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The latest ninth adventure for Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Mary Russell, begins as they arrive at their home in Sussex after an absence of almost a year The immediate problem of the missing bees from their farthest beehive means that they don t even get into the house before going to check on the hive.When they get back to the house and even bigger surprise awaits Sherlock s son Damian his mother is Irene Adler is waiting on the doorstep with a problem A big one It seems his Chinese wife, Yolanda, and four year old daughter have gone missing from their London home.Now, Holmes never knew he had a son until the boy was grown and his mother had died And the one and only time that they met, Damian was hateful toward his father They haven t spoken since Of course, what can his father do but go and help He is his father and the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, after all.Mary is left home and tries to busy herself investigating the bee mystery Eventually she is sucked into Damian s case and doing sleuthing on her own With a mind nearly as fine as her husband s, Mary is the perfect partner for the logical Holmes.I can t recommend this series highly enough, it has been a favorite of mine for many years Writing does not get any better than the smart, snappy prose of Laurie R King. A load of utter rubbish That I managed to trawl though to the end of this pile of interminable toss still bewilders me I mean it is really bad There are no situations in this book that can be remotely seen as thrilling all problems are solved for the characters before hand so they just waltz through seemingly tense situations, need to get into a house, oh just as well I brought my bolt cutters along with me, Oh I m sneaking about in a house and the occupant has just opened the door I know I ll hide in a cupboard and hope she doesn t see me Oh look she s gone to the loo I hope she s the type who shuts the door regardless of being on her own in the house Oh, how fortunate, she does Well lucky old me I ll just stroll out of then shall I etc that kind of thing It s really a load of drivel And not only that, it doesn t bloody end There s a hideous to be continued bit at the end I may be being unfair to this series, this is the first one I ve read but I really don t get the relationship between the Mary Russell character and Sherlock Holmes They re supposedly married Really You mean they ve actually had time to develop some sort of you know feelings for each other, I d be suprised if they knew how much sugar they had in their tea Awful She seems like an incredibly skilled for someone who is 25 ish she has all the skills of a highly trained James Bond style character, how did she find the time Even Trinity in the Matrix had to get help ,I know I m crossing genres here but FFS this book is BAD I ve got no intention of reading anyof this series so I mthan happy in my ignorance about their relationship etc And Holmes seems to be vaguely aware of her being around, doesn t ever mention Watson and is on the whole incredibly annoying Not only that Holmes has a son If you haven t read this book I m giving the plot details away as a means of saving you, go read something else Flatpack instructions from Ikea perhaps, there stension and drama in those that somehow has obviously not been worth mentioning in the previous 8 frikking books in the series This book is bloody awful It still doesn t rank as the worst book I ve read though step forward James Herbert and Dan Brown for that This installment in the adventures of Russell and Holmes finds the pair back in England after an extended absence, dealing with the unexpected appearance of Damian Adler, an artist with a very close connection to Holmes who needs his help Against all my expectations, I ve very much enjoyed reading this series King is an excellent writer Her prose is great, her characters interesting and she can weave a plot with the best of them It was disappointing, therefore, to find myself underwhelmed by this particular work I m not sure what made me feel that way The novel started out strongly and while the excursion into beekeeping technicalities was possibly less than compelling, the appearance of Damian set the scene for an interesting mystery However, somewhere around the middle of the narrative I started to lose interest Not enough to put down the book and not enough not to want to read the next one, but enough to make me feel I don t have to rush to find out what happens on the other side of the cliffhanger ending Still, even when King s not at her very best, what she writes is well worth reading This offering falls into the 3 1 2 star range. 