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I love Raina s work Smile and Sisters is fantastic both are memoirs in nature This is about siblings and family dynamics I keep telling my niece to be nice to her younger brother you never know if one day you will be living in his basement I have to admit that I did not treat my brother well as a child Someone, he got over it and we get along pretty well now I live in his basement while I go to school I am grateful The story is also a road trip They drive from CA to CO Crazy.I love the cheerful art Raina seems to be honest in her depictions of family life I m sure there is exaggeration in there and story telling It is well done and I am good and entertained. 4.5 stars Raina and Amara are sisters Raina used to beg her parents for a younger sister, until one day she finally got her wish From almost day one the two are polar opposites and do not get along very well As the family goes on a road trip to Colorado, Raina flashes back to memories of growing up, giving back story on the complicated and sometimes frustrating relationship between the two girls But although the two do not get along, they begin to try and compromise, because they are family.This is a book easily devoured in one sitting For a subject such as sibling dynamics it is wildly entertaining, and I found myself chuckling quite a few times The plot is very basic yet works extremely well the sibling dynamic is what makes the book so funny even if the reader doesn t have a sister The graphics are really well done, some of them detailed than others but all wonderful Told from the perspective of Raina, it s easy for the reader to find Amara incredibly annoying, although at times I felt really bad for her because she seemed to be misunderstood and had a very difficult time expressing herself in a calm way It was nice to see a family dynamic and how certain events affect the family as a whole, such as the father losing his job and how the children react to it There was also the added maybe of the parents leaning toward a divorce which was never explicitly cleared up and it would have been nice to know if they were This is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages, and a very quick and fun read. [Download E-pub] ⚆ Sisters ☧ The Companion To Raina Telgemeier S NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling And Eisner Award Winning Graphic Memoir, SMILERaina Can T Wait To Be A Big Sister But Once Amara Is Born, Things Aren T Quite How She Expected Them To Be Amara Is Cute, But She S Also A Cranky, Grouchy Baby, And Mostly Prefers To Play By Herself Their Relationship Doesn T Improve Much Over The Years, But When A Baby Brother Enters The Picture And Later, Something Doesn T Seem Right Between Their Parents, They Realize They Must Figure Out How To Get Along They Are Sisters, After AllRaina Uses Her Signature Humor And Charm In Both Present Day Narrative And Perfectly Placed Flashbacks To Tell The Story Of Her Relationship With Her Sister, Which Unfolds During The Course Of A Road Trip From Their Home In San Francisco To A Family Reunion In Colorado This is a review with my daughter, who got this book from her school library She chose 4 stars because she really liked it She thought it was funny Her favorite character was Amara One of her favorite scenes was when they got the snake She is not really big on reading YET So when she likes a book, I have to make a big deal out of it She especially liked it because it looks like a comic Here are a couple panels from the graphic novel style book.It s basically about an older sister who gets a younger sister, but her expectations aren t met because they are really different, and she has to learn to adapt to her younger sister s personality You have lots of typical sisterly fights, the older one gets her own room, but then the younger one gets to pick a pet and she picks a snake.Quote Raina the older sister You ever feel like you just don t fit in Amara All the time The difference between you and me is, I don t care Raina likes to dance, play dress up, while Amara is a bit rough and tumble style She says she can t wait to read Drama I might actually get this kid into a bookstore Woo hoo LOL Wow.I love this story so much, it almost makes me cry.Almost.It s a simple story A mom, her two daughters and one son drive from San Francisco to Colorado Springs for a family reunion Dad flies out separately.There s road tripping and camping, something predominant in my own childhood There s family fighting, there s a Walkman, there are Strawberry Shortcake dolls and cousins who are too cool and too many little children running around There s a rogue snake and Dinosaur National Monument There s the tension between sisters as one grows up but the other matures, as one gets her own room and the other gets stuck with the little brother, as one tunes out the world and the other is overwhelmed by all the things in the world.I recognized everything Every little thing I ll bet I could even find the house in Colorado Springs where Aunt Mary and cousin Lindsey lived.This is a middle grade juvenile graphic novel about a girl who is in the summer between middle school and high school, who is bothered by her family, and who doesn t really pay attention to what s going on around her It s also about her sister.Despite it taking place in the late 80 s and early 90 s, it s still accessible to people in this stage of transition as well as to oldest and middle siblings It would probably be pretty enjoyable to their parents, too.If my sister were on Goodreads, I d recommend this to her Actually, I ll probably just buy her a copy She ll love it as much as I. I ve been waiting for the publication of this book since I read Telgemeier s previous graphic novel Smile This one picks up soon after the previous book, and centers around a family road trip from San Francisco through the Colorado Rockies for a family reunion Throughout the book, Telgemeier sheds light on the complicated relationship between herself and her younger sister, Amara, which is sort of hinted at in the earlier book.I especially liked how the author was able to journey back from present to past using different colored panel backgrounds in order to lay the groundwork for the two sisters Like I said before, I just really, really admire Telgemeier s art style In its own way, it s a modern twist on a vintage style of comics Add to that the fact that this series is autobiographical, it is such a unique way to share family history I highly recommend it to everyone The drama of having a younger sister at its finest for a preteen girl I couldn t really relate to this book since I have a younger brother and I had an amazing time with him as a kid I never wished for a sister Likewise my daughter has a younger brother and I think she is absolutely fine with this fact.The book is cute, though. Two bickering sisters, and a little brother to add to the fun Graphic memoir, aimed at teenagers and young adults I suppose, but I enjoyed it anyway Funny and cute and will bring a smile to your face, unless you absolutely hate children. A 2nd book Telgemeier s books just keep getting better and better in my eyes My third read, Sisters, in particular resonated with me because of the main notion of sisterhood and its complications joys Also, shoutout to my local library for holding a copy of this graphic novel I initially picked it up for my little sister, but ended up enjoying it myself in one sitting just before she came home from school.Raina uses her signature humor and charm in both present day narrative and perfectly placed flashbacks to tell the story of her relationship with her sister, which unfolds during the course of a road trip from their home in San Francisco to a family reunion in Colorado.I was incredibly pumped to see what my little sister would think about this read, since it s the perfect visual example of what I felt like during those years before her birth The whole notion of nagging and begging your mom for a little sister really resonated with me And then, funnily enough, when the baby finally and thankfully arrives, you re hit with the realization that newborns can t play with you just yet.Another note I loved was the combination of road trips with family and summer vibes thrown in here Oh, and the art We have tons of stunning visuals on a wide range of colors And I still don t have the vocabulary to explain how great it is, so here are some examples Update My sister ended up reading Sisters twice back to back because of how enjoyable it was.All in all, I m so glad that I got to share this book with the two most important people in my life I definitely recommend this as a compelling, joyful, and quick summer read I want like it in my companyNote I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buyingSisters, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils