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I.want.. Tutto molto bello ma io c ho capito poco non vedo l ora di leggere il secondo volume e scoprire di pi su questa storia. davvero figo Non mi piace come parola ma non riesco a trovare un termine pi adatto La storia e i disegni mi piacciono molto L elemento che preferisco il modo in cui utilizzano il colore Per non ho apprezzato il modo in cui hanno esposto la storia Infatti in alcuni punti non sono stati molto chiari. I was dimly aware of Nomen Omen as a suggested replacement for people missing WicDiv, but beyond involving queer teens getting tangled up with the mythic, I m not really seeing it I tend to get riled by stories where people start doing As you know, Bob dialogue to explain the set up, but then there s the opposite extreme, where you really are just seeing events from outside, trying to piece together what s going on, and OK that s how the real world works, but even there you get occasional explanations, not to mention a longer immersion Meaning that in a comic especially, eventhan on film or TV where you can at least be sure of the people you re following unless it s David Lynch, I suppose , it can just end up a bit confusing Well, this is one of those, especially given the frequent shifts into monochrome to mirror one character s unusual eyesight There are some powerful images, not least the road accident that kicks things off and its strange aftermath, but for the first couple of issues I was almost entirely lost And then the explanations start coming, and I kinda wished they hadn t, because it s a bit knock off American Gods, a little Fables, and enough familiar components from enough other places that it just ends up feeling like another in a long line of generic urban fantasies It s not terrible, and I really enjoyed how the two girls we initially expect to be the protagonists instead end up her mums but still cool But nor is it anything special Also, he only makes a very brief appearance, but of all the old gods who will have difficulty feeling mystical to my generation, few have such a tough gig as Teutates Edelweiss ARC Fantasy thrives in comics with its visuals Which is what makes the meaning behind them so amazing In this time the magic genuinely feels otherworldly thanks to being in color while the rest of the world looks monochrome Then you find out it s because the main character is colorblind and she finds it otherworldly because what s normal to us looks mythological to others That s the whole thing behind all of this, nothing that people see happening is supposed to make sense Magic and myths are stories, the kind that change with time Sometimes the stories clash with one another, other times it genuinely feels like things are only made up as they go Which is why abstract subjects like dreams are what make up this kind of thing Unfortunately it s kind of hard to relate to anyone other than POV Rebecca or her moms Still a good read for the concept alone. Due stelle, diamogliene due e mezzo.L idea interessante, niente di sconvolgente o innovativo, ma ha quel che di American Gods che apprezzo, e la mitologia irlandese uno dei motivi dei miei acquisti istantanei.I disegni sono molto belli, o per lo meno incontrano il mio gusto, e mi piaciuto molto l uso circoscritto del colore.Arriviamo per alle note dolenti la sceneggiatura.Non so se la casa editrice ha tagliato le gambe al progetto, se avesse dato 3 volumi rispetto ai 6 proposti si spiegherebbero TANTE cose Rimane che, cos com , decisamente troppo, troppo ridotto.Il problema principale, quello che mi ha fatto mettere una valutazione bassa, sono gli spiegoni.Su 96 pagine, 23 quando ho iniziato a ricevere messaggi da Ragnarr Lothbrok che si sentiva minacciato dal lustro e dalla lunghezza della barba che mi cresciuta le ho contate sono passate a SPIEGARE Vero che nelle immagini i personaggi non stanno fermi almeno, non sempre e fanno qualcosa Per quasi un quarto di un volume di spiegoni pesante da sopportare, rende la narrazione molto lenta e abbastanza prolissa.Capisco la necessit di spiegazioni, visto che un prodotto italiano e la mitologia irlandese non cos conosciuta Per davvero, a mio parere si supera il limite, c poco show e decisamente troppo tell.Nel complesso, una bella idea, bei disegni, ma vittime di una narrazione che sembra davvero molto impacciata e alle prime armi. Tom first Nomen Omen did not blow my mind I regret that artistsoften do not reach their roots I would prefer Italian urban fantasy than another New York and Irish deities Graphically pleasing, but artistic expressions to emphasize the intermingling of worlds, not original compare The Wendy Project OsborneFish, though they were created almost simultaneously The plot promises to be so interesting that I give this comic a chance, I hope that the next issue will dispel the first, not the best impression. Je n ai pas accroch mais j ai appr ci la diversit des personnages et l utilisation du nb et des couleurs pour montrer l apparition de la magie ainsi que l achromatopsie de l h ro ne Pourrait plaire aux fan de The Wicked The Divine je pense. (E-pub) ⚡ Nomen omen, Vol. 1: Total eclipse of the heart ⚢ No Matter How Fast Your Run, Sooner Or Later Your Past Will Catch Up With You Becky Kumar Is A Daughter Of Three Mothers, A Geeky Twenty Year Old From New York City Who Is About To Cross The Veil Between Our Reality And An Ancient Realm Of Otherworldly Truths From Writer And RPG Creator MARCO B BUCCI Magna Veritas, Memento Mori And Artist JACOPO CAMAGNI X Men Blue, Deadpool The Duck Comes The Tale Of Witchcraft And Secrets That Became A Sensation In Europe Collects Nomen Omen 3.5