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I put this on the vaginal mystery shelf because even though there is no real romance here, I think people who enjoy romance mystery will like it.This is set in World War I, which I know VERY LITTLE about, so I found it extra fascinating The most exciting part of the book actually is the first few chapters However, the rest of the book was pretty engrossing and was a really nicely crafted mystery with a goodie two shoes but likeable lead Basically, in order to fulfill the dying wish of a patient she was caring for, she uncovers some dirty secrets in a small English town Nothing revolutionary, but the setting and plotting were quite enjoyable.I am currently reading the second one and enjoying it as well I would have probably called this a fairly slow paced book before I realized that, though it felt like I couldn t have made it very far, I had already nearly made it halfway through It s a paradox slow, yet fast Makes no sense I really don t know how to explain it, but I like it And the pace does seem to pick up as the story goes along.All in all, I really liked this book The characters, setting, and storyline were all interesting While I did predict part of the ending, some of it was still quite a surprise to me I ll admit I was saddened disappointed by part of it, but not so much that it took away from the story or anything.The narrator Rosalyn Landor who also read Death Comes to Pemberley, which I really enjoyed is one of the best I ve listened to She has an easy voice to listen to Listening to this book was almost like watching a BBC mystery film Warning This is not Christian fiction so, while there isn t anything of a sexual nature, there is bad language throughout the book. I have long been a fan of Charles Todd s Inspector Ian Rutledge series This is the first of a new Bess Crawford series and it is a delight Bess is a WWI army nurse, in this case home on leave bringing an enigmatic message to the family of a man she was with when he died She delivers the message but is not sure it has the effect the dying man intended, so she stays and sticks her nose where it most assuredly does not belong Her perseverance and passion for justice lead her ever deeper into a complex and increasingly unattractive family situation A very enjoyable read. An absolutely enthralling psychological whodunit The atmosphere is hauntingly England I felt as if I were there, in the mist and gloom of wartime London and Kent This is a book not easily put down, not forgotten once it s over.Bess is one heck of a heroine If this had been an urban fantasy, I d easily have seen her on a par with Patty Briggs s Mercy Thompson She s not indestructible but she s like a dog with a bone not giving up and going away when she should have I loved her There s really no easy way to relate the plot without giving away any of the enjoyment I thought I had it figured out a few times only to be taken in a new direction Very hard to put down I d give this 6 stars if I could, just for that alone. Excellent mystery set during WWI Bess Crawford is a nurse who is sent home on medical leave when she suffers a broken arm after her medical ship, the Britannic, is sunk by the Germans It s been a while since she s been back in England and she has a duty to fulfill One of her patients, Arthur Graham, had a final wish before succumbing to this injuries He asked that Bess pass on a message to his brother Jonathan at their family home in Kent So with time on her hands, Bess sets off for Kent to fulfill her duty to the dead.Nice mystery, great atmosphere, and I loved Bess and her tenacity and sense of duty Will definitely be looking at the next one of these I have previously read book seven in the series A Pattern of Lies a little while ago and I just absolutely loved that book And, of course, I wanted to read the series from the beginning and lucky me I own the first book as an eBook.Bess Crawford works as a nurse during WW1 and is home now after being onboard a hospital ship that sunk She survived with a broken arm and since she can t work decides to travel to Kent to visit the mother and sibling of a dying soldier last word Tell Jonathan that I lied I did it for Mother s sake But it has to be set right But the strange thing is that neither the mother nor the brothers admit knowing what the message is about But then Bess learns that there is another brother, incarcerated in a lunatic asylum I think this series is starting to be one of my favorites Now I have only read two books, but I feel that the WW1 milieu and the characters are truly well done Bess Crawford is not an amateur sleuth, she is a nurse and the mystery she happens to stumble on isn t something she had planned to solve She just happens to be the one that starts it all, the one that sets everything in motion And, that is one thing I really love about this book, Bess feels like a solid character with her feet steady on the ground There is no romance luring left and right on the book No sweetheart I mean I m not against romance in books, but mostly I want it to have a smaller place in the story.I found the first book in the series quite good The mystery of the message and the brother everyone is trying to forget was really good and I was gripped by the whole story.I think one of the reasons I find this series so appealing is that it does remind