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DOWNLOAD á Ulysses õ Loosely Based On The Odyssey, This Landmark Of Modern Literature Follows Ordinary Dubliners In Capturing A Single Day In The Life Of Dubliner Leopold Bloom, His Friends Buck Mulligan And Stephen Dedalus, His Wife Molly, And A Scintillating Cast Of Supporting Characters, Joyce Pushes Celtic Lyricism And Vulgarity To Splendid Extremes Captivating Experimental Techniques Range From Interior Monologues To Exuberant Wordplay And Earthy Humor A Major Achievement In Th Century Literature Often considered one of the greatest novel of the 20th century , James Joyce s masterpiece, Ulysses, is both a feat and feast of sheer literary brilliance Reimagining Homer s epic poem The Odyssey as the travels and trials of an everyday man through the crowded streets and pubs of Dublin, Joyce weaves strikingly versatile prose styles and varying perspectives to encompass the whole of life within the hours of a single standard day, June 16th, 1904 This day, dubbed Bloomsday, is celebrated with increasing popularity in modern times, which is a testament to the lasting greatness of the novel and to the desire to drink and be merry of all people Instead of taking a daily life and elevating it to mythical proportions, Joyce has taken mythology and reversed it, shrinking it into an average day, which in turn gives each character and action a heroic sense about them In this way, even besting a drunken nationalist spewing anti sematic sentiments at a bar can be seen as a legendary conquest Ulysses is an epic in its own right, setting the bar for literature up to the stratosphere as we immerse ourselves in Joyce s dear dirty Dublin.While one must have their wits about them to navigate this laborious labyrinth of literature, the task is highly rewarding It is very understandable that so many people do not finish this novel, or just plain dislike it this book can be downright frustrating Combining the heavy use of cryptic and dated allusions, obfuscating narration, an enviable vocabulary and pages of dense prose to decipher, Joyce intentionally set out to create a literary odyssey of words to conquer saying I ve put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that s the only way of ensuring one s immortality. Readers should be warned this is a tough novel Often times this novel inspired such frustration that it was tempting to slam the cover for good, and it wasn t until the second half that I was finally able to recognize that this novel had written its way into my heart Upon reflecting back after completion, only then did I realize that this truly is one of the greatest books ever written and I have come to love it Perhaps this is akin to the feeling those who run marathons or climb mountains feel the adventure is a long, arduous struggle where one must keep focus and positive to battle through, yet the pride and elation of completion than makes up for the struggles I do not wish to make this book seem like it is only for masochists though, as there are than enough rewards to reap along the way This is some of the finest displays of writing I have ever encountered, and offers a broad range of style Many people fail to mention that this book is downright funny as well There are countless little jokes, such as characters running from a bar so they can fart loudly unheard, endless sexual jokes and quips, and many funny characterizations It should be noted as well that there is no shame in seeking aide for this book Originally I didn t want to, but there are so many esoteric allusions and puzzles that an annotation guide and a few essays really helped my understanding This is a novel to teach to yourself, not just read there are people who spent years at universities digging through this book and it is still widely debated Even the great Ulysses or Odysseus depending on who your asking had to seek aide in his epic journey.The variety of style in this book is highly impressive Each of the 18 chapters, aside from being thematically built around a corresponding episode of The Odyssey, has its own unique set of techniques and lexicon, often parodying the styles of newspapers or current women s magazines, traditional Irish mythological styles, a chapter dissolving the world into scientific properties, the famous stream of consciousness, 200 pages of jocular hallucinations in play format, and a dizzying array of prose from flowery language to the language of flowers Joyce had such a love of style that there is even an entire chapter devoted to alternating writing styles as he parodies many famous authors throughout history calling all fans of David Mitchell or If on a winter s night a traveler in a swirling scene of drunken debates The language is often quite playful, lyrical and full of puns He even uses sentence structure to convey motion, such as Gerty s limp Tight boots No She s lame OIf just for the use of language alone, this is one of the