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!READ KINDLE ⚇ Navajo Courage ♡ Like A Cougar On The Hunt, Tribal Officer Luca Nakai Was One With The Wild Steady, Steely And Fierce Nothing Like The Cops Detective Valerie Jonas Was Used To He Didn T Carry The Usual Accessories, But He Was A Formidable Force Than She D Ever Seen Not To Mention GorgeousThey Were On The Trail Of A Dangerous Skinwalker Who D Killed Twice Before And Was Pursuing Another Victim Luca S Navajo Ways Were Invaluable To The Investigation And Casting A Spell Over The No Nonsense Valerie, Who D Never Believed Anything But Hard Facts So How Could The Mystery And Magic Of This Quiet Man Single Handedly Be Cracking Her Protective Shield Right Along With The Case For the most part, I enjoy Aimee Thurlo s harlequin romances. I really liked this book because it elaborated a lot on the Navajo beliefs The story itself was about Luca Nakai, a Tribal Officer, whom was also in a secret group of the Brotherhood, becoming partners with Detective Valerie Jones to try and solve the brutal murders of a dangerous skinwalker Mystery and magic of the Navajo ways help them solve this case but only after they have been placed in many dangerous situations. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here just finished reading and like most Harlequin Intrigues, this one did not disappoint I liked learning about skin walkers But equally interesting was that this story was about how rumours can effect behavior and even create a fait accompli When someone, in this case an archeologist, is rumoured to have played a questionable part in the death of his cousin from the Rez, he is shunned This slowly takes over and he becomes what they believed he was. Navajo CourageOnce again Aimee Thurlo blends Navajo and Anglo beliefs in a respectful yet inciteful harmony for a good read and comfortable companion. I registered a book at BookCrossing.com I registered a book at BookCrossing.com Read these awhile ago Comments and review to follow You can find me over on Facebook at My Open Book at the Dragonfly Come over and say hello Find me on Goodreads