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This one near the beginning of the Brunetti series 4 is not joyful But it probably contains important concepts for the series and for the crux of Italian justice system s response to the horror of the sex slave, prostitution and snuff film industries using women shipped from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America And through that window also the context of Guido s associates within policing for the other districts in the Veneto So it sets a pivotal stage He is in Mestre, Padua areas especially through large chunks of this novel.We also have some scrumptious meals A truffle fettuccine and duck meal in Padua with his compatriot of their service, that s one that was superb But most of this one is procedure and dire It s probably the darkest of all the 25 I only have one out of all of those novels that I have not read at this time Although there were some lighter moments with Chiara, that mood never surmounts the seriousness of this period for Guido But that deal he makes with Chiara also ensues with a result that involves and hurts Chiara in eventuality It s part of the territory for being a cop s kid Rarely, rarely is that getting caught in the loop of visceral mire to horrific crime able to be kept isolated from to a cop s offspring First hand, at that I ve seen it with my brother s kids It s an issue that is hardly considered and yet quite real In this one Paola s jokes and work tales are highly condescending than in any other of the books on top of it So I can see that although this may NOT be a favorite Brunetti read for many, it actually holds some exact definitive structural core for what Donna Leon is telling us about the governmental levels and the depth of corruption in the authority But saying that, IMHO, she the author is essentially naive Because that level of power brokerage and political hierarchy determining uneven consequence and corrupt influences perverting bureaucracy it reigns far, far beyond the levels of Italy And not just in a few places on this earth Be they nations or countries or counties Or departmental cabals My city is far worse It s ironic that I kept this read until nearly last out of 25, not purposely either Mainly it was because it was the one book that was held in the vast library system in the least numbers and with the lowest retention of copy this book is 20 years old So it was harder to get on ILL loan And I DO understand why This one was dark Guido the kind policeman actually had to be the John as Guido the Plumber It didn t feel right and Venice itself could barely shine this Fall season within such a role play.But it has some excellent quotes and holds a real core of why Guido can and will be strength.Added later, because I realize I omitted something that s important This also initiates two prime methods of the series I always wondered what Elettra is giving back for the information she gets from friends in the hacking Well, this one lets you into that picture completely And Guido is utterly compliant in writing the sorry we made a mistake pay up letter letters And so also in the issue with how he ultimately either controls or confronts Patta when the pressure is coming from above to instigate a blind eye Guido is perfecting his radar in this book 4 to Patta Scarpa and the real idiots like Alvise and the other stupido who never relates a completed message or includes a pivotal question when it is essentially needed HIS DEFENSE ALERT IS THIS when the morning begins with Patta saying three pleasant or mannerly comments in a row WATCH OUT It serves him well. I really like the entire Commissario Brunetti series because I get to take a break from my normal life and read about fettucine truffle pasta That said, this is my least favorite book so far Without giving too much away, the plot of this book revolves around human trafficking and horrific sexual violence against women, which ruins the escapism for me I just don t like reading books in which sexual violence is a major subplot or plot point, and I avoid them now if possible.However The first half of this book had some pretty funny moments, and I highlighted a lot in this installment It features The aforementioned fettucine truffle pasta and a detailed description of the truffle being shaved onto said pasta Paola describing American literature as Puritans, cowboys, and strident women The very fashionable Signorina Elettra referring to her computer whiz friend as an acker Many equivalencies between lawyers and whores, mostly because they are notably difficult to obtain client lists from Brunetti talking to his daughter, Chiara, about a contest to name a penguin at the Rome Zoo Spot come on Chiara One thing that was missing in this book was Venice It was much less of a character here, though this passage did make up for some of thatWe are a pessimistic people, aren t we Brunetti asked We once had an empire Now all we have, she said, repeating the same gesture, again encompassing the Basilica, the campanile and, below it, Sansovinos Loggetta, all we have is this Disneyland I think that s sufficient cause for pessimism Brunetti nodded but said nothing She hadn t persuaded him The moments came rarely, but for him the city s glory still lived. As I ve said before, I appreciate the politicism that Donna Leon brings to her novels she has some great lines in this one about the Italian tax system but this particular subject is not one I personally enjoy reading It may be time for me and my BFF Brunetti to take a break But I ll be back These are extremely dark books, and this is one of the darkest A truck crashes in the mountains near Treviso the driver is killed, as are several unidentified women being transported from the Balkans Several murders then occur in Venice, and eventually the web of profit from this modern form of sex slavery and snuff films turns out to be connected to all three of the murders The murdererI will not spoil thisthe outcome is both satisfying and excruciatingly frustrating.The books are enjoyable despite the darkness, because of Guido Brunetti s personality and family life, which in this case is directly connected to the solution of the murders The city of Venice is a character too, and in an entirely natural way assumes prominence through Guido s eyes, as he takes solace from the beauty of the city and gains strength to pursue the truth, even though the cards of the venal Italian justice system are stacked against him I cannot think of another series that so seriously and directly addresses issues of morality and justice without becoming preachy or unreadably sombre This is my second reading of books 2, 3, and 4 in the Brunetti