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If I could give this book negatives stars I would This is the worst book I have ever finished The violent pornographic killing of a young woman left me sick to my stomach and left an image in my mind I wish terribly was not stuck I should have put the book down stopped listening right then but I felt compelled to bring the evil doer to justice.Do not read or listen to this book Although I have never seen any of the movies it is probably a Saw like vehicle to shock and awe the reader I was shocked and wanted to see justice done so I waded though to the end I think a 5th grader could have written a bettercomplex ending than is in this book.Again do not read this book Good enough that I was able to finish it, but bad enough that I had to get myself half drunk in order to do so SWIMSUIT is a typical Patterson novel It s somewhat less predictable than I expected, but the storyline is a whole lot clunkier SWIMSUIT is a novel that seems to reinvent itself every fifty pages Just when you think you ve gotten the hang of it, it switches gears and becomes something different It s torture porn Oh wait, it s a daughter in peril kidnap story No, it s private detective fiction Wait, it s a straight forward thriller No, it sit sThe book s structure strikes me as being positively awful, but I will admit that it kept me guessing Why Patterson chose to write SWIMSUIT the way he did is, for me, the biggest mystery in the whole book But, hey, it s James Patterson and he can get away with doing whatever the hell he wants Needless to say, I m not exactly recommending this novel It s a typical low brow thriller with a painfully inept ending If you have anything else to read, go with that Still, though, I was entertained enough to let it squeak by with a passing grade. [Free Kindle] ⚉ Swimsuit ☫ THE BEACHA Breathtakingly Beautiful Supermodel Disappears From A Swimsuit Photo Shoot At The Most Glamorous Hotel In Hawaii Only Hours After She Goes Missing, Kim McDaniels S Parents Receive A Terrifying Phone Call Fearing The Worst, They Board The First Flight To Maui And Begin The Hunt For Their DaughterWILL NEVER BEEx Cop Ben Hawkins, Now A Reporter For The LA Times, Gets The McDaniels Assignment The Ineptitude Of The Local Police Force Defies Belief Ben Has To Start His Own Investigation For Kim McDaniels To Have A Prayer And For Ben To Have The Story Of His LifeE SAME FOR YOU AGAINAll The While, The Killer Sets The Stage For His Next Production His Audience Expects The Best And They Won T Be Disappointed Swimsuit Is A Heart Pounding Story Of Fear And Desire, Transporting You To A Place Where Beauty And Murder Collide And Unspeakable Horrors Are Hidden Within Paradise First off, what can you expect from a writer who churns out books faster than any artist or singer badly written ones Swimsuit is no exception Frankly, if i can give negative stars I would.Characters lack depth Plot lacks twists Storytelling lack excitment Structure of the whole story is imbalanced Climax is no where to be found Ending was rushed Makes you feel that the author just stopped caring and just want to end it so he can make his money.And worse of all, you won t know who is the main character until almost 2 3 of the book First half of the book was focused on the parents of the model After they were killed, focus shifts to the killer and how he stalk, threatens and kidnaps the journalist and tells his life story to him Lastly, the killer conveniently disappears from focus shifts to the journalist, whom i suppose was the main character, and how he got the mastermind to justice The killer then conveniently, and mysteriously, got kidnapped and killed.Authors of good books spend lots of time researching their material and building up characters None of these can be shown by Patterson s work I read quite a few of his books and I must say they are half hearted work at best The only reason I read his books is that its a easy read The only redeeming quality of his works.In closing, if you are looking for stories that are like most movies, lacking in depth, give his books a try But if you are looking for a good read, those that makes you feel, relate, keeps you at the end of your seat, and then throw you off it at climax, don t bother with Patterson s work Maybe he should start putting his heart and soul into writing a good book rather than focusing on making money Its a matter of quality over quantity The fact that it took me so long to read a Patterson book was the first clue Swimsuit really has nothing to do with this book And this book has nothing to do with anything it tries to do It wants to be something, and it almost starts to become something, but then it drags, and it ends suddenly and who gives a dang at the end Not ME.Words, words, words, andwords Promises of a book that never showed up Enough with the dual authors Jimbo Time to write your books by yourself and make a few less bucks