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This is the tragic true account of a little boy, who after a botched circumcision that destroyed his penis, was taken to Johns Hopkins for help His poor and uneducated parents were convinced by a research scientist, one who was considered the expert in his field, to castrate the child and to raise him as a girl This man s completely untested theory was that gender is malleable in babies and that nurture beats nature This man was not a doctor, had done no preliminary research on animals, and based his theory on his success with treating hermaphrodites and adult transexuals The little boy, despite the attempts by his parents to convince him otherwise, had a clear sense from the time he was small that he was a boy He, his twin, and the parents were destroyed by the situation They experienced terrible guilt, shame, and depression The boy was ostracized by his peers, and fought tooth and nail against the inappropriate gender assignment Dr Money, at every turn, refused to admit the experiment was failure, and insisted on having the family continue the charade When the boy was a teen, his family finally told him the truth, and allowed him to live as a boy The thing that probably struck me most about this book was the stunning hubris of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and their complete disregard for the well being of the patient in favor of an interesting research topic This case was madeenticing to Hopkins, because the child was an identical twin, and therefore a perfect experiment It appears the hospital, with little or no formal oversight or review, allowed Dr Money to mutilate and experiment on a human child Their actions, and those of Dr Money, were criminal in my mind, and I am shocked that even after all this time, after so much evidence has come to light, there have been no sanctions or repercussions The other thing that struck me was the terrible anguish any person and family must feel when a child is born in the wrong body naturally, and is forced to live as a gender they don t feel they really are I am glad that we as a society have begun to accept such people. So while I was a middle school student, I ended up stuck at an airport in Texas for an entire day My mom gave me 5 and I spent it on a bag of Reese s Pieces and a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine.Life was a lot harder in the 90s without mobile internet.The issue had an article on The Dead Kennedys, which as a young punk I thought was incredibly rad, and I think there was an article on some new band called Foo Fighters, though I m sure that with a ridiculous name like the band simply faded into obscurity.But what really stood out to me from that magazine was John Colapinto s article about twin boys, one of whom was raised as a girl after a botched circumcision cost him his penis As Nature Made Him The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl is a full length expansion by Colapinto of his original article Bruce and Brian are twin baby boys suffering from phimosis, a condition in where the foreskin of the penis seals at the tip Their parents, Ron and Janet, bring the boys in for a routine circumcision Bruce is up first and due to complications with the electric cautery device used to perform the surgery, Bruce s penis is burnt off.Worrying that their son will suffer a miserable existence due to his newfound inability to grow into a sexually active adult, Ron and Janet are coerced by Johns Hopkins University sex researcher John Money to raise Bruce as a girl named Brenda Money is an ass and clearly taking advantage of the family during a difficult time, buton that later.Ron, Janet, John and other adults in this book hypothesize that by simply giving the child pretty dresses, dolls and Easy Bake Ovens Brenda will grow up to identify as female This is obviously ridiculous and completely misses how gender works Instead, Brenda grows up feeling incomplete, bullied and suicidally depressed.Both the original article and this book are absolutely fascinating looks into the idea of nature versus nurture, especially when it comes to identity John Money is clearly a quack, and his ruining the life of not just Bruce but Bruce s entire family to try and prove some misguided point is absurd If I could reach into this book and punch him, rest assured I would.Colapinto does great work here It s well researched and riveting, The book is terribly sad but also very important and if you re like me, it will make you angry and stick with you for a very long time.kit Twitter Tumblr [Free Ebook] ♷ As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl ☢ In , After A Twin Baby Boy Suffered A Botched Circumcision, His Family Agreed To A Radical Treatment That Would Alter His Gender The Case Would Become One Of The Most Famous In Modern Medicine And A Total Failure As Nature Made Him Tells The Extraordinary Story Of David Reimer, Who, When Finally Informed Of His Medical History, Made The Decision To Live As A Male A Macabre Tale Of Medical Arrogance, It Is First And Foremost A Human Drama Of One Man S And One Family S Amazing Survival In The Face Of Terrible Odds 3.5 5excellently written and exhaustive book but I really didn t enjoy the dehumanizing and transphobic rhetoric towards trans women i.e referring to a woman only as the transsexual who else wants to punch John Money in the face or It is not often I can say a book turned my world view on edge but this one did This is the story of a boy, David, who, because of a surgical accident as an infant, lost his penis and was raised a girl until he was 13 or 14 The gender reassignment never worked on him he was always aggressive, butch, eschewed feminine things, etc He never felt like a girl and when he finally found out the truth, he felt like everything finally made sense The book is well written and very interesting It doesn t just focus on his life but spends quite a bit of time talking about gender reassignment research, the lives and opinions of intersex hermaphrodite people who were raised as a different gender than they ended up adopting, the politics involved with gender reassignment at the time of this incident, and biological theories of gender The author appears to try to be objective but the horror of what this boy went through is