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Since so many people are writing reviews about these wonderful books and discussing the plot, I think I will talk about Africa and especially the way Mma Ramotswe feels about her home and her people Reading these books has given me the same feeling I got from the beginning of Out of Africa and Cry, the Beloved Country There is such a deep love of the land in these characters and I find myself wanting to be there with them I also find myself remembering how I felt in Mississippi in the days of my childhood There seemed no better place to be Life was filled with troubles, but there was always the land and free and easy friendships to help me along I think that may be what we all are relating to, or at least it is to me I also am reminded of a time in our lives where we were not so mobile and people lived in areas where we weren t homogenized We had to learn to not only get along with some of the unique and prickly members of our community, but often come to value them I feel like my life was made much richer by relating to a local alcoholic who got saved at least twice a year, or the man who named all his sons after himself and called them each by nicknames to keep them straight I m not kidding There were four and they all had the same names We visited with people of varying ages and classes and our lives were made richer in a way that watching television in the evening never could Maybe that is why these books appeal I m tired of Hollywood s two dimensional characters and long for what Mma Precious Ramotswe has. I don t know whether the books are getting better as the series continues, or if I have simply slid into the comfort zone they create for me, with all their repetition and rambling and familiarity, but it seems to me that they are becoming thematically focused and cohesive This book s intertwining plots center on appearance and reality, on expectations and prejudgment and how they may obscure the truth from the book s beginning, where Mma Ramotswe, trying to stop a crime, is taken for a criminal, to the end, where people prove their worth despite their unprepossessing appearances and vice versa. [Read] ⚉ In the Company of Cheerful Ladies ⚇ Mma Ramotswe S Normally Unshakable Composure Is Rattled When A Visitor Forces Her To Confront A Secret From Her PastIn The Newest Addition To The Universally Beloved No Ladies Detective Agency Series, The Charming And Ever Resourceful Precious Ramotswe Finds Herself Overly Beset By Problems She Is Already Busier Than Usual At The Detective Agency When Added To Her Concerns Are A Strange Intruder In Her House On Zebra Drive And The Baffling Appearance Of A Pumpkin And Then There Is Mma Makutsi, Who Decides To Treat Herself To Dance Lessons, Only To Be Partnered With A Man Who Seems To Have Two Left Feet Nor Are Things Running Quite As Smoothly As They Usually Do At Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors Mma Ramotswe S Husband, The Estimable Mr JLB Matekoni, Is Overburdened With Work Even Before One Of His Apprentices Runs Off With A Wealthy Woman But What Finally Rattles Mma Ramotswe S Normally Unshakable Composure Is A Visitor Who Forces Her To Confront A Secret From Her Past All This Unfolds Against The Sunlit Background Of Mma Ramotswe S Beloved Homeland, Botswana A Land Of Empty Spaces, Echoing Skies, And An Endless Supply Of Soothing Bush Tea Third read And even better the third time through Soft, sweet tears of happiness That s what I experienced as this book ended Two characters are introduced into the series in this book, and they are two of my favorites I can t recommend this series highly enough If you ve never tried audiobooks, or if you already love them, I beg you to try listening to any volume in this series Lisette Lecat does an amazing job and can t be bested Truly, she is a gem in the narration world Alexander McCall Smith, I love you and your wonderful books so much Words don t exist to describe how your books make me feel It s a calm, happy, settled feeling that I am guaranteed to experience every time I pick up a book in this series that keeps me coming back, time after time Thank you, from the bottom of this reader s heart Second read This one was even better the second time through It s the characters and the author s appreciation for Botswana and the natural world that make this series I just love these people and would enjoy spending time with them in real life They make me laugh, warm my heart, and sometimes surprise me I love that they grow and develop throughout the series, and bring attachments into their lives without giving anything away that broaden the series and enhance the reader s enjoyment further But I think what I appreciate most about this series is the civility with which the main characters interact with others, even people who have done them grievous harm There is something to be said for that, and Mma Ramotswe has quite a few things to teach the world I wish everyone would read this series I love it that much And thoroughly enjoying rereading it If you are an audiobook listener, this series really cannot be beat Lisette Lecat narrates each and every book, and she does so magnificently There are many characters of both sexes, and she changes voices for each person, and does so convincingly and movingly She knows exactly when to pause, and when to change her tone, and I feel I am watching the book on a movie screen as I listen She is priceless and really makes these books even better with her delightful and poignant narration I can t praise Alexander McCall Smith or Lisette Lecat highly enough Please give this series a try First read I just love this author His books are charming, and make you think and wonder about human nature Mma Ramotswe is a wonderful woman, and I love JLB Matekoni s new assistant too And Mma Makutsi s new friend This series just keeps getting better.I have to add that the audio version of this series is especially enjoyable. I found this one to be entertaining than some of the books in the series I wouldn t recommend the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series to just anyone, but I admit I have enjoyed it The landscape of Botswana is depicted beautifully, lovingly throughout I think some folks might NOT appreciate the idyllicism, the simplicity of characters, the repetition The people and situations are charmingly simple the style has been called utopian and it really worked for me but I wonder if some might feel that the characters are just bufoons, and they might take issue with that Also, I would be naive to pretend to know about cultural authenticity for this book so I m not even addressing that issue For me, the constant repetition of themes and descriptions is a nod to folklore and the oral tradition of storytelling And the situations are, well, sweet and lightly humorous I really enjoyed this one. Whenever I am stressed, have too many deadlines, or simply have been reading too much heavy, sad stuff, I look for another in the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series It is just relaxing, pleasant reading to imagine myself sitting under an acacia tree in the hot Botswana sun drinking bush tea Although a totally different climate and history, Botswanna in a way reminds me of rural Costa Rica 20 years ago The slow pace of life, everyone knows each other, and honesty and reputation and ethics are important. Lovely prose, gentle clever people. Delightful The I read McCall Smith, the I look forward to reading. There is something so comforting about this series Even though life in Botswana is most likely very different than life in Canada, there is something about the tone or writing style that reminds me of life at my grandparent s house I love the traditional values, the respect for people property manners And most of all, I love that it is important to slow down and really be in the moment with those important to you I know that the future installments become a little formulaic However, every so often I am struck by how much I miss my grandparents, and reading one of these books takes the edge off There is a little magic to these books. The entire 1 Ladies Detective Agency series is the most unique set of books I have ever read I really believe McCall deserves all of the hype he gets for this series, as it has universal appeal.Mma Ramoswe ponders the questions in life that so many of us do, or would, if we would just slow down a bit But she is so human, too, and some of my favorite parts of this recent addition are the instances in which she muses about Mma Makutsi s 97 percent , but stops just shy of admitting that she idolizes her father and Seretse Oooh she is sooo cute I wish I could meet her I have the feeling I could be a better person just to know her