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This is probably one of my favorite NR books It was a re read that still kept me turning pages First, I loved the secondary characters and the secondary romance in this one It brought a lot of depth to an already good story What was not to love about Coop s grandparents, Lil s parents and Tansy and Farley The Chance Animal Reserve was great backdrop, especially Baby the cougar. It was a little difficult to decide on a star rating for Nora s latest The begining was great, the middle lulled, and then the end was good I waffled between 3 and 4 and decided what the heck, go for four.Lil and Coop became close as children when he would spend summers at his grandparents home in South Dakota He was a city boy that had never seen the country Lil, a Sioux descendant, was raised there with her sort of hippie like parents Lil is fascinated by wild animals, particularly the cougar.They fall in love in their teens however, they have separate goals and are inevitably separated Lil wants to open a wildlife refuge on her parents land, and Coop is defying his father by not going to law school and joining the police academy On one of their last few days together, they are in the woods and stumble upon a crime scene Twelve years later, Lil has opened her refuge She s just come home from a six month trip in South America, and she discovers Coop is back in town for good She has mixed feelings about it, because she feels he broke her heart years ago She was willing to do anything to keep their relationship, but he was insistent they separate While the two are getting reacquainted, a psycho appears Someone is terrorizing Lil and her refuge I liked Coop a lot, and it didn t hurt that he was a cop my favorite type of hero He was of course gorgeous, patient, and determined to protect Lil and to keep her forever Lil was very reluctant to let him back in after she was hurt She s a tough girl, however didn t cross to line to being a ball buster I can t stand that type of heroine.There is a secondary romance that is really sweet, and I wish the author had spenttime on them For those that are interested in interracial romance, you d like this one The couple is BWWM The hot cowboy pursues this few years older woman and romances her to pieces.I recommend to fans of Nora, and those that like light romantic suspense. [Download Kindle] ⚔ Black Hills ☼ A Summer At His Grandparents South Dakota Ranch Is Not Eleven Year Old Cooper Sullivan S Idea Of A Good Time But Things Are A Bit Bearable Now That He S Discovered The Neighbor Girl, Lil Chance, And Her Homemade Batting Cage Even Horseback Riding Isn T As Awful As Coop Thought It Would Be Each Year, With Coop S Annual Summer Visit, Their Friendship Deepens From Innocent Games To Stolen Kisses, But There Is One Shared Experience That Will Forever Haunt Them The Terrifying Discovery Of A Hiker S BodyAs The Seasons Change And The Years Roll, Lil Stays Steadfast To Her Aspiration Of Becoming A Wildlife Biologist And Protecting Her Family Land, While Coop Struggles With His Father S Demand That He Attend Law School And Join The Family Firm Twelve Years After They Last Walked Together Hand In Hand, Fate Has Brought Them Back To The Black Hills When The People And Things They Hold Most Dear Need Them MostCoop Recently Left His Fast Paced Life As An Investigator In New York To Take Care For His Aging Grandparents And The Ranch He Has Come To Call Home Though The Memory Of His Touch Still Haunts Her, Lil Has Let Nothing Stop Her Dream Of Opening The Chance Wildlife Refuge, But Something Or Someone Has Been Keeping A Close Watch When Small Pranks And Acts Of Destruction Escalate Into The Heartless Killing Of Lil S Beloved Cougar, Recollections Of An Unsolved Murder In These Very Hills Have Coop Springing To Action To Keep Lil SafeLil And Coop Both Know The Natural Dangers That Lurk In The Wild Landscape Of The Black Hills Now They Must Work Together To Unearth A Killer Of Twisted And Unnatural Instincts Who Has Singled Them Out As Prey Solid 4 stars, maybe bordering on 4.5 This was just an all around solid book for me There were two things that kept it from being a 5 star read, and neither of those were critical issues But overall, I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot and I m trying not to be a biased Nora Roberts groupie when I say that.Cooper Sullivan was just eleven years old when his parents sent him off to his grandparents farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the summer For Coop, it was like being sent to prison and he hated it But a talk with his grandmother convinces him to give it a chance so he does and befriends nine year old Lil Chance in the process Over the years their friendship grows until, in their late teens, it