so pronounced, it s hard for Colapinto to remain neutral He very much makes the psychiatrist, John Money, who initially recommended the gender reassignment into Dr Evil and, if the text is correct, it certainly is good and just that he does If everything in the book is true, I don t know why Money isn t in jail for child endangerment and pedophilia.So why did this book set my worldview asunder Because I was raised to believe that I amthan my genitalia, that I am capable of doing and being anything I want to be Just because I m female doesn t mean that I will like makeup or dresses Just because someone is male doesn t mean they will be aggressive and like sports I grew up believing that the only differences between boys and girls was a matter of size, musculature and genitalia But this book talked about the research that shows that just small amounts of testosterone introduced into the uterus during pregnancy can make a girl muchaggressive, masculine and even gay This boy always felt wrong, never felt like a girl, even though he was told he was one I ve always felt like a girl, even when I hated wearing dresses I hate makeup and have never had any desire to join a sorority or be like Barbie But I am also not violent or aggressive in any way And I am bisexual So what makes a woman a woman and a man a man It sthan muscles and it sthan genitalia But it s apparently at least partially rooted in biology and genetics So I am propelled to doreading in this area, especially on the subject of transexuals and intersexuals It s definitely food for thought. Bon, 1 toile, a peut para tre fort s v re mais selon le bar me Goodreads, a veut dire avec justesse Je n ai pas aim Il y a plusieurs raisons pour a D abord l horrible pr face de Marcel Rufo qui tient des propos essentialisants, qui semble croire que la non h t rosexualit tient la th orie douteuse de l inversion des genres et que l ambigu t sexuelle est automatiquement un traumatisme majeur pour les familles Ensuite, je ne sais pas trop comment situer les propos du journaliste On sent qu il a voulu faire un travail d enqu te s rieux, approfondi, motiv par une cause sinc re qui est de d noncer un traitement d sastreux par le Dr John Money Or, il me semble qu il aurait eu int r t se faire relire d avantage par des personnes trans et intersexes Est il maladroit ou simplement butor en insistant sans cesse sur les anciens noms de certaines des personnes rencontr es qui s identifient un autre genre que celui assign la naissance En parlant d une tudiante anonyme comme de la transsexuelle 7 reprises en peine 2 pages En parlant d une femme intersexe en insistant sur le fait qu elle est passing et en mentionnant que lorsqu elle voque des aspects difficiles de son pass , son vocabulaire et le ton de sa voix perdent leur gr ce f minine affect e Sa voix descend de deux octaves et elle crache un jet de jurons p.243 Ce n est qu un exemple parmi d autres qui figurent dans le bouquin C est violent Les maladresses abondent En parlant d une psychiatre particuli rement touch e par son patient David Reimer, dont l histoire fait l objet du bouquin au d part, il s tonne qu elle admire son ex patient Il tait inattendu de la part d un psychiatre parlant d un de ses patients, ou d un m decin comme MacKenty voquant un employ d abattoir tel que David Reimer Je veux dire, vraiment La condescendance transpara t souvent dans le propos malgr des sentiments qui se veulent ou se pr tendent bienveillants Malaise Si le cas David Reimer m ritait d tre d nonc et investigu en profondeur, il aurait pu tre trait diff remment L entreprise de d molition de la cr dibilit du Dr Money en tait parfois caricaturale De plus, l auteur a effleur la question des enfants intersexes, ou qui des incidents chirurgicaux en bas ge sont survenu au niveau des organes g nitaux, qu on devrait consulter plus tard sans intervenir dans l imm diat mais c est 3 pages sur les 309 D cevant Bref, l histoire se devait d tre racont e mais tout est dans la mani re et en ce sens, si le livre avait t crit par quelqu un d autre avec une tout autre approche, a aurait pu donner un meilleur r sultat, moins violent et plus sensible pour les r alit s qui n entrent pas dans la binarit traditionnelle. Again, my husband recommended me this book and he did not fail me A heartbreaking tale of a boy who was raised as a girl, due to a freak accident during circumcision.It is hard for me to talk about this book While the book does end on an optimistic note, it was shattering for me to learn that David Reimer took his own life in 2004, three years after the book was originally published The life this man had to endure, the confusion, the sadness, the disappointment And yet, I will forever recommend this book, if nothing else to help us understand the biology behind a currently very polarising subject.Books Rock My World Best Books I ve Read In 2017 I didn t find this book to be riveting in the writing style it can be rather dry and there are parts that drag on a bit But it is a fascinating true story about identical twin boys who, because of a circumcision gone horribly wrong, are raised as brother and sister.The ego of Dr John Money is infuriating and it is frustrating just how he managed to get all these cases of sex reassignment I find it baffling that all these parents would let their children have these yearly therapy sessions with this nut without oversight, especially when the children were all vocal about not wanting to go and would getnervous about meeting with the man as they grew older People listen to your children They are the experts of themselves There are just two other parts that I have to write about The first is that there seems to be confusion on the part of the author in the difference between gender identity the gender you perceive yourself to be and sexual orientation the gender you are sexually attracted to The author doesn t seem to understand that these two things are not related The other thing I want to comment on is the underlying belief that all these children have to suffer the taunting of their school peers Children do NOT have to suffer this kind of cruelty Do whatever you have to do to keep your children home if society cannot accept them for who they are Let them develop their sense of self without cruel children telling them they are a freak.I