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4.5 starsMy heart has been completely pulverised holy hell I don t know how many of you realise this, but from the age of 11 or so, I grew up in New Zealand Our English curriculum makes it compulsory for us to do a reading log for every English class, covering a variety of books In order to support our local heritage the log needs to include at least one book by a local NZ author each year Shouldn t be too hard, right We produced Joy Cowley, Maurice Gee, Katherine Mansfield, Phillip Mann and Witi Ihimaera Shouldn t be too hard at all.Except for one problem, of course I loved the Shadrach books, and of course I d read Whale Rider The Doll s House and Mrs Brill are two of my favourite short stories by local authors The real trouble, however, was with my inability to find a local author whose work became a book I liked rather than a book by an NZ author that I liked Note that I say Mansfield s short stories are only among my favourite locally written stories I spent years looking for a book written by someone locally which I could rank right up with my books I love regardless of the author s nation of origin To love an author regardless of any sense of Kiwi loyalty would be nice.So rewind a little to sixth form English class Ms Titter yes, that was her real name, and yes, she had breasts worthy of her name sends me off to the library during class because my local author segment for my reading log is blank I trudge down reluctantly, having used up a majority of my stock reviews for the log in earlier years one can only review so many Joy Cowley books as a young adult, trust me About two minutes into my search and I decide, in the way I always did until I hit Uni and had to be responsible for myself, that I can t be bothered So I procrastinate Casually, I stroll down to the K s and decide to flick through a King volume until the bell goes I m looking, looking Nothing Ah f Hang on, what s this It s a beautiful spine of silver with a lovely red font, subtle and clean, eye catching in its simplicity Oh hey, beautiful Wanna come home with me I pick the book out of the tightly packed shelf It has a black koru mark on the cover under the school library logo, indicating that it s by a local author Score The cover is smooth and cool to the touch I turn to the back cover, expecting a story based in NZ or with some NZ influence, as I often find this is what local authors tend to write about Imagine my surprise when I see nothing but praise for the book, something I ve never seen on a NZ book cover before Praise from the U.K Times, praise from Entertainment Weekly, praise from Independent SundayHang on Really Well alright then Hey beautiful You re coming home with me 1808 Vin bourru new wine A week after midsummer, when the festival fires were cold, and decent people were in bed an hour after sunset, not lying dry mouthed in dark rooms at midday, a young man named Sobran Jodeau stole two of the freshly bottled wines to baptise the first real sorrow of his life. Oh hel lo, beautiful I think we ll get along just fine.I firmly believe in one thing above all else a book s opening page, and especially that crucial opening sentence, can make or break it for the reader That single line there points shows how this book is going to turn out from the get go Every sentence in this book is just that beautiful, with each word treated with the respect it deserves as it is carefully placed within the sentence and woven into the story There s a subtlety that s indicated in the cover, yes, but also a tenderness, a sense of kinship and a persistent underlying feeling of secrets waiting to be told That sentence promises the world, and the story delivers.Not only did it pique my curiosity as to what Sobran s issue was, it s also very indicative of Sobran s behaviour and personality He s stubborn, so he does what he wants He s simple, but self aware He s young, he feels too much and he s got a lot to learn Someone had set a statue down on the ridge Sobran blinked and swayed For a second he saw what he knew gilt, paint and varnish, the sculpted labial eyes of a church statue Then he swooned while still walking forward, and the angel stood quickly to catch him. For a book that hinges on poetic, the stark abruptness of that reveal is odd, startling, much like Xas himselfGod help you, Xas said, with feeling. Please, go ahead It s perfectly fine I didn t need my heart anyway Go ahead, take what you want.I should have known that I d love him anyway, because he reads I have such a hideous, awful weakness for anyone who loves to read, enough so to spend his spare time creating a library He s happy, so long as the books keep appearing They stopped under Jacob Wrestles with an Angel Which angel was it Sobran asked, looking up at the capital Xas could always be distracted by a question That was Yahweh, I think, Xas said, being obtuseHis curiosity is wonderful Xas is like a child in that way, he s seen the world but he still feels