This was pretty bad, maybe one of the worst Now i am down to only the Cross books and the Women s Murder Club books soon it will be none of the above if the writing gets any worse. I HATE James Patterson I only picked this book up because I felt the need to look at onepiece of evidence before I wrote him off indefinitely It took less than 100 pages for me to stand by my original impression.Here is an example of WHY I hate James Patterson He looked like the actor from the latest James Bond movie, Daniel Craig And another, albeit this one is paraphrased They slept heel to heel in their Sleep Number bed And that s just the way he writes It s like freakin product placement, for one and it s as though he thinks his audience has absolutely NO imagination whatsoever He thinks we re dumb, and so he gets as lazy as humanly possible on his descriptions.In Sundays at Tiffany s he wrote something about she applied Maybelline Visible Difference He needed a damn TM next to that sentence Additionally, his chapters are 2 pages long and his characters are completely one dimensional At least from this hundred pages and Sundays. Ugh Two questions to anyone reading this review 1 WHY was this man EVER published 2 WHY do people READ his books WOW I know I say this about alot of James Patterson books but this one takes the cake for sure I had my nose in the book for hours I got the book out from the library and I had 7 days to read it I read it in 5 days It was outstanding The book just kept you on your seat You could visualize everything going on I don t want to wreck anything for you by reading my review but this is a must read I thought the ending was perfect and that the book was complete Extremely well written I would like to see a sequel to this book but I don t see that happening I really felt like I was in the story along for the ride A MUST READ Now one of my new favorites Heather I generally like pretty much anything I read It is hard to tell how much of this book was really Patterson and how much was Paetro.So, the general underlying theme of this whodunit is pretty gruesome which was actually not a huge turnoff However, the plot development just seemed to lose steam Almost like the authors ran out of time and couldn t pull it all together in any way that was, at best, anti climactic It kind of reminded me of the ending of the movie remake of War of the Worlds It wasn t so much that the ending of the movie was anticlimactic, since it was a remake after all, but the movie just ended Swimsuit leaves the reader with that same feeling of the book just having run out of pages.I am in a generous mood tonite with 3 stars. No spoilers Swimsuit is the latest book James Patterson has written I wish I could say that I ve read all of his books like many other faithful reviewers, but truthfully, I ve only read about ten But from my experience with Patterson and his slew of coauthors, I know that his books tend to grab on to you from the beginning, lead you through a suspenseful and twisty storyline, and let you off safely at the end They aren t very thought provoking or seen as classics, but they are fun reads, indeed Swimsuit fails to even live up to this simple technique Like other reviews and actual people I ve discussed the book with, I too agree that there is a lot of gratuitous sex and gore, but that isn t what ruined this title for me One reason is that there is barely any suspense You figure out who the killer is on the first page That makes it pretty impossible for there to be even a little twist at the end And the fact that the main character is with the murderer throughout most of the book, there s no mystery of Will he ever be found Speaking of the main character, he s another reason I found it downright painful to connect to and or have any sympathy for him He s such a stereotypical, cookie cutter, I m going to solve this crime because I want to hero He s utterly boring The third reason is, well, the storyline When reading the dust jacket, I figured Hey, this sounds pretty interesting It s set on the beach and everything Uh, wrong I honestly don t remember one page of this book being on a beach And really, Kim McDaniels the young swimsuit model who is probably supposed to the portrayed on the cover is barely a focus Also, the ending felt completely rushed, almost like the authors just didn t care any I felt like the ending of You ve Been Warned wasimpressive, and that s saying something I honestly can t find anything likeable about this novel I m considering returning it If I could sum it up with one word, it could be BORING, and that s something I never thought I would have to say about a James Patterson novel. 3.5 Pretty decent book Quick and entertaining enough for an afternoon read The plot was actually intriguing and disturbing so the pages flew by I liked the Hawaii theme The tell all book aspect actually picked up on the pace of the story My quick and simple overall quick and entertaining.