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I am a long time fan of Jodi Picoult s work but have been disappointed with her last few efforts This was no different While the premise is interesting and the story is told in many voices, I was distracted by the form of the novel in which the characters speak to directly to Willow And what s with the recipes Charlotte is no longer a pastry chef Once the story has been set up with the child s rare disease, it doesn t go anywhere from there There is nothing new here We all know what a debilitating illness does to the family, friendships and free time We all know how much it costs the family physically, emotionally and financially The endless storytelling about the fractures that Willow sustains and how they have to care for her was boring and too much Once the family went ahead with the lawsuit, I knew how it would end Charlotte s character is flawed and unsympathetic I didn t care for her Midway through the book I didn t care enough to finish it and skipped to the end Contrived and very disappointing I will not spend anymoney on Ms Picoult s books in the future. I haven t read anything by Picoult in a few years, and I had forgotten how brilliant she is at blending multiple voices throughout a hefty, impressively researched novel This book grabbed me hard and didn t let me go sleep was lost, bus stops missed, etc The personal, ethical, moral and social issues contained in this book will keep bookclubs talking for weeks.The story, in a nutshell, is a mother of a precocious but severely disabled child decides, in order to get the cash necessary to keep up with her medical bills and special needs, to sue her obstetrician for wrongful birth This means that she must swear under oath that she should have been given all the facts about her daughter s illness in time to have an abortion The same child that she adores, who is old enough and smart enough to understand what her mother is saying, but not why she is saying it. Add to that the fact that her best friend is the doctor she is suing In a small town As you can see, the scenario is fraught with dramas and dilemmas even without side stories about her lawyer and her other daughter running throughout There is a twist, at the very end, that will knock the breath out of you I m still stunned by so bold a plot turn myself One thing I disliked about the book is the recipes running throughout it Charlotte, the main character, was a pastry chef before Willow s problems forced her into being a stay home mom, so they aren t completely out of place, but I felt like they didto disrupt the flow of the book than add dimension to it Still, I give it 5 stars with no hesitation. [Read Book] ⚖ Handle with Care ♕ When Willow Is Born With Severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Her Parents Are Devastated She Will Suffer Hundreds Of Broken Bones As She Grows, A Lifetime Of Pain Every Expectant Parent Will Tell You That They Don T Want A Perfect Baby, Just A Healthy One Charlotte And Sean O Keefe Would Have Asked For A Healthy Baby, Too, If They D Been Given The Choice Instead, Their Lives Are Made Up Of Sleepless Nights, Mounting Bills, The Pitying Stares Of Luckier Parents, And Maybe Worst Of All, The What Ifs What If Their Child Had Been Born Healthy But It S All Worth It Because Willow Is, Funny As It Seems, Perfect She S Smart As A Whip, On Her Way To Being As Pretty As Her Mother, Kind, Brave, And For A Five Year Old An Unexpectedly Deep Source Of Wisdom Willow Is Willow, In Sickness And In HealthEverything Changes, Though, After A Series Of Events Forces Charlotte And Her Husband To Confront The Most Serious What Ifs Of All What If Charlotte Had Known Earlier Of Willow S Illness What If Things Could Have Been Different What If Their Beloved Willow Had Never Been Born To Do Willow Justice, Charlotte Must Ask Herself These Questions And One What Constitutes A Valuable Life I am a big fan of Jodi Picoult but I couldn t wait to finish this book so I could read something enjoyable I thought this book had no redeeming qualities I didn t like the whole premise How do you sue your best friend It went down hill from there I hated the ending. I have mixed feelings about Picoult s latest novel On the one hand, I really enjoyed once again the introduction of a controversial topic in mainstream fiction and the presentation of all points of view On the other handwell, there are a lot of other hands Yes, from what I can recall, this is too similar to My Sister s Keeper The ending was completely unnecessary The chapters written as if they were letters to Willow just didn t flow the way Picoult most likely intended Not to mention that Picoult s writing has pretty much become formulaic Then there were things that didn t really ring true to the characters Sean not understanding why the law firm wouldn t take on his case, for one hello, he s presented as quite level headed and intelligent in the rest of the book Yes, there s a lot of emotion, but even embarrassment is not an excuse for presenting him as dumb on just one page when the rest of the book never alluded to that And that s just one example Then there s the character of Charlotte I hated her which was a good thing because it kept me engrossed in the book I hated her because I cannot accept, or believe, that anyone would be stupid enough to believe that this lawsuit wouldn t change anything for the worse I hated her because she is a great example of how our litigious, I m not to blame she is society operates I loved and hated how easily she was entranced by the idea of a lawsuit that would destroy the life of at least one person she loved in order to make in her mind another s easier I hated her single minded determination to protect one daughter while ignoring another But while I hated her, I had to admire her at the same time for her resilient strength and determination to follow through with what she believed was the only right thing to do.I did like the book for the same reasons I generally like Picoult s books the thought provoking subject and introduction to a new issue that one might not have really thought about before in this case, I had but it did make me re evaluate my position several times the variety of characters