becomesLil thinks they are starting their future together, but after a while it all falls apart and they go their separate ways.Now twelve years have passed Lil has fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening a wildlife refuge and everything is going well for her Then Coop, a retired detective, returns, this time for good Coop broke her heart once and Lil is determined to not let him do it again For Coop, seeing Lil is a painful reminder of the hardships of his life The two come to an unintentional truce of leaving each other alone But then danger threatens Lil Someone is messing with her Refuge, pulling pranks and then killing a cougar.Coop can t sit by while Lil is in danger, especially when it becomes clear that Lil is in real danger He also realizes that it s time to clear things up between them personally He loves her, always has, but now he has to regain her trust And hope to keep her safe from a madman who loves the thrill of the hunt.I ve read quite a few comments already about hot the animal nature aspect of the book didn t do anything for the readerbut for me, I loved that part of the story Of course, I love nature and animals and all that So it was interesting to read about the Refuge, how things worked, the animals, etc And I loved the bond between Lil and Baby the cougar So sweet Especially how the ending worked out Realistic Probably not But very interesting to read and a great way to resolve the suspense part of the story All in all, this part of the story just worked for me I also liked how the beginning of the book was done The story goes back to when Coop and Lil are kids and meet for the first time and progresses through some key scenes Roberts has done time progression stories before and I ve always loved them , but this one is not quite as involved The flashback part is only about 80 pages So the past doesn t overwhelm the story But I thought those first 80 pages were nice to read gives you some great insight into the characters and the bond between them.As for the relationship between Lil and CoopI liked it, but I can t say I loved it There was definitely chemistry between them and a strong bond, but there was something just a little bit off and I can t put my finger on it The two were enjoyable to read overall, though There were some really sweet scenes and I liked how Coop worked to show here he was back for good and that she could trust him.There s also a secondary romance between Farley and Tansy Enjoyable to read Farley was a cool character Very aww schucks And Tansy was like his polar opposite So their romance was interesting.I have two somewhat minor complaints about the book First, the identity of the bad guy is reveals fairly early in the book and I found that rather annoying It deadened the suspense angle somewhat and made things a bit less intense It didn t really make sense to me why Roberts just flat out gave away the identity I would have rather there beenof a guessing game,trying to figure out who was trying to hurt Lil So that took away a little bit from the book, for me.And secondly and this is may bepersonal preference than anything else I would have liked it if Coop had had to face his family issues within the present part of the story There s some reference to Coop coming to peace, so to speak, with the way things were, but to me, things between Coop and his parents felt rather unsettled And because Coop s family dynamics played a role in what happened between him and Lil, it took a little away from their relationship that unsettled feeling between Coop and his parents So yeah, I wouldn t have minded something happening on that front.Overall, though, this was a solid book from Roberts I m not sure it would qualify in my top ten of favorites, but it s definitely a book I wouldn t mind reading again in a year or so It was fun to read, very nature centered, with a nice romance, and a pretty good suspense angle. Colinas negras es una estupenda novela, es gil, trepidante y consigue que te quedes enganchada a sus p ginas La historia surge en las monta as de Estados Unidos con un trasfondo vinculado a los descendientes de los indios y al amor de la prota por los animales salvajes Un relato fresco, din mico y rom ntico, en un ambiente espectacular, en plena naturaleza, ranchos, granjas, animales salvajes y caballos se enmarca una historia de suspenso romance con sus tira y afloja llevada con gran acierto Me ha gustado bastante el libro 2,5 Apesar do tema principal ser supostamente a conserva o da natureza, acho que n o foi abordado da melhor forma O foco da hist ria um ref gio para animais selvagens que n o podem ser devolvidos natureza Para mim, o objectivo principal deste tipo de estruturas deve ser a educa o ambiental e, eventualmente, a reprodu o em cativeiro, em