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{Read E-pub} Ï The Black Prism ô Guile Is The Prism, The Most Powerful Man In The World He Is High Priest And Emperor, A Man Whose Power, Wit, And Charm Are All That Preserves A Tenuous Peace Yet Prisms Never Last, And Guile Knows Exactly How Long He Has Left To LiveWhen Guile Discovers He Has A Son, Born In A Far Kingdom After The War That Put Him In Power, He Must Decide How Much He S Willing To Pay To Protect A Secret That Could Tear His World Apart Update 10 15 17Re Read with buddies This is one of my favorite epic fantasy series ever and upon re reads, I m hardly in a position to recant Especially now I m still thrilled as hell I can t quite tell whether I love the magic system or the characters I absolutely love the smartass Kip the lip fat kid whiner turned badass, but it s Gavin Guile that really steals the show Has there ever been such a complicated character in existence Charming, devious, uber powerful, totally evil and absolutely on the side of good all at once What the hell is he Ah, but I ve read the whole series and I know it just gets better and better, but this first book is utterly kickass.It s almost pure action, gorgeous colorful magic system, bigger than life characters, and best of all, it s probably one of the most fun books I ve ever owned I ve raved about it to everyone I know For good reason Still fantastic You better believe it Original review I truly suspected that I d fall head over heels for the new Brent Weeks trilogy, and I wasn t disappointed in the slightest If you are in the mood for a great and creative magic system in a very well thought out fantasy world that is so thoroughly steeped in action, melodrama, action, crazy mind blowing characters, action, and color, then pick this damn book up immediately and thank your lucky stars you did I m a fanboy I cannot wait until I pick up the second book Oh wait, I have it in my hands and I m typing this out with only one hand Now I ve put the book in my mouth so I can keep typing This hurts, some, because the book is so wonderfully thick and if I ever thought that I might have been getting less than my money s worth, then I m an idiot.Did I mention this fantasy is a fast paced action full of twists and gorgeous colors throughout This novel is what happens when a novelist s imagination is much, much bigger than any hope that the story could ever be made into a movie or an anime and will give the reader all of the scope and power to vision it all in as much glory as he or she likes And I liked, Oh, yes, I liked it a lot It s different from most fantasy novels, although it may not seem so from these words in that it allows magic to be big, heroes to be big, and then let them be bigger and complex and even downright evil while being good at the core at the same time That s as close to a spoiler as I m going to get You ll see within a few hundred pages what I ll mean by this, and then be surprised several times, again.My only complaint at this point will be in waiting for the third book, because it s not going to be long before I finish the Blinding Knife Brent Weeks has done it again and ranks up there with my very favorite Fantasy novels of all time. Update It s a bit sad but not really surprising that I have to defend my position after giving multiple examples especially after plenty of other people have come forward and agreed.I m not going to argue with people who haven t read the book seriously There s a huge difference between a sexist world character and a sexist author.An author is able to create a fantasy world with a different map, magic system, religion but can t help himself and has to respect the status quo about sexism It s what he knows and he might not even realize it but damn does it get frustrating and frankly boring In any world even a sexist one , there would be at least one person who feels differently.It s too convenient to excuse it by saying it s fiction so yes I will call it out when I see it.Plenty of authors are able to write well rounded characters from any gender The opposite sex is not alien Plenty of authors are able to write characters that are monstrous or sexist without seeming sexist themselves Don Peters from Sleeping Beauties anyone.Every word was a choice No one forced the author to write about ridiculously debilitating period for the main female character No one forced him to tell us about how physically attractive each female character was or if their breasts and nipples were satisfying enough.A simple line with a female character rolling her eyes at a male character for being sexist would have been enough to make me not mention any of this.Instead we have a main strong female character who spends a whole battle in a revealing dress that oh so inconveniently split open at the thigh and is apparently still hung up on a man she hasn t been with in over 15 years The fact that only men have had an issue with my opinion says it all Take a second to think about it.I m a little torn here.I really like the ideas in this book The world and magic system are different and fascinating You will need to push yourself to read the first 100 pages before it gets better The magic system is confusing until then The writing isn t the best, same with the dialogues but the sexism is what is ruining it for me.I could tell you which women are the prettiest in order and who has the best boobs Literally.Real descriptions in the book Woman who is forty is still beautiful and has nice skin even though she s starting to have wrinkles Really What about the guy next to her No He s fine Ok.Woman who is forty has saggy breast Really Did I need to know that Does the man next to her have saggy balls You won t tell us that uh Ok What s up with the obsession of 40 years old women At one point, one of the main character, Kip, a horny 15 years old insecure fat boy, thinks to himself, after falling, that he seems to spend time on his back than a whore who thinks this is funny Adding one someone just reminded me of During a battle, Kip falls face first into the cleavage of a woman how inconvenient I loved how much it added to the story What really annoyed me though was the main female character She is a badass fighter part of the Blackguard and has great magical powers But the poor girl is insecure about her manly shoulders.Are you freaking kidding me Anyway I did like the overall story, I m not sure it truly deserve my 4 stars so I ll reduce it to 3 but I really wanted to love thisI will be continuing the series but I m disappointed.Review AMAZING You know you are reading a masterpiece when out of 95 chapters and 5 different POVs, not even one is slightly boring I have heard a lot of things about Brent Weeks second trilogy, and most of them have been proved true so far He has grown up as an author, improving not only his prose and narration but his imagination as wellYou might want to think twice before you try to use a man s conscience against him It may turn out he doesn t have one The Black Prism is absolutely a work of art The world building is exceptional, the magic is system complex yet easy to understand, and the characters are well crafted and masterfully developed The real gem of the book though is the story itself If i had to explain what Epic Fantasy means, The Black Prism would be my example A thing that characterizes all of Brent s work is the tremendous mix of fun and action, giving you a laughing fit at the most inappropriate of times Worth mentioning is the juggling of several compelling and intertwining POVs with a straightforward prose, while the subaqueous qualities of the facture contextualize not only the characters but the society s structure as well If you call yourself a fantasy fan, The Black Prism should be the next book in your TBR list.You can find of my reviews over at