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~Free Epub ♢ The Gate House ♝ When John Sutter S Aristocratic Wife Killed Her Mafia Don Lover, John Left America And Set Out In His Sailboat On A Three Year Journey Around The World, Eventually Settling In London Now, Ten Years Later, He Has Come Home To The Gold Coast, That Stretch Of Land On The North Shore Of Long Island That Once Held The Greatest Concentration Of Wealth And Power In America, To Attend The Imminent Funeral Of An Old Family Servant Taking Up Temporary Residence In The Gatehouse Of Stanhope Hall, John Finds Himself Living Only A Quarter Of A Mile From Susan Who Has Also Returned To Long Island But Susan Isn T The Only Person From John S Past Who Has Reemerged Though Frank Bellarosa, Infamous Mafia Don And Susan S Ex Lover, Is Long Dead, His Son, Anthony, Is Alive And Well, And Intent On Two Missions Drawing John Back Into The Violent World Of The Bellarosa Family, And Exacting Revenge On His Father S Murderer Susan Sutter At The Same Time, John And Susan S Mutual Attraction Resurfaces And Old Passions Begin To Reignite, And John Finds Himself Pulled Deeper Into A Familiar Web Of Seduction And Betrayal In THE GATE HOUSE, Acclaimed Author Nelson Demille Brings Us Back To That Fabled Spot On The North Shore A Place Where Past, Present, And Future Collides With Often Unexpected Results First off, I d like to know who wrote the official goodreads description of this book a sequel to the CLASSIC novel The Gold Coast This English major might take exception to that very presumptuous comment.I ve been a big DeMille fan since the 80 s, greatly appreciating his sarcasm, wit, and plots where regular guys get to be badasses I ve got to admit to a little disappointment here Susan, the mafia don s lover killer in The Gold Coast, was never a very sympathetic character for me and I have a really hard time liking her here Add to that the ultra fast reconciliation with her husband John after a 10 year estrangement, which results in NO breaking in period of being nice to him and I nearly wanted something bad to happen to her The nice, neatly tied up, yetthan a little disgusting resolution has a hint of malice to it, which kind of makes the reader think that maybe John is having a hard time liking her, too.I also find it a little annoyingly repetitive that he kept telling the story of how he got to the situation in this book mafia don recruits lawyer, screws his wife, who then shoots the don in one sentence format I, myself, have a similar sentence he Xed in X with X And that was a step up for her which I think I m going have to retire now that I realize how irritating it is.Slightly disappointed in this outing from one of my favorite contemporary authors looking forward to his next effort. This book is very, very long and NOTHING HAPPENS until the last 30 pages Our hero drives around the Gold Coast, reminisces about events that happened in another book The Gold Coast , has sex with his ex wife an unlikely number of times I have one word for you, Mr DeMille cystitis wait, here s another one chafing , and drinks Also, the author has a weird quirk when he describes people talking Hs dialog looks like this Hello, I informed my ex wife as she removed the clothes from her still supple body Hello, dear, she sighed in a way that left nothing to interpretation..Wanting to convey my desire, I expressed to her, You look nice Did he make a bet with his editor that he could write a 700 page book without using the verb said This is the sequel to The Gold Coast and takes place ten years later I have seen several negative reviews that state there is no action, nothing happens, etc This is not an action novel and it is not a thriller Nelson DeMille has written many such novels e.g Plum Island, Night Fall If that is what you are looking for you will probably be disappointed If you don t start the book with certain expectations you may enjoy the story Nelson DeMille is IMHO a gifted storyteller.After John Sutter s wife, Susan, killed her mafia don lover he left the country First having set out in his sailboat on a three year journey around the world and then spending ten years in London When the story opens he has returned to the Gold Coast to attend to the affairs of an old family servant who is in hospice He is living in the gatehouse of Stanhope Hall and finds himself living only a quarter of a mile from Susan who has also returned to Long Island It isn t long before John and Susan s paths cross and they find that their mutual attraction resurfaces and the old passions reignite But life is not simple and there are obstacles in the path of their reunion.Frank Bellarosa, Mafia don and Susan s ex lover, is dead but his son, Anthony, is alive and well, and intent on exacting revenge on his father s murderer Susan Sutter Anthony also attempts to lure John back into the violent world of the Bellarosa family Also standing in way of John and Susan s reunion is her parents who threaten to cut her off financially Not just Susan but her children too In The Gold Coast Susan s parents came across as stereotypical wealthy types who think they are better than everyone In this story her father at least comes across as evil How strong is the love between John and Susan That is what they will find out They are not only dealing with present day events they must deal with the past and think about the future.As I had mentioned earlier I think Nelson DeMille is a terrific storyteller If you are not expecting John Whitman Sutter to return seeking revenge for the events that took place in The Gold Coast you may enjoy the story. What I didn t want at the end of the day were any old regrets What I really needed now were some new regrets. John Sutter, in Nelson DeMille s The Gate HouseOK, so after your fabulously wealthy Gold Coast society wife murdered her Mafia boss lover ten years ago, you divorced her and sailed around the world for three years before you settled down in London, and now that you re back in the U.S you re staying in the gatehouse of your ex wife s ancestral estate, only to find that she s moved in to the guest house right up the street, and now you re about to fall into bed with one of your wife s young friends who, it turns out, used to have a mad crush on you and just then, when you think your life can t get anycomplicated, who shows up at your door but the son of the Mafioso your ex wife killed all those years agoDon t you hate when that happens I know I do But fortunately for readers of Nelson DeMille s The Gate House, John Sutter, DeMille s protagonist, happens to be brilliant, fearless, witty, and a world class smartass He can easily handle situations that would overwhelm you and me to the point of paralysis, and he can do it with a cool intelligence and a rapier wit that leave you panting with excitement, drooling with anticipation, and rolling on the floor in paroxysms of laughter.DeMille s plotting is flawless, his characters are