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Dear Miss Russell Mrs Holmes,Having perused the earlier installments of your chronicles with a good degree of enjoyment, I regret to say that I am somewhat disappointed in this one The mystery s premise is valid, if rather simple, but the execution is sorely lacking I find it to be utterly uninvolving and rather incoherent Where s the suspense And all this traipsing across the moors, abundantly padded with repetitive descriptions of mundane activities such as meals and hot baths, is extremely tedious Where s the fun The use of Rev Baring Gould is a clever nod to Sherlockian lore, but here he merely comes across as an old bore who spouts irrelevant trivia Your Mr Holmes often disparages Mr Conan Doyle for excessively romanticizing accounts of his cases, but I think you could learn a thing or two from him about creating genuinely suspenseful, compelling narratives I sincerely hope that the next installment of your reminiscences will be much improved.Yours Sincerely,A Reader I have to say I really enjoyed The Moor I loved everything about it I picked it up at a book sale, on a whim, and glad I did Sherlock Holmesmarried That was the first thing that grabbed my attention The second was the fact the book was written from a female point of view A female sleuth who rivals the great Holmes himself Holmes and Russell return to Dartmoor to help an old friend of Holmes, the Reverend Sabine Baring Gould, with the mysterious sighting of what appears to be the return of the hounds of the Baskerville s Only this time it isn t just a hound that has been spotted It seems the hound accompanies a phantom coach containing the ghost of a long dead noblewoman Needless to say dead bodies start to turn up and a mystery ensues that has even the great Holmes baffled.The characters in King s book are well written I picked this book apart, researching Baring Gould and his writings, the presence of military on Dartmoor, the old myths and legends of Dartmoor, it s music and it s people, along with the gold rush of Dartmoor, and found King to be historically accurate Another point in favor of this book I found this book, dare I say, better than Conan Doyle s stories of Sherlock Holmes King has a way of painting a picture of The Moors and it s people that captivates the reader taking them on a journey across the moonlit mists of one of the most mysterious places in England Again the historical side of this book is what I liked best I discovered things about Dartmoor I never knew, things that made me delve deeper into The Moor s during the 1900 s So if you are a history buff, and love a good old fashion mystery, I strongly suggest reading King s book If I could give it stars I would do so gladly, it was just that good.Please be sure to check out the writings mentioned in this book by Baring Gould They in themselves are most excellent reads I was leary of reading this 4th installment of the Mary Russell Holmes series Leary because I love the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories featuring Sherlock Holmes most especially The Hound of the Baskervilles It s always a crap shoot when a new author decides to play off well known characters and create a new set of stories I can t fully describe how most of the Jane Austen knock offs horrify and disgust me.But I should have given Laurie King credit, because The Moor not only held it s own, but surpassed my expectations 3 fold.King has created an interesting character in Mary Russell, wife of fictional sleuth extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes This installment takes the pair to the lonely, eerie and starkly beautiful locale of Dartmoor, back to the scene of Holmes most famous case of all The Hound of the Baskervilles King s rich and detailed descriptions of the moor and it s people is very reminescent of the type you d find by author Mary Stewart You can actually feel the pull of the moor the sights, the smells, the otherworldly quality it must possess Rarely have I been so transported and captivated by a mystery as I was with this one, and but for a bad head cold, I would have devoured this in record time instead of the 5 days it took me to finish I especially loved all the references to The Hound of the Baskervilles, which ended up playing a part once again in the solving of the case.I don t hesitate to recommend The Moor to fans of the Holmes canon King plays homage to the great detective while still creating a fresh, new perspective for him and his wife I ve got to go catch up on 1 3 in the series now that I know what King is capable of.Well done. This was a very good adventure with Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes and they ve gone back to the Dartmoor and the Baskervilles I guess I knew whodunnit but it was the how and why that was the real enjoyment in this novel After all, the journey is the real point Poor Mary, though, thrown from horses, spending your nights on the moor in the rain and wind, losing her spectacles ( Kindle ) ♫ The Moor ♎ In The Eerie Wasteland Of Dartmoor, Sherlock Holmes Summons His Devoted Wife And Partner, Mary Russell, From Her Studies At Oxford To Aid The Investigation Of A Death And Some Disturbing Phenomena Of A Decidedly Supernatural Origin Through The Mists Of The Moor There Have Been Sightings Of A Spectral Coach Made Of Bones Carrying A Woman Long Ago Accused Of Murdering Her Husband And Of A Hound With A Single Glowing Eye Returning To The Scene Of One Of His Most Celebrated Cases, The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Holmes And Russell Investigate A Mystery Darker And Unforgiving Than The Moors Themselves This could have done with a lot less slogging through the wet moors to question the populace, and fewer tedious details about the life and writings of Holmes Russell s host It could also have done with less indulgence in nostalgia for the Hound of the Baskervilles Although some of that was to be expected, current day spectral activity rather than just being told about rumors would have added a needed layer of suspense and Gothic creepiness As it was, I mainly got the discomfort of the cold and wet moor drilled very successfully into my head It did get interesting in the last 1 4 though, enough to rescue the book from a 2 star rating. Reading this, the fourth episode in King s Mary Russell series, was made enjoyable by immediately preceding it with a re read of The Hound of the Baskervilles The plot and characters of arguably the greatest of Sherlock Holmes stories was thus firmly in my head, ready to inform my reading of King s offering A very good offering it is King does a superb job of evoking the most important character in the novel and in The Hound of the Baskervilles for that matter that is, Dartmoor itself dark, lonely, mysterious, beautiful and threatening Russell and Holmes are, as ever, on form The supporting cast are equally well drawn The mystery ties neatly into the events of The Hound of the Baskervilles and is satisfying, if not particularly enthralling This novel does have its weaknesses The weaving into the narrative of the life and works of Sabine Baring Gould, while well done, was a touch excessive for my taste I learned about a man I d never heard of before than I really wanted to know And what I learned did not make me want to go out and learn even There was also a bit too much running around on Dartmoor done by Russell and by Holmes, for that matter , to no great effect The moor excursions provide plenty of local colour, but most of their travels on it only marginally advance the plot Still, I enjoyed this novel despite its weaknesses King is an intelligent writer She respects the Sherlock Holmes canon Her version of Holmes is recognisable and Mary Russell is an interesting creation Plus, between them Doyle and King have made me really want to visit Dartmoor Preferably by daylight, in fine weather And not on horseback Overall, I thought that this installment was marginally less sucessful than number 3, but still most enjoyable Possibly closer to 3 1 2 stars. This was by far the worst book of the Marry Russel series King started off with such a great idea, discovering the reasons behind several legitimate sightings of a spectral coach carrying a cursed woman and her devilish dog on a dark moor However the execution was tedious King simply has a difficult time staying on topic with this book She wrote so much on the geography of the land that the actual mystery itself seemed only to be a side plot in her summation of the landscape There was very little suspense In fact there was no suspense at all The whole book consisted of Mary Russel wandering around the moor, talking to ignorant residents and taking hot baths In fact, had she mentioned taking a hot bath one time, I might have puked This book came as a shocking disappointment considering that the rest of the books in the series were so enjoyable This book was not only boring but also confusing She included far too many geographical references which were not even pertinent to the acutal mystery Simply do not waste your time with this story, if it can even rightfully be called a story. I m finding that as I get further into this series, I m not enjoying the books as much I think it s because there s less material about the relationship between the two main characters, Sherlock Holmes and his now wife Mary Russell, and their personalities I really enjoyed the first two books that followed their courtship while they were engaged in solving mysteries.The mystery in this book is not meaty enough to carry the novel on its own I think time was spent describing Dartmoor than in presenting the reader with an interesting puzzle to solve, and I became somewhat bored. If you haven t read Laurie R King before, don t start with this novel It is not as well paced, not as interesting, nor as well plotted as her others in the BRILLIANT Mary Russel Holmes series Let me be frank I ADORE her books Adore this series am reading them and gushing over how breathtaking her grasp of theological and philosophical concepts, calling friends to tell them they MUST read these books, explaining to people how Ms King s series has renewed my faith in the genre of Mystery as Not being just popcorn books mildly tasty, filling, but no substence This particular book, however, I not only figured out within a chapter or two, but the continual droning on and on about the moor while vaguely interesting to begin with became as monotonous as walking continually around in it must have been to the characters Maybe that was the point Man, the moor is big and flat and rocky and boooring Yawn or maybe it was an homage to Baskerville and we were supposed to love it only for that Whatever the reason, this book didn t work for me like the others did.HOWEVER I pressed onward, and began O Jerusalem TALK ABOUT REDEMPTION Beautiful, descriptive, breathtaking, filled with action and intrigue, markedly hard to figure out and deliciously filling out the characters lives, as well as foreshadowing the next book well, it was everything that The Moor was NOT SO I know, you re probably in love with this series the same way I am I know, you re probably trying to read the series in order, because they are so lovely that way I know, you re probably starting this book and thinking but Heather said this series was great, why am I only liking this book, not adOring it Press forward It s not a waste of reading, it s just not revelatory like the previous books in the series Read it, finish it, pick up O Jerusalem, and get back into the adventure.That said, there are some interesting characters and scenes in Moor Baring gould is an interesting character, and reading the inital description of the moor itself will make you want to travel there I loved the singing scene nearing the end, but I have a passion for singing and folksong in particular So finish it for the good bits, of which it has lees than King s usual, but still than general Mysteries, and then move onto her other magnificent books O Jerusalem is worth it, I promise