me of Laurie R King s series about Mary Russell I stated the same thing in A Pattern of Lies and I feel it still I believe if you like of Laurie R King s series about Mary Russell you will like this series too. This was a bear to get into For some unknown reason, it just didn t catch my attention I did read it through but it took all night England 1916, World War I is raging, Bess Crawford is serving as a nurse on the ill fated Britannia when she meets Lt Arthur Graham, she become attached to hm against her better judgement, He entrusts her with a cryptic secret just before he suddenly dies in her care Her guilt overwhelms her and as the ship is torpedoed, she is injured, and vows to deliver the message to his brother back home After she recovers from those injuries, she ventures out to their estate, only to discover that Arthur s brother has no clue what the message means Bess decides to do her own investigation into this family secret she is about to discover a murder long ago, and lies upon lies, that seem to point to the guilty person Bess is not convinced, and she presses on, but at what consequence to the family name I read this because I had heard that fans of Maisie Dobbs often also liked Bess Crawford Unfortunately, most everything I like about Maisie was absent here First, the language didn t convince me that we were 1 in a different time and 2 in a different place I had the same complaint about the Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society whatever book Each of those should lend its own tenor to people s speech, the terminology used, the objects referred to, etc Didn t happen Maybe because the two writers are Americans Also, in Maisie there s always a lot of description of what people are wearing, what rooms look like, etc There was very little here, which would also have helped set the context I also got very little sense of Bess s personality, except for what you could infer from her actions, whereas something I appreciate about Maisie is her own struggles and growth laid alongside the mysteries In short, I didn t feel connected to or drawn in to the book, and only finished it because I wanted to know how the mystery turned out. War is a bloody waste of good men, and that will break your heart when nothing else does Bess Crawford is serving as a nurse during WWI on the Britannic, a hospital ship that travels between the fronts collecting injured and fallen soldiers, and carrying them to safer hospitals on ground or to their watery graves On board, Bess meets Arthur Graham, a charismatic soldier whose wound turns septic overnight, and his last words to Bess are for her to carry a message home to his brother in Kent The message itself is somewhat bizarre, and when Bess finds herself back on English soil, she sets about contacting Arthur s family What strikes her as odd is how the family pretend not to know what the request means, and a series of other events soon set Bess in search for the truth The Graham s have some serious skeletons in the closet.Owlhurst, the little village where Arthur s family lives , is quaint but a somber pall has settled over it and much of the country In the throes of war, there are many fresh graves and war widows The streets are full of wounded soldiers, many of whom are suffering shell shock I loved how Todd created a believable historical account around the mystery, and not vice versa This period of time fascinates me to no end, and there are few mystery writers using it as a backdrop Food and clothing rationing, women ambling to do their part to support their soldiers, families losing sometimes all the men in their family this was the reality of that time period I am looking forward to the next book in this series, An Impartial Witness. `Free Kindle ☠ A Duty to the Dead ⇹ A Duty To The Dead Introduces Readers To An Unforgettable New Protagonist In An Exceptional New Series Bess Crawford, A Courageous World War I Nurse And Determined Investigator Once Again The New York Times Bestselling Author Brilliantly Evokes Post Great War Europe, Casting An Indomitable Heroine Into A Simmering Cauldron Of Village Secrets, Family Intrigues, And MurderEngland, Independent Minded Bess Crawford S Upbringing Was Far Different From That Of The Usual Upper Middle Class British Gentlewoman Growing Up In India, She Learned The Importance Of Responsibility, Honor, And Duty From Her Officer Father At The Outbreak Of World War I, Bess Volunteered For The Nursing Corps, Serving From The Battlefields Of France To The Doomed Hospital Ship BritannicOn One Voyage, Bess Grows Fond Of The Young, Gravely Wounded Lieutenant Arthur Graham Something Rests Heavily On His Conscience, And To Give Him A Bit Of Peace As He Dies, She Promises To Deliver A Message To His Brother It Is Some Months Before She Can Carry Out This Duty, And When She S Next In England, She Herself Is Recovering From A WoundWhen Bess Arrives At The Graham House In Kent, Jonathan Graham Listens To His Brother S Last Wishes With Surprising Indifference Neither His Mother Nor His Brother Timothy Seems To Think It Has Any Significance, Either Unsettled By This, Bess Is About To Take Her Leave When Sudden Tragedy Envelops Her She Quickly Discovers That Fulfilling This Duty To The Dead Has Thrust Her Into A Maelstrom Of Intrigue And Murder That Will Endanger Her Own Life And Test Her Courage As Not Even War Has