distinctive and robust, his use of foreshadowing is masterful The erotic scenes and there are several of them are rich, playful, and effectively arousing The ending is breathlessly terrifying, featuring a morally ambiguous incident that may leave the ethicists among us buzzing for years to come But all of this is window dressing to the real attraction of The Gate House, which is the dazzling dialogue and narrative The story is told first person in the words of John Sutter, whose wry sarcasm and lightning wit permeate every paragraph, leaving you giddy with pleasure, forcing you to enjoy even the most somber scenes whether you want to or not The themes of The Gate House include lust, infidelity, meddling parents, sexual assault, and even death but thanks to the irrepressible John Sutter, I don t think I ve ever had so much pure fun reading a book The Gate House is the long awaited sequel to The Gold Coast, a novel DeMille wrote nearly 20 years ago As it happens, The Gold Coast was my introduction to DeMille I had never heard of him when I picked up the book by chance at my neighborhood Barnes Noble, and it blew me away Since then I ve devoured all of his novels, about half of which are exceptional It s the latter half that are so spectacular, by the way after authoring half a dozen workmanlike but unremarkable novels, DeMille penned The Gold Coast and instantly leapt into the realm of Masters of Fiction The only problem I had with The Gold Coast was that its ending failed to tie up every conceivable loose end, and I tend to be disappointed by novels that don t definitively resolve every plot line that s even remotely resolvable DeMille, I ve since learned, doesn t seem to subscribe to my view that it s a novelist s responsibility to present the reader with a denouement in a box, neatly gift wrapped, bound with a shiny ribbon, and topped by a bright bow Maybe that s just me, perhaps some readers handle ambiguity better than I do And I don t want to give anything away about the ending, so let me just say that if you re looking forward to being disappointed by the ending of The Gate House, you re going to be disappointed DeMille goes to great pains to recap the key elements of The Gold Coast in the pages of The Gate House and so, in theory, you don t have to read the 1990 novel before you read this one However, in my humble opinion, if you don t read The Gold Coast before you read The Gate House, you re making a mistake of epic proportions Would you have enjoyed the last episode of The Sopranos as much if you hadn t seen the other 85 episodes first Of course not And so even though The Gate House seems to be designed to stand alone, I have to believe that you will undergo a much richer reading experience if you read The Gold Coast first Ifdoesn t market the two books as a package, they re missing a good bet I hope you don t think I m going overboard when I tell you that there simply has never been a better one two punch in the history of books than The Gold Coast and The Gate House OK, maybe The Old Testament and The New Testament areinspirational But DeMille is nearly as thought provoking And much funnier Although, on the surface, The Gate House is a novel about revenge, responsibility, and the consequences of our actions, it s really a book about love, redemption, and forgiveness And although I think that DeMille would agree with St Paul that the greatest of these is love, I think he s also trying to tell us that forgiveness runs a pretty close second The Gate House is so close to being a perfect novel that, if I had written it, I d probably retire immediately, rather than risk following it up with something that couldn t possibly be as good But while I m just a novelist wannabe, Nelson DeMille is a Fiction God, and I m betting that he s up to the challenge Which explains why, even though I just finished reading The Gate House, I can t wait to see what DeMille comes up with next. Maybe it s me, but I don t think I will finish this book I was so excited to have a new DeMille to read, but the first 150 pages are almost painful The writing is flat and repetitious His John Whitman Sutter tries too hard to be funny And every other thought in his head is my wife killed her lover, a Mafia don I m bored and disappointed. It s interesting to learn what happened to John Susan Sutter after The Gold Coast, but the novel drags on far too long with too little pay off John spends several hundred pages rehashing the events of The Gold Coast and worrying about what Anthony Bellarosa is going to do It gets old, and while Demille can be funny, he s fallen into the habit of repeating variations of the same line over and over My ex wife cheated on me with a mafia don Worse, while The Gold Coast was set against John s mid life crisis and rebellion against his place in the old money world, a large part of the drama in The Gate House revolves around a reconciling John Susan trying to save her inheritance from her cold and unfeeling parents It s hard to feel sorry for characters worrying about their future finances when they take several shopping sprees to purchase things like 2000 hand made suits Even their claims that the money is for their children fall flat since the grown kids apparently have good careers and don t seem concerned at about the potential loss of future millions.Not a bad book, just too long and the character of John who seemed rebellious and witty in The Gold Coast comes across as a whiney middle aged man. I enjoyed this story of John Sutter taking place 10 years after The Gold Coast.I see a lot of my GR FRIENDS didn t like this book, but I found it very entertaining I would recommend you read The Gold Coast first. This was the sequel to the Possible spoiler if you are really sensitive about knowing anything about the book.This book was so entertaining I listened to parts and read parts and loved it The story was a bit far fetched and unbelievable but it was just so much fun I laughed out loud at many parts The best thing about Nelson Demille is his main characters, John Sutter in this book and John Cory in others They are both similar in their wit and sarcasm I think the book would be enjoyable even if you didn t read The Gold Coast , because enough references were made to the original story to keep you informed The ending was actually suspenseful It missed a 5 star rating because I did not think that after a 10 year separation, John and Susan would get completely back together within a half hour encounter If that had been developedreasonably, I would have given it 5 stars I do believe they always loved each other despite the craziness that happened in their lives I did not find Susan to be a likeable character, but I understood that her idiosyncracies that annoyed me were the quirks that endeared John The audio version had an interview with Nelson Demille at the end which I enjoyed I always like to hear the author s thoughts and how his life influenced the characters in the book.