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Six months after the defeat of Galdran, Meliara has dedicated herself to filling in the massive gaps of her knowledge and restoring Tlanth to prosperity She s certainly not thinking about a particular Marquis or her horrendous behavior towards him at least, not until her brother returns from the capital with a fiancee andthe Marquis of Shevraeth.Meliara quickly realizes that it s time for her to take her place at Court, for better or worse.My feelings on this book are torn While I love and appreciate the slow burn romance, Mel s actions throughout a lot of this book struck me ashypocritical She goes to the capital for the express purpose of ensuring that the best ruler for the people of Relmana will be selected, and then fritters her time away at parties, picnics, new dresses, races and other frivolous activities without giving much of a hoot towards the governance of the country or how the people think about their potential new rulers She even avoids Court for a long period of time I get it, the Throne Room was the place where she hit rock bottom in life which just is annoying as hell because that is precisely why you are there, Meliara.Also, while Bran was a little annoying in the first book, in the second he turns into a loud mouthed country bumpkin who is far obnoxious and offensive than charmingly ignorant, particularly with the cutting comments he makes towards Mel s appearance and just about everything else Mel does He didn t have much page time in this one, and what time he does have he s painfully one note, with little depth, growth or intent to grow.Meanwhile, I did like Meliara s utter dedication to educate herself by practically cramming a lifetime of education into six month s time While she has flaws, she does acknowledge them and try to change although in the case of Shevraeth, don t we all have that someone that we just don t like for some reason, and it s solely because of us and not them Upped from my previous three stars to four, because despite the frivolous wastefulness of Meliara s court time and, well, the weird ways she throws herself into the softer side of court life instead of actually doing what she came to set out doing, this was an entertaining read I also love the intricate world building view spoiler whereas in a lot of Smith s other works set in this world there s a bewildering amount of politicking and name placing and oooooh THAT without really putting anything into context, which drives me batty because you can tell that there s a connection for everything but without context it s meaningless and frustrating hide spoiler Rating and review to follow, once the Young Adult Middle Grade battle kicks off As I said in my review of the first part, my reaction to this one couldn t have been different than to Crown Duel I loved this I believe Beth said it best when she commented something along the lines of this book parts I and II combined, that is is best when you kind of start in the middle first Because the beginning honestly didn t manage to keep my attention at all and I was bored Yet, now that I ve finished the entire book, I find myself wanting to go right back to the start and just read the whole thing again Pretty sure in light of later events, I would give a different rating to part 1 now Which wouldn t be entirely fair, because obviously my feelings have been changed for the better because of the rest of the story I still thought this was a little messy during certain parts, and the whole magical aspect is seemingly there only when it s convenient, but WHO CARES BECAUSE THE ROMANCE I am putting the majority of this review behind a cut, as there will be flailing A lot of flailing Because it s been awhile since I ve felt the need to write an entire review in all caps Fear not, I will restrain myself, but you have been warned nevertheless view spoiler I just loved Vidanric so much Ever since book 1, even when I wasn t entirely sure he d be one of the good guys yet, but especially once he saves Meliara from that torture chamber Therefore, I was already shipping him and Meliara back when I was only halfway through part 1, so this book turned out to be everything I could have hoped for and Because A COURTSHIP THROUGH LETTERS I JUST This was my undoing It seemed so very obvious to me and probably the entire world except Meliara that he would turn out to be the Unknown Still, when the reveal came I wasn t disappointed in the least despite knowing it was coming Because the ring reveal is so great I think I went back and read that part like 5 times SORRY NOT SORRY Also, the ebook edition I read had a lot of inserts added at the end from Vidanric s point of view and THEY WERE A DELIGHT Give me snippets of Russav teasing Vidanric because he s smitten GIVE ME THEM ALLLLLLL I just enjoyed reading things from his POV a lot, because it cast a different light on all of the misunderstandings that had occurred between the two of them And misunderstandings like the series we were presented with here can be tricky, because it can frustrate a reader if they re not done well or if there s no probable cause for said misunderstandings But they made sense here I could see where Meliara s mistrust came from although, to be fair, she might have seen known accepted that Vidanric was part of the good guys a little sooner and then afterwards, it made just as much sense to read how Vidanric always tried to straighten things out, but only ended up making things worse DELIGHTFUL hide spoiler #READ EBOOK Ê Court Duel (Crown & Court, #2) ñ Amazing EPub, Court Duel Crown Court, 2 Author Sherwood Smith This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Court Duel Crown Court, 2 , Essay By Sherwood Smith Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The second half Court Duel I wrote in my mid twenties Mel and I shared only one thing being emotionally backward I did try to keep that when I rewrote her story, in my forties. THIS IS THE SLOW BURN TO END ALL SLOW BURNS A MASTERCLASS IN SLOW BURNS SO SLOW THAT I NEEDED TO READ IT ALL AT ONCE. I could go on and on about how much I appreciate the author for