing is better in this book than the last one or maybe I was just paying better attention I really enjoyed the descriptions of, say, the cool damp forest and all its plant life, or the wonder of looking down from above at a well constructed puppet theater, the magic of it And, like with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, I like the conventions of the mystery, the way different characters, many with a motive, are introduced, and the way you stay guessing I read this book over the course of a few days when I was sick with a nasty cold, and it felt like perfect curled up with a blanket reading. These are cute, cute, cute books I don t buy it, a kid being this kind of smart, but I don t care The plot s a little on the thin side, but I don t care The fun of these books is the delightful fantasy of Eng er land post WWII seen through the eyes of eleven year old Flavia, daughter of decayed privilege.The murdered man, a puppeteer drug dealer, richly deserved killing, which always makes a mystery fun for me His relict, of sorts, is of course a suspect, but her Delicate Condition which Flavia suspects, and confirms by a chemical test that I d never heard of before ends up eliminating herand shortly after she is in the clear, she buggers off somewherebut I suspect that she ll be back.The murderer, when identified, made me smile I was so hoping the guilty party would be who it turned out to be, since I took an instant and complete aversion to that person Not always a reliable indicator of guilt, but in this case Yippee So why read this Because it s fun Because it s frothy Because it s summer, and because it s worth a few hours of your time to escape your ordinary world for the exciting world of Flavia de Luce. Flavia returns Oh, delicious young poisoner Flavia de Luce, cousin to Wednesday Addams, Sherlock Holmes as an 11 year old girl A delight. I love this series, especially the feisty 11 year old Flavia deLuce at the centre of it all England in the 1950s must have been a golden time for childhood Flavia is left totally alone to roam the countryside on her bike, visit whoever she wants and poke her nose in wherever she wants Of course things might be different if her mother hadn t died at her birth and it was left to her distant father and two hateful sisters who Flavia may end up poisoning before the series ends to bring her up As long as she turns up for meals no one seems to wonder about what she is up to It s no wonder then that Flavia is an accomplished amateur sleuth, aided by her powers of observation she d give Sherlock a run for his money , high intelligence, complete lack of fear and downright nosiness Her obsession with poisons and vast knowledge of chemistry also makes her exceptionally good at picking up the forensic clues that the police miss I know a lot of readers think Flavia is too smart by far to be only 11 but I can remember at that age being obsessed with astronomy and the space race and reading everything I could about it so we shouldn t underestimate what a super bright kid like Flavia could get up to left to her own devices Having access to her Uncle Tar s chemistry lab and books would have been a goldmine to her This is a stronger plot than the first book in the series involving a puppeteer, some illegal substances and the death of a small boy some years previously Very entertaining I liked this book better than expected, but for a variety of reasons I am not a real fan Mir hat der hier vorgestellte Kriminalfall mit dem elektrokutierten Puppenspieler gut gefallen Auch die L sung war komplex und ganz in der Tradition klassischer englischer Kriminalromane.Aus verschiedenen Gr nden konnte ich mich aber nicht vollst ndig begeistern.Dies h ngt vorwiegend mit der Protagonistin Flavia zusammen.Eine knapp elfj hrige exzentrischte Wissenschaftlerin aus schwierigen Familienverh ltnissen glaubw rdig darzustellen d rfte extrem schwierig sein und ist auch hier dem Autor nicht wirklich gelungen.Ich mochte Flavia, aber w re sie eine Hexe oder eine Elfe w re sie nicht weniger real Ich gehe davon aus, dass diese Buchreihe f r Kinder gedacht ist und mache die entsprechenden Abstriche bei Plot und Sprache Dennoch spricht und denkt Flavia nicht im Entferntesten wie ein Kind, auch nicht wie ein Hochbegabtes Au erdem fallen mir immer wieder sprachliche Eigenheiten auf, die einfach gar nicht in die 1940er passen.Die wissenschaftlichen Bestandteile haben mir gut gefallen Ich habe sie zugegebnerma en aber nicht auf Richtigkeit berpr ft.Ich meckere hier auf hohem Niveau und das Buch hat mir tats chlich wesentlich besser gefallen, als ich es erwartet hatte Dennoch meine ich dass hier der Hybrid zwischen Kinder und Ewachsenenbuch nicht so wirklich gelungen ist.Daher 3 wohlverdiente SterneIch m chte hier noch einmal darauf verweisen, dass 3 Sterne nach