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I really love this series that starts with The Mistress of the Art of Death The story combines the history of Henry II with forensic medicine My highest recommendation England, 1176 Beautiful, tranquil Glastonbury Abbey one of England s holiest sites, and believed by some to be King Arthur s sacred Isle of Avalon has been burned almost to the ground The arsonist remains at large, but the fire has uncovered something evenshocking two hidden skeletons, a man and a woman The skeletons height and age send rumors flying that they are the remains of Arthur and Guinevere King Henry II hopes so Struggling to put down a rebellion in Wales, where the legend of Celtic savior Arthur is particularly strong, Henry wants definitive proof that the bones are Arthur s If the rebels are sure that the Once and Future King will not be coming to their aid, Henry can stamp out the insurgence for good He calls on Adelia Aguilar, Mistress of the Art of Death, to examine the bones.Henry s summons comes not a moment too soon, for Adelia has worn out her welcome in Cambridge As word of her healing powers has spread, so have rumors of witchcraft So Adelia and her household ride to Glastonbury, where the investigation into the abbey fire will be overseen by the Church authorities in this case, the Bishop of St Albans, who happens also to be the father of Adelia s daughter. As this is series book 3, I am well into the larger tale now And I truly enjoyed this one The plot was better and the characters met within the motives and group cultures of loyalty adding muchto the story than they did in book 2 2 had so much wanderings up and back that a lot of the continuity to whole story was lost Not this time Adelia is also farmature, and seems muchmelted to nature and womanhood than she was in the former books Her self identity changing She s separated her independence requirements necessary for her work from the granite rigidity of her set in stone ideals of frozen and singular detachment It gives her another whole level of warmth, and with the maturation an acceptanceadaptable of for non perfect and yet human companionship Her warmth and concern for Emma and her boy also deepen on that score, just as much as for Rowley And the different mode of life that Rowley might come to represent.I really liked this book as a whole piece structured individual tale episode And it it was easier read after the first quarter than all the rest of the series so far Because it rather departed from the heaviness of the archaic prose and little by little was transformed into muchmodern dialog and narrator think Too much so That s what is wrong if you would be picky Adelia is thinking and connoting nuance far beyond her own time s possibilities But I forgive the revisionism, because the rest of the tale is so well done Hilda, Eustace and several other under characters were sliced perfectly And the tithing group on a whole, just marvelous in the point of Englishness how that system of blame, guilt, connection evolves As does the jury later in Henry s sneakiness to a new means to afford guilt Or not Of the three I have read so far, this one I liked the best Allie and Gyltha have some great lines Like this one that I LOVED Am I with Gyltha on the melodramatic sigh masters and tear jerker poets Look at him, Glytha said in disgust Happy as a pig in shit now he s miserable People complain about the tendency to impart 18th or 20th century underpinnings on some of the slants And I hear them It s true And very true for this particular book But I still enjoyed it to a 4 star and it was fully 4 star in clever intersect too And I hope that miserable old Lady Dowager Wolvercote gets her own ilk back in the next one What a truly nasty woman I also hope that Ariana Franklin does not repeat the number of times she uses all of Adelia 5 names in the next book, as she did in this book It s beyond annoying, and I didn t like that name call regime when I was 10 years old and I still don t like it now I did like the Author s Note section too with the information about Excalibur s later locations and all the detail about medieval weaponry in this book, as well. Again a great story with a lot of historical facts thrown in. I really like this series I love the characters, and particularly Adelia I love the pacing, the mysteries, the historical setting I love Henry II, even though he drives me batty sometimes.What I really don t love is Rowley In previous books, I sort of managed to put up with him he manages to be less annoying as the plot thickens, and he generally isn t