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FREE ⚶ Burn é It S True What They Say Money Changes Everything And In Linda Howard S Red Hot Novel Burn, The Changes Come Fast, Furious, And Filled With The Kind Of Sexy Suspense, Heart Stopping Romance, Beautiful People, And Risky Business Guaranteed To Give You The Most Bang For Your BuckMoney Certainly Changes Jenner Redwine S Life When She Wins A Lottery Jackpot But It Also Costs Her Plenty Her Father Rips Her Off And Disappears, Her Fortune Hunting Boyfriend Soon Becomes Her Ex, And Friends Turned Freeloaders Give Her The Cold Shoulder When She Stops Paying For EverythingFlush With New Money, Jenner Can T Imagine Ever Finding A Place In The World Of The Wealthy Seven Years Later, Though, She S Rubbing Elbows With The Rich, Despite The Fact She Still Feels Like A Party Crasher Luckily She Finds An Ally And A Guide To The Rarefied Realm Of Privilege In Shy, Kind Hearted Heiress Sydney Hazlett, Who Quickly Becomes Jenner S Confidante And Surrogate SisterWhen Sydney Invites Jenner On A Charity Cruise Aboard A Luxury Liner, Jenner Reluctantly Agrees But While She S Expecting And Dreading Two Weeks Of Masquerade Balls, Art Auctions, And Preening Glitterati, What She Gets Is Like A Hitchcock Movie Than A Love Boat Episode Taken Hostage By A Menacing Stranger, Jenner Must Cooperate In A Mysterious Cloak And Dagger Scheme Or Else With Nowhere To Run, And With Sydney S Life As Well As Her Own At Risk, Jenner Is Drawn Into A Game Of Dizzying Intrigue And Harrowing Danger But As Her Panic Gives Way To Exhilaration, And Fear Of Her Captor Turns To Fascination, Jenner Rediscovers Feelings She Hasn T Had In Years And Realizes She S Found A Life Worth Living If She Survives Rating 2.5 5This book started off really good, but then stumbled most of the rest of the way At least for me After reading the first chunk of the book, I thought I was really going to like it, but then it pretty much completely fizzled I found myself bored through most of the middle and toward the end I was really tempted to set it aside and read the new Karen Rose book.In Burn Jenner Redwine is your average lower middle class young woman She s working a dead end job just to make ends meet, dating a loser and just getting by Then she buys a lottery ticket that changes her life completely because she wins 150 million net Now, seven years later, she s trying to fit in with the elite rich and not doing the best job of it She has only one true friend, Sydney, and a bunch of acquaintances Sydney convinces Jenner to go on a charity cruise with herand Jenner s life ends up changing again.Because government contract agent, Cael Traylor has learned that one of the boats co owners is as dirty as can be and has something big planned So Cael sets up a surveillance operation that involves kidnapping Sydney and getting Jenner under his thumb by using Syd as leverage in order to get close to his subject It doesn t take long for Jenner to realize that Cael isn t a bad guy, but is doing something very important And she wants to help It doesn t hurt that there is an attraction between her and Caeldespite the fact that he is pretty much holding her hostage But when Cael and his group finally learn what exactly the bad guy is up to, it s a race against time to save everyone s lives, including their own.Like I said above, this book started out strong The first chapter the prologue is set in the present with Jenner dealing with Syd s kidnapping and what she is supposed to do Then it jumps into the past, setting up Jenner s life, how she wins a boatload of money, and how everything changes That section really made me like Jenner, she was smart and savy and strong I was really looking forward to readingabout it.But after that, this book began to drag and didn t develop the way I d hoped A lot of the middle of this book is sort of the same thing over and over Jenner and Cael battle it out verbally, she s handcuffed to a chair, the group is surveilling, and nothing is really going on I was bored and wanted something, anything, to happen But it was just the same type of thing over and over again.Which maybe ties into the fact that in general, I don t normally care for books that are glued to one setting like lost in the woods, stuck in a cabin, or in this case, on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Those kinds of stories always seem to lack the variety of pace to keep me interested.On top of that, the romance in this book was flatter than a pancake I never did feel the romantic vibe of this story Part of that is also because of my personal preferences in romance novels I m not a fan of secret identity stories where one character is hiding who they truly are Which in this case was Cael not telling Jenner he was on official business and instead was acting as a kidnapper thug For me, that s not a good base for a relationship And kidnapper captive romancesso over used Enough said on that.Aside from that, the relationship between Cael and Jenner was horribly underdeveloped The bulk of their interactions in the story are Cael telling her to shut up and do what he says and refusing to tell her anything, and Jenner mouthing off to him and demanding answers There was no emotional development between them They never talk about anything personal, never get to know each other, never really connect beyond the fact that he s kidnapped her It just left the relationship between them