came away from this book with a strong belief that intersexed children should remain as they were born until they decide that they want to do something about it But they need the full support of their parents to be able to develop into who they are meant to be without the taunting and teasing of people who think everyone must be the same well, they can be a boy or a girl, but beyond that the girls all must be the same and the boys must all be the same.I also came away with a slight fear of experts There is something to be said for people who have humility and afluid viewpoint Who can consider actual circumstances rather than always have the right answer before even being presented with the case While this isn t a parenting book, I chose to place in on my parenting shelf because I feel that it is an important book for parents. What an account I am very thankful to say this is not the state of pediatric urology today I am a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Urology SEction, and remember very clearly when Milton Diamond spoke in San Francisco at the AAP conference Out in the streets, we were being picketed by a group called HErmaphrodites with an Attitude What the group failed to realize is that the majority of the pediatric urologists were genuinely trying to understand what was best for the patient.In my own experience, I can say that gender reassignment is not the norm When a child is born with ambiguos genitalia, there is a concerted effort to find out what nature actually intended where the genes are and what equipment is there Reassignment is not the norm, rather careful consideration of assignment What also has to be looked at is the natural cycles of hormone surges that occur as early as a few weeks or months, that could impact a child There is an AAP group or at least was, before I had to leave practice because of medical disability, looking at issues of intersex and helping to clarify the best possible standards of care Fascinating subject.As an aside, when I was about 17 or 18, there was this girl I knew who insisted something had been done to her to make her a woman That she was really both male and female, despite the female genitalia she said she had She wasinterestedshall we say, in a relationship with me, but it was not my cup of tea She kept insisting she was both male and female, so that I shouldn t be uptight, but I still declined That was in the late 70 s At this AAP lecture by Diamond in the 90 s he showed slides of patients There she was, up on the screen I blurted out holy S That sTurns out, she was a true hermaphrodite, who had the external appearance of a female So she was right there was a guy inside the female s body She d had an operation as a kid to normalize her exterior parts Not that I would know by personal experience, but how weird is it that I should find that out after all those years A recommendation from hellslibrarian, I checked this book out and read it last Sunday afternoon I didn t take as many notes as I might have normally, as the story just sucked me in A gripping story of Bruce, an infant boy who, after a botched circumcision, was surgically altered and raised as a girl, upon the recommendation of an expert in gender identity sexual reassignment This expert, Dr John Money, had been looking for proof that nurture wasimportant than nature in gender identity as this boy had an identical twin brother, it seemed the perfect situation same genes, same parents, same upbringing, except for one being a boy and one a girl However, the child renamed Brenda never quite seemed to fit into the model of girlhood, try as she would The years of therapy, both with Dr Money and other psychiatrists, only confused her further, as she was never told exactly what had happened Her family was as supportive as they could be in the circumstances, trying out different schools and even moving halfway across the country in an attempt to give Brenda a new start While I felt the parents made the wrong decision, I could understand their reasoning and empathize with them The bizarre details of the therapy sessions disturbed me at least as much as the graphic details of the surgeries Dr Money not only showed Brenda and occasionally her brother, Brian pornographic material not just drawings photos of nudes, but actual porn , he also asked very sexually explicit questions at what I thought was much too early of a time in her life As puberty arrived, Brenda s nature rebelled against the regimen of hormones and once she learned the whole story, she decided to become male again, adopting the name David He is now in his late twenties, relatively well adjusted, and married to a woman whose 3 children satisfy his longing to be a father This story is nearly as much about Dr John Money as it is about Bruce Brenda David exposing his prejudices bordering on perversions, IMHO in the realm of sexual study He remained convinced that Brenda would turn out just fine his insistence at completing the surgical alteration in her early teens nearly drove her to suicide I got the impression he was treating this human being as a lab animal Dr Milton Diamond, another sex researcher, also found himself questioning this celebrated twin study and his opposition fueled a 30 year feud between the men Oddly enough, the original skewed results of this study were considered proof to feminists that there are no meaningful differences between men and women Colapinto ends the book with ageneral study of gender reassignment and intersexed individuals As with any minority, there are activist individuals speaking out against cases such as the one in this book, and he presents their viewpoint in a fair manner Treatment options are slowly moving away from infant surgical reconstruction to raising the child in a specific gender, but leaving the surgery decisions to the individual, once he she is old enough to understand and determine his her gender identity While the family will face difficulties with this course of action, it seems to me that less permanent damage is done to the child this way Recommended to anyone interested in gender identity or in biographies of people who successfully face incredible challenges My rather skimpy notes refer to him at one point as a fucking nutcase However, my personal history may be coloring my impressions a bit.