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Falco is asked by a grieving father to search for an answer to his daughter s death while on a tour Now Falco s brother in law has gone AWOL from his supposed trip to Athens to study law and a young bride was killed on his tour run by the same man Who killed them and why And mom in law wants her son found Falco finds the murderer and b i law at the end but explanations are somewhat lacking Otherwise who knew that there were tour groups in the first century AD The mystery portion of See Delphi and Die is essentially telegraphed fairly early in the narrative Character is character and character will out Yet, there are enough red herrings and unlikable characters throughout the novel that even when one senses the eventually exposed villain, the trip is worth taking In fact, the trip is probably worth taking than the peregrination through Greece that M.Didius Falco, wife, and nephews undertake I m sure that even during Vespasian s reign there was much to see in Greece and, by having the informer ie detective and his party following in the wake of a tour group, Davis takes the opportunity to describe some of the shrines and great buildings as well as some of the scoundrels and petty tyrants societies priesthoods which would have surrounded such Perhaps the biggest surprise in See Delphi and Die is not the exposition of the mystery or mysteries of the narrative, but the fact that it is neither Falco s diligent 1st century gumshoeing that actually solves the issue s but a fortuitous provision of the vital puzzle piece from one of the most unlikely sources in the party This doesn t, of course, mean that Falco was either ineffective or negligent in his duties even if he did manage to imply interest on Caesar Vespasian s part that was strictly justified in order to secure help with expenses and cooperation from the provincial authorities It also doesn t suggest that neither Falco nor the beautiful and wise Helena Justina were never in any danger No noir detective faces imminent threats than Falco, in spite of the lack of a gat in the ancient world.As usual, Davis not only provides a mystery, but a superb historical background For those who are apt to confuse the customs of the modern Olympics with those of the ancient games and those who are unaware of Nero s travesty in using his influence to rig the games in his favor, Davis reminds us of the conspicuous consumption used to curry Zeus favor in exorbitant sacrifices, the all male attendance at games and feasts, and the confusion in the calendar following Nero s intrusive competition in the games I learned two new terms and I read some Greek in kottabos which I should have known, but alas and pankration sometimes transliterated differently, but a term anyone familiar with history should have known including me The former, if you are in my leaking boat, was a competition performed with un decanted wine In kottabos, one flicks the sediment from the wine toward a target in the center of the banquet room Obviously, one needs to be fairly far along in the inebriation process for that to be interesting The latter, of course, is a particularly brutal style of fighting that was part of the original competition and, of course, it pays a role in both one of the main threats to Falco and solving the crime.So, I believe fans of the series of historical mysteries by Lindsey Davis will enjoy See Delphi and Die as much as any of her previous works It is entertaining, even if it isn t as mysterious as some of the others. @Download ⚣ See Delphi and Die Í Best E Book, See Delphi And Die Author Lindsey Davis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book See Delphi And Die, Essay By Lindsey Davis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The Falco series by Lindsey Davis tends to split into two halves those set wholly in or near Rome, and those where she takes her hero to far flung places This volume sits firmly in the second camp There is also a marked difference in atmosphere between the two halves or is it just me Although there are just as many murders or nefarious deeds in all the books, the travelling ones always seem lighter.In this story, Falco s brother in law Aulus has disappeared while studying in Greece, and he is asked to go and find him Simultaneously, it s discovered that some tourists have died mysteriously while travelling in the same area, including a bride on her honeymoon So Falco takes much of his extended family on a working holiday.There is much to discover dodgy travel agents, strange goings on at the Olympics venues, and what really happens at the oracle at Delphi Add to that the problems always associated with his own family, Falco has a lot to take in, and there are plenty of twists and turns.The story moves along at the usual cracking pace, and the large cast of characters are drawn to the authors usual standard Particularly good are some of the members of the tour group they join up with, who are a real mix of parts of Roman society that we don t always meet in fiction or much non fiction, for that matter Several of his family members get a slightly larger role here, and we get to know them a bit better Perhaps they will feature in future stories All in all, a solid entry in the series A good mystery to solve, lots of digressions and red herrings, and a somewhat surprising end What s not to like Some of Davis earlier works in her Falco series start off slowly, or peter out at the end, but not this one Falco gets his case in the first sentence, Marcus, you must help me and does not wrap it up until the last paragraph Helena Justina makes a strong contribution, and it is fun seeing Albia grow into the family, knowing that Davis next series will feature her The story appears to ramble, with a lot of touristing about and recitations by Helen Justina about history and mythology, but the plot hangs on some of material she presents, so the reader should pay close attention.There is a surprising twist at the end But the twist seems inevitable when the reader looks back, because Davis has woven it into the background from the beginning This is one of Davis best books. Another great Falco book, but a little slow to start This time one of Helena s brothers has been shipped off to Athens for higher education, but sends a letter home about some unexplained death At the same time, another unexplained death has been brought to Falco s attention He takes the case, with a little prodding from an emperor s aide, which at least means some expenses might be forthcoming, and sets off on a package tour to Athens, via Olympia not in Olympic year, despite some confusion over the dates, thanks to Nero And Delphi, where strange events lead to even nastier things happening at another oracle s site.I am committed to Falco, but either I m getting tired, or he is, or maybe Ms Davis is I feel it lacked the sparkle of previous stories, although the historical events and daily life are portrayed as accurately as ever, and the range of characters as diverse, too But I enjoy Falco and always will I m sure I wouldn t have the staying power with my characters to produce seventeen let alone twenty unique and exciting stories about them. I am no Roman historian nor do I want to be I know enough about the time period to be dangerous and that gave me enough background knowledge to appreciate the setting of the book The plot is your typical murder mystery, but set in the Roman time period There were enough twists and turns to keep it interesting without it falling into such a complicated story that I couldn t follow it All in all, I enjoyed the book enough that I ll try to find some of the other Falco books this is only the second one I have completed.As an aside, I did listen to both books as audiobooks and the narrator was fantastic Even if this book was a one star, he d make it much higher I will only finish this series if I can find each on audiobook, because like a good movie, I can t imagine these characters now without his accent or persona on them Falco and Helena Justina are traveling again This time they head to Greece to investigate the deaths of 2 Roman women travelers and also to check into Aulus, Helena s brother who is supposedly studying law in Athens It is always funny how much they are willing to travel while also how awful traveling was in the first century In any case even tho they leave their young daughters behind they are accompanied by 2 of Falco s nephews as well as Glaucus, his trainer s son Olympus, Corinth, Athens and points in between are all visited and of course only as they decide to return to Rome do the answers they ve been seeking become clear These books are always entertaining and I look forward to moving onto the next one. I liked the mystery aspect of this, but it was light on the historical part of the historical fiction It felt a little too modern for the setting of Ancient Rome This was a book challenge read and I probably wouldn t have picked it up otherwise The characters also felt modern and a little too stiff But I liked that they all had purpose and it wasn t just a character parade I was going to go with 3 stars, but I think I just talked myself into 2. I m an easy sell for anything with an ancient setting, but this failed to impress I beg leave to doubt that there really was a Roman mass tourism industry, though I m sure the great shrines and spas did have their guides and vendors and touts just as modern tourist attractions do But never mind the setting it s the plot that fails to impress, and as a whodunit it this is a complete flop Oh, and did I mention the sloppy editing, which results in some sentences that are barely English A turkey.