around much before then.The reason I dislike Rowley is this he doesn t love Adelia Not really He hates all the parts of her that she cherishes He hates that she is a doctor He hates that she is educated He hates that she is driven to seek out truth He wants her to be a typical fainting lady He expected her to give up her whole life to marry him and while away her life in his manor somewhere, sheltered and bored And he will never forgive her for saying no.Why does he think he loves her He hates everything that makes her who she is And even worse, why does Adelia wonderful, brilliant, just warrior that she is think she loves him She deserves better Because in the end, that s what it boils down to for me Rowley doesn t deserve her Not by a mile.I d frankly rather see her with Henry At least Henry appreciates her Realizes how incredible she is, what a gift she has Recognizes that it can t be, SHOULDN T be, cast away Of course, Henry II and Adelia will never end up together that would cross too many lines in historical fiction, something that Franklin works hard not to do in this series But regardless, Henry would be better for her than Rowley, stupid Rowley who can t appreciate her, and just wants to make her something that she isn t And this book made me angry, in the end, because Adelia changed her mind and agreed to try to be something she isn t, for HIM Stupid, condescending, ignorant, pompous Rowley.I hope it doesn t ruin the series for me sigh This book horrified and offended me In all honesty and fairness, you should know I m writing this while waiting for lasagna to finish heating Hunger may make me abiting reviewer than usual There s lots of good in Ariana Franklin s writing I so enjoyed The Siege Winter due to her vivid descriptions of medieval life, specifically of the castle siege, and the endearing cast of characters she created That book suffered from the same faults as Grave Goods, but I felt like I was being hit over the head with the problems in this book.The problems My old history prof called it presentism, which is the fault of looking at history only through modern eyes It killed this book The characters are wooden really, they arestereotypes than characters The main protagonist, Ms Aguilar, is truly a modern woman somehow, inexplicably in a medieval setting She doesn t have much personality and isn t all that charming either , except for feeling indignant at all the things a modern person might find reprehensible about the Middle Ages She doesn t seem to believe that religion is anything other than a salve for emotionally weak people, or a tool for power hungry despots In short, she thinks like a modern secular feminist, and it s not believable given the setting It s one thing to write a forward thinking character it s altogether another to build an entire personality based on personal indignation at everyone around her and portray her as a thoroughly modern woman.This is highlighted by the side characters The Catholic priests are either naive or sinister, and the Catholic church is merely a overbearing social construct, rather than, you know, a religion Mansur, a Muslim, is described in a way that hearkens back to British colonial descriptions of the exotic His religion is respected unlike the Catholics as mystical, but largely not based in reality He s vaguely wise and guru like, but without any dimension or complexity.One big plot point that felt like a caricature of the Middle Ages tiny spoiler Ms Aguilar, in a previous book, decides not to marry the guy she loves because she believes marriage will interfere with her work It s all very feminist and high minded, right Except that the man who wants to marry her is a noble, and historically, the responsibility of the woman of the manor was to learn medicine They were expected to be trained as well as they could in that day on herbs and remedies Ms Aguilar is a doctor, so marriage to a noble lord would not have been the death knell of her work it would have likely given her a greater opportunity to do it I so wanted to enjoy this book But it feltlike an exhausting parade through stereotypes than a good story with strong characters. This is a wonderful series It takes place during medieval times but features a strong woman, well educated and successful The mystery itself is, to me, secondary to the portrayal of the time and the characters, especially the lead.It s such a shame Franklin died so young So manybooks waiting to be written. First Sentence And God was angry with His people of Somerset so that, in the year of Our Lord 1154 pm the day after the feast of Saint Stephen, He caused