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Finally done Just over a week to get through a slim 183 pages Blech 17 year old Suzanne would have loved this book 30 year old Suzanne hated it I feel like it tried too hard And the f bomb is used way too gratuitously It s not even used for emphasis s sake.Example Normal Human I am going to take out the trash right now.Nick and or Norah I am going to f %ing take out the f %ing trash right f %ing now.Is this how the teens are talking these days DISCLAIMER I wrote this review several years agoI ve grown since then and I realize this review is very BASHING I really try hard not to write bashing reviews now because there s an author on the other end of a book Still, I don t want to censor this review because it was what I felt at the time I read it and I still agree with the majority of the sentiments I wanted to let you know I would approach my review an entirely different way if I had written it now 7 13Nick sees his old girlfriend coming towards him with a new guy and he can t let her see him like this, so he asks the girl next to him to be his girlfriend for just five minutes.This book was trash complete and total trash, with the F word making an appearance at least every other page and other profanities littered across the story I found it highly offensive and vulgar I didn t have to read much to realize what kind of book this would become, and needless to say, I did not finish this book I cannot respect authors who degrade the name of literature by peppering their novels with filth and immorality I was not impressed with the writing style, nor the characters and felt that having each chapter switching characters was tedious and annoying because they always backtracked Now you are probably wondering why I even picked up this book in the first place, good question I had seen it several places and it s name and cover art had been logged in my mind and I decided to put it on hold The story line is totally unrealistic, and has these two unhappy people who become boy friend and girl friend for five minutes to both avoid people and find that they might just have found someone who Really understand themyeah, right I was disgusted with their methods of kissing random strangers so they could keep their pride in front of people who weren t even worth caring about I find it really annoying how the people in the book can take one look at someone else and know their character and personality traits, all with just one discerning glance, you expect me to believe that the girl can look at the boy and know exactly what he is like and what he needs Puh lease With novels like this gracing our bookstore shelves it s no wonder teenagers act the way they do When they read books like this with no morals and a feels good so do it attitude how can you expect them to make good choices Taken from my book reviews blog FREE DOWNLOAD ☤ Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist ⚒ It All Starts When Nick Asks Norah To Be His Girlfriend For Five Minutes He Only Needs Five Minutes To Avoid His Ex Girlfriend, Who S Just Walked In To His Band S Show With A New Guy And Then, With One Kiss, Nick And Norah Are Off On An Adventure Set Against The Backdrop Of New York City And Smack In The Middle Of All The Joy, Anxiety, Confusion, And Excitement Of A First DateThis He Said She Said Romance Told By YA Stars Rachel Cohn And David Levithan Is A Sexy, Funny Roller Coaster Of A Story About One Date Over One Very Long Night, With Two Teenagers, Both Recovering From Broken Hearts, Who Are Just Trying To Figure Out Who They Want To Be And Where The Next Great Band Is PlayingTold In Alternating Chapters, Teeming With Music References, Humor, Angst, And Endearing Side Characters, This Is A Love Story You Ll Wish Were Your Very Own Working Together For The First Time, Rachel Cohn And David Levithan Have Combined Forces To Create A Book That Is Sure To Grab Readers Of All Ages And Never Let Them Go I have yet to read a David Levithan book that doesn t move me I ADORE his writing style I also ADORE his mind The way he thinks, the way his characters think It s very curious They often do the unexpected.Honestly, this wouldn t have worked if it had been written by somebody else The faking you have a girlfriend thing is so overdone I would have cried of exasperation if it had been what this book was all about.Luckily it s not By the way, Rachel Cohn does a good job of writing Norah s chapters also This duo of writers works Back to the clich , fortunately it only lasts for a second Nick and Norah meet because of ex girlfriend Tris, but they connect because of who they are as a person and who they are together.This is a one day one night type of book The time frame is a day Everything that occurs in this book starts the moment the two main characters meet and ends when the night ends I guess this is why it s so short But it s also why it s so engrossing So much is happening and so many thoughts wander in the characters minds They need to figure out a lot of things Nick has to finally get over Tris and Norah has someone to get out of her mind too Can they help each other move on Though it s about real connection, not simply rebounding Very realistic Did not get many of the music references so that was a bummer, but the story itself rocks Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comBefore I start the story that is Nick