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Rating 3 starsNot bad, not the best A decent effort with the best part being the search for treasure.I still enjoy this series but am looking forward to the next book. (((READ BOOK))) ☝ Temptation and Surrender ↻ Handsome, Wealthy, And Well Born, Jonas Tallent Has Everything A Gentleman Needs To Enjoy London Society To The Fullest And He Has He S Played Cards Until Dawn, Flirted With Eligible Young Ladies, And Made Love To Some Ineligible Ones But Now He S Restless, Bored With The Mindless Frivolity And Careless Pleasure, So Its With A Sense Of Relief That He Takes Up The Reins Of His Family S Estate In Rural Devon His Most Pressing Need Is To Hire A New Manager For The Inn The Center Of Village Life Such A Small Task, Yet He Discovers Few Decent Applicants Are Willing To Live In A Quiet Country Backwater Then Genteel But Impoverished Miss Emily Beauregard Applies For The Position Jonas S Initial Response Is An Emphatic No Ladies, Especially One As Attractive As Emily, Belong In The Ballroom Or The Bedroom, Not Running An Inn But With No Alternatives, He Grudgingly Allows Emily To Try, And She Rapidly Proves Herself Worthy, Resurrecting The Inn With Tact And Skill But Em Has A Secret Its Not Only The Need To Provide For Herself And Her Orphaned Siblings That Has Brought Her To Devon She S Surreptitiously Searching For A Family Treasure Hidden In The Village, The Only Clues To Its Location A Cryptic Rhyme Handed Down Through The Generations Emily Is Determined To Solve The Puzzle, Find The Treasure And Reinstate Her Family To Its Rightful Place In Society Yet Em Hasn T Bargained On Jonas His Experience Is Temptation, His Attentions Irresistible, And He S Determined To Aid Her In Her Quest He Eventually Persuades Her To Trust Him, And Together They Unravel The Clues But Someone Else Is Watching, Waiting, And Once The Family Legacy Is Unearthed, The Villain Strikes, Threatening Em, Her Family, And The Love She And Jonas Have Discovered In Each Others Arms This was a nice change from the other books in this series that I ve read Jonas wasn t too alpha male, and he didn t deny his feelings for too terribly long Emily was another strong and smart heroine Stephanie Laurens is good at writing those I loved the treasure hunt in the story and how that turned out 3.5 Stars Time again for the Cynsters Going into this one, all I was hoping was that it would be tolerable I couldn t even remember who Jonas was, and how he was connected to the Cynsters, so I had no real expectations for him either I soon figured who he was though, and it was kinda nice seeing Phyllida and Lucifer again, even though their story hadn t been one of my favorites I enjoyed their roles in this one I liked Em pretty well, my only gripe about her really was her tendency to go all brainless when Jonas was around But once she got into the relationship, and he quit being so stalkerish, they went together pretty well What I especially liked was the small village setting, and Em s running of the inn It was a nice break from the London ton stuff, and I liked seeing the inn s rejuvenation The treasure hunt was kinda fun too, especially in the second half of the story when Jonas and Filing were in on the hunt and the pace really got going I was actually kind of excited when they were close to finding it, and when they did finally, and everyone being all celebratory The villainous uncle was a bit cartoony in his bluster and obliviousness, but the second villain, he kinda came out of left field Not that it was hard to figure out he was bad, but his whole reason for being there was kinda out of the blue But it was alright, I didn t mind too badly His disappearance in the end is a little worrying though, wonder if he s going to pop up again somewhere I m also wondering if Em s brother Henry will be making a reappearance somewhere down the line too I liked her dealing with her siblings, but I wouldn t have minded seeingof them in interaction, the younger ones and the older ones both All in all though, I was pleasantly surprised to find I rather enjoyed this one I still skimmed a couple of the love scenes, but not all of them this time around, though that wasbecause I was getting invested in the characters than because of any improvement in the flowery prose I m glad that this one was enjoyable though, now I m actually a little eager for next month s Cynster Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue as we re going chronologically 3.5 Stars Well, I must admit to being a closet fan of Stephanie Laurens Her Cynster series and Lindsey s Malory series were what started me on my series seduction I find reading pleasure and contentment in running across characters I already know and love and look forward to seeing if my imagination regarding future partners for these characters is anywhere close to what the authors themselves come up with Laurens latest Cynster novel is Temptation and Surrender , about Jonas Tallent, sister to Phyllida who is wife to Lucifer Got it Jonas good looks, and his familial connection to the infamous Cynsters, have made him the toast of the ton But lately town pleasures seem to pall and Jonas wasn t altogether displeased when his father s duties called him away and he asked Jonas to