and different points of view good research and an easy, quick read Picoult still has what I love about her, but if I could give her one piece of advice it would be to SLOW DOWN The quality of the books seem to degrade a littlewith each one and my theory is that it s probably because she s pumping one out a year It s worth a read and not a waste of time, but cannot be judged on the same level as her earlier books. Ok, so I just finished Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult due out April.This was the first Jodi Picoult book where I really struggled to finish it I found it very repetitive much too similar to My Sister s Keeper just a different disease.There were family problems, questions of morality, several characters having personal problems, it just seemed to be one big book of problems very whiny one at that.It was written very well I love the style in which Jodi Picoult writes, but this book honestly did nothing for me I didn t find myself attached to the characters like the other books surprisingly was not the slightest bit emotional when it was called for.Anyway that s just my verdict, I m sure many others will enjoy it I was really enjoying reading this latest from Picoult, especially since I hadn t enjoyed her last book I was also interested in learningabout OI, since a local family was recently on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and their son has OI However, after all the drama and tension, the ending just fell flat to me So I ended up being disappointed overall by the novel Didn t have that sense of satisfaction I usually get after I finish something really good. Well, here s the thing Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book She handles current topics in her books and makes them poignant and real and well, she just really makes you THINK, something we often don t like to do This book started out very slow and at first I wondered if I was even going to be able to get through it As the story progressed, I couldn t quit, couldn t put it down, HAD TO absorb as much as I could even though at times there were tears streaming down my face This book puts a whole new light on abortion and, although I am sure it would never go as far as to alter a pro choice voter s opinion I doubt if anyone or anything could do that pretty hard in this day and age to convince someone to alter a stubborn opinion like that , it served to firmly cement my pro life stance If you read the book carefully and with an open mind, you could possibly find yourself considering how truly self serving a pro choice option is I finished the book about half an hour ago and the tears are still fomenting and giving me double vision And now I can t wait to see what topic Picoult comes up with in her next book All I can say is WOW Double WOW. Picoult s books are incredibly formulaic, and their strength really lies in whether or not you care about the topic they address I expected to beintrigued by this one OI brittle bone disease and a wrongful birth suit Either I just wasn t in the mood, or it read too much like My Sister s Keeper, or I spent the whole time anticipating the expected resolution I actually found the teenage daughter, Amelia,interesting Probably because she was the character I could most relate to, and I liked the fact that Picoult gave herof a personality than some of the other family members in her other books Amelia had her own demons to fight that reflected a lot of the family struggles, and I guess I wish there had beenof an examination of her bulemia and cutting If nothing else, I felt that the solution of send her away to a facility was a copout on the part of her parents Rather than really addressing the issue, it was just brushed aside.I expected this to be a muchheartrending book, but I never felt particularly involved in the wrongful death part The emotional bits seemed to berelated to the friend vs friend parts, the husband vs wife part, and the wife vs the world parts It never seemed to come down to wife vs wife in which the mother actually has to face what she is really saying that she wishes her daughter were never born.I thought the adoption plot was jimmied in a little bit, and I didn t feel that I needed any backstory on the lawyer Similarly, I was irritated by the brief husband friend makeouts and sexual tension I think time would have been better spent highlighting the OB s marriage issues rather than just shoving her into Sean.I skimmed through the last 50 pages to the expected conclusion of high profile trial resolution and main character death This one was a little too TOO My Sister s Keeper, and I thought it was a little cheap I did like that the family had the check on the fridge for months, though I was disappointed that the check ultimately went to waste There were clearly PLENTY of OI families, foundations, or SOMETHING that could have used that money.I just wasn t particularly impressed by this book, though, as always, I m sure that if these were issues you were really interested in, this would be a great book Picoult s books are always impeccably researched, and she clearly gets a realistic picture of the life she is portraying It is always interesting to find out the seemingly mundane details of extraordinary lives that you wouldn t normally be able to relate to. This book was a mixed bag.I will agree with readers that say it reminded them very much of My Sister s Keeper I thought that Picoult did a nice job of developing Amelia s character and perspective While I did find this book quite gripping, I find that Picoult needs to be wary of being too formulaic Her twists and turns are becoming predictable thus, when one happens it doesn t affect the reader in an emotional way The twists almost become detrimental to the book much like a soap opera that starts out really good but after a while, you just start to think Oh, come ON The ending of the book was just lame and because of that, a book that would have gotten four stars from me instead earns three because the rest of the book was good enough to support the crappy ending Based on the ending alone, I d give it a two.Picoult is one of very favorite authors but this is one book I am glad I got from the library, as I won t want or need to be reading it again.