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The Faerie Ring is an intriguing, beautifully written, blend of historical fiction, mixed with the perfect dose of romance, mystery, and faerie lore, all set within the time period of Victorian London I was completely enraptured with the story that I couldn t devour this debut novel fast enough I absolutely loved reading this Kiki Hamilton s writing is spellbinding and her story completely mesmerizing The way Kiki mixed historical London with faerie lore was masterfully done, making this a truly unique YA book.The Faerie Ring has a refreshing, fast paced, exciting plot that not only brought the historical parts of the story to life, but it introduced me to characters I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know I was intrigued with the mystery that surrounds some of them, and totally surprised with the well written romance that develops perfectly as the story goes on Kiki wrote her characters in such a way that allowed me to connect with them on an emotional level I couldn t help but become invested with them, their surroundings, and what was going on with each of them I wanted to know about them and for me as a reader that is huge in bringing a story to life.The story is centered on Tiki, a character I really grew to admire She s not been dwelt the best hand in life, but she s made do with what she has, which makes her such an enduring character She s a compassionate, strong character and someone I quickly connected with She does what she has to survive, which means turning to pick pocketing and living with a group of misfits who all look after each other, regardless of how they ended up in the situation they re in It s through Tiki s pick pocketing that she finds 1 the Faerie Ring, 2 that Faeries really do exist and she s been thrust into their world at the wrong time and 3 she meets Riecker.I loved the way Riecker s character is introduced into the story There s such an air of mystery surrounding him I was really intrigued with what his motives were for wanting to help and protect Tiki, and his tie to the Faerie Ring The way he treats Tiki is completely sigh worthy It didn t take me long to fall in love with him.I adored the story s setting It really felt like a character in itself I liked the way Kiki introduces the two different parts of Victorian London, which is done through Tiki s life in the slums and Rieker s life of wealth The streets of Victorian London really came to life for me through Kiki s vivid details, and her descriptions of places that still exist to this day If London wasn t already at the top of my list of cities to visit before I die, it would have been added after reading this book There s also a map that s found in the published book which will allow readers to see the various places where the story takes place.If you enjoy a story with a beautiful Victorian setting, that includes orphans, adventure, faeries, magic, mystery, characters with secrets and of course romance, than I highly recommend picking up this enthralling story tomorrow when it s out officially released This book has been at the top of my must have reads since I read last year It s a fantastic YA paranormal historical read I m really looking forward to reading many of Kiki s books. Loved the setting and that it takes place in the 1800 s with fae Rieker was my favorite character along with the other orphans that lived with Tiki I liked Tiki most of the time, but she kept not trusting Rieker and that got a little old, but I did like the story Full review on my blog The Faerie Ring is an enchanting novel, woven with dramatic adventure, intriguing faerie lore and a charming love story I couldn t stop turning the pages even though I didn t want the story to end There is a little bit of everything in this novel There s the historical aspect which is beautifully depicted The not to glamorous streets of Victorian London and the oh so glamorous Royal Palace you feel like you re right there with Tiki So, magnificent descriptions check Kiki did a great job at depicting the time period accurately The dress, the dialect, it was perfect There is a scene in the novel, where Tiki crashes a party at the palace I was a little skeptical because here s this orphan dressing up in this borrowed dress will anyone really believe that she belongs there But there is a comment that one of the characters makes about her attire later on and I couldn t help but spout out giggles, and that comment made that scene realistic enough that my skeptical mind was at bay What about the characters I loved Tiki And I especially loved the interactions with her family and all that she did to take care them She s such a compassionate character, you can t help but have a fondness for her Then of course there is the mysterious and alluring Rieker I have to say that I had Rieker pegged from the beginning well I didn t exactly know what was going on initially, but I knew there was something under that cool exterior All the characters were very well developed, even the band of orphans that compose Tiki s family This story will definitely keep you on your toes, who can Tiki trust What exactly is the Faerie ring and what the heck is the story behind Tiki s birthmark I think it took me all of a day to read this novel, because I HAD to know And I wasn t disappointed in the adventure that ensued What a fabulous debut novel WARNING this rant is HEAVY ON SPOILERS for what I ve read anyways I was really thinking of droping this book for now page 144 of 343 Maybe it s me, maybe I m not in the