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!E-PUB ☪ Clouds of Witness ♺ Rustic Old Riddlesdale Lodge Was A Wimsey Family Retreat Filled With Country Pleasures And The Thrill Of The Hunt Until The Game Turned Up Human And Quite Dead He Lay Among The Chrysanthemums, Wore Slippers And A Dinner Jacket And Was Lord Peter S Brother In Law To Be His Accused Murderer Was Wimsey S Own Brother, And If Murder Set All In The Family Wasn T Enough To Boggle The Unflappable Lord Wimsey, Perhaps A Few Twists Of Fate Would Be A Mysterious Vanishing Midnight Letter From Egypta Grieving Fiancee With Suitcase In Handand A Bullet Destined For One Very Special Wimsey Amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey s family is neck deep in the soupthe murder soup Most delicious The police aren t much help, so with the help of his friend, Chief Inspector Detective Guy Man And Other Words Charles Parker, Wimsey attempts to solve a devilishly difficult case involving his brother, sister and sundry others related and not.This is all very hoity toity, upper English society stuff where a spot of murder is nothing next to the accusation of cheating at cards Bunch of silly asses, if you ask me, but there you have it Dorothy Sayers no relation to Gale, that I know of was a P.G Wodehouse fan and her mysteries are very Wodehousian It s sort of like reading a book in which Bertie and Jeeves solve a murder, so this is right up my alley Highly recommended for Agatha Christie fans looking for slightly better developed characters and of a sense of fun. A man was shot dead, and all of the clues point to none other than Lord Peter Wimsey s bother who also happened to have a good motive for the murder Lord Peter Wimsey is determined to find a real killer and to clear his brother s name I hope I will not give a big spoiler when I say that he eventually succeeds in this.This is the second book of Lord Peter Wimsey investigations It was disappointing for me For starters, the characters were somewhat wooden with none of the charm and oddities of other great detectives Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot can remain calm as their title of the greatest detectives is uncontested by this newcomer at least in this book The main characters look bad even if I compare them to themselves in the first book.The main clue is presented at the very last moment making it impossible for the reader to arrive to the culprit s identity which is a fairly cheap trick I also need to mention that the ending was way too melodramatic even considering the time the book was written and its genre No matter how I wanted to like this book, I cannot give it than two stars. This delightful mystery is the second featuring Lord Peter Wimsey When his brother, the Duke of Denver, is accused of murder then it is Lord Peter s job to clear his name The Duke is found standing over the body of his sister s fianc , who he has recently argued with about claims that the victim, Captain Denis Cathcart, was a card sharp However, when questioned, he refuses to give a reasonable account of why he was wandering around outside, in the middle of the night Why is he being so secretive and what is their sister, Mary, hiding This is a wonderful, Golden Age mystery, with Lord Peter Wimsey and Charles Parker truly collaborating There are some great, atmospheric scenes, most notably when Wimsey and Bunter are lost on the moors The scenes in the House of Lords, where the Duke of Denver is tried, are also very interesting Much of the fun in these books is in Wimsey himself and his light hearted banter and eccentric behaviour He is one of the greatest fictional amateur detectives and this is one of his best cases. Jolly confounded story, old bean, what Oh My, but was this book tedious, melodramatic and disappointing, not a patch on a pleasantly entertaining Book 1 If it wasn t for Ian Carmichael s excellent reading, I probably would not have finished at all The concept of the the crime view spoiler that it wasn t a crime at all, but suicide hide spoiler Where I got the book purchased on Kindle A re read.One thing I always appreciate about the Wimsey stories is that each book has a distinct character In Clouds of Witness the pace is fast and frenetic, with a wildly confusing murder mystery at the center, and yet Sayers does to develop her characters here than in some of the other books The mystery itself almost takes second place to the doings of Wimsey s family, placing Wimsey himself very firmly in a distinct social setting, his home turf where he seems real than in many of the other books He doesn t show off nearly as much when he s in the countryside, either I can t help feeling that, titles aside, this is a depiction of the sort of society Sayers was raised in before she went off to London.I also enjoy the sketch of Wimsey s sister Lady Mary Wimsey, who turns up in later novels but only as a cardboard cutout his brother Gerald never gets his character developed, which is a great shame Watching Parker go all chivalrous and defensive of her is always amusing, albeit out of character Mary is real in this book later on, the Wimsey family becomes and a caricature of a noble English household, and Mary becomes a boring housewife, alas Plenty happens to Wimsey in this book he gets chased by dogs, shot, falls