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I m no expert when it comes to detective novels but when I read a good one I m really happy about it and I just have to tell you guys about it The Case of the Missing Servant ignited some kind of desire to read detective novels, especially of its kind What kind you may ask Those that contain larger than life characters placed in the modern day back drop of hustling and bustling India All the elements for a captivating intrigue are present starting with Vish Puri Go to to read. Any fan of the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency A McCall Smith will find a new pleasure here My mother recommended this author series to me recently after reading The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken, which is book 3 I like to try and read these in order if I can, so Missing Servant starts it off Not only is there an interesting mystery to be solved by Vish Puri, private investigator you will learn so much without being hit over the head with it about Punjabi and Indian life In the way that Mma Ramotswe of No 1 ladies gives you a glimpse into a world utterly dissimilar to your own in Botswana, and the everyday details and features that make it different to Western life yet universally relevant and comforting Tarquin Hall delivers the same gentle education Compelling, lovable, imperfect characters and exotic location meld in a charming and unique way If you have an interest or affinity for southeast Asian desi culture there is enough real idiomatic language and authentic detail to teach you at least what you like to eat when you have Indian food and a little of the intricacies of the Indian caste system From meddling aunties to interfering mothers Vish Puri takes on standard investigations into potential brides or grooms all the way to murder Highly recommended Book equivalent of a mug of hot tea a back rub entertaining and suspenseful yet loving, sweet, and informative Thanks Mom. 3.5A than decent cozy mystery with an Indian detective as the lead I had encountered Vish Puri, his girth, his lovable wife concerned about his health and his underlings in book No 3, the Case of the deadly butter chicken, and hence was acquainted with him much before reading this first book of the series, which introduces him and his retinue.Vish Puri is a 50 something private detective, who earns his bread and butter with matrimony cases, but once in a while is embroiled in a much interesting murder mystery as with this one.While investigating prospective grooms for a couple of clients, he is called by a Lawyer whose female servant has run away and is suspected to have been molested and murdered by him So Vish is embroiled in a couple of parallel cases, and finally comes out with a solution to all.What I loved about this book The cute Indian English lingo, which I often overhear is used to perfectionRandom facts about history and geography of IndiaThe circumstances of the seemingly silly murders mysteriesHomelife of Puri with slightly dominating wife and motherWhat I dont like that much The oddities and drawbacks of India are mentioned in every other pageSometimes the solutions are very unorthodox or unbelievableOverall, a series which I will pursue, especially when I need a quick stopgap in between serious depressing reads. Having heard so much about the book, I was eager to read the book However, I was rather disappointed To be fair, let us just say, it was nothing out of ordinary for me.Vish Puri pun on Hindi phrase for your wish comes true is 51 year old Punjabi, pot bellied private detective He is being India s Poirot But the book reminded me of Mma Ramotswe for its sheer draggy quality However, don t get me wrong, my perspective is biased, since Delhi is home this stereotyped peculiarity that Punjabis display is no longer exotic I am used to their amusing manner of speaking and conservative line of thought Vish Puri and his clan is guilty of both.The book is full of instance when English language is so innocently butchered by Punjabis Even the notices on Gynkhana club seem to be written incorrectly and sometimes they are outright hilarious Sample a few of these snatches of conversations I am not having the foggiest I have no idea He s knowing Bunty Bannerjee Everyone s doing gossip Then there is a sequence that emulates Holmes deduction methods Mr Hall, I am sure, had fun writing that Btw, Vish Puri, is never flattered by the reference Sherlock Homes of India since in his mind Chanakya devised those deduction tricks and tactics centuries ago and Holmes just copied those without crediting him I would have been happier if the mystery story in the book was shorter and crisper, however, I have to admit that the author has interesting writing style that is full of amusing observations about city that is Delhi and people who are Indians Sample Her secretary job required her to keep her Boss s diary, answer the phones, manage the files, and make sure Door Stop, the office peon didn t steal milk and sugar While describing vehicles on road..cars and occasional unworthy hybrid vehicle that defied description.I will read second book if I have time to spare from other books, of course P [ BOOK ] ♳ The Case of the Missing Servant ♠ Watch Out Alexander McCall Smith Here Comes The First Novel By The Highly Acclaimed Writer Tarquin Hall In An Entrancing New Mystery Series Set In IndiaThe Portly Vish Puri Is India S Most Accomplished Detective, At Least In His Own Estimation, And Is Also The Hero Of An Irresistible New Mystery Series Set In Hot, Dusty Delhi Puri S Detective Skills Are Old Fashioned In A Sherlock Holmesian Way And A Little Out Of Sync With The Tempo Of The Modern City, But Puri Is Clever And His Methods Work The Case Of The Missing Servant Shows Puri Chubby To His Friends And His Wonderfully Nicknamed Employees Among Them, Handbrake, Flush, And Handcream Hired For Two Investigations The First Is Into The Background Of A Man Surprisingly Willing To Wed A Woman Her Father Considers Unmarriageable, And The Second Is Into The Disappearance Six Months Earlier Of A Servant To A Prominent Punjabi Lawyer, A Young Woman Known Only As MaryThe Most Private Investigator Novels Offer A Delicious Combination Of Ingenious Stories, Brilliant Writing, Sharp Wit, And A Vivid, Unsentimental Picture Of Contemporary India And From The First To The Last Page Run An Affectionate Humour And Intelligent Insights Into Both The Subtleties Of Indian Culture And The Mysteries Of Human Behaviour A detective agency set in Delhi, a crime wrapped in the Indian masala alongside matrimony investigations and the pot bellied pakora crunching Indian Hercule Poirot in Vish Puri The detective has a team of agents with nicknames such as Tubelight and Facecream The detective skills, for all the monologue on history of detective skills, is not so spectacular and lot of hardwork The book is a simple read and seems so normal to read So much like watching TV detectives on candid camera.Vish Puri is a character written for a series The Indianness in the book is overwhelming including bad English, caste elitism and caring mummyji If you had any doubt, there is 5% of the Kindle edition dedicated to a glossory of Indian terms including cousin sister a colloquiialism emphasising that in India a first cousin is like a sibling , Dosa a South Indian crepe made from rice and lentils to hard hitting ones like dalits untouchables, low caste means suppressed Tough to believe it is written by a foreigner and maybe a tad worrying too One thing I did before writing the review was re read my reveiw of Mccall Smith s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency And I realised I took whatever I read to be a painting of Africa Now I know, how so many people are going to assume this is India Maybe not really as long as we acknowledge the humor Might read a few books in this series. This is the first book in the Vish Puri series, and it s the only one that I had not read It s also the only book that I listened to rather than read Unfortunately, it was not one of my favorites I was hoping for charm in the narration, but the reading was too slow paced for me and I didn t care for some of the female voices As usual there were several storylines running concurrently but none of them really grabbed me, and some of them had abrupt, unsatisfying conclusions However, I did like the picture of life in contemporary India. Very highly recommended if you like Alexander McCall Smith and or Agatha Christie This is a gem of a detective story based in Delhi A thoroughly enjoyable read This is the first book I have read of this author I couldn t believe that he is not Indian Except for perhaps one or two scenes, I felt that he has gotten India and Indians very well. A nice entertaining story of an indian detective Vish Puri Will continue reading the series amongst other reads. Little slow in places Overall, an okay Sherlock kind of mystery.3