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The curious case of Benjamin Button, as a slightly melancholic and in its absurdity somewhat humorous, surreal tale on time and non conformism, could in a sense be read as a satirical allegory on ageism avant la lettre Or maybe I did soYou re just the romantic age, she continued fifty Twenty five is too wordly wise thirty is apt to be pale from overwork forty is the age of long stories that take a whole cigar to tell sixty is oh, sixty is too near seventy but fifty is the mellow age I love fifty To everything there is a season But as no man is an island, others might have fixed or preconceived ideas on what might be the appointed or appropriate time for certain life events happening to us and how we should be and behave at specific moments in life, even if the desirable behaviour or bringing about such events is beyond our control and we are helpless and unable to change so we fit into the frame of normality or in the plans of our relatives or larger society Why be happy when you could be normal If we have to live on someone else s terms, societal norms and standards might collide with our identity and condition and cause friction and chasm even with our near and dear when they cannot accept we digress In presenting Benjamin Button s case, depicting the insensitive and petty responses of both outsiders as well as Benjamin s father, wife and son on Benjamin s various stages of life and development, Fitzgerald caustically shows how deviance meets with shame, irritation, rejection, ridicule, shock and denial Our loved ones are not always willing nor able to transcend their own frame of reference in perceiving and accepting us as we really are, even if this might make us thoroughly unhappy She sniffed again The idea, she said, and after a moment I should think you d have enough pride to stop it How can I he demanded I m not going to argue with you, she retorted But there s a right way of doing things and a wrong way If you ve made up your mind to be different from everybody else, I don t suppose I can stop you, but I really don t think it s very considerate But, Hildegarde, I can t help it You can too You re simply stubborn You think you don t want to be like anyone else You always have been that way, and you always will be But just think how it would be if everyone else looked at things as you do what would the world be likePostertext Of thoughtful satire and social criticism one can expect it speaks for itself I wasn t particularly taken with the story, nor did I find any specifically enlightening insights on age or aging in it, but ostensibly such didn t seem the purpose of the story The prose however, on the moments it quits theoutspoken satirical register, flows delicately and lyrically, movingly mellowing nearing the ending while Benjamin reaches the innocent sweetness of infancy, soothing like a lullabyAnd when the long day was done at five o clock he would go up stairs with Nana and be fed oatmeal and nice soft mushy foods with a spoon There were no troublesome memories in his childish sleep no token came to him of his brave days at college, of the glittering years when he flustered the hearts of many girls There were only the white, safe walls of his crib and Nana and a man who came to see him sometimes, and a great big orange ball that Nana pointed at just before his twilight bed hour and called sun When the sun went his eyes were sleepy there were no dreams, no dreams to haunt him Goodreads is serendipitous I have been planning to read this for a long time, but somehow kept on putting it off I suddenly came across Fatty Bolger s review in my feed It was during my lunch hour, so I Googled for a free version online, found it, and read it.Surprisingly, I liked the story a lot better than I was expecting to Unlike the movie, which has a heavy dose of pathos, the story is an out and out fantasy based on an outlandish premise what would happen if one aged in reverse This is a time machine applicable only to anatomy the person moves forward in time.Fitzgerald has explored all the absurd possibilities of such a wild scenario, including two grandfather grandson interactions at the same biological age level Benjamin the infant and his seventy year old grandpa, and the 65 year old Grandpa Benjamin and his five year old grandson The most interesting thing about the story is that Benjamin, in his regressive trip through life, gets to interact with his grandfather, father, son and grandson as peers.A weird little story, hilarious and melancholic by turns right up my alley. Der seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button is a short story, which can be read very quickly because it only has 66 pages This story is very captivating and emotional The novel is based on a mixture of weird tragedy and comedy The destiny of this odd person in combination with Fitzgerald s writing style and language could fascinate me simply. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F Scott Fitzgerald is the short story selection in the group catching up on classics for May 2017 This story was first published in Colliers Magazine in 1922 and describes Fitzgerald s views on aging in satirical form While ageism has become a timely topic today, Fitzgerald first grappled with the issue nearly one hundred years ago Benjamin Button was born to Mr and Mrs Roger Button in 1860 In the place of the bundle of joy the Buttons expected, they received a seventy year old man Prominent members of society, the Buttons fear that they will be the scandal of their town, and attempt to shield their son from all but select relatives Lucky for the senior Buttons, the Civil War breaks out, turning attention toserious matters A most remarkable thing occur Benjamin ages backward He goes from a feeble contemporary of his grandfather to a younger man in the prime of his life and eventually becomes a hero of the Spanish American War and then a football hero at Harvard College As he reverse ages, Button has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share with the modernizing world because he already experienced life as an older citizen Fitzgerald, through Button, reveals that age is but a number or perception, and goes against the common societal beliefs of how to treat both older citizens and children Even though I generally do not read satires or usually do not appreciate the wit, I enjoyed Fitzgerald s views on age and aging Knowledge comes with age yet usually the most senior members of society with the most wisdom to share are treated like mere children I just completed a contemporary book in which an octogenarian woman faces these same issues Fitzgerald tackled the question of age nearly one hundred years ago, and, yet, society still does not always appreciate the elderly and children as intelligent individuals I probably would not have tackled this story if it was not a selection in one of my groups Yet it conveniently fits nicely with the novel I have just completed, and even matches its wit Benjamin Button may not be the most timeless classic, but its message still resonates, and I look forward to the discussions ahead 3.5 stars. ( Download Book ) ☽ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ♿ Today, F Scott Fitzgerald Is Known For His Novels, But In His Lifetime, His Fame Stemmed From His Prolific Achievement As One Of America S Most Gifted Story Writers The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, A Witty And Fantastical Satire About Aging, Is One Of His Most Memorable Stories InBenjamin Button Is Born An Old Man And Mysteriously Begins Aging Backward At The Beginning Of His Life He Is Withered And Worn, But As He Continues To Grow Younger He Embraces Life He Goes To War, Runs A Business, Falls In Love, Has Children, Goes To College And Prep School, And, As His Mind Begins To Devolve, He Attends Kindergarten And Eventually Returns To The Care Of His Nurse This Strange And Haunting Story Embodies The Sharp Social Insight That Has Made Fitzgerald One Of The Great Voices In The History Of American Literature I found this short story quite sad, honestly The fading of memories into oblivion reminded me too well of old age and the forgotten nostalgias of vibrant youth Although I m fairly young, I find the prospect of aging associated diseases disheartening The relaying of an entire life into such a short book had me contemplating those difficult questions we all are familiar with.This book was actually fun to read, though The dry, satirical, highbrow humor balances out the depressing aspects which had me laughing throughout I would recommend this short story to anyone who wants a quick, snapshot reminder of the value of life and it s many quirks. First of all, how is there an entire movie here Yeah, yeah, it would probably be best to come back to that.My overall vote is meh From a clunky start, this short story waxes and wanes in a similar fashion to its title character All that I could think while reading the first two sections was how Fitzgerald s dialogue and descriptions of character behavior were the literary equivalent of cutting paper dolls out of vellum and proclaiming them to be sentient creatures Along with being generally flimsy prototypes for Dad, Mom, Doctor, Nurse, etc, each one of the figures in the story spoke as if they were awkward, bratty kids acting in a grade school stage play Example from when Se or Button the First arrives at the hospital expecting to greet his newborn child who is actually, as you surely know, a crotchety old manWhat s the matter demanded Mr Button appalled Triplets No, not triplets answered the doctor cuttingly What s , you can go and see for yourself And get another doctor I brought you into the world, young man, and I ve been physician to your family for forty years, but I m through with you I don t want to see you or any of your relatives ever again Good byeGeesh, calm down, princess And here I thought I was addicted to exclamation points like my keyboard pumps helium through my fingertips directly up to my brain Fortunately, the pre teen equivalent to daytime soap opera dialogue eases up as you move along with the story The soapy behavior, however, continues In the upper hall he addressed another nurse who approached him, basin in hand I m Mr Button, he managed to articulate I want to see my Clank The basin clattered to the floor and rolled in the direction of the stairs Clank ClankThis is just one example, but YES, I am definitely nitpicking However, have you ever seen the film Wet Hot American Summer It cleverly addresses this irritating habit of bad movies, bad television shows, and in this case bad, bad writing the tendency to have people convey the complex and often disparate emotions of astonishment, anger, and terror simply by dropping whatever they are holding with overly high pitched, generic sound effects included In W.H.A.S., every time a character throws something in frustration or shock, the same stock track of breaking glass is played regardless of what