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[[ Download Ebook ]] ⚣ Altered Carbon Ê It S The Twenty Fifth Century, And Advances In Technology Have Redefined Life Itself A Person S Consciousness Can Now Be Stored In The Brain And Downloaded Into A New Body Or Sleeve , Making Death Nothing Than A Minor Blip On A Screen Onetime UN Envoy Takeshi Kovacs Has Been Killed Before, But His Last Death Was Particularly Painful Resleeved Into A Body In Bay City Formerly San Francisco , Kovacs Is Thrown Into The Dark Heart Of A Shady, Far Reaching Conspiracy That Is Vicious Even By The Standards Of A Society That Treats Existence As Something That Can Be Bought And Sold For Kovacs, The Shell That Blew A Hole In His Chest Was Only The Beginning Altered Carbon is one of those sci fi books that lingered on my to read list for years It was the arrival of the Netflix TV adaptation that finally gave me the push to pick it up I m glad it did as this exceeded my expectations and turned out to be one of the best noir detective stories I ve ever read In a future where the human mind has been digitised and can be downloaded into a new body a criminal, Takeshi Kovacs, is pulled from prison or cold storage as it is in this futuristic sci fi world and offered a catch 22 deal by a powerful businessman He can solve a murder or return to serve out the rest of his long term prison sentence The murder is that of the businessman himself The police have closed the case and ruled it a suicide but Laurens Bancroft, re sleeved in a new body with no memories of the night he died, does not believe the verdict Soon Takeshi is caught up trying to solve a murder case that no one seems to want solved except the murder victim The story was a good one The mix of mystery and action worked well and the sci fi setting was cool and interesting Morgan s writing style was direct but very compelling The whole story was told in the first person from Takeshi s POV and despite being a bit of an anti hero he proved easy enough to root for He was also a fairly charming narrator and his cynical and snarky outlook on life made for plenty of fun moments This was 100% a sci fi noir detective story It was a very good one but did still suffer from an occasional overdose of the genres typical tropes which I did find a little annoying The worst of them being the vaguely misogynistic tint to the whole story On the plus side the mystery was a good one and held my interest until the very end Morgan s sci fi world was also quite fascinating and it was packed with a ton of cool futuristic sci fi technology The story also had a bit of depth to it Morgan did not linger too long on any single issue but he touched on a whole bunch of interesting topics that are perhaps even relevant today than they were when Altered Carbon was written All in all I enjoyed Altered Carbon a lot and rate it as one of the better sci fi books I ve read in the last few years and possibly the best sci fi I ve read with a noir detective theme It had a few flaws for sure but on the whole they did not really hurt my enjoyment of the story Rating 5 stars I was thinking about just going with 4.5 stars due to the tropey nature of some of the happenings but I m just giving it the whole 5 stars since it was so addictive and fun to read Audio Note I think Todd McLaren did a good job with the audio His general narration was good and he seemed a good fit for both the story and Takeshi as a character He was not without flaws though as while he dealt well with the male voices he did struggle quite a bit with the female ones. Folks have been recommending I read Richard Morgan for years But I ve got a to read stack longer than my arm, and my reading time is rather precious It s a big risk to try a longish book by an author I ve never read before In a nutshell I loved it About halfway through the book I looked it up online and saw that it won a bunch of awards It deserves them I don t read as much Sci fi as I used to, but I m no newbie The world is unique and fresh Good characters Interesting mystery Yeah Good stuff I ll be reading his other books shortly. I haven t DNFed a book in a while but I just can t seem to get into this one.I don t need to know that the character s penis is getting hard while staring at the boobs of the woman he s interviewing about the death of her husband twice in 3 pages.I don t need to know he s half ass masturbating back in his hotel room I don t need to know about the boobs of every female characters, especially if you re going to call them elusive globes.I don t need a cringy sex scene and all of this before page 120 I just don t.This was sold to me as a great sci fi book with clones but it read like a bad porn written by a 15yo Not for me.For salt I walked beside the woman I had killed last week and tried to hold up my end of a conversation about cats A solid neo noir cyberpunk detective story that plays out in a fascinating science fiction universe If you re a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up It s pitch black dark, brutally ultra violent and fun as hell I particularly loved the concept of sleeving and the method by which characters undergo interstellar travel This is a cold, difficult reality in which Kovacs exists, and it feels lived in, with a lot of backstory beneath the surface I m hoping that backstory is explored later in the series, because it s seriously intriguing The pacing feels a little slow around the 80% mark, but that could just be a symptom of how fast paced it is everywhere else There s also a chapter near the end that feels almost entirely superfluous Personally, I think the book would ve been better without its inclusion This book also contains the most unintentionally hilarious sex scene I ve ever read Ever You ll know what I m talking about when you get to it It s interesting The novel has a fairly complicated plot that comes together almost flawlessly in the end I could see this being even better on the second read I ll definitely be reading the rest of this series.