3.5For me, my favorite part of this series is the interplay between Holmes and Russell With that said, it was somewhat of a disappointment to me that this was another book in the series where the two spenttime apart than together Especially considering that the case is so personal, and could have ramifications of their relationship and that there is mention of other relationship stuff from prior events as well but none of these are really addressed or dealt with at all.It could ve been a great opportunity, I think, to develop the relationship , and instead it was constantly pushed to the side, even though it would ve made supreme sense for it to have been part of the story.That said I did enjoy the case, and the developing relationship between Holmes and Damian At least that relationship was dealt with.I also found the sort of occult aspects of the story to be interesting.My favorite part, I think, was watching Mary working so closely with Mycroft We don t often get to see much of him in the Sherlock stories, and it was quite fun to see those two, and sometimes all three, work together so closely.There were times when I found myself frustrated with Russell, as she seemed to make some basic investigatory mistakes I understand it s all for dramatic tension or whatnot, but for every step forward Russell takes, she often takes a step or two back at any given time.That said, overall, I did enjoy this story It had better pacing than some of the other books in the series, and was entertaining all in all though I was disappointed that the bee case that Mary works on in the beginning didn t seem to be tied into the overall story unless I missed it. ( READ KINDLE ) ♓ The Language of Bees ☼ In A Case That Will Push Their Relationship To The Breaking Point, Mary Russell Must Help Reverse The Greatest Failure Of Her Legendary Husband S Storied Past A Painful And Personal Defeat That Still Has The Power To Stingthis Time Fatally For Mary Russell And Her Husband, Sherlock Holmes, Returning To The Sussex Coast After Seven Months Abroad Was Especially Sweet There Was Even A Mystery To Solve The Unexplained Disappearance Of An Entire Colony Of Bees From One Of Holmes S Beloved Hives But The Anticipated Sweetness Of Their Homecoming Is Quickly Tempered By A Galling Memory From Her Husband S Past Mary Had Met Damian Adler Only Once Before, When The Promising Surrealist Painter Had Been Charged With And Exonerated From Murder Now The Talented And Troubled Young Man Was Enlisting Their Help Again, This Time In A Desperate Search For His Missing Wife And Child When It Comes To Communal Behavior, Russell Has Often Observed That There Are Many Kinds Of Madness And Before This Case Yields Its Shattering Solution, She Ll Come Into Dangerous Contact With A Fair Number Of Them From Suicides At Stonehenge To A Bizarre Religious Cult, From The Demimonde Of The Cafe Royal At The Heart Of Bohemian London To The Dark Secrets Of A Young Woman S Past On The Streets Of Shanghai, Russell Will Find Herself On The Trail Of A Killer Dangerous Than Any She S Ever Faced A Killer Sherlock Holmes Himself May Be Protecting For Reasons Near And Dear To His Heart The Russell Holmes books are some of my favorite books out there I absolutely love this series That being said, I have to say this one wasn t tops on my list Others in the series, like O Jerusalem , Justice Hall , and the very first, The Beekeeper s Apprentice , were pretty much unputdownable This started a bit slow, picked up around 100 pages in, with me mentally settling in and thinking, Ah, here we go but then it just never completely took off I felt the mystery wasn t that mysterious not for me, at least and I wasn t crazy about the subject matter Creepy human sacrificial pseudo religious themes aren t my favorite when it comes to mysteries I felt that Russell and Holmes were acting out of character as well I guess in Holmes defense, he could ve been off his game because of the issue of it involving his son, but Mary seemed very un Mary like in parts She floundered a bit, not showing the determined initiative that I love so much about her character Could this be related to her experiences in San Francisco Maybe.The cliffhanger ending frustrated me I was ready to see a neat little conclusion with the icky Brothers, but not so I m assuming the next book will just pick right up and continue on with the story, but I m not feeling very anticipatory at this point I always love Russell and Holmes it s just that I didn t love this one like I ve loved others in the past. actually i only read the first two chapters online, since the book only comes out by the end of april it promises to be fantastic according to these chapters this is a real pageturner just right, not too bloody, not too cozy, like i said, just right and so british i simply love it, even made me have toast and orangemarmelade for breakfast i loved it, but there are some loose ends, thank god there will be a sequel This book has been on my shelf for years and is from one of my favorite series but I ve been dragging my feet on picking it up for quite some time I think the main reason was because I was afraid I wouldn t remember what had happened in the previous books and I felt like I should reread them but there was no way I was going to have time for that as much as I d like too So