series, and every one has been equally fascinating the second time through Leon discusses this book in an interviewhttp italian mysteries.com leon intIt is one of her favorites because it explores the idea of vigilante justice.Edit, post Trump, 2017 Leon first published this in 1995 That would have been just after Berlusconi s election From Wikipedia, just to remind us Berlusconi was Prime Minister for nine years in total, making him the longest serving post war Prime Minister of Italy, and the third longest serving since Italian unification, after Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Giolitti He was the leader of the centre right party Forza Italia from 1994 to 2009, and its successor party The People of Freedom from 2009 to 2013 However the corruption to which she refers must have gone on for years before 1994 All, or what seemed like all, of the major political figures who had ruled the country since Brunetti was a child had been named in accusation, named again on different charges, and had even begun to name one another, and yet not one of them had been tried and sentenced, though the coffers of the state had been sucked dry They d had their snouts in the public trough for decades, yet nothing seemed strong enough not public rage, not an upwelling of national disgust to sweep them from power The English writers whom Paola loves and reads compulsively and teaches to students knew about honour But it wasn t important just to them, the writers their whole society thought some things were important honour, a person s good name, one s word Signora Trevisan, wife of the lawyer who is murdered, responding to Brunetti s questions about those responsible for making and distributing the snuff tapes They never talked about the tapes Not really They just said things, and I understood what they meant He didn t bother to contradict her, certain as he was that this was going to become the truth around which her future would be constructed to suspect is not to know, and if you don t know, then you aren t responsible, not in any real way, for what happens His certainty grew so strong that Brunetti s soul sickened with it, and he knew he could no longer stay in the same room with this woman Reading these books, now, in this time I have never before longed for the existence of hell but now I do, if only because justice will be possible Beyond the now, beyond history. The political corruption and public moral depravity faced by Commissario Guido Brunetti as he attempts to do his job of maintaining law and order in his beloved city of Venice are utterly disheartening and demoralizing Even just reading about them is disheartening and demoralizing The depths to which human beings eagerly sink in order to gratify their desires or to enrich themselves is, quite simply, horrifying At one time in the not too distant past, I could have read these stories with dispassion and objectivity But today a society s descent into moral turpitude where the rich and powerful are able to befoul the water, air, and soil and to use defenseless fellow human beings in whatever way they choose just hits a bit close to home Consequently, although I am as charmed as ever by Guido and his family, I found this fourth book in the series difficult reading.The plot revolves around human trafficking A group of powerful and influential men in Italy are bringing in women from poor countries mostly Slavic women from eastern European countries to be used as prostitutes or in pornographic films, including snuff films where the women are brutalized and killed, that are distributed in Europe and America Typically, the women are promised jobs or love and marriage and a better life to entice them, but once they get to the country, their passports are taken and they are forced to do their owners bidding All of this, however, is revealed incrementally We begin with a truck filled with lumber and, as it happens, eight smuggled women, slipping on a snow and ice clogged highway and sliding off the road into a ravine The driver and all the women are killed This happens north of Venice and Commissario Brunetti is not involved in the investigation He is only tangentially aware of it and the entire story soon slips out of the headlines and is essentially forgotten.Sometime later, in Venice, a rich and powerful businessman is shot and killed in a train and Brunetti is assigned to the case A little later, another businessman dies from carbon monoxide poisoning in his closed garage The initial autopsy findings show a large dose of barbiturates that would have caused him to be unconscious then mysteriously, the autopsy findings are altered to support a finding of suicide Brunetti is still puzzling over his initial case when yet another businessman is killed this one the brother in law of the first who had served as accountant for that man s business He is shot three times just as the man on the train was Brunetti suspects that all three deaths are related and begins to probe their lives to try to find a connection and a reason why someone might have wanted the three dead.Brunetti encounters obstacles at every turn, but he has developed his own circle of trusted confidantes, fellow policemen, and persons in positions of power who owe him favors and are willing to find and pass along information to him He doggedly pursues his investigation, calling on those he trusts for assistance Obviously, Brunetti has learned to operate in the toxic swill of Venetian politics and survive.This may be the most pessimistic yet of Donna Leon s Brunetti novels and it is certainly the most graphically violent Leon lives in Venice and one intuits that she has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the city and what makes it run One can only hope for the sake of the Venetians that she is exaggerating for dramatic effect. A prominent Venetian lawyer is murdered on a train The case is assigned to Commissario Brunetti Soon a well known person in Padua dies of a bullet wound in his own car Although the Padua police officially call it a suicide after altering official records, one detective there knows better, confiding in Brunetti The brother in law of the Venetian lawyer who served as his accountant ends up dead too Meanwhile the phone records of the Venetian and Paduan men points to a connection with bars where foreign prostitutes work I m a bit uncomfortable reading about prostitutes and sex crimes of the nature featured in this novel, but it does show the corruption in Italian law enforcement and government We get to meet Guido s daughter in this novel She attends school with the lawyer s daughter and begins her own investigation and with unfortunate consequences I listened