into a bog, and flies across the Atlantic in the 1920s that was a noteworthy adventure I have never seen a bullet wound heal with such great speed and thoroughness.There is an absolutely priceless little cameo of two writers talking about the trends of the day, something Sayers is able to pick up in the later novels once she writes herself in as Wimsey s love interest when Harriet Vane comes along.I absolutely zipped through this novel which was supposed to be strictly a post workout cool down read but ended up as a Main Book despite having read it several times before And that really defines the enduring success of the Wimsey novels they re downright entertaining, and despite or because of being set so firmly in a lost era, never seem to age.Since I m not reading the short stories as stated in the GR series listing they are interesting, but they re potboilers served up by Sayers to satisfy her public and I ll read the collected edition at the end of this exercise the next one is The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club. This is the best Sayers I have read to date I found the beginning a little tiresome, but as soon as Lord Peter started his investigation my interest was engaged.Sayers writes with a dry wit that had me chuckling out loud in places, and reflecting on the social changes that have taken place in less than one hundred years If anyone said I wouldn t suggest such a thing to a woman, my lord It goes to their heads, if I may say so in these times, they would no doubt find themselves in court on harassment or sexual discrimination charges.and Ladyships don t boil water And talk about keeping it all in the family Lord Peter s sister s fianc e, Cathcart, is found dead outside the conservatory of Riddlesdale Lodge, the family retreat, in the early hours of the morning His elder brother Gerald, stands accused of the murder And Lord Peter has the feeling that his sister Mary knows than she is letting on.Aided by his friend in the police, Parker, and his irreplaceable valet Bunter, Lord Peter sets out to prove his brother s innocence and bring the true murderer to justice But what was 10 blackmailing Cathcart about Who hid a suitcase in the conservatory And what was Gerald doing in the garden at 3am This is a cracking good read in the best English Murder Mystery style.My favourite quote amongst many that I enjoyed from this book Seems to me there s an extra allowance of fools in my family. Sayers may be the perfect mystery writer for me she combines the plotting of Christie with the wit of Heyer I get the wonderful Golden Age setting from all of them Everything is improved other than Bunter, he was already wonderful from Lord Peter while still insouciant is no longer Bertie Wooster playing at detectives His is a well rounded character who lives a life filled with varied interests as well as his work as an amateur sleuth.So many witty quotations I ve added a couple to the GR data base The detective story was very well done I didn t guess the solution My only criticisms are that a few things seem to be pulled out of thin air and that Gerald was such a bonehead dashing peter wimsey dashes into some dashing adventures he s one of literature s greatest detectives but just as enjoyable is his faithful manservant bunter peter runs around figuring things out with his clever, clever mind but it is bunter who often gets his hands dirty with rather agreeable tasks like chatting up all the maidservants and various other domestics tasks he clearly relishes but approaches with suave professionalism various witnesses never fail to succumb to bunter s charms he s the man the novel was fun i was never bored, so there s that but still well, no need to get into it maybe i m just spoiled because whenever i open up another Sayers i m always expecting a Gaudy Night type experience alas Dorothy Sayers works seem to me to be perfect for anyone who enjoys the writing of Agatha Christie and P.G Wodehouse Sayers imparts an acerbic edge that keeps things from getting too twee She manages to make sharp observations on both the gentry and the socialists, sometimes at the same time I ve recently been cataloguing the works of H.G Wells, who wrote a lot about socialism in the early 20th century, and I find Sayers insights on the complicated societal changes of this time period to be spot on.She isn t gentle with her fellow authors either I loved the following exchange, heard by Lord Peter while dining at the Soviet Club The authoress was just saying impressively to her companion ever know a sincere emotion to express itself in a subordinate clause Joyce has freed us from the superstition of syntax, agreed the curly haired man Scenes which make emotional history, said Miss Heath Warburton, should ideally be expressed in a series of animal squeals The D.H Lawrence formula, said the other.Poor old Lawrence, maligned again for trying to express what he considered to be real emotions and realistic human behaviour in his novels.For some reason, it made me think of Dilbert, when his pointy haired boss decrees that, starting today, all passwords must contain letters, numbers, doodles, sign language, and squirrel noises Being unable to express my review in either animal squeals or squirrel noises, I must tell you in English that this series is worth trying.