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Lynda Barry confesses that she s not quite sure what to call this work fiction memoir autofiction autofictionbiography At any rate, she admits that some things in the book are true and some fiction It doesn t matter what she calls it it s a wonderful book.It is the story of a young girl and all she faces a semi dysfunctional family, race issues, friendship issues especially in middle school , death, sex, drugs, abuse, the many experiences of this girl s growing up And, like life, it s sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes very painful, but always, always interesting.The book is divided into chapters that each deal with a particular demon, like death or first jobs the two experiences seem to have a lot in common The text is clear and easy to read and the illustrations are outstanding, full of life and energy Barry recommends her art as a way to exorcising our personal demons because everyone has them At the end, she even has a brief how to section explaining what materials to use and how to prepare and use them Barry is, amongst other occupations, a teacher and she has a teacher s intense proclivity to instruct Plus, she herself was a failure at school and even at art until she discovered her talent as a cartoonist She wants to share the excitement of creativity with everyone so that we can all express our deepest fears, wishes, pain, and, maybe, joy.This is a beautiful book, both in its pictures and its stories I can t wait to read it again Meanwhile, I m reading everything else Barry has written I can t wait. I caught myself thinking about taking up a paintbrush and water colors while reading this so I could paint out my demons too I really love the one about the aswang a scary dog demon story that her grandma tells her interwoven with a bunch of mother daughter stuff , Dancing amazing amazing amazing just think hula suave uncles dancing the twist in the kitchen dancing baby madness in the morning trying to befriend the coolest dancing girl in the world Sensitive nose and hate and magic are up there for me too If I was still a teacher, I would make sure I had a copy or two of this one around but it s good for us boring old adults too. This is the best thing I ve read in ages and I am sorely tempted to just start right back over and read the whole thing again right now November 2016 reread Joe got me this from Quimby s in late July last year when I flew out there to roadtrip back to New York with him which was our like sixth date or something maybe Which tbpf I am not that charmed by stories of Going Way Romantically Overboard too early in the game, mainly because I tend to blow all my chunks early on as a sort of matter of course and then later I am like wait a minute what the jeff Which I guess is a pretty common move but now I get to feel superior and adult about seeing through it but whatEVER point being this BOOK MOTHERFUCKING RULES AS HELL.Like this book is in the tiny pantheon of Perfect Graphic Memoirs, wedged in there on the miniature golden shelf with Are You My Mother and The Story of My Tits, and I started rereading it the other night because I am about fourteen jillion different kinds of fucked up right now with all the absolutely over the top bummer shit I ve had to figure out how to process while trying to also process all the absolutely over the top magnificently happy splendid jesus fucking christ all my dreams are coming true before my very eyes and I spend my time driving through the Catskills just PUNCHING MYSELF IN THE LEG and screamcrying with absolute unfettered insane grateful dumbfounded JOY, plus leaving this place and this job where I have been so happy and loved so many people and come to know myself in a way that makes it seem possible I might not have to die as scum, resigned to it as my due Anyway so this book takes everything that s in me and yanks it out like it s a fuckn casserole in flames and then oh so gently lovingly anneals the crudloaded boiling wild shitefire and then blows white light across it till it shakes its rages and sorrows out and bends and gentles like long grass under a summer moon I fucking love this book I am so happy and it all just feels so possible One million demons, even And in the end a home for them all Safe and happy warm as roast I think possibly maybe even me. how stupid am I for not reading this before super stupid It was awesome.Highlights for me Common Scents was hilarious Hate was gratifying The line, This ability to exist in pieces is what some adults call resilience And I suppose in some way it is a kind of resilience that makes adults believe children forget trauma collapsed the chest of both my childhood self as well as my parental self The dialog in Lost and Found with the arrow pointing to one woman, reading super dramatically educated knows about story structure and arc and plot points and the other arrow to her, reading, jive ass faker who can t spell and had no idea what story structure even means was both personally relevant and entertaining. Funny and poignant at times Hard to tell which parts are real but I sensed some underlying pain in regards to the relationship between the