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Buddy read with my wonderful friend, CeliseI freaking loved this book Arlen, Leesha, Rojer, Bruna, Ragen, Cob, Leesha s father and Twilight Dancer were my favorite characters The book tells the story about 3 people, Arlen, Leesha, Rojer It starts when they are younger until they are adults and how they find each other They live in a world where you have to be inside a Warded home or Warded circle etc, before night fall This is when the demons rise and if you re not safe, you re pretty much eaten I can t describe how awesome this world is, besides the getting eaten part I mean it s just like nothing I have read before And yes, there are people I wanted to beat down, but that is all par for the course I really, really hope the next books are good because there are mixed reviews I hate that because this is one of my new favorite books Mel The Warded Man had a tremendously strong start and was well on the way to a five star read Then three quarters of the way through, I became extremely disenchanted with characterization and plot jumping Brett s world is fascinating a feudal system at the mercy of demons arising from the earth each night, and the only way to defend against them is through the work of drawn carved wards The story begins by following a young boy, Arlen, allowing well integrated world building as Arlen grows Brett did a fabulous job of creating the feeling of subsistence living, of huddling behind the doors each night and the race to get daily chores done by dusk to prevent demon attacks Before Arlen reaches teen years, the point of view switches to a young girl, Leesha, and then on to another boy, Rojer Their tales are equally interesting, although Rojer s is significantly shorter it was almost as if someone said enough exposition, let s move on Leesha experience and creation was well done, and I got a great feel for what it must be like to be female and growing up in a village Then we move to the city of Miln, and Arlen s life takes a sharp turn in short order he is apprenticed to a Warder and planning to be a Messenger Section 2 of the book focuses on the teenage years, roughly speaking, so for Arlen that means his apprenticeship in Miln, Leesha her apprenticeship as a Herb Gatherer and Rojer s own apprenticeship as a Jongleur This section is much shorter, a mere 88 pages to the 158 of the first section, although it felt anemic, as the time period of growing into adulthood makes for rapid and significant changes Oddly, what seems to happen to these three is that the moral code of their childhood selves solidifies, becoming a kind of arrested development The final section is what caused rapid downshifting in enjoyment and rating view spoiler Section three is where Brett seriously tested my belief in the characters he created and the world he built We catch up with Arlen three years after he s left Miln He s in some mysterious ruins aren t they all , discovering wards and a heavily warded spear He takes the spear he s found to the city of Krasia, which is clearly modeled on every stereotype about Middle Eastern desert tribal culture That s right warrior men, women that do all the labor, cripples are in the untouchable class and outsiders are considered cowards Arlen shows them the spear, fight corelings alongside them, and for his reward, is thrown into a pit weaponless to fight his way free of corelings Yes, that s right the boy that spent every day in study who had to be told by his master to go play outdoors with the other kids is suddenly an expert in hand to hand combat Once he becomes the tattooed man, his physical skills increase I found suspension of disbelief seriously threatened in this section one, Arlen s becoming the perfect warrior highly intelligent, creative we knew from work with the wards and now physically amazing It s always a little annoying when your protagonist becomes superhuman, and I really don t feel Brett gave us enough justification for getting there Two, I mention again his entire teenage youth spent in the library or crafting, except on Sundays when he studied physical skills with Ragen, and riding around on horses with Mery once they become intimate How exactly did he get amazing Three, Arlen was afraid to make wards into the spear, because they would be damaged with the attack, but he s not afraid for his tattoos Break tattooed skin and scarring mars the tattoos Later we get the justification that he s started to absorb magic from the demons when he destroys them I think this is when my credibility stretched and snapped Oh, now Arlen is magical as well And the first in centuries to discover this Then, by the time he meets Leesha and Rojer, he s riding a war charger he bred and trained to stand with him against demons Like a little selective breeding and horse training wouldn t take another ten years and be a whole new set of skills So now he s a natural warder, a scholar, an amazing fighter, a subsistence forager and hunter and now a horse trainer Doesn t strike me as possible within the boundaries of the world Brett set up It felt like suddenly we have the Epic Hero, but we missed out on the process of getting there The lavish detail showing in their childhoods and world building is suddenly cut down to bare bones.I think it