most spectacular books ever written and practically killed my dictionary Also, it is interesting that C.G Jung diagnosed Joyce as having schizophrenia based on reading this book due to the rapidly changing styles and the use of playful rhyming and jangling speech Joyce s daughter did in fact have schizophrenia.One of Ulysses most discussed features is Joyce s technique of placing the reader within the minds of the characters It is not a typical first person narration, however, as the characters are seemingly unaffected and unaware they have a reader riding along in their thoughts Information comes across in broken and random spurts, and Joyce does not bother with clarifying these thoughts to the reader Much like William Faulkner, Joyce leaves the reader unaided to piece together his massive puzzle Often the subject of a thought can switch between several people without any indication, as with Boylan and Bloom in Molly s soliloquy, and many chapters take pages to realize who the person speaking is While initially following Stephen and then Bloom second by second through their routine, the novel soon fractures into smaller chunks of concurrent narration, to further fit all of life within the day and to offer a broader, varied perspective on the events that transpire The idea of the parallax , which is essentially a scientific term that different perspectives will have a uniquely different view of the same object, is often on Bloom s mind, and is a major theme running through this novel Through the multiple points of view, the reader is flooded with alternative, and often conflicting, images of the characters The readers must then decide themselves what is the whole picture.The various speakers are another testament to the versatility of the pen employed by Joyce Each speaker has a drastically different tone and vocabulary, as well as structure most notably Molly There are times when the reader may wonder if Joyce s opinions on the Jewish people and women may be rather negative, but then he will surprise you with a completely opposing statement Women, and sexuality in general, are a major topic in this novel, and it is no surprise many have dismissed Joyce as a misogynist as many of the women in this novel are viewed strictly in regards to their sexuality There are many female roles who are only used to further this idea, often by having many characters be prostitues Through Bloom we see an unapologetic image of women as a sexual objects, and a male opinion on how women view sexuality However, with Molly, Joyce offers a highly contrasted opinion on how women view their own sexuality, how women view men s sexuality, and even how women view how men view women s sexuality Molly even fantasizes about having a penis and what it would be like to mount a woman So while some ideas may be offensive to a reader, they must view it with an open mind and in the context of the novel and characters Also, Joyce was aware of the overzealous censorship of novels in England and America and often wrote passages that blew past the lines intentionally to irk these censors No wonder the novel was banned in American until 1934 when the Supreme Court over turned the ruling in a landmark obscenity trial.Shakespeare s Hamlet plays just as much of a role in this novel as the Odyssey This further emphasizes the parallax, and Joyce s goal to keep the life of his characters grounded in reality by not aligning any of the characters in a clear cut way Hamlet is often discussed amongst the intelligentsia of Dublin, and a critical scene involves Stephen s interpretation of the play revealing many themes of the novel at hand From the ideas of Stephen s role as Telemachus searching for a surrogate father in Bloom s Ulysses as well as the ongoing thoughts over adultery all reveal themselves early on through Stephen s lecture on Hamlet However, this scene also demonstrates that Stephen is a Hamlet figure as well as Bloom being a figure of the deceased King, and that Molly may also fit the role of the betraying Queen as well as Penelope There are many other roles in this novel that have than one character that could fill them, such as how both Buck Mulligan and Blazes Boylan are both usurpers It is interesting to note here that many of the characters, Mulligan in particular, are based from people Joyce interacted with in real life The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring. , is said at a timely manner when Stephen explores how the characters of Hamlet all correspond to Shakespeare s own family, much like how these characters correspond to those around Bloom and to those that were surrounding Joyce Stephen is also highly representative of Joyce himself He was the hero of Joyce s semi autobiographical novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and in this novel we see him continue his quest of artistry He even sides with an unborn child in a debate over whether a mother or child s life is important