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This title follows Barbara Gordon as she tries to heal physically and mentally from being bound to a wheelchair Some of the patients are disappearing and this mystery helps her realize she is not any less then she was before We needprotagonists and super hero teens with disabilities like Oracle. I love this and can t wait to add it to the graphic medicine collection I think it s something both the intended audience younger teens and the health profession both need Received an advance copy at ALA Midwinter 2020. @Kindle ⚡ The Oracle Code ⚛ TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Marieke Nijkamp This Is Where It Ends And Artist Manuel Preitano Unveil A Graphic Novel That Explores The Dark Corridors Of Barbara Gordon S First Mystery HerselfAfter A Gunshot Leaves Her Paralyzed, Barbara Gordon Enters The Arkham Center For Independence, Where Gotham S Teens Undergo Physical And Mental Rehabilitation Now Using A Wheelchair, Barbara Must Adapt To A New Normal, But She Cannot Shake The Feeling That Something Is Dangerously Amiss Within These Walls, Strange Sounds Escape At Night Patients Go Missing And Barbara Begins To Put Together Pieces Of What She Believes To Be A Larger PuzzleBut Is This Suspicion Simply A Result Of Her Trauma Fellow Patients Try To Connect With Barbara, But She Pushes Them Away, And She D Rather Spend Time With Ghost Stories Than Participate In Her Daily Exercises Even Barbara S Own Judgment Is In QuestionIn The Oracle Code, Universal Truths Cannot Be Escaped, And Barbara Gordon Must Battle The Phantoms Of Her Past Before They Swarm Her Future Not only is the plot of this graphic novel so well developed, but the way it is told is fantastic Barbara uses the metaphor of a puzzle to describe many of the problems facing her in her life Her life in the wheelchair since the accident, her friend Ben who won t text her back, the ghosts who may roam the halls, and the odd history she has uncovered These are all pieces that she tries to put together in a coherent picture of healing.The artwork features phenomenal shadow work and a palette of colors that include purples and blues and bright reds It s a range of color that I m not used to in comics, but works very effectively in this piece I also like how the style changes at points to illustrate the difference between reality and the stories the characters tell each other.This is a powerful work because it focuses on the after effects of the accident It reveals the pain and frustration, and also the resilience.4.5 out of 5 starsFor my full review all my reviews Look for my review on thebatmanuniverse.net on March 10, 2020 I received an ARC of this via netgalley in exchange for an honest review DC does it again I m having so much fun reading all of these DC YA graphic novels The Oracle Code was definitely a favorite and of all of them it feels the most concrete one The story does not feel rushed at all and its actually pretty detail oriented for a comic This graphic novel follows Barbara Gordon after getting shot and having to go through recovery from her physical disabilities but also her emotional ones She feels like shes lost her life and her friends and I feel like she was perfectly portrayed in this story I will say that this one did have a creepier feel than the rest of the YA graphic novels and I absolutely loved it The art style is another thing I loved There are different styles in this one so be ready for a pleasant surprise I would absolutely recommend The Oracle Code 5 5 stars from me This YA graphic novel explores a young girl s determination, self revelation, and healing after a tragic shooting has left her paralyzed While on her journey through recovery at the Arkham Rehabilitation Center, Barbara Gordon finds new friendship and the meaning of self awareness While she adapts to her new normal she feels like something is just not right with this facility and it s up to Babs to put the pieces together and code the truth within the walls of her temporary home.What started out like a simple hacking adventure with her best friend, ended tragically after Babs is shot and left without the use of her legs Forced into a rehabilitation center to focus on recovering mentally and physically from this event has left her with evenquestions than when she first arrived Because with a bit of perspective, everything is a puzzle DC ink has been creating beautiful YA adaptions of some of our favorite heroes I ve had the pleasure of reading a fair amount of them, but let me say this, The Oracle Code has got to be the one with the biggest and deepest meaning plot.This GA brings diversity, awareness, and mental health to a story for young readers to adapt to Babs questions multiple times throughout this novel that she is having a hard time determining what is real and what is a result of her trauma Everything is done beautifully through the use of puzzle pieces which was something that Babs connected with in the first page of the book and carries until the end.If you are a die hard adult comic reader and wanting to read this please know that this is an adaptation off the original Oracle character It has been transitioned for the younger audience, so I hope you keep that in mind As stated before this is a young adult graphic novel If you are a die hard Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, or even Oracle fan then you will love this as well The Oracle Code is a unique and fresh take on the character.You won t want to miss out on this one It is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written Has hints on humor to lighten the mood while also keeping you on your toes It gives off a smudge of Nancy Drew vibes but don t let that deter you from this because it is so muchthan that.I hope to continue to get to do this for you all DC INK is changing the way teens and younger readers view books and reading in general Make sure you check them out and read all the wonderful and empowering books they are adding for readers.Thank you so much to Netgalley, WarnerBros, DC Ink, and Sara Hannah for allowing me the pleasure to review this book and add all these wonderful images for you.Best,Brittany 3 Barbara Gordon is a teen hacker who is harmed when she gets in the way of a police chase She must learn to use a wheelchair, and her father, Commissioner Gordon, sends her to the Arkham Center for Independence for rehabilitation Babs has trouble getting used to the center, but starts to make a few friends as she also suspects something weird is going on when a new friend disappears and she starts hearing strange noises at night With her love for puzzles, she vows to find out what happened to her friend The art is colorful and expressive, with lots of bright and dark colors, plus a motif of puzzle pieces when changing scenes Babs is a dynamic character, and I hope there will bebooks following this storyline Publication date March 3, 2020 Read via NetGalley This is a young adult version of the Barbara Gordon mythos of Batgirl fame Although she is no longer paralyzed, in the comic books, there was a time that she was, and she solved crimes from her wheelchair, being a hacker.In this version, she is a teenager, and is partially paralyzed, and has to solve the mystery of the rehabilitation hospital where she is recovering.A sort of Nancy Drew take on a teenage Barbara Gordon, there are interesting twists and turns, and Barbara tries to find out what is happening at a hospital where people have disappeared.Nicely done.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review. I have been increasingly interested in these YA DC Comics adaptations and when I saw The Oracle Code I knew I had to read it I am not as well versed in the DC universe, but The Oracle Code is a compelling read either way I adored the disability representation and the overwhelming message that disabled people do not require fixing to be considered whole Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest The Oracle Code is not only a story about that feeling in the pit of our stomach, but also about Barbara s tendency to isolate herself Always focused on the mystery and the next challenge, Barbara was injured in a police chase, resulting in her use of a wheelchair, and is now recovering in Arkham Center for Independence But as soon as Barbara arrives, she knows everything isn t what it seems Barbara must not only deal with her PTSD from the accident, but also the need to uncover the truth and adjust to her new life I was instantly struck by the color scheme for The Oracle Code.It is striking, in shades of blue and green And I loved the drawing style from Manuel Preitano But I love The Oracle Code for its disability representation Not only does it feature ownvoices disability representation from Nijkamp, but it deals with this harmful message that disabled people need fixing And The Oracle Code takes a strong stance against that message Their disabilities are not something that needs to be healed or fixed It is such a strong and fantastic message to have in YA books, graphic novels, and the DC universe.full review