goes without saying that it is about time that we leave the female rape scene out of fantasy, particularly when it is your only female character.The rest of the book became a chore to finish, as my enjoyment in the world Brett created was spoiled by the metamorphosis of his lead into an invincible superhero I found the moment of sommersaulting in the air and double heel striking two corelings annoying how did I get in a Jet Li movie The immediately doomed love scene between him and Leesha was a complete letdown in it s unoriginality He immediately decides it needs to end because he must be part demon and his seed is tainted Yawn Like we didn t get an enormous diatribe on how Leesha learned to prevent pregnancy at part of her training We get the stereotypical dual stomp off instead Leesha becomes mother figure to village and alternates between tears and screaming at people Sigh What happened to our thoughtfully created female hide spoiler A rather brief review since I read the book very nearly 5 years ago.I came to this book with no expectations, finding it on the shelves in my house Both sons recommended it, but that s not always a recommendation There are fantasy books that are all about the plot, fantasy books that are all about the characters, and fantasy books that are all about the world building This one manages to be all about all of that.The big idea is the demons and it s a good one I d not seen demons done this way and the partitioning of them into the night, combined with the system of wards, really works to create a very interesting dynamic.The wards themselves are not only interesting in the sense of a magic system but also in a meta sense as they are a marketeer s dream They provide for the fandom almost limitless fuel for fan art, cos play, and branding not in the literal sense I ve seen a line of wards as jewelry, warding as body art it goes on.The main character first introduce, driving force is Arlen and although he s a farm boy rises to hero he manages to overcome the trope and be an interesting character, primarily through his combination inventiveness, down to earth morality, and bravery The other point of view characters are also engaging and offer complete a diverse set of windows onto the world Brett s made for us.Arlen s chosen vocation involves a lot of traveling which is great for covering the map and colouring in the detail.The plot works too Ostensibly the book is about defeating or surviving the demon threat, and it has of that in this first book than the later ones, but even here the politics and character interactions are a major focus Brett gives us a complex world full of interesting people, and the demons act as a constant source of pressure to drive the characters to extremes In many ways The Warded Man is old school fantasy, but it s written in a modern style that I found refreshing A really good read Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes. 4.5 5 StarsThe Warded Man is a superbly written debut that every fan of character driven fantasy must read.I started reading this book without knowing anything about it other than the premise It s been hundreds of years since the demons returned to ravage the world The demons only come at night and this situation has left humans isolated in their respective cities and heavily reliant on wards to repel their demonic adversaries The Warded Man is truly different from what I thought it would be based on the cover I honestly thought it would be a plot driven book featuring one badass main character to focus on right from the start until the end I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was I never expected this book to be a multi character driven fantasy, which I truly adore.The plot unfolds really slowly I know some readers can be disheartened by the pacing of the first 30% of the book as I find Brett s storytelling style isn t linear it s a bit unconventional The story is told from the perspectives of three main characters and as soon as a character s POV was about to get interesting, Brett immediately switched the narrative to another character Some readers will find the pacing to be even slower because of this however, I personally loved it Brett really took his time developing the characters meticulously from their childhood to adulthoodWelcome to adulthood Cob said Every child finds a day when they realize that adults can be weak and wrong just like everyone else After that day, you are an adult Like it or notThe Warded Man is after all, at its core, truly a character driven coming of age tale The characterization of the three main characters, Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer, is excellent Reading about their struggles, convergence, and eventual determination to not succumb to the harsh world they live in is something I thoroughly enjoyed Plus, the book also has a lot of similarity to The Name of the Wind which is another favorite of mine with its coming of age tale with tragic tone an intellectual character who loved books magic learning and most of all, the emphasis on music.Picture Arlen Bales and Twilight Dancers by Dominik BroniekThe world building is wonderful Brett provides enough information on the history, magic system, the harsh world, and the variety of demons without being info dumpy At