ignorant, he s still surprised by the little things and he s constantly thirsting to learn about people, about life, about religion, about humanity, about himself and about everything He s sweet, he s kind, he s confused, he s careless, he s indecisive, he s innocent in the face of expectation He s perfect He s perfect, from beginning to bittersweet end, and even the sequel can t destroy him Aurora felt she had come to her own execution She looked around for an avenue of escape The surgeon stood over her He had no colour in his face She didn t want to watch as he laid out the knives Someone draped a cloth over her face She was dead already. Aurora is utterly magnificent In 19th century Europe, she s well read despite being a woman She handles the estate, the vineyards and her father s business She s unafraid to criticise, she s exhaustingly curious and she won t think twice before being honest She doesn t let her marriage define her, she gives her children a chance to think for themselves and she supports her friends with an unfailing sense of loyalty She s pretty much a woman completely out of her time, and she d be out of character if she weren t hindered by the customs and restrictions that her time period and society place on her It s the fact that she tries to work around it despite the overwhelming expectations that makes her so admirable I wish I were half the woman she isI m sorry, SobranThen there s L on, C leste, Paul, Baptiste, Bernard, Antoine The book is rich with varied characters and an ever changing storyline It s about Sobran s life, than anything else, and the impact Xas has on it So of course the story changes a bit, because life is full of changes and surprises It s endlessly fascinating and written so beautifully that it makes me ache.When I finished this, I cried I still cry every time I read it It s beautifully written, carefully thought out and so full of emotion that it s hard not to fall in love, even if you know you shouldn t Sobran caught the angel s hands and held them I ve found you, he said, then, I have an idea ListenIt took me several years, but I found a story that I loved regardless of the author Go figure I read the library copy and bought my own the very next day I then read that one until it fell to pieces My second copy ended much the same way My third, so far, is faring better, but if it falls apart I ll be buying it again No amount of money in the world will balance out my love for this You fainted and I caught you It was the first time I d supported a human You had such heavy bones I put myself between you and gravity Impossible. If you haven t read this, I can fix that I m hosting a giveaway here If you want a copy of this book, well, here you go I have three to give away.Giveaway closed Sorry guys Free Pdf ☿ The Vintner's Luck ♏ One Summer Night In , Sobran Jodeau Sets Out To Drown His Love Sorrows In His Family S Vineyard When He Stumbles On An Angel Once He Gets Over His Shock, Sobran Decides That Xas, The Male Angel, Is His Guardian Sent To Counsel Him On Everything From Marriage To Wine Production But Xas Turns Out To Be A Far Mysterious Character Compelling And Erotic, The Vintner S Luck Explores A Decidedly Unorthodox Love Story As Sobran Eventually Comes To Love And Be Loved By Both Xas And The Young Countess De Valday, His Friend And Employer At The Neighboring Chateau tl dr SUMMARY VERSION In The Vintner s Luck, Book, I recommend an awesome concept, some interesting if distant characters, tragic gay angel love , some thought provoking religious mythology, some effective poetic language infinite descriptions of wing movements, dead leaves, the Napoleonic Wars , a fast read, refreshing anti agism old people having sex THE SCANDAL I caution against somewhat distant, unlikeable characters and a massive cast , somewhat anticlimactic gay angel sex, some Twilight style purple prose, and a nagging sense that this could have been so much For fans of gay angel fanfiction, metaphors, interspecies romance, character studies, gossip, gay angels whose names rhyme with lass , winemakingOKAY SO HERE S THE DEAL I kind of liked this book I kind of liked the movie I disliked them, and liked them, for entirely different reasons, which makes sense because they are not remotely the same story This turns out to be deeply unfortunate, because expecting one to be anything like the other only leads to disappointment and disgruntlement, what with all the IF ONLYs The Vintner s Luck, the book, is an extended metaphor on copies and symmetry as a French peasant and an angel fall in love and tangle with both the grand mythologies of Heaven and Hell and the domestic dramas of a small village amid approximately a bajillion characters and subplots including marriages, re marriages, murders, scholarship, wine making, cancer, erotic asphyxiation, childbirth, and botany The entire thing revolves around the ups, downs, and slooooow development of this relationship and its resulting consequences The Vintner s Luck, the movie, is a