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Wall of Silence opens with the inner thoughts of the person who has stabbed Patrick Byatt, the husband and father of the family It is automatically clear that one of the three children is responsible for it and there is a cover up being formed, not to mention overall panic Soon, Melissa comes home from a bike ride to find her husband bleeding on the kitchen floor The children provide some responses to her questions on what happened, but being their mother it doesn t take her too long to realize the answers aren t completely truthful.As you read, the author gives you a very well rounded view of what a gossipy small town neighborhood might be like The Byatt s live in a village called Forest Grove labeled Utopia of the Woods, where everything is seemingly perfect and serene That is except for the Byatt s, who have had their share of tragedies due to the death of one of their sons several years prior Joel and one involving Melissa s mother.The neighbors and the village play a decent sized role within the story as well Sprinkled through out the book are Forest Grove Facebook Chit Chat Group chapters, where we read the messages being sent in real time by their neighbors and what they are relaying to each other in regards to the events and what they think about them In these text chat messages we get aaccurate sense of their inner feelings and prejudices that social media tends to bring out of some Sniping, conjectures, rumor starting.One of the main factors that will most likely determine whether or not you fully invest into this story is whether you can related to the style of the narrative and overall storytelling It has a different type of presentation than other thrillers especially with the chit chat group chapters It wasn t quite my style, but that is just me and I feel confident this will work for others.Rating 3.5 stars Absolutely not the right author for me Backstories with endless details then backstories for the backstories Long Facebook chats of the nastiest sorts A thin story buried under heaps of detail and every detail beaten to death, expanded upon and explained multiple times Perhaps a book for people with nothing to do Reading level appropriate for young teens, but the story content s not appropriate for teens at all. Melissa comes home to find her husband stabbed, all signs point to one of her children being responsible, and she decides to protect them Understandable, but she took such a passive approach that it seemed unbelievable She confronts the kids who are 15 year old boy girl twins and their 10 year old sister and basically they tell her they just can t talk about it So Melissa s response is basically, OK, I guess they need some space WHO REACTS THAT WAY Melissa was happy in her marriage, in love with her husband, so why would she not be a littleinclined to put some pressure on her kids I was so frustrated with her through almost the entire book Especially afterwas revealed, is anyone really that clueless If you live in a small town where there are orgies going on at the local pub, wouldn t everyone have at least heard some rumors Spread throughout the book are chapters where locals take to Facebook to gossip about what s going on I ve never had a Facebook account, but it seems about as toxic as I imagined.Near the end, when Melissa finally located her spine, a lot happened all at once I m still left with questions Was that really the whole story of what happened with Melissa s mother What about what happened to Caitlin Shouldn t there have been some consequences for that or at least some intensive therapy A great read with some unexpected twists As soon as I read the first couple of chapters of this book, I was drawn in For a while it was quite hard to work out why what had happened had happened, but after a few careful clues I had an idea, yet there were further twists I did not expect I thought including the Facebook group was clever and very realistic in today s modern world with all the community groups I sometimes found it hard to remember everyone s names as there are quite a few mentioned and I d find myself trying to think back to who that person was, however this did not affect how much I enjoyed this book I personally feel that some aspects of the story no spoilers left some unanswered questions and could have been explained a little , but overall an excellent read I finished in two sittings.This is my first book by Tracy Buchanan but definitely not my last Such a great read Was sat here shouting who done it had to keep reading to see what happened next Would recommend that you have a spare few hours to read this as I wasn t able to put it down 5 stars I was very pleasantly surprised by this book, one of myPrime monthly featured freebies I m not typically a fan of mysteries, but I found myself eager to proceed through the twists and turns of this story Delighted to find, too, that the author is prolific I ll definitely readfrom her I really enjoyed this book It had all the elements I love except too many characters which confused me at times I loved the way this book kept me guessing at who did the murder and the ending surprised me. Very quick and good read The story is dark but it drags one in The author does a great job of giving little clues but not quite enough for one to unravel the mystery and suspense. {Free Epub} ⚡ Wall of Silence Ç Her Children Have A Deadly Secret Can She Uncover It Before The Police Do Melissa Byatt S Life In Forest Grove Seems As Perfect As Can Be A Doting Husband, Three Loving Children And A Beautiful House In A Close Knit Community But Appearances Can Be DeceivingOne Evening, Melissa Arrives Home To The Unimaginable Her Husband Lies Stabbed On The Kitchen Floor, Their Children Standing Calmly Around Him With Horror, She Realises That One Of Them Is To Blame But Which One And Why Would They Attack Their Own Father Her Loyalties Torn, In A Split Second She Decides To Protect Her Children At All Costs Even If That Means Lying To The Police But When Someone In The Neighbourhood Claims To Know Than They Should, Melissa Discovers That Some Secrets Are Beyond Her Control Can She Find Out The Truth Of What Happened Before The Rumours Spread And Can The Family Unite To Escape The Spotlight Of Scandal Or Are None Of Them As Innocent As Melissa Insists Kindle First March 2020