the same time, he also left some mystery for the future installments as well This is truly how the world building of the first book in a series should be presented Accompanied with simple and engaging prose, even with the slow pacing, I found that there was always a sense of suspense while reading the book I was addicted.I had two minor cons with the book The conclusion ended too quickly for my taste a bit exposition and it would ve made an even greater, lasting impact Also, call me nitpicky but I can t help it, the repetition of a word disrupted my immersion specifically, the word succor I honestly don t know why this word really stood out to me, but every time this word popped up I was like, oh look, it s this word again I feel like Brett could ve used another replacement for this word, such as help, aid, assistance, or relief.Overall, The Warded Man, being a debut work and the first book out of five in the Demon Cycle series, is a fantastic debut that every fan of character driven fantasy should try to read I ll be continuing onto the second book immediately after posting this review, maybe even binge read it all the way if the rest of the series is as good as this first installment Highly recommendedLet others determine your worth and you re already lost, because no one wants people worth than themselvesYou can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest The world of The Painted Warded Man is governed by fear Countless corelings demons rule the night Magical wards that keep the demons out also keep the people in The promise of safety has become their prison Sidenote By the way, what s up with the name change Is this book a part of Book Witness Protection Program WhyBeing caught out in the open at night equals gruesome death People in this world hide trembling behind their wards at night terrified of what s out there Fear rules their lives and determines their actions They have lost their will to fight They have traded freedom for safety And so enter our three main characters who decide that life is than just cowering in fear A Arlen, who refuses to live his life in fear and forgoes conventional happiness for what he feels is right and becomes the titular Painted Warded Man, battling the corelings B Leesha a brave and determined young woman, a skilled healer and herb gatherer who defies all expectations of her male dominated society C Rojer, a self doubting young jongleur alive thanks to his mother s sacrifice, who is able to charm corelings with music A B CSidenote 2 It s hard to believe that nobody EVER thought about doing to themselves what Arlen did Yes, they did not have battle wards until Arlen found them But a few defensive ones, just to be on the safer side Sidenote 3 Upon further thought, maybe the years of viewing the demons as the deserved punishment from the supreme being made those people accept their fate and just pray for the Deliverer Without ever trying to take a stand That s sad. Brett does not bother with the recent trend of having shades of gray antihero protagonists and his approach works They have their flaws Arlen is angry, Leesha is headstrong, Rojer is insecure but they are clearly the good guys They are instantly likeable, and it feels good to be rooting for them We are also given just the right amount of worldbuilding to draw the reader into this universe without making the story drag. Unlike so many recent fantasy books it does not drag the reader into the endless political intrigues, which is refreshing Instead, we get character development and adventures, and it s great Yes, Mr Brett is a talented storytellerWe are what we choose to be, girl, she said Let others determine your worth, and you ve already lost, because no one wants people worth than themselvesGreat fantasy book, a real page turner Good story, good characters, good execution Easy 5 stars. I ve seen this book in my feed for years now, so I finally decided to take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about And I m really glad I did because this was a pretty cool story.Ok, in this world there are demons HissNot the kind that possesses you and turns you into a minion of Satan, though The kind that come out at night and eat you RAWRAlright So basically these demons called corelings b c they come from the core of the earth rise up at night and wander around looking for humans and animals to eat And the only thing that can protect you are the wards you have etched onto your houses and barns, or portable wards made of wood that the Messengers use while traveling from village to village.And for somewhat contrived reasons these wards tend to fail erosion, water washes them away, wind blows stuff down, etc or people don t make it back inside the warded areas before the night falls, andinstant demon snackinsert screaming here There are all sorts of religious stories and lore about what they are and how they were beaten back the first time around, plus a prophecy about some Deliverer who will pop up one day and save the world from these things But for the majority of the story, all of that is just background noise.The main plot s revolve around three different characters Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer that you re introduced to separately at pivotal moments in their childhoods.Except they