mood for this Or it may be the violent disregard of one of the most essential rules of storytelling make it believable This isn t believable, and believe me, it s not because of the faeries Tiki rhymes with Kiki is just dumb and annoying and comes up with the most complicated, cockamamie plans ever like buying a cheap dress to pretend to be a noble girl or going to a royal ball Of course the author comes up with pretty unbelievable things herself like the heroine entering Buckingham Palace in the back of a carriage or a prince just dropping a Crown Jewel on a rug Or even the heroine entering the palace a second time with her cheap dress and no invitation let s not forget the heroine is a street urchin Not to mention some guy the heroine doesn t trust telling her that ring belongs to the faeries and the heroine like totally believing him without the slightest persuasion needed I think I ll finish this just to be able to write a fair review, but I think this is one book that is simply not for me The concept is good and everything London, Victorian era, a tough main character and mysterious ring but since the actions of the heroine make me guffaw disgustedly in disbelief at every turn well, it s going to be difficult PEDIT now on page 192 Forget it No way The whole thing was about the ring being unsafe because it wasn t in the palace faeries can t steal the ring when it s in the palace But now the heroes have to steal the ring from the palace Tiki went to the ball to put it back because the faeries have infiltrated the palace Erm if it was that easy why didn t the faeries infiltrate the palace before this No, I m not reading any I just snort [ E-pub ] ⚉ The Faerie Ring ⚇ The Year Is Tiki Has Been Making A Home For Herself And Her Family Of Orphans In A Deserted Hideaway Adjoining Charing Cross Station In Central London Their Only Means Of Survival Is By Picking Pockets One December Night, Tiki Steals A Ring, And Sets Off A Chain Of Events That Could Lead To All Out War With The Fey For The Ring Is A Reservoir That Holds A Truce Between The English Royals And The World Of The Fey But There Are Many Who Want The Ring, Including The Mysterious Rieker, A Handsome Pickpocket Who Has Been Watching Tiki, And A Rebel Group Of UnSeelie Fey Who Would Do Anything To Break The Truce A Delicious Blend Of Urban Fantasy And Heart Stopping Suspense, The Story Of THE FAERIE RING Takes You From The Gritty Slums Of London To The Glittering Ballrooms Of The Royal Palace To The Menacing Otherworld In A Spellbinding Tale Of Mystery And Suspense Where Nothing Is What It Seems THE FAERYS VIEWThe Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton is one of my very favorite books of all time I ve read it a total of 4 times and I think the reason that The Faerie Ring stole my heart was that it literally transports me to another time and place By this I mean the entire book is literally a Faerie Tale combined with a wonderful historical setting that is just so easy to get lost in it s better than the bath salts that say TAKE ME AWAY , for that it does Enmeshing myself in The Faerie Ring is quite easy to do I can picture myself in Tiki and Riekers world, it is escapism at its absolute finest The Faerie Ring held me captivated by the enchanting world that Kiki created, the charismatic characters so vividly portrayed by Kiki, all of whom I soon came to care about and the Faery Folklore that is such a refreshing view using old time wisdom and insight I fell in love with The Faerie Ring and it has taken me over a year to write a review because I felt there was no way I could do it justice For this I am deeply ashamed because Kiki Hamilton and The Faerie Ring deserved much better from me.The story is set in 1871 Victorian London and it revolves around Tiki, a teenage orphan who along with 4 other children of various ages live in a gritty almost Dickenson like setting The get by, barely, by picking pockets and stealing but together they are family in their little hideaway in Charing Cross When Tiki happens across the Queens ring by accident she can t believe her good fortune after only a moment s hesitation she takes it weighing the options Newgate Prison or Security Food Shelter Medication for her ragtag family Tiki s family s needs win in the end but Tiki gets so much than she bargained for she gets caught in the middle of a truce between the Royal Family and the Fae to keep humanity safe and she becomes a pawn to the Fae that will do anything to get their hands on The Faerie Ring for their own nefarious purposes Tiki is considered one of the best pickpockets and is rivaled only by Rieker Rieker is suddenly very interested in Tiki, and Tiki can t help but to be both flattered and suspicious of his motives flattered because he is one of the better looking blokes and Tiki s heart beats a little faster when he s nearby and suspicious because he s never really paid her much attention before Tiki has a plan for the ring, a plan that will ensure comfort and security for her and her family but sometimes things don t always work out the way you planned When a mysteriously beautiful woman appears in both Tiki s life and Rieker s Tiki has seen them together once trouble ensues Rieker is a mystery, indeed Rieker s gaze was incredulous, searching, as if trying to see into her very thoughts She couldn t help but notice how long his dark lashes were, framing his smokey eyes A strange nervousness started to flutter in the pit of her stomachpg 17He always seems to be there when Tiki is in trouble and she isn t sure just what to make of him