and Norah, I decided we needed to get some misconceptions out of the way first 1 I don t live in Manhattan, so I won t understand what the characters are talking about Wrong I don t live in Manhattan actually, I ve never been farther East than Ohio, but I still got the gist of the story quite easily Sure, I might never have visited Times Square, but I ve been on the Square in my hometown population 3,400 , and the same types of things went on there that go on in New York 2 This book is full of cursing Right And if you haven t heard a lot of curse words do I really need to spell them out , especially from the mouths of teens, in the last twenty years or so, I m guessing you live on a commune somewhere in the middle of Utah 3 This book only covers one night Right again And oh, what a night it is One night, filled with all the ups, downs, and sideways that being a teen in todays world brings Now that we ve got that out of the way, we can concentrate on the story It s about Nick, a bassist for a band with an ever changing name, who recently had his heart broken by a b h named Tris It s about Norah, an uber complicated girl withissues than The National Enquirer, who not too long ago had her virginity broken by Tal And then there s Caroline, and Jessie, and Uncle Lou, not to mention Dev and Thom, and Randy from Are You Randy , and Hunter from Hunter There s beer, and there s drugs, and there s sex, although none of it is Nick or Norah s There s heartbreak, and devastation, and lust, and forgiveness, and acceptance There s parents to deal with, and friends to attempt to deal with, and a boy and a girl who wish that, just once, they could be themselves and not deal at all There s a love story, and a song about a girl on a street in the middle of the night, and a band that just might make it big, and a car that won t start, and a subway ride that requires jumping the turnstyle There s love, and anger, and disappointment, and desperation, and redemption There s life, and then there s Nick and Norah There s a story here, and you need to read it. This book is FUCKING EPIC So there I think all YA lit is exaggerated in a sense, not in a bad way, but in an interesting way who wants to read about just the ordinary Of course, I could just be saying this because it was done well here I bet you anything the next YA book I read, I ll be griping about it being too unrealistic What s the difference then Writing Levithan and Cohn s writing is sooo gorgeous in that witty but not so witty you re annoying and pretentious kind of way And even if Nick and Norah s circumstances were extraordinary the emotions and doubt and pain and redemption of being young were real and relatable I loved softy sensitive ambiguously straight Nick and I loved bipolar affectionate non frigid Norah And I loved Tris TRIS You aren t just a ho bag, you re actually a pretty decent person even if you re full of problems And fuck Fuck fuck fuck See the word It s just a word Young people, and some old people, talk like this.I m a sap, I love soulmate stories, and this one s funny and touching and adorable Fucking adorable This is probably the worst book I ve read to date, and I wouldn t post this review if I thought it would have a negative impact on the authors careers But it won t so here goes There s absolutely no character development here, none The love story never really gets started or I probably had something else in mind for a story We stay in Norah s mind soooo much it feels claustrophobic, and trust me, that s not a mind you want to be in for too long The F bomb is dropped on almost every page by every character, which would be OK if it was realistic, but it s not The run on sentences by author, Rachel Cohn in particular make an irritating read evenannoying There s no reason for them They don t add anything Author intrusion by Cohn is also stark, evidenced by an unrealistic playlist, constant political and religious jabs not teenager like , and this pre occupation with sexual diversity I m all for multiculturalism and diversity, but it should play out naturally, not be rammed down our literary throats Speaking of multiculturalism, where are the brothers and sisters, the people of color, any kind of color Just sayin I only finished this book for two reasons it was short at less than 200 pages, and it was part of a book club, so I saw it as my literary duty Ugh Two stars are pushing it on this On a good note, David Levithan s good writing shines through, and the two stars are his and his alone I like his character, Nick, and his chapters, but half a book does not a whole book make And the movie was just as bad There s enough great stories out there Who options this stuff Antes que nada, me gustar a disculparme por haber estado tan perdido de esta red, por no haber le do lo suficiente y tambi n por no estar ah para recomendarles libros La nica excusa que creo que es valida para justificar mi ausencia es el hecho de que The Vampire Diaries termin y aunque no era la mejor serie del mundo, fue una gran e importante parte de mi vida desde que la empec por all del 2010 Como se imaginar n, qued devastado por un tiempo luego de ver el ltimo cap tulo, sin embargo, estoy de vuelta Una muy sincera disculpa.Retomando la rese a En este libro, David Levithan y Rachel Cohn se unen como d o maravilla para escribir un libro lindo, joven y lleno de energ a Los autores nos regalan la historia de un romance