lovingly documented homage to wine making in the French countryside as a peasant dude named Sobran has lots of wine and children and sex with his hot wife and a wine tasting widowed baroness Oh, and every so often the dude talks to an angel with the face of Gaspard Ulliel for like three minutesI have a whoooole separate essay on that thing but anyway NITTY GRITTY BOOK REVIEW MOMENTS What the Sam Hill is this style What It is literally Metaphorception SIMILE WITHIN METAPHOR WITHIN SIMILE IN A METAPHOR GREAT GOOGLY WOMAN JUST SAY SOMETHING OUTRIGHT FOR ONE SENTENCE JFCSo you stumble through the frankly atrocious bogs of metaphor in the first third of the novel, going Someday this will be rewarded by gay angel sex. Someday If that be what you seek, reader, you best go get yo self some Anne Rice instead Knox reads like a sort of neo Rice, with all the heaving, extended clauses and hyperbole, but awkward and less sensually dreamy Sample quoteRich men would pay fortunes for even one ounce of the angel s spit His every secretion a potent love potion, sweet scented, innocent as snow, fresh after days in the warmth, the proved yeast of greasy sheets Uh, what Not sexy Also, potent love potion Innocent as snow I have read fanfiction less cringeworthy Xas is far and away the most interesting thing happening here you can never quite get a read on Sobran the winemaker Is he likable Not sure Relatable Not sure , the idea of his Baroness ladyfriend turns out to be awesome than how she s written she could have been fleshed out into a serious badass , and his wife is just off on the sidelines being crazy Xas injury, mutilation, and difficult transformative recovery are definitely the book s high point What can I say, I like my gay angels bloody Not to be spoiler queen, but Lucifer shows up and gets shit done, Aurora the baroness cancer survivor figures shit out, and Knox creates a wonderfully creepy atmosphere when literally all sorts of shit starts dying supernaturally If only Xas could have been pretty and dying and Sobran in a heartbreak coma ALL the time Some parts were creative his things about walls Of course his thing about distances Of course.Some part were engaging I THINK MY DAD IS SLEEPING WITH MY INSANELY HOT TUTOR FROM IRELAND DUN DUN DUNNN , Some parts were lyrically, poetically lovelyDespair is gravity What an appetite it has, hotter than hellfire Here, let me have you, it saysCombined with the epigraph and the final paragraph whoa amazing but just some Which is unbelievably annoying, because if you showed me those three moments about gravity and told me they came from a French peasant and an angel in love UGH MY HEART OH MY GOD FEELINGS and yet somehow in context of what she does it s just likeoh, hm, that was pretty Also, Knox has like 45 balls in the air at once Sobran has like 25 children I could not keep them straight to save my life Then they all got married and had children, and I was just like WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL THESE FRENCH NAMES WHO ARE YOUThe standout characters in both book and movie are those with the least screentime in the movie, fatally, Xas is pretty and interesting and a flitting afterthought in the book he s so distant as to be unrelatable and the book s most engaging moments almost all revolve around Lucifer s badass appearance Frustratingly, I felt much interested in him than the angel we d spent the last 200 pages on, and felt I knew him better, and I liked him LUCI COME BACKAnyway, if I spent two hours watching this movie and three hours reading this book and an hour writing this, SOMETHING engaging was going on but I m afraid it might be that the concept of both is imaginative and cool and romantic French peasant spends one night a year falling in love with an angel in his 1815 vineyard, I mean THAT IS A GOOD ONE and then both mediums almost completely fail to capitalize SIIIIIIIGH. My flatmate recommended this to me with much high praise And read my copy before I got my hands on it, and cried at it a lot I have to confess, when I started reading it, I didn t really get into it The story is about a man who agrees to meet an angel or an angel who agrees to meet a man at the same time every year, for one night every year The story focuses on these meetings, so what we get are glimpses into a life It isn t just the meetings, but it focuses mostly on them, rather than the minutiae of daily life As a consequence, it takes time to get to know the characters I think it was that that kept me from getting too deeply into the story.It actually reminds me of a line from the first page He took a swig of the friand, tasted fruit and freshness, a flavour that turned briefly and looked back over its shoulder at the summer before last, but didn t pause even to shade its eyes. And then Again he tasted the wine s quick backward look, its spice flirtation and not love.Not only is that a lovely thought, and it tastes nice to synaesthetic little me, but it kind of describes how I felt about the book at