don t meet each other till they re waaaaay older, so you re hopping back and forth between three different stories for the vast majority of the book.And by the time they do meet, they ve all been through some pretty rough shit Especially Arlen, who s all snarling, growly, freaky looking in general by the time he finds Leesha and Rojer.Ok So all of that was awesome I m really digging this book until it was like 90%ish of the way done, and then this spoilery rape thing happened that kind of made me scrunch up my face.Now, understand that I m not opposed to rape in books that I read It happens in real life A lot So, writing about it, if it s handled well, is something that I think can help shed light on a dark subject.But.To me, this wasn t one of those times that the story gained anything by adding it in there view spoiler So Leesha gets gang raped by robbers while on the road with Rojer It s told mostly by Rojer through flashbacks, so it isn t terribly descriptive, which was good I think part of what bothered me was that such a big deal had been made about Leesha and her virginity throughout the book she s like 27ish at this pointShe had guarded her flower carefully and was determined to do things right her entire life, even though several times there were women she trusted who told her there was nothing wrong with having sex for pleasure I mean, right before she set out on the road, her trusted mentor had told her she should probably just screw some random guy and get it over with And that wasn t bad advice or anything, so it got her to thinking that maybe her flower wasn t all that important More spoilery things happen, and out of desperation, she almost lets a Messanger who had tried to rape her years ago have sex with her as payment for taking her on the roadbut changed her mind at the last minute Then got raped anyway And gang raped at that What was the moral of the story Hurry up and have sex before a bunch of highwaymen have their way with you in the dirt Ok, and that probably wasn t what the author intended, but it just felt to me sort of wrong when I was reading it.And all of that was odd enough, but then she decides within days of getting raped that she wants to have sex with Arlen Whut They had just metbut he somehow made her feel safe enough to hike up her skirts on the ground with little to no foreplay I can t imagine that gang rape is easy on your tender parts, and I just don t see how a woman would physically heal enough in few days for that to be even sorta kinda comfortablemuch less pleasurable.NO Justno I have a hard time swallowing that one.And lastly Arlen and Rojer find the guys who did it, steal back the portable wards from them, and leave them to the demons And Leesaha freaks the fuck out and gets super angry at them WHAT I get that demons are humanity s enemy I get that you don t want to give anything to the demons But I feel like her reaction to finding out that her friends allowed those scumbags that forcefully took her virginity to get eaten by demons was RIDICULOUS If nothing else, they saved the next girl those assholes would have done that to Plus, they severely beat Rojer and left the two of them stranded on the side of the road with no protection from the demons that were approaching If Arlen hadn t shown up and saved them Chomp chomp, motherfuckers Rojer deserved revenge even if Leesha didn t want it, you know Ugh spitsI don t know There was just nothing about it that made me feel like it was necessary so far to this storyline hide spoiler Oh, where to start with this book.Perhaps I should begin by pointing out that, according to the back of the book, this is the author s first novel don t quote me Wikipedia, this is his first published novel, I guess.Unfortunately, it shows.So, it s a fairly generic set up with a Medieval style community, humans vs demons, good vs evil Blah de blah As is obvious from the title, the primary protagonist eventually carves runes onto his skin to combat the demons and take a stand As a concept, it s fairly interesting It just was not very well executed The pacing was severely lacking The world building was heavy handed And the inconsistencies in the functioning of this world are just overwhelming.The greatest example of inconsistency concerns the handling of genders Perhaps because it s his first novel, the author tries to borrow from a rather sexist view of history concerning gender roles That s one thing But only addressing the female characters in relationship to their reproductive capacity got old Fast One of the three protagonists, Leesha, is a young woman who quickly gets caught up in a sex scandal and then never gets out If all mention of sex and babies was removed, I don t think there would be any other female characters okay, maybe the old mentor Bruna , and Leesha herself would only be in it for about five pages It s baffling just how poorly the author understands women But even this aside, the treatment of major social matters is just completely inconsistent Everyone stresses constantly that having children is necessary because everyone keeps getting killed off by demons Okay Then throwing in slut shaming for unmarried women doesn t make sense, since the whole point is to just have babies Then having almost every woman using contraceptives and sleeping