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3 starsI liked this one a lot, I just wish it had of an ending The art and story were both great, though. I think when telling a sensitive life story a graphic novel adds a very special element The few times I ve read graphic memoirs they ve had a lasting impression on me Honor Girl , is no exception and invites us into the world of summer camp Maggie is dealing with her sexuality She has strong feelings for an older girl, named Erin, who is a camp counselor There is camp in itself.getting along with other teens, activities, rest hour, writing letters home, talk about boys, and girls discovering how to be Tough Girls Hey Boys, Maybe I ll Kiss You, Or Maybe I ll Beat The Shit Out Of You This is a wonderful book for teen girls straight or gay Even though there is a girl crush theme gay theme the ending of this story is truthful maybe not how readers wished it to be but this is a memoir Its as realistic as you can get emotionally felt adorable funny sweet warm brave and vulnerable I didn t know what it felt like to be mature I didn t think Libby knew either The way she cried and whined all the time seem pretty childish to me But she was so right that I could have been magnanimous about it Even now, I didn t really care about herfeelings I mostly care that she was making me look bad Maybe if I did something gracious and mature, Erin would hear about it and be impressed Which I think I realized was possibly the most immature reason to do something nice Good humor.the graphics supported the story which I thought they were sweet FREE DOWNLOAD ♬ Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir ☦ All Girl Camp First Love First Heartbreak At Once Romantic And Devastating, Brutally Honest And Full Of Humor, This Graphic Novel Memoir Is A Debut Of The Rarest SortMaggie Thrash Has Spent Basically Every Summer Of Her Fifteen Year Old Life At The One Hundred Year Old Camp Bellflower For Girls, Set Deep In The Heart Of Appalachia She S From Atlanta, She S Never Kissed A Guy, She S Into Backstreet Boys In A Really Deep Way, And Her Long Summer Days Are Full Of A Pleasant, Peaceful Nothing Until One Confounding Moment A Split Second Of Innocent Physical Contact Pulls Maggie Into A Gut Twisting Love For An Older, Wiser, And Most Surprising Of All At Least To Maggie , Female Counselor Named Erin But Camp Bellflower Is An Impossible Place For A Girl To Fall In Love With Another Girl, And Maggie S Savant Like Proficiency At The Camp S Rifle Range Is The Only Thing Keeping Her Heart From Exploding When It Seems As If Erin Maybe Feels The Same Way About Maggie, It S Too Much For Both Maggie And Camp Bellflower To Handle, Let Alone To Understand Such an honest memoir Maggie is spending her summer at a camp for Christian girls Fortunately, it s exciting than it sounds They don t just pray all day Maggie, for example, wants to master shooting with a rifle I had no idea such a thing would be allowed in a camp like this, but that is awesome When she gets to Camp Bellflower for Girls, Maggie quickly notices Erin, a camp counsellor who is quiet, like her Her desire to be near her and touch her makes Maggie question her sexuality and Erin s The setting is the best I love stories about what can happen at summer camps, which are usually isolated and full of possibilities You meet new people, experience new things and learn about yourself in the process It s true that the illustrations look like sketches not finished or polished, but actually I didn t mind them much, probably because the narration and dialog themselves are fantastic I felt very connected to Maggie who obviously needed support Very heartfelt and authentic Recommended and recommended Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Isn t it refreshing every once in a while to come across comic book characters that feel and think and behave like actual human beings Maggie Thrash seems to have some kind of magical access to the mindset of her younger, pubescent self, and the result is a story that makes you realize just how rare subtle, thoughtful, realistic, sympathetic portrayals of teenagers are in popular culture these days.The drawing style looks rather amateurish and clumsy at first glance, but it is carefully composed and captures the protagonists inexperience and sense of exploration very well What s , Thrash has the rare ability to make the personal universal I mean, as an older, heterosexual male, I am certainly not the prime target audience for this book, yet I cared deeply about its protagonists The struggle to find a place in a world full of unfair rules, questionable values, and discriminating norms is a universal theme, of course, and I have rarely seen it portrayed as honestly and effectively as in Honor Girl.The only thing that marred the story a bit for me were a few cases of product placement that felt strangely out of place in a story designed to unearth real human emotions and concerns in an increasingly commercialized, dehumanized world Still, I am glad I picked this one up based on David Schaafsma s enthusiastic and spot on review, I probably wouldn t have otherwise Do yourself a favor and check it out as well I love that this book took place at a camp it was the perfect summer vibes Also liked this story about discovering sexuality and your first love and how the confusion of that doesn t always end with closure The main downfall of this book was just that it felt a little bit long for what it was, and the art style was incredibly primitive and simplistic, almost like I could have drawn these panels in color pencil with the same artistic ability I liked the message, but it s my least favorite art style I ve ever encountered in a graphic novel. I really liked this As Maggie will be quick to point out, it s obvious it was not written for me, a middle aged white straight guy, but you know, it turns out it actually was This is a girl s summer camp story, story of first love, first love of young Maggie at 15, crushing on a 19 year old girl counselor, and I didn t like the artwork at first too minimal but then I thought it was enough, usually and subtly revealing, as I came to ease into the story A couple of the girls were hard to keep apart visually a bit for me, but the story is great, a memoir Thrash did of her first crush, sweet, endearing, important for young girls to read everywhere, and maybe especially girls who have feelings for girls And me, as it turns out I liked it a lot Glad she did it for readers of memoirs everywhere Ends a bit abruptly, but it s a first crush, you knew it had to end that way And remember, those who don t like the ending, this is a memoir, not a novel this is what happened to her Highly recommend this first book by Thrash The summer she turns 15, Maggie goes to the same summer camp in southern Kentucky that she s attended forever But this year, the unexpected happens First she learns to focus well enough to become an ace rifle shot when she was previously pretty sloppy And then she develops a crush on Erin, a 19 year old counselor in the junior camp Both of these events affect her relationships with everyone else and combine to create horribly complicated interactions Libby, who has always been ahead of Maggie in the shooting competition, insists that Maggie should let her get the D.E , a coveted rifle rating, first Libby s friends make it clear that Maggie should just back off and show consideration for Libby s feelings rather than try to compete at all They ostracize her and turn her into an outsider as much as they can Then there s Erin Maggie barely interacts with her, but Erin dominates her life, the way crushes do And when another girl notices what s going on, Maggie is faced with the vulnerability of knowing that someone else can blab her secret at any time This is one of those quiet, subtle stories where nothing happens, exactly it s a memoir, so there s no real plot or building sequence of events But the emotional turmoil, and the tricky balance of dealing with the other girls, was gripping for me There s no solid resolution to the story, just a bittersweet realization at the end that literally hangs in the air I loved Maggie s voice in this, as she feels very much just turned fifteen Her fears and confusion radiate off the page as she tries to figure out how to navigate being true to herself while somehow also being the person other people keep telling her to be The story is set in 2000, because that s when it happened, so boy bands are still an important thing, and no one seems to be suffering from internet or smartphone withdrawal They send and receive letters by real mail The artwork bothered me a little at first it s a bit simple and unpolished but after a few pages it seemed to really fit the story and grew on me Thanks to Sara s super short review that convinced me I should grab this book BooktubeAThon Challenge 3 Read a book entirely outside COMPLETE Okay this is actually like a 4.751328482, docking that small amount because I WANTED MOOOOORE This graphic novel was hilarious and perfect What a great exploration of sexuality and BACKSTREET BOYS REFERENCES Also, fuck O Town Fight me. Loved it And I loved the simple graphics Going on my Wishlist Mel