material the projectile is composed of This happens something to the tune of a 10 ish times in the movie, and it is increasingly hilarious In Benjamin Button, however, it is just another example of some of the slovenly writing contained therein As you move on, the story becomesengaging I don t know if it is necessarily better written in parts, or if the plot itself simply distracted me from otherwise weak wordplay All the same, as the character hits his physical thirties and begins losing his passion and feelings of connection to his lethargic, 50 s ish wife, you feel for him a bit As he regresses further and further back toward the womb, losing the respect of his community and even his ungrateful dickwad of a son, you feel for him a bitAnd so on and and so on In fact, the sections dealing with Benjamin s adult child s frustration with his increasingly infantile father were pretty emotionally charged It seemed a fitting metaphor for the way that many adults tend to eventually see their aging parents as burdens rather than role models and givers of life It invokes the reader s sympathies for those poor, loony old folks dumped into nursing homes and abandoned by their kin to rot in the diapers that life tends to cycle us back into Sad, sad stuff All in all, Benjamin Button is an interesting story with somewhat poor execution It is pretty watery, and considering that it is so short, I d argue that sloppy writing is kind of inexcusable Also, there is a point near the end where my interest dropped off pretty sharply, as I felt fairly certain that I knew exactly what was coming By the end, the story had once again become about as fascinating as some stranger s drooling baby.So, again how is there a movie here Oh, and why have I never seen it There are so many things about it for which I have positive associations Cate Blanchett, David Fincher, Brad Pitt, Fitzgerald For some reason, though, I just never got around to it, and am even less interested now Would you care to change my mind Most everyone knows the premise of this story a man is born old, already smart and wise, and as he ages he becomes younger in body and mind It makes me think of another saying, you are who you are , but actually, throughout your life, you are a different person at different times You look different, you act different, you think different, you are perceived different during the various stages of your life I ve read most of what Fitzgerald wrote and I think this is one of his best stories It certainly has a different feel to it than the others. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a strange little fantasy about a baby born in 1860, who appears to be a withered decrepit old man He goes on to live his life in reverse, doing all the normal things running a business, marrying and having children, going to war, attending school and college, and ending up in kindergarten and under the care of a nurse It was written by Scott Fitzgerald in 1922 Clearly it is a social satire In his introduction, Fitzgerald says that he came across a similar plot in Samuel Butler s notebooks but several weeks after the publication of his own story That led me to wondering what the influences of this story had been.It reminded me of Martin Amis sTime s Arrow , orThe Confessions of Max Tivoli , but these are muchmodern works Thematically there are similarities withThe Time Traveller s WifeandSlaughterhouse 5 , but evenSlaughterhouse 5dates from 1969 The idea of a person displaced in time is, of course, a staple of SF, but this is Scott Fitzgerald we are talking about here, the author who exemplified the Jazz Age It is hardly his typical fare So maybe the roots of this story lie in Mark Twain sA Connecticut Yankee in Arthur s Courtof 1889 another humorous satire But that isof a burlesque, and as in the second two examples, the main character does not himself reverse his age.Fitzgerald thought this wasthe funniest story ever writtenThat is highly debatable But the message of the story is that age isthan just a number Not only does it dictate our physical condition, but our personality and character traits as well Benjamin Button is constantly unhappy and frustrated in his life as he has to pretend he is a chronological age which he does not feel When he looks old, he wants to sit around and chat with other old men when young he is happy to sit and play with strips of coloured paper Somewhere in the middle of course he appears normal with the normal interests and tastes of a man of his apparent age.Age plays a big part in our identity We all change as we get older, but maybe the message of this story is the popular saying that You are as young as you feel. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, F Scott FitzgeraldThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a short story written by F Scott Fitzgerald First published in Collier s Magazine on May 27, 1922 It was subsequently anthologized in his book Tales of the Jazz Age, which is occasionally published as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories In 1860 Balti, Benjamin is born with the physical appearance of a 70 year old man, already capable of speech His father Roger invites neighborhood boys to play with him and orders him to play with children s toys, but Benjamin obeys only to please his father At five, Benjamin is sent to kindergarten but is quickly withdrawn after he repeatedly falls asleep during child activities 2011 1389 80 9786005816006 20 1395 54 9786008287322 1389 205 9786005941777