around What I don t understand the logic being used here Then there s the city with the social ranking based on being a mother This is a pretty solid idea, given the necessity of babies to eventually fight the demons It s an interesting take on social hierarchy Then they introduce the idea that these Mothers are even advisers to the ruler Well okay then Aaand that is all There s no further development We never see the women in any sort of advising capacity The one woman who is supposed to be in charge gets ignored and bullied by a glorified postman And two sentences after introducing this concept, the characters are bemoaning having to go through selling off useless daughters and remarrying to different women for the all important MALE HEIR Why a woman can t be next in line for succession is never mentioned, let alone explained All we re left with is yes, oh, how important these Mothers are and damn it these useless daughters I think the author tried to throw a bone with this one, sanctity of motherhood, whatever it just didn t take He also tried when he said only women Herb Gatherers are all women, mind you were allowed to know the secret of demon fire, since men couldn t be trusted not to light the whole world on fire Um, yeah, since when How is this form of sexism any better Not only is it showing the ONLY independently powerful women as a bunch of scheming, suspicious, bigoted, man hating hags, but it s a pretty poor estimation of the male population as a whole In fact,the men really don t have it very easy in this world, either It s all protect this and be a man that You know, not every person is suited for taking on 8 foot wood demons, and being smart enough to know that means you can live to fight another day It just doesn t make much sense Half the population is subjugated to basically the status of incubators while mussing up their feathers at the idea of single mothers and the other half are supposed to be super manly male men who are called cowards for not entering a fight they, by the way, have no chance of winning without the proper wards which they don t know I honestly couldn t care less whether these idiots survive against the demons Apparently they deserve it for being so stupid.All right So there s my rant about the treatment of gender Then there s the plot in general I understand wanting to give the characters back stories, but by the end of the book the main protagonist, Arlen, has completely cut himself off from his roots anyway Wouldn t it have been interesting to meet him as he was at the end of the book, tattooed and angry, and get to wonder about how he got there, where he gained his knowledge, how he came to be so well read and traveled In the hands of a competent storyteller, I feel like we would have been given this information a little bit at a time, at appropriate intervals As it is, there s no wonder And there s no connection By the time Arlen becomes The Warded Man, he s like goddamn Batman He s a symbol And a little bit flat I didn t worry for him at all, and he didn t seem to be in danger There was no development of his character He just stopped If you had to use the woman as a plot device, she could have at least helped show of his remaining humanity than the fact that he liked sex surprise But to go on about the plot, the ending just seemed really contrived It was like there was a certain quota of encounters that had to be met, and they were summarily dispatched Honestly, by the time the final battle rolled around, I was feeling somewhat bored And then there s the wards Why no one would think to use them to build bloody roads, or rest places, or ANYTHING to improve communication and travel is beyond me Even if they had to do it warded brick by warded brick laying down a path, they had 300 years to accomplish it That seems like it would be a first freaking priority What about the message as a whole All right, all that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and yeah, it s going to be men in this series to do nothing Fine I get that Okay, then, Wardy, WHY the HELL didn t you share the fancy demon killing wards you learned It was well established by your very long back story that you thought sharing helpful wards like ones that might, I don t know, KILL demons was the only moral choice You had plenty of Warders you knew, personally, who would have been happy to spread that information to literally everyone Instead you painted yourself up pretty and went to have a ball all on your own Oh, well done Yeah, I m sure the hundreds massacred every night wouldn t have wanted your wards anyway You prick.Yeah That just about summarizes my feelings for the Warded Man He s ultimately kind of a stupid prick Leesha is just there to jiggle about and occasionally throw potions at something Oh, and I didn t even mention Rojer Because who gives a shit about Rojer He plays his fiddle and demons get entranced For no discernible reason I guess no one, ever, in 300 years, happened to try playing music near the demons Go figure Rojer was just ultimately so bland If I didn t have a thing for ginger musicians I d probably be a lot meaner As it is, the characters were all fairly forgettable.So, in closing, The Warded Man is a little bit of a mess. The Warded Man is an effective, efficiently written