feeling very superficial and I didn t really care much if they ended up together or not They were just sort of there.It also kind of annoyed me how Cael refused to tell Jenner anything I could see initially the point of playing out his little kidnapping ruse But once it became clear she understood something serious was going on, would it have killed him to just tell her that it was an official investigation, he needed her as cover, but couldn t tell herIt seemed silly pointless to keep lying to her.And the last scene of the book was mildly irritating It didn t exactly leave you hanging, but it made me feel like there was stillof the story yet to tell Also, did anyone else feel like the way Howard wrote supporting characters Faith and Ryan s parts was as if she d told their story previously I wondered while I was reading if those two had been in another Howard book so I poked around but found no reference to them It was kind of annoying.So yeahan up and down kind of book Orlike it went up quickly, but then plummeted down and never recovered It looks like a lot of people liked this book, but I can t say that I did It wasn t horrible I didn t hate it, but it was average, at best. Fun escape Good mix of characters.REVIEWER S OPINION Great character development for Jenner She didn t have an advanced education, but I loved her intuitive smartness which guided her actions and helped her make smart decisions about a number of things Great plot development Great emotional pull Romantically there s anticipation and clever dialogue I was laughing and chuckling many times sometimes at the clever banter, other times because I was surprised at something unexpected happening The suspense is well done At the end, on the last page, I felt great I read the physical book a few years ago and recently did the audiobook.REVIEWER S COMMENTS ABOUT OTHER REVIEWS A couple of reviewers felt there wasn t enough romance I agree that there was not a lot of romance, but there was definitely enough to be able to call this a romance novel It was a good story which too many romance novels don t achieve Someone did not like that there was no secret about what was going to happen to the ship and its occupants I didn t mind that The mystery was how and when the good guys would discover the problem and what they would do about it A lot of good stories work this way Someone complained that the elaborate kidnap scheme seemed contrived I had no problem with it In fact, one of the reasons I liked this book was that the kidnap scheme was believable, at least to me One reviewer wantedcharacter development concerning Cael and the bad guy Ok, there could have been , but I was fine without it I didn t notice the lack of it until I read that reviewer s opinion.STORY BRIEF Jenner is a blue collar worker who wins a 295 million lottery She is street smart from watching her father who was a con man I think her mother died early Jenner saw her best friend and coworkers change after she won the lottery They were jealous and resented her Jenner moves to Palm Beach and becomes a close friend with Syd, a shy kind hearted heiress Syd invites Jenner on a luxury liner charity cruise for two weeks Aboard the ship, Jenner is taken hostage by a stranger and must cooperate in a mysterious cloak and dagger scheme, which involves pretending to be his lover.AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR I ve enjoyed the narrator Joyce Bean in some books but not all books She has a problem doing men She sounds weird or loses emotion when she tries to lower her voice to do men She had the same problem in two other audiobooks Blue Smoke and Angels Fall by Nora Roberts In this book her voice for Cael romantic hero was wooden with no emotional interpretation.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 365 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 3 Total number of sex scene pages 5 Setting 7 years earlier Chicago, IL and current day Palm Beach, Fl, San Diego, CA, Hawaii and aboard the Silver Mist luxury liner in the Pacific Copyright 2009 Genre contemporary romantic suspense. Audio bookAnother suspense thriller from Linda Howard with a feisty heroine and an even feistier hero Jenner Redwine, now that s a name I can remember, won millions and millions of dollars and is now friends with a born rich girl s name I can t remember They are each kidnapped right before the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise, The china had never been used The sheets had never been slept in. Now where have I heard that before Anyhoo, Jenner has a surprise for her male captor Cael She is an ever loving nightmare that can dish it out as good as she can get It s the Ransom of the Red Chief all over the place, and the interaction between Jenner and Cael is hysterical He is a big, bad rough and tough typical Linda Howard hunky hero, and just hopes he can accomplish his mission without strangling the h.The suspense story is pretty weak A m billionaire with cancer wants to make a statement by bringing down the Titanic, I mean the luxury liner with all the rich people.Points off for completely forgetting about Jenner s best friend who is kidnapped and trapped on land as Jenner enjoys the cruise and baiting Cael, the hero The books starts off with them talking each day, but loses track LH lost a great opportunity for that character to have a parallel story to Jenner and her kidnappers.Narration is well done by Joyce Bean.