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Throughout history epileptics have been maligned Even today they are mistreated in hospitals and misunderstood by community members A lifelong epileptic having focal seizures a type that are not generally known by laypeople like ER admissions staff , I have developed a defensive anger that hops up and shouts, or would, if the seizures didn t make thinking and moving like wading through pea soup.This book is an amazing work of art The story of the artist s youth with an epileptic brother is not in and of itself compelling, but if you give the first few dozen pages a chance, you could not fail to get completely absorbed in the rich levels of meaning of each panel, in corresponding the symbolism to the tale There were panels that I thought would make perfect tattoos I LOVED the art All this wondrous ink must have appeased my inner angry epileptic, taken her off guard By the end of the book, I was sobbing for the hardship I had imposed on my friends and family by choosing to be weak in the face of adversity, by giving in to a disorder that lets me check out of life Do not take that as an indication that this is what I have done this is the author s viewpoint on the cause of epilepsy, at least in his brother After reading the book yesterday I was flooded with the illusion of control It was a good feeling for someone whose limbs randomly move against her will I was absorbed in the story to the point where I took on ideas that contradict my most overwhelming personal experiences.Today I am angry again I had a not unusual experience several hours ago a loved one sitting next to me, looking patient, holding my hand which was jerking against that affection , saying, You re paralyzed from a seizure, right You can t answer me That s okay I ll stay here Was there a stressor No Was there any part of my life that day I did not want, choose, love No That % artist used his considerable talent to convey the same old lie we choose to let this monster take over our brains we can t deal with life and so we use our illness to hide from it That he convinced a seizure haver to see our illness through the eyes of the skeptical seizure watchers is rock solid proof of his talent.I recommend this graphic novel to anyone dealing with epilepsy or other often invisible disorders The art gives form to all of the unique and impossible to describe feelings that both seizure watchers and seizure havers deal with The almost Mayan snake David B uses to represent the illness looks just like the snake that writhes up my spine when I seize When the author fantasizes about switching his brain with his brother s, because the author could fight the seizures and not let them take over, he gives validation to a nagging thought many an epileptic and friend of epileptic has had I want these thoughts to come out in the open, to be talked about, so they can be either beaten to a pulp or washed with dayglo never again to sneak in to relations between seizure watchers and seizure havers Seeing the monster that is the impact of epilepsy on relationships so clearly defined, embodied in this book, has helped me to exorcise it.But if you do not deal with epilepsy, I am not sure you will understand the art, and I am even afraid that you be prejudiced and never able to understand epilepsy. Whew The artist s account of growing up with his epileptic brother was so brutally honest, I had to repeatedly put the book down, and walk away This is not a situation that I ve had to deal with, but I can well imagine how trying it must have been David does not shy away from expressing the feelings of anger and hatred he had toward his brother for constantly disrupting the family This was tough going, but well worth the effort. David B s Epileptic turns out to be a frustrating read for some of us with epilepsy I respect the author s experience, but shudder at the idea of the inexperienced forming conclusions about epileptics based on his feelings toward his brother presented as the titular, as if exemplary, epileptic More personally, B s exasperation with his brother chimes with the desperate denial I know I sometimes engage in in the face of an onrushing seizure I can overcome it if I just fight the shocks and shakes Then, the next thing I know, I m breathless, speechless, unable to call for help This wishful thinking fight it is helpful neither to epileptics nor to the people around them. David B pravim imenom Pierre Fran ois Beauchard u Epilepti aru opisuje kako se njegova obitelj borila s epilepsijom od koje boluje njegov stariji brat Iako je brat u sredi tu pri e, autor strip koristi kao svojevrstnu terapiju, ili ispu ni ventil, jer ovdje mo e re i sve ono to je utio godinama Tako er