and neither did I most of the time but he is an enigma and a handsome one at that Rieker talking to Tiki And I have to say that you were certainly the most beautiful and interesting girl at withheld spoiler Enough so to make Leo drop is glass of wine, which I can assure you has never happened before pg.222So many wonderful things happen in The Faerie Ring, one of my favorites is the Ball but you ll need to read it to find out about this magical event but bad things happen in The Faerie Ring, too.Reading The Faerie Ring is one sure way to soothe your questions and to introduce yourself to one of the best books The Book Faery has ever had the pleasure to read Out of the mouth of one of my favorite secondary characters, Mamie, who was a Lady in Waiting for the Queen and great entertainment to the Princes came this bit of sparkling wisdom Dear withheld spoiler , I don t believe faeries are real I know they are pg 198Kiki writes The Faerie Ring as if she lived and breathed it her imaginative writing skills making it a extraordinary get away for the reader Kiki skillfully weaves a magical setting along with Dickensonian like characters set in Victorian England in such a way that every page is not only a joy to read, it is pure enchantment The historical setting, the nods to Dickens himself and the faerie lore is seamless and authentic, as only Kiki Hamilton can be The Faerie Ring is the first book to get my unique One Sit Read which is the highest honor this reviewer can give.THE FAERY SAYS THE FAERIE RING BY KIKI HAMILTON ROCKED MY WINGS The story is set in London, 1871 Tiki is a sixteen year old orphan living in an abandoned shop behind the railway station She pickpockets wealthy people on the streets in order to survive and also takes care of four friends who she considers her family Shamus, a boy her age, Toots and Fiona, the young ones, and Clara, the little sick one who Tiki cares fondly about When Tiki steals a beautiful red ring, which she hopes to trade for a bundle of money, she quickly finds out that it s the queen s ring After the handsome Rieker, a well known pickpocket, discovers that Tiki has the ring, he tells her that it s than just a ring It actually holds an ancient truce for peace between the faeries and human royals courts It must always be guarded by the royals since the faeries want to destroy it and the truce Along with whoever has it in their possessionI started reading this book with low expectations since I haven t read anything from this author before and usually aren t too fond of faerie books and historical fiction Could I have been wrong Wow this book was magnificent First, the settinggenius Victorian London set in the 1800s It was the perfect set up and the author played by the rules I hate when historical fiction books aren t accurate, whether by the way the characters talk, dress, or interact But Kiki nailed the dialogue just right and included real places in London where events in the book took place.I grew so fond of Tiki s brilliant character she was determined, honest, mature, courageous overall a great protagonist Being a sort of leader of her orphan family , she truly cared about the others living with her and would stop at nothing to help heal little Clara, the four year old girl with croup Each of the orphan characters were developed and I got to know them so well So kudos to the author for her fabulous and memorable characters that felt so real I also liked how she was able to put the reader on the fence about whether or not to trust Rieker He and Tiki start having feelings for each other, but she doesn t know if she can fully trust him or not whether he just wants the ring for himself I continuously jumped back and forth with my opinion about him.From page 153Her fingers tingled with an unusual warmth when they brushed his skin Surprised, her eyes darted to his face to see if he had felt the same thing Expecting his usual aloof expression, instead his smoky eyes were locked on her face and the walls that he usually hid behind were gone There was something that almost looked like longing in his expression.The novel had a little bit of everything sprinkled into it historical fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy, realistic I loved every page of it Kiki has a beautiful way with words Her writing was descriptive, vivid, and realistic minus the faeries I felt like I was right beside Tiki throughout the story The book was deeply imaginative and creative I was instantly absorbed into Tiki s mysterious world This was definitely the best faerie book I ever read, and actually answered many of my questions Nevertheless, I m still confused about some things, but hopefully they will be answered in the second book The climax of the book was nail biting and I had to stay up until 2 a.m to finish the book because I was desperate to know how it ended It wrapped up nicely and left room for , just how I like it. Tiki lost her parents young and ran away from her Aunt and Uncle s home She lives with four other orphans, Shamus, Toots, Fiona, and Clara They survive by stealing food and pick pocketing Tiki also has another thief friend named Rieker that helps her out of some of her thieving jams While Tiki is out one night she hops on the back of a carriage that ends up taking her to the palace Tiki goes in without even realizing it at first to steal food After she grabs some food she goes to hide in a library While she is there, Prince Leo comes in and leaves a ring Tiki grabs it to sell for money Clara is really sick and desperately needs care that they can