I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it and I m so glad I did While I don t remember the specifics of their adventures in India and America I found that I didn t really need too I remember Mary and Holmes just fine and was glad to jump back into adventures with them and I was very pleased to seeof Mycroft.After some a few rough adventures Mary and Sherlock are glad to be home in Sussex and not have to worry about anything other than why the bees have abandoned one of the hives They re both sore and exhausted and Mary s confidence in herself has been severely shaken But as soon as they put down their suitcases adventure finds them with the appearance of Holmes recently discovered son and the disappearance of the son s wife and child who Holmes and Mary didn t even know existed.From here on out we spend the most time in Mary s head First as she tries to keep herself busy and then becomes involved in the mystery and is still dealing with her crisis of confidence after mistakes that occurred before the book takes place To be honest, I didn t remember the details of what had happened but it didn t keep me from understanding what she was feeling and enjoying the story.The mystery itself was solid, well paced, and interesting which is what I expect from the series I enjoyed seeingof Mycroft but did miss Holmes and Mary together as they spend the bulk of the book apart The book does end on a dreaded To Be Continued BUT in this case it didn t bother me While I am looking forward to starting the next book and learning what happens next I was satisfied with the resolution of the original mystery.If you re looking for a smart mystery series with wit and brain this is definitely one to pick up I think you could jump in at this book without too much trouble but the earlier books are really fantastic It does feature Sherlock Holmes and while I do enjoy both the BBC and American television adaptations and have read an enjoyed several of the stories I am by no means a Holmes expert and cannot vouch for how closely it stays to the original character.Full Review This isn t my favorite of the Mary Russell books, but it does add to our knowledge of Sherlock Holmes was in love with an actress, Irene Adler as a young man he has a son, Damian, unknown to him until 1919 and whose whereabouts have been unknown since then When Damian Adler, shows up in Sussex at the Holmes Russell home on the day that they have returned from a long time away, both Holmes and Russell are surprised that he is there, but relieved that he is alive and apparently well He has come to them for help locating his wife, Yolanda, and daughter, Estelle Holmes agrees and sets of with his son to begin the search, but within a few days, Damian, himself goes missing, and Yolanda is discovered dead, with her throat slit at the site of some ancient religious stones Damian s lack of complete openness about his wife, together with the fact that he has been twice charged with murder in the past, he has struggled with drug addiction since he was a teen, and he is a painter of disturbing surrealist art make him a strong suspect in his wife s murder The mystery itself does not have many surprises, and the action is a bit slow, but it is interesting to see how Russell and Holmes with the help of Holmes s brother Mycroft put together the evidence they need to determine who the murderer is and to find him before he can dodamage This book does not have a strong conclusion, but rather raises questions and some suspense that will have to wait for the next installment for resolution. Review from BadelyngeThe 9th Mary Russell book, or alternatively, you could think of it as the first half of the 9th book as this one ends on a big TBC.Laurie R King doesn t disappoint very often and this is a very solid addition to the long running series The last few books have been part of a globe trotting arc as Sherlock Holmes and Russell travel through Asia and America If you are new to the series and can t get hold of the first book 1994 s The Beekeeper s Apprentice then you could do worse than dipping your toe in the water with The Language of Bees It s been nearly a half decade wait since the last book the superb Locked Rooms from 2005, so there is a subtle element of a reboot here with Russell and her famous other half arriving back in Sussex and those canonical retirement plan bees The arrival of a long lost son sends Holmes in search of a missing daughter in law and granddaughter, leaving Russell alone to contemplate a mystery within one of Sherlock s beehives The author cleverly weaves bee mythology, psychology, symbolism and science throughout the twisty mysteries that wind through the southern English countryside, creaking under the weight of our Pagan monoliths and ancient sites of druidism Add a cultural mix of Norse mythology and it s only fitting that the lead up to the deadly climax is preceded by a Valkyrie ride north from London to the Orkney Islands aboard a rickety 1924 Bristol Tourer, piloted by a seemingly unreliable drunken pilot Great stuff.