que ocurre en una noche y acaba cuando nosotros decidimos que lo haga Cuenta la historia de dos musical soulmates Norah Silverberg, una chica que cree ser fr gida, atascada en una relaci n t xica que parece nunca terminar, y Nick O Leary, un joven m sico de una queercore band que a n no puede superar el hecho de que su ex lo botara En una loca y tierna noche, estos chicos lograr n conocerse y qui n sabe Tal vez hasta se enan.Acerca del libro y de la pel cula Okay, lo acepto, vi la pel cula antes de leer el libro y s que eso es un pecado mortal Sin embargo, creo que ambos tanto la pel cula como el libro , son buenos, los dos ligeramente distintos pero con toques sutiles de exorbitante hermosura okay no Ambos son geniales, graciosos e ingeniosos.Mi opini n sobre la escritura Leyendo otras rese as me encontr con el dilema de que este libro posee un lenguaje muy pobre, con constantes maldiciones y dem s En mi muy personal opini n creo que tienen raz n, pero ese motivo no es suficiente para otorgar una estrella , pues, creo que hay muchas m s cosas buenas que eclipsan los errores en la novela adem s, se trata de adolescentes que est n por entrar a la universidad, personas normales y no pretenciosas No podemos esperar que hablen como adultos Creo que la novela es muy real, y no me arrepiento de haberla le do Es m s, hasta me gustar a que me pasara algo similar. This book left such a bad taste in my mouth Where do I begin First, the language was ridiculous This is supposed to be a young adult book, yet I can t tell you how many times the authors over used the word fuck Why In most of the situations it was totally unnecessary and sounded like they were trying too hard to impress their young readers I understand that fuck is a word just like anything else, but just like every other word in the English language, it does not need to be the only verb or adjective ever used to describe anything Secondly, I was really disappointed by the way these authors portrayed Norah, the female protagonist She was a really weak female character Her self esteem seemed to depend entirely on how the men in her life felt about her Whether it was ex bf Tal or Nick or even her dad, Norah caredabout what the males thought of her than how she actually saw herself A sad fact and a sad message to be sending young girls who read this book.Also, I did not like the fact that the girls called each other bitch Again, this is blatant overuse of a swear word for the purpose of creating shock value This way of talking, where you use misogynistic terms so easily, is disrespectful and gets at girls self esteem, whether or not she realizes it Civil people don t use the word bitch and fuck every five minutes I promise I am an adult I use it when I need to but not every other word out of my mouth is fuck this and bitch that It s not cool and it saddens me that this book is sending the message that it is In general, I was pretty disappointed by this book I think it glorified all the wrong things and sent the message that being cool is all about what kind of music you listen to and who you know, not the kind of person you actually are I was terribly annoyed with the seemingly endless pretentious sounding references to pop culture, punk rock, and the Manhattan lifestyle. My wife loved this book and dragged me to the movie shortly after it came out I thought the movie was cute a better than average teen romance set in my old stomping grounds of New York City s Greenwich Village and Soho On leaving the theater, I soon heard from my wife how much better the book was, and how disappointing the movie was I guess it s all a question of what you re expecting going inI started reading the book as soon as we got home.It opens with a great hook Nick sees his ex girlfriend at a club and doesn t want to face her So he turns to the girl next to him, Norah, and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes Surprisingly, she responds by kissing him Over the course of an all night adventure in New York, they get to know each other better while each wrestles with their own doubts and insecurities and tries to figure out what to think of the other.I loved it And my wife was right about the movie.The lead characters were likable and realistic Their concerns and doubts, their hopes and fears, the roller coaster of she loves me, she loves me not, all resonated with the distant memories of my teen years The fact that the story is set in a realistic New York City was a bonus The story wasn t always predicable despite having seen the movie and included a nicely humorous touch to keep things from getting too serious or too overwhelmed with teen angst.In reading through other reviews, here and on other sites, I m surprised by the number of people who find the casual cursing and implied sexuality objectionable I don t know quite how to respond It s realistic fiction And these things are part of reality, especially for teenagers on the cusp of adulthood Obviously younger kids are probably not ready for, and wouldn t understand, some aspects of the real world But I think this book would be fine for most high school kids I doubt they will find much here except perhaps the night life of New York that they haven t heard about, thought about, and talked about with their peers In fact, the biggest surprise for a high school reader may be the authors empathy for the doubts and fears and ups and downs of teen life.