der GR Terminologie berdurchschnittlich ist und bedeutet, dass mir das Buch gut gefallen hat. I liked the first book a little I think the mystery was better crafted in the first book However, it was still quite a mystery This one was quite sad due to the subject matter I think that was another reason it didn t sit as well with me Flavia is her usual self Very precocious and highly astute and observant She makes a formidable detective Much in the style of the highly esteemed Miss Marple One that people will often overlook because they seem unassuming and not the type who could pull the lid off all the dirty secrets hiding beneath the surface Flavia s sisters are so very mean to her Her father seems to be oblivious to this They regularly taunt her about being unwanted and adopted, and that their mother didn t like her I think they are jealous because she is like their mother than they are Flavia has some dark and rather gruesome hobbies, and she s a bit petulant at times, though not in a way that is offputting I think her obsession with poisons became a way to deal with the loss of her mother and the de facto rejection by her family out of her father s preoccupation and her older sisters treatment of her.Small town English life in the 50s is fascinating As with any small town, lots of dirty little secrets Adults doing adult things with bad consequences Some of it goes over Flavia s head, but not most The casual cruelty of humanity is very much on display, even through the eyes of a 12 year old I very much enjoy the audiobook versions of this series The narrator is the same as the first, and she captures Flavia well A well crafted mystery that will leave readers with a sense of unease about everything that happens I am looking forward to Flavia mysteries. Delightful That s is precisely what this book is Just a delightful story with the precocious Flavia de Luce This time is she trying to find out who killed the famous puppeteer Rupert Porson and she does her usual way, by being curious, listening to gossip and putting two and two together And, thinking of ways of killing people with poisons..especially her sisters Flavia de Luce is such a wonderful characters, she will either be a great detective when she grows up or a very deadly poisoner Her love for chemistry shows through the book and she is especially fond of poisons But of course, she is still just eleven and even though she is clever there are moments when she doesn t understand things, grow up things like secret relations between grown ups and I love Dogger when he tries to explain that it s when two people are really good friends And, I feel for her when her two older sister bullies her It s not easy with a father who rather spends his time with his stamps, a dead mother, and two older sisters that whenever opportunity shows up tries to tell her that their parents never wanted her And, in this book her aunt Felicity shows up, but I think that Flavia, in the end, came to appreciate her visiting, especially after they had a talk alone The first book in this series was good, but I enjoyed the story in this book even and it was so many suspects in the story that I didn t figure out how and when was behind it all until the very end I really enjoyed the part in the end when she explained it all to the police Hilarious They should hire her. {Free Epub} ò The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag ⚢ Flavia De Luce, A Dangerously Smart Eleven Year Old With A Passion For Chemistry And A Genius For Solving Murders, Thinks That Her Days Of Crime Solving In The Bucolic English Hamlet Of Bishop S Lacey Are Over Until Beloved Puppeteer Rupert Porson Has His Own Strings Sizzled In An Unfortunate Rendezvous With Electricity But Who D Do Such A Thing, And Why Does The Madwoman Who Lives In Gibbet Wood Know Than She S Letting On What About Porson S Charming But Erratic Assistant All Clues Point Toward A Suspicious Death Years Earlier And A Case The Local Constables Can T Solve Without Flavia S Help But In Getting So Close To Who S Secretly Pulling The Strings Of This Dance Of Death, Has Our Precocious Heroine Finally Gotten In Way Over Her Head The Weed That Strings the Hangman s Bag is the 2nd book in the Flavia De Luce series I liked the novel less than the first one as I could not connect with the characters in the beginning and I was a little bit annoyed by Flavia That changed soon enough and the book became entertaining, as I was expecting For those who do not know this series, it is about a 12 years old girl living in an old English mansion with her father and two sisters after the 2nd World War Flavia is very curios, attentive to details and has a passion which is not so normal for young girls, namely chemistry, and specializes in poisons Her character treats make her a perfect crime investigator.