situa es muito particulares, como esp cies criticamente amea adas de extin o Estes locais podem ser teis na sensibiliza o das pessoas para a necessidade de conserva o das esp cies nos seus habitats naturais, tanto pelo seu valor intr nseco como pelo papel que desempenham no equil brio dos ecossistemas.Nesta hist ria, essa perspectiva nunca referida, sendo apenas dadas informa es aos visitantes do ref gio e, por extens o, aos leitores sobre os h bitos e caracter sticas desta ou daquela esp cie.H um romance t rrido entre os protagonistas, que n o me emocionou, e um psicopata cuja identidade revelada demasiado cedo, o que diminuiu o meu interesse nessa vertente da hist ria.Como nota positiva, a tradu o bastante razo vel e acho que s detectei uma nica gralha.A sinopse da contracapa conta demais e inclui uma informa o errada n o vou dizer qual para n o spoilar.Primeiro e ltimo de Nora Roberts. I loved Lil and Coop together They were adorable together Farley and Tansy were also adorable together I may have shed a few tears when Farley had gone outside when they were going to start making plans for a house then Jenna followed him out, and he called her Ma Baby was my favorite of all the animals especially since he had followed Lil and he was her favorite also Lil and Coop s relationship showed that you never get over your first love It also showed that there are always obstacles when it comes to the people you love When it comes to the people you love you will do whatever you can to keep them safe.One quote that I liked Do you know how many ways love can hit you So it makes you happy, or miserable It makes you sick in the belly or hurt in the heart It makes everything brighter and sharper, or it blurs all the edges It makes you feel like a king or a fool Every way love can hit you, it s hit me when it comes to you Eleg esta novela de Nora Roberts por recomendaci n de una lectora y amiga de las RS y ha resultado ser un acierto Colinas negras es una estupenda novela de verano me estoy planteando escribir un post sobre este tema, novelas de verano en el sentido de que es gil, trepidante y consigue que te quedes enganchada a sus p ginas No resumir la historia, solo dir que parte de una premisa b sica del g nero el primer amor que acaba porque uno de los dos el h roe se sacrifica para que el otro la protagonista consiga sus sue os profesionales y vuelven a coincidir al cabo de unos a os En este caso, la se ora Roberts, maestra del g nero, sit a la historia en las monta as de Estados Unidos con un trasfondo vinculado a los descendientes de los indios y a los animales salvajes El misterio es relativamente previsible, igual que lo es el final feliz de la pareja, pero eso no le quita intriga ni emoci n Cooper es un muy buen protagonista masculino, quiz he echado en falta conocer m s detalles sobre los a os que pasa separado de Lillian, pero es convincente, coherente y rom ntico En el caso de Lillian, debo confesar que en algunos momentos no he coincidido con ella, aunque he logrado entenderla Colinas negras es una novela muy s lida, cuenta con un argumento sin fisuras y su pareja protagonista est muy bien construida En mi caso, probablemente la novela me habr a gustado m s si la historia de amor hubiese tenido m s dramatismo un final un poco m s largo, quiz , pero me he emocionado y recomiendo su lectura sin dudarlo a cualquier amante de la literatura rom ntica contempor nea y tambi n a todos los lectores de novelas de intriga. I liked The setting South Dakota , the information endangered animals, especially big cats , most of the characters but not the hero.I didn t like The plot psychopathic killer stalks our heroine shades of Montana Sky , the hero my way or else, my way or else, my way or else if that s his idea of love, no thanks , the heroine for letting him have his way.Roberts does her usual trademark workmanlike stuff, so the book is readable However, the love story kept pissing me off so much that the suspense was diluted And the secondary love story, while meant to be interesting for its socially progressive messages, was both skimmed over and almost undermined because of the man s attitude of sureness that he wanted this and so it would be.I m trying not to add spoilers but I didn t find much in this novel that would be surprising to anyone I ve always liked Roberts for the humor her characters displayed I ve been known to laugh out loud But not this time As I said, workmanlike, but certainly not one of her best Overall, a disappointment.Update June 2011 having forgotten I d read it before, I tried to read it again This time, I disliked it so much I put it down about a third of the way through an said, ick Changed the stars to two Thinking about rating it one star One of NR s biggest disappointments so far. 3.5 Stars