keeping everything fairly simple and great but I ll keep it at a minimum There were politics in this book instead of the action present in the first book I still really like Mel and she is still true to herself She is headstrong, aware of her ignorance, and an all around nice girl Even though there was politics in this book it wasn t half as cumbersome as in other books I ve read There were a few times when I had to think back to who they were talking about, but that is mostly because I m lazy with names Most of the book consists of Mel trying to figure out the ways of the court and whose side she is on She makes some accurate guesses and some mistakes too She still needs help from her friends, acquaintances, and her secret admirer who was actually helping her in ways than with just his letters and gifts I liked the concept of a secret admirer The guy didn t go on and on about how much he loved her and how great she was so it didn t annoy me as it could have It was kind of obvious who the secret admirer was but it didn t bother me I actually kind of liked it because I was in on the secret The drama level of both books is low and I m thankful for that The book as a whole was an easy and enjoyable read. Court Duel is a much better read than its prequel the Crown Duel Usually I don t get to say this because if the first book is not an engaging read I don t bother with the next in the series Even though Crown Duel was a slow read it really did pick up the pace towards the end and stopped at an interesting juncture that I had to read Court Duel I do not regret it at the least.The story picks where it left off from the revolt coming to an end and the evil king put to rest Now Meliara wants nothing than to go home and to spend the rest of her life in peace among the hill folks Unfortunately that is not an option as she has to face a battle of a different kind Among the courtiers she so despised and be a part of the race to find out the next rulers Of course Vidandric the Marquis of Shevrath is one of the contenders and Meliara has a hard time facing him after the events of the last battle What follows a story filled with political intrigue, court etiquttes, secret admirers and hidden conspiracies which is sure to keep you interested.As a lead Meliara is engaging but at times I found her exasperating, especially in the parts were she came face to face with Vidanric I liked the Marquis than Meliara in this book New characters are introduced who are sure to keep you entertained This is a good read but not the kind that will make you stay up all night to finish it but the kind that nevertheless keep you engaged. Cute, cute sequel to Crown Duel If you pick this up, pick up a copy where both stories are in one book I would have loved reading the first book and just flowing right into the second book This one picks up right where Crown Duel leaves off and eventually finds Meliara in the captial I really enjoyed the story and just loved that darling, elusive Marquis I will admit, even though he was described as having very long light, blond hair, I just had to imagine him with dark hair because I could not get Lucias Mayfoy s image from the Harry Potter movies out of my mind Too disturbing, so the adorable Marquis is dark hair in my head I think he s cuter that way. The second and stronger half of Crown Court, Court Duel finds scrappy Meliara at the royal court of Remalna, trying to become a proper gentlewoman The tyrant has been removed The Marquis of Shevraeth is the likeliest candidate for the crown, although a few other possibilities remain Mel s brother Branaric is engaged to be married As for Mel, she s spent the year since the events of Crown Duel educating herself She s no longer the ignorant girl who s prepared to kill or die over a misunderstanding But she s still awkward and impulsive, still reluctant to wear gowns and make small talk and act like a proper lady She still has that hair trigger temper, and usually Shevraeth she refuses to call him Vidanric is the one pulling that trigger While book one was war fantasy, all muddy fields and misunderstandings, Court Duel is full of plots and flirtations and secrets in glittering ballrooms and beautiful, labyrinthine gardens It s light high fantasy on an Earthlike planet with characters and romance in the Pride and Prejudice Anne of Green Gables vein, a hint of mystery and another hint of peril, and a dramatic but somewhat mismatched ending, which would probably be at home inMetamorphoses , but still provides striking imagery and view spoiler a chance for Danric to prove himself a hero as if he needed any hide spoiler I imagine if I could be neutral, I might ve given this book 3.5 or 3 stars Despite its flaws, I liked and cared about the characters Therefore, I couldn t bring myself to give it anything lower than a 4 star rating Yes, I liked the book, but it could ve been so much better The book had some of my favorite elements an intelligent, sensitive, yet tough heroine an entertaining court life full of intrigues and power struggle and a very, very attractive hero I admired Meliara s courage and learning ability Though she s slow to understand her own heart and some of her actions were muddled by her emotions, she s not afraid to admit her mistakes and try to correct them Shevraeth was my favorite kind of hero He was strong, brilliant, savvy and witty The way he continued to quietly support Meliara, even with her outright hostility, just melted my heart I loved all the quarrels between Meliara and Shevraeth The romantic tension was palpable However, this was also where the problems came up Maybe it s the short length of the book, it gave an underdeveloped feel To me, some brilliant scenes could ve been developed further to maximize the effect, and the story also seemed stagnant at times The climax where they finally opened their hearts, though touched me, could have had sparks and emotional impact The final battle was also a little underwhelming The book was an easy read I was fully absorbed in the story and characters while reading it, even though I often caught myself imagining details and exchanges between the characters.