se kroz strip poku ava, barem fiktivno, pribli iti bratu Odli no prikazuje i kako o aj natjera ljude da pomo potra e kod raznih alternativaca Njegovi roditelji su tako u tra enju djelotvornog lijeka obi li sve od makrobioti kih gurua, stru njaka za akupunkturu i magnetizam, preko Swedenborgovih sljedbenika pa sve do rozenkrojcera.Beauchard u crte u ne tedi na tu u, table su prete ito crne, a kod likova kombinira karikature sa psihodeli nim nadrealnim spodobama to odli no funkcionira Stil pisanja je pun cinizma, sarkazma, a pomalo je i autisti an, jer u opisivanju mu nih doga aja, kojima je i sam svjedo io, pristupa dokumentaristi ki, bez emocija time posti e ja i efekat kod itatelja koji se anga ira emotivno umjesto njega.Jedina bitna zamjerka stripa je to je predug Pred kraj Beauchard kao da ne zna kako da zavr i pa je u naraciju ubacio i nekoliko svojih snova koji ne doprinose pri i, a nisu ni ne to posebno zanimljivi.Ovdje prvi put imam i prigovor na Fibrino izdanje problem je sa upisanim tekstovima Font je malo te ak za itanje, a slovo z je iz nekog razloga pisano kao broj 3 , odnosno kao veliko pisano irili no Z , a uz to je i duplo ve e od ostalih slova pa je ovo prvi puta da sam pomislio da mo da imam disleksiju.Dakle, jo jedan zanimljiv francuski strip koji toplo preporu ujem. Unquestionably the worst comic book I have ever read, and among the worst books period that I have ever had the displeasure of having suffered through Pretentious, long winded, uninteresting conceptually and plot wise, excruciatingly scattered and disjointed in the WRONG way , and completely amateurish and one trick when it comes to the drawing style This looks and reads like and may actually contain the immature student sketches of someone who might someday perhaps maybe grow into a great writer and comic artist, provided they 1 get a REALLY good editor, 2 learn how to tell a story and actually express themselves through writing, and 3 actually grasp some basics of how to make comics impactful and visually interesting, rather than just a collection of random drawings.For examples of how to actually make a decent comic out of a traumatic childhood and or unique family history, I would suggest the brilliant Fun Home, the fascinating Persepolis the movie is even better , or heck, try Maus. I thought this came across as rather hostile to people with epilepsy, not to mention self indulgent as hell Essentially, David B claims epilepsy ruined his childhood not his brother s because it was stressful for him and his sister His sister s writing the preface instead of his brother is rather telling He goes on and on about how difficult his childhood was for HIM and even talks very frankly about how he abused his brother provoking seizures when he was mad at Jean Christophe, slapping his brother while he was having seizures He never seems to have any sympathy or empathy for his brother Most offensive of all is his argument that epilepsy made his brother lazy and childish as he aged He characterized his brother as a whiny idiot, as one who used his seizures to justify everything There is no attempt on David s part to understand his brother or what he went through, which is ego maniacal as hell if the point of this memoir was to document his brother s life with epilepsy Additionally, the book just did not even hold up as a comic The artwork was ugly, the narration bland and empty the book just failed on every level for me On another note, I actually have epilepsy and was offended not only by David B s tawdry and self absorbed criticism, but also by the fact that this kind of stereotype is the same kind of bullshit most of us with epilepsy have to fight against that we re lazy, ineffective, worthless, incapable, and every other lowly adjective you can think of I m working on my second Masters degree I live alone and am financially independent right now, I m planning my summer abroad in London Yet, by this book s logic, I and every other hardworking person who just happens to have epilepsy should be living at home as some kind of worthless moocher I m getting angrier with the author just typing this And as for his brother supposedly being his own worst enemy, here s a thought why didn t his family try to foster independence in him from the beginning It s all in the attitude, and David s attitude toward his brother is shitty at best I only recommend this comic book I refuse to use the term graphic novel to people who are curious about it If you have epilepsy or a loved one with epilepsy, then you d best avoid it if you re like me, you ll only have constant internal eye rolls from this guy s levels of indulgence Ugh. I connect to this in many ways This book was refreshing because it made me feel less alone and