during birth, signifying his ideas that art, something we create, is of the utmost importance A touch of metafiction as well as a compounding use of themes is one of the many ways this book stole my heart.Joyce avoids distinct lines anywhere he can with this novel Characters such as Bloom are walking contradictions and a paradox to those around him He is Jewish, but also baptized He is a father figure, but also displays many motherly traits and desires causing the masculine characters to harbor a bit of disdain for him for being rather womanly He is very caring and generous, but then at times very cheap and critical of others for their generosity Such is the enigma of Leopold Bloom, one of the most likeable everyman characters in all of literature it was very difficult not to picture him as George Clooney from O Brother, Where Art Thou , another wonderful retelling of The Odyssey He is not without his faults though, as he is a shameless womanizer and has the undressing eyes aimed at all the fair ladies of Dublin and what is with Joyce and men masturbating in public, ie The Encounter from Dubliners I m on to you Joyce Bloom spends much of this novel on the go, trying to move forward from the sadness of his past and the weight of thoughts of his wife s possible transgressions Think you re escaping and run into yourself, Bloom mentions His coming together with Stephen is also grounded in reality, as there is no clear cut bond between them Frailty thy name is marriage Bloom thinks, playing off of the famous line from Hamlet The marriage of Bloom and Stephen, Bloom and Molly, and many other marriages of characters are fraught with incompatible moments, as people just do not always get along or agree While the union of Bloom and Stephen is alluded to through the entire novel, they often are at odds with one another or offend the other while trying to be friendly However, this meeting is highly significant in both their lives, and as many of these marriages are flawed, they are shown as having shaped each individual As C.G Jung once wrote, The meeting of two personalities is like the contact between two chemical substances If there is any reaction, both are transformed. Ulysses is not an easy novel by any means, but it is well worth the effort The prose may be daunting at first, but patients, and a bit of guidance can really go a long way and this novel will eventually bloom for any reader so they can drink the sweet language of Joyce s pen There are so many wonderful techniques buzzing about and puzzles to unlock Plus, this novel is outright hilarious For one of the comprehensive reviews you can find, you should also read Ian s stunning review Joyce has certainly left his mark on the face of literature with this novel, which is than deserving of the title bestowed on it by the Modern Library of the greatest novel of the 20th century Yes it is the greatest and yes you should read it and yes each word will blossom in your mind and Yes will I give this book a 5 5 and yes I said yes I will Yes.5 5Also, reading this book in public will make you appear smart.And even the great Jorge Luis Borges was moved by this novel James Joyce as translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni In a man s single day are all the daysof time from that unimaginablefirst day, when a terrible God marked outthe days and agonies, to that other,when the ubiquitous flow of earthlytime goes back to its source, Eternity,and flickers out in the present, the past,and the future what now belongs to me.Between dawn and dark lies the historyof the world From the vault of night I seeat my feet the wanderings of the Jew,Carthage put to the sword, Heaven and Hell.Grant me, O Lord, the courage and the joyto ascend to the summit of this day. 5 stars because it s a work of genius, so everyone says.4 stars because it has so many deep literary and classical references that to say one understood the book, is like saying one is very well educated.3 stars because the words, strung together in a stream of consciousness mellifluous, onomatopoeic way, read just beautifully.2 stars because it was boring as hell I just couldn t care less about the characters, I just wanted them to get on with whatever they were doing and have Joyce interfere in their lives with his references, his poetry, and his mellifluous whathavewehere considerably less.1 star because I had to give it up It got wet when I dropped it in the bath and the pages stuck together when I dried it out Since it wasn t exactly cheap to start with and there wasn t another copy in the island bookshop mine , I had no choice but to give it upOr at least that s my story and I m sticking to itOr it would have been if I hadn t had the audio book Reviewed 28 May, 2011 Life is too short to read Ulysses. I Can t do it, It fell in my toilet and didn t dry well, and I m accepting it as an act of god I decided against burning it, and just threw it out.Yes, I am a horrible person.