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The Captive Wife is set in the 1830 s, and spans ten years 1832 1843 It tells the story of Betty Guard, who at fourteen, marries a former convict turned whaler He takes Betty as his wife and they head to a New Zealand whaling station After several years, and two children, the family decides to return to Australia but along the way their ship is wrecked After a battle with one of the Maori tribes, Betty and two of her children are kidnapped Betty decides to take school teacher, Adeline Malcolm, into her confidence and share the story of her kidnapping She tells Adeline, I m not going to tell you the story the way it happened I m going to tell it the way I remember it The tale is told through various characters viewpoints as well as letters and journals This was a fascinating story and I had no idea when I started it that it was based on an actual event I thought the author did a great job of researching the time and place I wasn t riveted by the book in the beginning and it may be due to the awkward jumping between the narrations and viewpoints I did enjoy that the characters are neither good, nor bad, and they earned my sympathy I thought it was a great look at the at the social politics of early New Zealand, as well as the misogyny of the time It was a gripping look at the early settlement between Australia and New Zealand and the culture of those times. Hmmmmm.this book didn t make an impression on me.yet i tried soo hard to finish it.i don t regret reding it For the ones that like family booksi recommand this one P.S I loved the savages mauri When Betty Guard steps ashore in Sydney, in 1834, she meets with a heroine s welcome Her survival during a four month kidnapping ordeal amongst Taranaki Maori is hailed as nothing short of a miracle But questions about what really happened surface within the elite governing circles of the raw new town of Sydney.Jacky Guard, ex convict turned whaler, had taken Betty as his wife to his New Zealand whaling station when she was fourteen After several years and two children, the family is returning from Sydney, when their barque is wrecked near Mount Taranaki A battle with the local Maori follows, and Betty and her children are captured.Based on fact this is a fictionalised account of the kidnapping by a Maori chief and the subsequent rescue of Betty Guard and her two children in 1834 Although a story about love and the quest for freedom in a pioneering age it is a look at the social and sexual politics of early New Zealand.A fascinating read, well written and I liked the perspectives from the various narrators to tell the story Recommended I made comment to a fellow book club member that this really was not my cup of tea but I started it thinking at that at least was something..I was quickly captivated pun intended and unable to put it down Set during the 1820 30 s between Sydney Australia and various settlements along the West coast of New Zealand It depicts the conflict between indigenous New Zealand Maori, the Kings representatives from England, whalers, sailors, convicts and women All are trying to make something out of their lot in life some with a lot dignity than others None of which was predictable but certainly understandable A well researched and skillfully written read that kept me guessing right to the end.I have much to discuss at my next meeting. This is my first read by a New Zealand author Kidman had intriguing characters while building a wonderful view of early life in the British colonies This book definitely left me wanting to life in the rugged islands. This story is great I m sure Betty was only doing what would keep her alive for her kids sake. .EPUB ♖ The Captive Wife ☢ When Betty Guard Steps Ashore In Sydney, In , She Meets With A Heroine S Welcome Her Survival During A Four Month Kidnapping Ordeal Amongst Taranaki Maori Is Hailed As Nothing Short Of A Miracle But Questions About What Really Happened Slowly Surface Within The Elite Governing Circles Of The Raw New Town Of Sydney Jacky Guard, Ex Convict Turned Whaler, Had Taken Betty As His Wife To His New Zealand Whaling Station When She Was Fourteen After Several Years And Two Children, The Family Is Returning From A Visit To Sydney When Their Barque Is Wrecked Near Mount Taranaki A Battle With Local Maori Follows, And Betty And Her Children Are Captured Her Husband Goes To Seek A Ransom, But Instead England Engages In Its First Armed Conflict With New Zealand Maori When He Is Persuaded To Return With Two Naval Ships After Her Violent Rescue, Betty S Life Amongst The Tribe Comes Under Intense Scrutiny Based On Real Events, This Is The Compelling Story Of A Marriage, Of Love And Duty, And The Quest For Freedom In A Pioneering Age Excellent fictional account of an true event and an interesting time in NZ history. Found this hard to get into as it seemed to jump from year to year too much However it was an excellent read depicting a true event in the very early settling life of NZ Intriguing readFragmented journal style but quite easy to follow Would be interesting to anyone interested in New Zealand or Australian history