an earthquake that it might punish them for their sins Thus wrote Brother Caradoc in Saint Michael s chapel in top of Glastonbury Tor, to which he d scrambled, gasping and sobbing, so as to escape the devastation that God with his earthquake had wrought on everything below it.King Henry II is fighting to suppress the rebellious Welsh, who still believe the Ancient King Arthur will rise up to rescue them One of Henry s prisoners tells of a vision his uncle had 20 year s earlier of seeing monks bury Arthur at Glastonbury Henry orders that there be an attempt to find Arthur s bones and sends for Adelia to make the verification When an Ariana Franklin book shows up at my door, all other life stops Franklin is an author from whom I know I shall get a wonderful story This book was no exception With historical mysteries, I always start by reading the Author s Notes I like knowing what is historically accurate and what liberties have been taken In this case there were not many The depth of research is evident and educational Herbs, weapons, law, forensic science, and medicine during this period are masterfully woven into the story.Franklin s writing is so visual it is as if watching a film The descriptions are rich and, even when the scenes are unpleasant, so well done I liked the use of lucid dreams, the inclusion of Excalibur and a very nasty version of Robin Hood and his men.The characters are wonderful Adelia is smart, strong and caring Although focused on her task at hand, she is evenconcerned about her friend, Emma, who, along with her son and staff, has disappeared All the characters are three dimensional and believable, although I shall always hear Henry II as having Peter O Toole s voice.The dialogue is often funny providing laughter amidst the drama, as is true in life Is this a perfect book No, as there are a few too many coincidences Is it a great read With humor, drama, suspense and a dash of romance Absolutely GRAVE GOODS Hist Mys Adelia Aguilar England 1176 VG Franklin, Ariana 3rd in seriesG.P Putnam s Sons, 2009, US Hardcover ISBN 9780399155444 Two bodies are discouvered at Glastonbury abbey Are they King Arthur and Queen Guinevere Mistress of the dead Adelia Aguilar is called upon by King Henry II to investigate Number 3 in the series about 12th century pathologist Adelia and her Saracen protector A very interesting historical crimenovel in a very interesting period I enjoy reading about Henri Plantagenet and his reforms of the law Recommended I Will read up on Henry Plantagenet soon. (Download Ebook) ⛄ Relics of the Dead è Combining The Best Of Modern Forensic Thrillers With The Drama Of Medieval Fiction, New York Times Bestselling Author Ariana Franklin Returns With The Third Title In The Mistress Of The Art Of Death Series England,Beautiful, Tranquil Glastonbury Abbey One Of England S Holiest Sites, And Believed By Some To Be King Arthur S Sacred Isle Of Avalon Has Been Burned Almost To The Ground The Arsonist Remains At Large, But The Fire Has Uncovered Something Even Shocking Two Hidden Skeletons, A Man And A Woman The Skeletons Height And Age Send Rumors Flying Are The Remains Those Of Arthur And Guinevere King Henry II Hopes So Struggling To Put Down A Rebellion In Wales, Where The Legend Of Celtic Savior Arthur Is Particularly Strong, Henry Wants Definitive Proof That The Bones Are Arthur S If The Rebels Are Sure That The Once And Future King Will Not Be Coming To Their Aid, Henry Can Stamp Out The Insurgence For Good He Calls On Adelia Aguilar, Mistress Of The Art Of Death, To Examine The Bones Henry S Summons Comes Not A Moment Too Soon, For Adelia Has Worn Out Her Welcome In Cambridge As Word Of Her Healing Powers Has Spread, So Have Rumors Of Witchcraft So Adelia And Her Household Ride To Glastonbury, Where The Investigation Into The Abbey Fire Will Be Overseen By The Church Authorities In This Case, The Bishop Of St Albans, Who Happens Also To Be The Father Of Adelia S Daughter Po dlh om ase som sa vr tila do sveta vyklada ky smrti Ad lie Tento raz som sa ocitla priamo v Glastonbury na prahu m tick ho Avalonu, kde sa objavili dve kostry a vyzer to tak, e Henrich II objavil miesto odpo inku Artu a a Guinevery A Ad lie je t , ktor to m potvrdi Len e to by nebola mlad vyklada ka, keby sa to cel neskomplikovalo A e slu ba pre plantagenetovsk ho kr a je op raz smrte ne nebezpe n , sa Ad lie s priate mi presved zas a znovu.Op v born detekt vny pr beh, mot vy udsk ch slabost s tak ako v dy pr tomn Atmosf ra je ve mi dobre vykreslen , star postavy s tu, objavuj sa nov , v etko ako m by A nad cel m pr behom sa vzn aj hmly Avalonu.