head to Colyton to oversee the Grange The biggest task facing Jonas in Colyton is to find a replacement for the recently deceased innkeeper So far none of the applicants have been promising Then a new applicant arrives and Jonas world is turned upside downher name is Emily Beauregard.Emily s real last name is Colyton and now 25, she is the sole custodian of her younger siblings Almost out of money and facing an uncertain future, she s excited to find the notice regarding the job of innkeeper in Colyton That would be perfect Food, a roof, and a joball in the same place And she and her siblings can search for the Colyton treasure with no one the wiser Of course, that s assuming she can get the job with her youth and family responsibilities working against her She s expecting to charm an older gentleman, and gets the surprise of her life when instead, she gets Jonas And he s making her search almost impossible as he s always watching herand kissing her, and seducing her.Yes Laurens books do tend to be a bit wordyand a tad overblown, but I still enjoy the stories at their core Her heroes are strong yet have their gentle side, and her heroines are some of the stronger female characters you ll find in historical romances Temptation and Surrender adds the lure of hidden treasure and a chance to read a bit about Lucifer and PhyllidaI just couldn t pass that up. Good Addition to the SeriesTEMPTATION AND SURRENDER is the fifteenth book in the Cynster series It is the story of Jonas Tallent, the twin brother of Phyllida from ALL ABOUT LOVE He has taken the reigns of his family s estate and is searching for a new innkeeper for the town inn He doesn t have any prospects until he is approached by Emily Beauregard who is seeking a position Jonas ends up hiring her Emily and her brother and sisters are in town forj another purpose however They are searching for their family treasure in the village Jonas wants to know her secrets and wants her.This was a softer romance There are no great conflicts between the characters Instead there is a confrontation with Emily s uncle, the search for the treasure and a danger from a villain that occupies the story I liked Emily and Jonas together but they quickly are in a relationship There are none of the not wanting to admit they are in love Jonas is nice and quick to recognize that he wants to marry Emily The story is full of the friendly characters of the village It was nice seeing them and Phyllida and Lucifer again.This book isof the familiar sweet variety than the torrid, angst filled type I liked it but I didn t find it or the characters compelling just nice. Since Stephanie Laurens books are pretty formulaic, i.e just change names, hair color, and insert new suspense mystery elements here , I skimmed through this one There was really nothing new Spoiler Alert There were several major annoyances for me 1 The ancient treasure clue that a village of 18th century supposedly regular church goers couldn t guess but which was immediately obvious to me in 2009 Duh 2 The supposedly intelligent and strong heroine who turns TSTL under pressure She takes the time to run through the woods, and write a lengthy note but is in too much of a hurry to save her sisters to bother to grab a gun or a knife or a stick or a lantern or tell anyone verbally that she needs help Then she needs to be rescued by the hero without even bothering to offerthan a token resistance, even though she had the means Aargh I lost all respect for her at that point.3 The very obvious villain. I think I have now reached the end of this series I m glad I read it because I wanted to read a whole series and I liked the Cynster family I should have stopped once the Bar Cynster were all married off, the books took a big nose dive for me when they started the stories of in laws and friends of the family For the most part there was something I liked in each book but none of the books were ever as good as the first Devil s Bride I will probably re read that one soon.On Audio I enjoyed the story but it was very predictable. I d been doing really well and reading all the Cynster novels in the correct order, but my library was missing a couple in between and seeing as I ve read all the Bastian Club series which catches up with certain family members, I figured I was safe to read this instalment It s been a while since I last read a Stephanie Laurens novel, but this one did not disappoint I loved all the Colyton s and I couldn t help but feel sorry for the misfortune of the twins that s not a spoiler, once you start reading the book part of the plot will become obvious Yes it is slightly obvious as to what s going to happen it s a historical romance by Stephanie Laurens but that s what I wanted to read and it was incredibly enjoyable It certainly made a ten hour coach journey fly by I m going to get back to reading the in between instalments some time in the near future and I would highly recommend this series to all historical romance lovers I would suggest that you at least read some of the early instalments in the Cynster series to get a better love of the family first, especially as this book does throw out previous references It s a fantastic read regardless, it just meansto the fans with the Cynster catch up at least it does to me anyway.