less misunderstood. &E-PUB ⇝ Epileptic ↶ Hailed By The Comics Journal As One Of Europe S Most Important And Innovative Comics Artists, David B Has Created A Masterpiece In Epileptic, His Stunning And Emotionally Resonant Autobiography About Growing Up With An Epileptic Brother Epileptic Gathers Together And Makes Available In English For The First Time All Six Volumes Of The Internationally Acclaimed Graphic WorkDavid B Was Born Pierre Fran Ois Beauchard In A Small Town Near Orl Ans, France He Spent An Idyllic Early Childhood Playing With The Neighborhood Kids And, Along With His Older Brother, Jean Christophe, Ganging Up On His Little Sister, Florence But Their Lives Changed Abruptly When Jean Christophe Was Struck With Epilepsy At Age Eleven In Search Of A Cure, Their Parents Dragged The Family To Acupuncturists And Magnetic Therapists, To Mediums And Macrobiotic Communes But Every New Cure Ended In Disappointment As Jean Christophe, After Brief Periods Of Remission, Would Only Get WorseAngry At His Brother For Abandoning Him And At All The Quacks Who Offered Them False Hope, Pierre Fran Ois Learned To Cope By Drawing Fantastically Elaborate Battle Scenes, Creating Images That Provide A Fascinating Window Into His Interior Life An Honest And Horrifying Portrait Of The Disease And Of The Pain And Fear It Sowed In The Family, Epileptic Is Also A Moving Depiction Of One Family S Intricate History Through Flashbacks, We Are Introduced To The Stories Of Pierre Fran Ois S Grandparents And We Relive His Grandfathers Experiences In Both World Wars We Follow Pierre Fran Ois Through His Childhood, Adolescence, And Adulthood, All The While Charting His Complicated Relationship With His Brother And Jean Christophe S Losing Battle With Epilepsy Illustrated With Beautiful And Striking Black And White Images, Epileptic Is As Astonishing, Intimate, And Heartbreaking As The Best Literary Memoir From The Hardcover Edition aresi ve nedeni belli olmayan b yle ac bir hastal n birinci dereceden ahidi izer yazar n her karesi beni derinden etkiledi Her sayfada ailece i inde olduklar aresizli i, umudu, y lg nl hissediyor insan Siyah beyazl n n da etkisiyle kocaman bir g lge gibi zerine d yor kitap insan n Grafik roman n en g zel rneklerinden biri kesinlikle izerin i d nyas n n cralar na ula yor insan ve en sakl hislerine ahit oluyor. Comic books are a bit like video games insofar as they have been dogged by a stereotype of nerds with spiky hair bashing control pads, high fiving and using expressions like cowabunga, doooood I don t indulge in either that much, but I have enough experience to know that the cr me de la cr me of the mediums are credible this basically means that I sometimes read comics and play GTA V.I ll begin by saying that this is a deeply personal story which makes it all the of an accomplishment because deeply personal is so easily lost in sentimental drivel yet this carries itself all the way It s primarily about the narrator s relationship with his older brother who suffers from severe epilepsy This condition has a massive impact on his family unit who turn to all kinds of esoteric remedies in order to alleviate the condition None of these work and things become increasingly difficult as they grow through the years The narrator allows us in to his inner thoughts which at times are disturbing yet painfully honest If you have siblings or close relatives with long term conditions then it ll probably strike a nerve in some way.The illustrations are top notch One thing about reading comics is that it can be difficult to slow down and appreciate the visuals because you just want to know where it s all going With Epileptic the illustrations are among the best I ve come across The main theme is that epilepsy is tantamount to a demonic possession and this is conveyed fantastically well There is also so much historical, religious, spiritual and political imagery that this surely must ve taken many years to illustrate You can reflect on every page for hours if you want to there s so much going on.Epileptic is up there in the comic medium as an example of what can be achieved if the right creative mind sets to work on a comic A common criticism I ve read is that it s too long Anyone who reads the English version should bear in mind that Epileptic was a series of comics which were published over a number of years and what you are reading is a compendium It wasn t intended to be read in one sitting although in my opinion reading it in one sitting wasn t an issue My advice to future readers is to take breaks if you have to, but don t let the length put you off When the story comes in to fruition, you begin to reflect on the relevance of the earlier tangents and the ending is than satisfying.