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Sorry yuck I probably would have liked this in my early 20 s now it s just embarrassing Some parts are entertaining but my gut feelings is that it s mostly fabricated or at least exaggerated or stretched for extra content I m still curious to read her other books but this one didn t do it for me A big nope from me On the plus side it was a perfect audiobook for easy entertainment something that didn t require a lot of concentration or brain cells. OMG This woman kept me laughing, page by page I didn t want to stop reading, but I had to get to work Thank goodness for my rides to and from work in a bus, I get to read rather than pay attention to what s going on on the road People must ve thought I was retarded when they would see me suddenly burst out laughing out loud I got lost in Chelsea s world I can t wait to read her other book You gotta know her and what she s about before reading this or you might think she s too raunchy for humor I love how straight faced she is with any joke she makes She s not joking in a way to be funny She s being serious LOL I watch Chelsea Handler s late night show on tv and the disconnect between her professional young woman look and foul mouthed retelling of her sexual expoits is quite funny and I looked forward toof the same in the book However, the humour lies in her drunken exploits picking up a myriad of men and then her personal insults against them, whether it be their size , personal habits, looks, intelligence or housekeeping ability There are several side characters, all of whom might have been interesting, but the information on them is restricted to how much money they have and their sexual habits or lack of them Again, insults abound The only character who is described in any kind of detail is her father a racist, homophobic, certifiable eccentric of a secondhand car dealer, not a description that is in any way believable but still amusing to read.The initial chapters read well, but it became steadilytedious and I had to force myself to read the last few chapters just because I really hate not finishing books Humour is a very individual thing What I like you may not and vice versa so the two star rating reflects only my opinion and not a rating of how good the book is or is not. I was embarrassed reading this book in public I was getting a pedicure while reading parts of it and swore the pedicurist had xray vision, could see what I was reading, and subsequently thought I was a huge perv This is supported by the crappy pedicure I recieved Regardless, this book is hilarious A perfect trashy beach read I cannot fathom that parts of it were not embelished for hilarity s sake, but hilarious it was Let this be your guilty, guilty pleasure. As if I neededhelp feeling like a nun.Wow Chelsea takes a no holds barred look back at her sex capades There is something in this book to make everyone squirm It fits into the same category as the movies American Pie or Superbad and that category is I must watch them alone so that I have absolutely no witnesses to which obscenities I find most hilarious I want no record of what I laughed at.This was fun to read and quick but I don t think it s for everyone The virtuous girls might be shocked and the bad girls might be inspired to evenbad behavior I m looking forward to reading her next book, and that s safe because I m neither bad nor virtuous Just a reluctant nun. I have never considered myself prudish before but reading these recollections and seeing how little respect Handler had for the men she encountered really depressed me I had hoped that the book would be Fun and Liberating The story of a confident, single woman who took charge of her sexual experiences What a Let Down There were a handful of funny one liners but after reading this book, I found that I really didn t like the author and that her exploits left a bad taste in my mouth I expected the non PC jokes I expected the brash humour I expected the mean comments I did NOT expect the boredom I was expecting a funny book with descriptions of one night stands What I got was running commentary on being drunk and stupid None of which I had a problem with This book was just fucking boring. Hilarious, as always Magnificently endowed midgets, an Adonis of a stripper known only as THUNDER, a cruise ship performer her conquests stack up rather quickly and fortunately for the reader nearly always end in tears and or vodka Chelsea is always willing to skewer herself for the cause of a good joke and this book is full of them Definitely not for the easily offended or delicately sensible. I about died reading this book Seriously, I had to put the book down several times because I was crying so hard from laughing I am not normally the type of reader who laughs out loud at what she is reading However, I am thankful that I was home alone for most of this book Having witnesses would have made me appear to be some kind of whack job.I highly recommend this book unless the following things bother you, offend you, or any other type of negative feelings ensue sex, body parts, swearing, offensive descriptions, etc.If the above things bother you, do not read this book. `FREE E-PUB ⇹ My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands ⇺ You Ve Either Done It Or Know Someone Who Has The One Night Stand, The Familiar Outcome Of A Night Spent At A Bar, Sometimes The Sole Payoff For Your Friend S Irritating Wedding, Or The Only Relief From A Disastrous Vacation Often Embarrassing And Uncomfortable, Occasionally Outlandish, But Most Times Just A Necessary And Irresistible Evil, The One Night Stand Is A Social Rite As Old As Sex Itself And As Common As A Bar StoolEnter Chelsea Handler Gorgeous, Sharp, And Anything But Shy, Chelsea Loves Men And Lots Of Them My Horizontal Life Chronicles Her Romp Through The Different Bedrooms Of A Variety Of Suitors, A No Holds Barred Account Of What Can Happen Between A Man And A Sometimes Very Intoxicated, Outgoing Woman During One Night Of Passion From Her Short Fling With A Vegas Stripper To Her Even Shorter Dalliance With A Well Endowed Little Person, From Her Uncomfortable Tryst With A Cruise Ship Performer To Her Misguided Rebound With A Man Who Likes To Play Leather Dress Up, Chelsea Recalls The Highs And Lows Of Her One Night Stands With Hilarious Honesty Encouraged By Her Motley Collection Of Friends Aka Her Partners In Crime But Challenged By Her Family Members Who At Times Find Themselves A Surprise Part Of The Encounter , Chelsea Hits Bottom And Bounces Back, Unafraid To Share The Gritty Details My Horizontal Life Is One Guilty Pleasure You Won T Be Ashamed To Talk About In The Morning