author and her mother I wished she had touched this and growing up as a mixed child She grew up with her Filipino mother but never mentions her father The Filipino kids view her a strange due to her red hair, even being curious about whether she gets white lice versus their black lice and request that if she ever finds out she should mail them the evidence She seems to not be a popular kid growing up but a lot of those inner demons are what seem to make her the person she is today At least that is how it comes across since this is a fictional memoir.Love the coloring for each chapter and although the artwork is not the prettiest to look at, it fits the story Nice, neat and large font I have to mention the font, since I consider it an important element when it comes to the graphic format. Synopsis NAME THAT DEMON Freaky Boyfriends Shouting Moms Innocence betrayed Rotten things we ve done that will haunt us forever These are some of the pickled demons Lynda Barry s storeis serve up comic strip style, mixing the true and un true into something she calles autobifictionalography Inspired by a 16th century Zen monk s painting of a hundred demons chasing each other across a long scroll, and encouraged by a 20th century editor, Barry s demons jump out of these pages and double dare you to speak their names Review Yes, it s a pretty intense graphic novel But, not in the way that I m used to graphic novels being intense Part witty humor and part obvious therapy, Lynda Barry bravely addresses her multiple personal demons in one of the most passionate, self effacing yet proud examples of getting it all out in a creative manner that I ve seen in quite sometime The great thing about this graphic novel is that while some of the story line will not connect with readers as School Library Journal notes below there is bound to be something and yes, it s ahideous demon that will And boy Does it kind of sting like a glass of ice water tossed in your eyeballs when you see it sitting there in front of you, in full color on the page For me personally, the torturous pain of living through the nightmare that was Junior High and, yes, sometimes Graduate School just kicks into full gear in this book Hence, I loved it The ability to laugh at oneself cannot be too over rated Lynda Barry graciously laughs and then has enough energy left over to invite you with a step by step tutorial of how she did it So that you too can create 100 demons all your very own You d think 100 would be a pretty large number I m finding out that it really isn t Critical Reviews From Publishers Weekly, simultaneously poignant and hilarious never one at the expense of the other and so are her loopy, sure lined drawings, which make both the kids and the adults look as awkward and scrunched up as they feel From School Library Journal, those who connect with it will come away with a deep appreciation for Barry I appreciate Lynda Barry. Sooooooooooo good Loved it Check out my review on my Booktube channel at I first read this comic on salon.com when I was 24, which was just old enough to appreciate the tone of regret, trauma, and fragile beauty I was crushed when the comic ended after only 17 entries Reading it again ten years later, the writing affects me in the same way it did then I am surprised how well I remember these stories and how I internalized them to help me make sense of the pain of growing up The economy of Barry s storytelling is amazing In just 18 panels she can reduce me to tears She writes deeply of friendship, self exploration and family Her compassion for the people who tortured her is astounding She has her detractors, but I think her drawing style is extremely expressive I wish this comic had continued, but it would have been painful or worse, run out of steam As it stands, the book contains 17 gems to be cherished over and over again. This book is the bomb and Lynda Barry is the bombalurina This book seems to be the crossroads, the point where she transformed from her perfectly incredible and delightful self, to the milk of human kindness filled, self forgiving, fully honest role model and teacher that she is today You can feel it.A lot of things I d been hunching about were confirmed herein.The last story, about the monkey head stationery was very sweet, and made me happy for lynda.Matt Groening may be funk lord of the universe, but his friend is something even special. ^READ E-PUB ⇱ One Hundred Demons ↡ In This Graphic Novel That S Part Memoir And Part Creativity Primer, Lynda Barry Serves Up Comics That Delve Into The Funk And Sweetness Of Love, Family, Adolescence, Race, And The Hood Name That Demon Freaky Boyfriends Shouting Moms Innocence Betrayed These Are Some Of The Pickled Demons You Ll Meet As Lynda Barry Mixes The True And The Un True Into Something She Calls Autobificitionalography From Her Nattering And Intolerant Loving Filipina Grandmother To The Ex Boyfriend From Hell Who Had Lice, Lynda Barry S Demons Jump Out Of These Pages And Double Dare You To Speak Their Names Called By Time Magazine A Work Of Art As Well As Literature, One Hundred Demons Has Been Hailed For Its Shimmering Watercolor Images And Unforgettable Stories About Life S Little Monsters