fantasy thriller, one with an ingenious premise at nightfall, various sorts of grisly corelings rise from the earth to slaughter all living beings folks live and travel behind various wards draw an imprecise ward you are fucked, and probably dead the novel documents a society which may or may not be in transition to ways that proactively and aggressively engage with this continual threat the set up is particularly effective in its recreation of that paranoid feeling from Night of the Living Dead Assault on Precinct 13 the like, where folks must board themselves up together against a terrifying onslaught except that this happens every single night shudders so much for the lonesome midnight walks that i crave from time to time i would be dead, dead, dead.so now i m going to draw this review out interminably by comparing and contrasting the book to various other modern first novels in a fantasy series.Kushiel s Dart vs The Warded Man Warded Man is much less melodramatic in plotting and the action is better written and briskly paced however, Kushiel has much interest as far as the exploration of gender politics and sexuality in general go still, Kushiel s narrative is often sloppy while Warded Man s flow is tight winner The Warded Man.Gardens of the Moon vs The Warded Man Gardens is actually fairly terrible when considering the craft of writing truly awful and eye rolling, in parts i have no complaints about Warded Man s prose on the other hand, the writing in Gardens is just so ugh however, Gardens is also one of the most densely plotted and richly imagined worlds i ve visited, while Warded Man s world has an overly streamlined and rather half baked quality to it that often plagues new authors Warded Man s world is all about the corelings Gardens is about the entire world winner Gardens of the Moon, although this was a close one.A Game of Thrones vs The Warded Man duh, a no brainer that s like comparing a kiss on the cheek to making sweet love all night long winner by a ridiculously wide margin A Game of Thrones.The Drowning City vs The Warded Man both suffer from a certain muddiness when considering real world correlations to the various lands described however, in Warded Man this occurs only in the sequence within the thinly veiled middle east of Fort Kasia, while these vaguely annoying parallels dominate the entire Drowning City, much to its detriment outside of Fort Kasia, Warded Man s societies although generic did not feel unnecessarily reductive or familiar winner The Warded Man.The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms vs The Warded Man Hundred Thousand has mythic resonance, ambiguity, and its artful writing is a delight Warded Man has carefully developed characters and an interestingly predetermined quality to its solid narrative one is airy, the other is down to earth A Tie.The Blade Itself, The Lies of Locke Lamora, and The Name of the Wind vs Warded Man well, in all three cases, the incredible talents of Abercrombie and Lynch and Rothfuss trump the workmanlike writing abilities of Brett, in every way fascinating characterization, compelling stylistic and or narrative choices, the depth of the world building, the intrigue of the mysteries, etc, etc but it is interesting to note the parallels between Warded Man and The Blade both first novels in a series spend their time developing the lives of their three primary players, focusing on how they came to be the way they are, with the primary action to take place in the next novel winners Blade, Lies, Name Black Sun Rising vs The Warded Man although Black Sun is not a recent novel, this is an interesting comparison to me because both works despite their dramatic differences use the entire world is against the humans as their central concept both also suffer from a certain lack of robustness in the actual world building that said, Black Sun stumbles in ways that Warded Man does not Warded Man is not only pleasingly straightforward, the action in the narrative and the thoughtfulness behind the rather grey toned characterizations have an intrinsic logic to them that Black Sun lacks winner The Warded Man. {Free Epub} ë The Painted Man ë As Darkness Falls After Sunset, The Corelings Rise Demons Who Possess Supernatural Powers And Burn With A Consuming Hatred Of Humanity For Hundreds Of Years The Demons Have Terrorized The Night, Slowly Culling The Human Herd That Shelters Behind Magical Wards Symbols Of Power Whose Origins Are Lost In Myth And Whose Protection Is Terrifyingly Fragile It Was Not Always This Way Once, Men And Women Battled The Corelings On Equal Terms, But Those Days Are Gone Night By Night The Demons Grow Stronger, While Human Numbers Dwindle Under Their Relentless Assault Now, With Hope For The Future Fading, Three Young Survivors Of Vicious Demon Attacks Will Dare The Impossible, Stepping Beyond The Crumbling Safety Of The Wards To Risk Everything In A Desperate Quest To Regain The Secrets Of The Past Together, They Will Stand Against The Night One of the most unique and engrossing novels I have ever readThe Warded Man tells the story of Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer and how their lives end up intersecting We meet Arlen and Leesha when they are only eleven and Rojer when he is only four They live in a world ravishe