to the audiobook read by David Colacci who did an excellent job 3.5 stars This is my fourth book of her series and I think I need a break I love Venice and that is why I first strated reading this but so far, it has just left me very depressed The main character seems in the end, is always left with very little power and the bad guys just get away with everything This particular one just left me too sad to continue reading the series for now The saddest part of all is that there is truth in this fictional book and the atrocities towards women still continues and nothing is being done about it Prostitution, snuff filmsthey would not continue to exist if there was no demand for it There would be an uprising if there was a film about a black man being tortured and raped but there are none when its a woman Why do we demand less for women Commissario Brunetti, a regular readers of Rarebits, will remember, is the creation of Donna Leon He s stubbornly honest in an Italian society that is portrayed as rife with criminal behavior, a country so overwhelmed by new laws that are enacted one day only to be repealed the next, that the distinction between what is wrong and what is criminal is often nebulous Paula, Brunetti s professor of English spouse and delightfully moral character, issues stern reminders to Brunetti of the difference and their conversations are priceless Brunetti is a complex man who has an engaging wit, a rapiersharp mind, and strong love for his family Constantly under pressure from his superiors to ignore crimes that involve the elite, in this case his metal is tested A well known lawyer, Carlo Trevisan, is discovered shot to death on the train from Padua to Venice Initially written off as a robbery gone bad, Brunetti has his doubts and when an accountant from a respected firm is found dead, ostensibly of his own hand but with Trevisan s phone number in his book and substantial amounts of a barbiturate in his bloodstream, Brunetti s crap detector goes into overdrive Soon the links to a bizarre truck accident in the mountains where many young women are found dead, crushed by a load of lumber, fall into place, and Brunetti discovers a large web of international prostitution involving highly influential citizens of Venice As the investigation proceeds, Brunetti learns that than prostitution is involved He discovers that a series of tapes was being commissioned and sold by the dead men that had shown the rape and killing of women in Croatia by Serb soldiers A pair of mislaid and forgotten expensive reading glasses leads Brunetti to a travel agent, a former prostitute who had been in league with the men in supplying girls from other countries She was the murderer, she admits to Brunetti, disgusted by her colleagues enjoyment in watching the rapes and brutal murders of the women, not because of the deaths after all the women would have died eventually anyway She reveals that other very important men were involved in the extremely profitable business and knows that she will be killed Brunetti arrests her, insists she be guarded, but is horrified to learn the next morning that she had been taken to Padua by order of the Ministry of Justice and special branch police How had they learned so quickly of the arrest when Brunetti had made ever effort to keep it secret This is an outstanding novel Leon, who has lived in Italy for many years like Paula, a professor of English , provides a jaundiced view of daily Italian life where the only safe procedure for a patient in an Italian hospital is the autopsy, and train strikes are a regular occurrence, and corruption exists at every level of society She clearly worries about the effects of corruption on the moral fiber of that society and what it does to its members DEATH AND JUDGMENT aka A Venetian Reckoning Police Proc Venice Cont VGLeon, Donna 4th in seriesPenguin, 1995 Paperback Commissario Guido Brunetti s newest case is the murder of a prominent international lawyer As he investigates, a link is found between this murder and the murder of an accountant being investigated by a colleague in Padua These two threads tie back to an winter accident with a truck going off an icy road resulting in the death of several woman without identification This is a very well written story of corruption, power and greed Brunetti is a wonderfully refreshing character a loyal husband, caring father and respected policeman who loves his city The humor, relationships and emotions, however, are realistic and not saccharine The secondary characters are dimensional and interesting Leon is a wonderful writer who brings Venice to life but doesn t spare on its problems Although I thought I knew where the story was going, I found myself surprised and the ending depressingly realistic For those of us who read for character but like good plots as well, I highly recommend this book and series. {Read} Ê A Venetian Reckoning í Popular Books, A Venetian Reckoning By Donna Leon This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Venetian Reckoning, Essay By Donna Leon Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I was nearly finished this book when I came to a scene that was so familiar that I wondered if I had actually read the book before and just forgot it However, it turns out that I had seen this on the German made Brunetti series and realized how close that series really is to the books This book, written in 1995, reflect the author s realistic embrace of Venice and Italy Her books detail the famous corruption that goes to the highest reaches of government and industry However, in my opinion, the idea that Italy and other Mediterranean countries are especially corrupt is naive This book talks about snuff movies and the sex trade, both of which are epidemic and, in my opinion, would be found in some surprising places right here in the USA The book opens with a truck accident that results in bodies of women found on the side of the mountain where the truck tumbled down The bill of lading in the truck stated there was lumber which there was There also were women When an important Venetian citizen is murdered, Brunetti is assigned to investigate is cautioned by his slimy superior, Patta, not to make too many waves while he is doing it then a business associate of the murdered man, an accountant from nearby Padua, is also murdered Brunetti s daughter convinces her father to pay her to learn some things about the daughter of the murdered man which results in the daughter giving her a tape which turns out to be a horrific snuff film That s when Brunetti realizes that there is far to this case than he realized Once again, there are no happy endings, but that s probably much realistic.