t afford The beginning was super slow The middle was too This book took me forever to get through I didn t like any of the orphans They all bugged me I didn t even get into Tiki s character The only person in the book I actually liked was Reiker He was interesting and actually had quite a back story Although I still don t understand why it took him so long to come out with it He still annoyed me too even though he was my favorite The ring itself has fire in the stone and an inscription that means, For the sake of peace, we agree The idea around the ring was not fully developed enough for me It holds a faerie truce and for some reason if the royals don t have it protected the truce is over The book also barely has any faeries Halfway in Tiki grabs someone and realizes they have wings I swear in my mind for a second I thought, what are they an angel That is how much I forgot this book was even about faeries Toward the end there are two evil faeries hunting Tiki to get the ring back Apparently they want the truce over but I can t even remember why The ring was aggravating Tiki steals it, then puts it back, and then wants to steal it again It was also rather easy for her to continually steal it and put it back She just attends a party at the palace and puts it back While under disguise the prince tells her how she could get the money for it But then Clara is taken hostage so Tiki wants to just hand over the ring to the faeries She also has a faerie mark on her wrist and is connected to them but never believes it herself I just didn t enjoy this I probably just had too of high expectations of a very adventurous faerie story But it was a slow story of an orphan girl stealing a ring over and over. I am so glad I had the chance to read The Faerie Ring It was a mix of my favorite book topics history, faeries, and romance It was incredibly well written and the characters were all developed and likable.Tiki, a pickpocket living with four fellow orphans by Charing Cross railway station, is a brave, innovative, and kind person She works hard to keep her and her family alive and is determined to get them better living conditions I loved all of her fellow pickpockets Clara, Toots, Shamus, and Fiona They all had great personalities and worked hard to help each other.When Tiki accidentally enters Buckingham Palace and takes Queen Victoria s ring, she thinks all their problems are solved All she has to do is figure out how to return the ring and claim the reward without getting arrested for stealing it in the first place Tiki is a really creative girl, and her ideas and adventures are exciting and entertaining Things take a turn for the worse when a fellow pickpocket, Rieker, informs Tiki that the ring is actually an ancient truce between faeries and humans Since it is no longer being protected by the royal family, the evil faeries have crossed over and will stop at nothing to claim the ring and destroy anyone that gets in their way.The plot was fast paced and exciting I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next The Faerie Ring was packed with historical details both about the royal family and the lower class like pickpockets I loved being able to read about London back in the 1800s What an experience Kiki Hamilton transported me back in time from the first page and I really felt like I was living there with Tiki, experiencing everything with her.The faerie aspect was so creative and original I was terrified that something was going to happen to one of the characters especially Tiki, Rieker, or Clara or that the faeries would get the ring and a war would break out Fans of historical fiction will love this novel, and the faerie angle adds so much to the story Tiki and Rieker s involvement in it is especially interesting.I loved watching Tiki and Rieker s relationship grow They were perfect for each other and I loved how Rieker had to him then met the eye and still loved Tiki.The Faerie Ring was an overall amazing, mysterious, and romantic debut that will have readers eager to read by Kiki Hamilton.Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars Dangit I had such high expectations for this one and it started out well too Tiki is a thief who had taken it upon herself to care for some other kids like her I liked her at first with her fiery go at it attitude, but little by little I felt something was missing What went wrong exactly Nothing and maybe that s what was wrong Basically, the story was too pat.To start, anything bad that could happen, did happen Her parents die, leaving her an orphan shuffled to an aunt and a shady uncle Having run away, she ends up homeless only to turn to thievery to survive And yet despite all that, Tiki turns into a thief with a heart o gold, taking in an orphan or two, and stealing from not so upstanding fellows Plus, she had someone a couple of someones watching over her Am I nitpicking Maybe I am But I simply felt no connection to her it didnt help that tears tended to spill out every so often As to the others, I felt there absence and could never have formed connections with any of them though Fiona did have potential I had also hoped from Reiker Rieker but I was let down there as well His story is another sob story, yet I found myself shrugging out a So The interesting bits had to do with Prince Leo I felt his reactions to be the most appropriate He was suspicious, perplexed but managed to put two and two together eventually As opposed to Tiki and Reiker s own reactions which I felt to be so so.Ah, well, if this were MG, I d say it s an OK read, but still2 5