first.I didn t really know what to expect from the story There s a little mystery in it, about some murders that happen in the area, and then there s the love story between the man and the angel I found both of them compelling There are also glimpses into heaven and hell, provided by Xas, the angel, and the intervention of Lucifer things that really point at a greater plot, I suppose, but we see it framed in the same way as Sobran, the human, does.The writing is also nice It probably wouldn t surprise you to know that this book tasted, as a whole, like wine, but it wasn t always the same kind of wine I didn t read that much of the book aloud, actually, but it was still strongly synaesthetic for me I can t imagine books without synaesthesia You ll have to pardon me always explaining books in synaesthetic terms sometimes, there are no others The love story is the part that really captured me, I have to say It isn t easy, Xas holding back from it, and then Sobran becoming angry and not wanting to see Xas, and then Xas disappearance There s enough of it to catch hold of your heart, though, and when you re reaching the end of the book, it really, really begins to hurt.I didn t actually cry, although it was a close thing I was desperate to read the last twenty pages, so had to read them under my grandparents eagle eyes, and that wasn t conducive to a full on sob festI really do love the last lines You fainted and I caught you It was the first time I d supported a human You had such heavy bones I put myself between you and gravity.Impossible. I finished this book this morning, and I cried This book is heartbreaking, but in the most beautiful, profound way possible.At its simplest it s a book about a vinemaker, Sobran, and his relationship with an angel, Xas, he was fortunate enough to stumble upon one night, while looking for relief from heartbreak A relationship that ends up defining both their lives, and hugely impacts the life of everyone else around them.And this is why it is in no way a simple book, and never will be It is a love story, yes, and a grand one at that, but it is so much It is very much also about how we each handle the events thrown our way How we choose to deal with loss, betrayal, lust, passion, lies and faith Faith most of all Faith in God, ourselves, each other, in circumstance Elizabeth Knox has a way with words Her descriptions, thoughts and characters seem as real as anything I ve ever seen with my own eyes Something I particularly enjoyed, although it frustrated me at first, is how half the story is not written It takes place outside the paper, in a place the reader can t see, only imagine, and many big events are never described, simply hinted at That led me to pay closer to attention to the events that played out on the paper before me, because I knew they had to be important, had to mean something, since they made it to the book in such detail, while others were left out I cannot describe what I believe this book is about, because the truth is I don t know This book has left me with of a feeling It s not something I can explain, really, I just know that for a time being I will feel as if Sobran, Xas and this story is important than anything else in my life All I know is this I won t forget it I intend to read this book again, and then a few times after that, just to make sure I understood it all I never do , and because as long as I keep reading, they don t have to spend an eternity apart, they don t ever really have to say goodbye. Deceptively simple story of the relationship between a fallen angel and a French vintner across a lifetime Superficially, there are some aspects of the book I didn t like the characterization is a bit weak and parts of it tend towards melodrama However, there s so much going on under the surface the way that Sobran s life is shown to parallel the making of a wine, the theme of symmetry duplication, Xas relationship with Christ, the way the divine interacts with the natural Xas single annual visit overshadows everything else that happens to Sobran during the year when Xas nearly dies, he sucks the life out of nearby organisms to heal copies of things and people end up in Heaven or Hell after they are destroyed There s a pattern here this book depicts God and the Devil as parasitic, poaching ideas and vitality from the human world But this fearful symmetry of God s souls in Heaven lacks the true individuality that can only be gained by real experience Niall s soul isn t Niall, it s a distillation like wine is the distillation of the earth and sun and plants and labor that went into it, not the things themselves, only a reminder, a backward glance Xas, the preemptive copy of Christ, goes to Earth, where he experiences the reality of these things sensuality, sin, death, life Unlike Christ, he doesn t get to return to Heaven after his ordeal the mutilation of his wings Note also the significance of their first meeting Xas catches the falling Sobran, an event which then comes up in the closing narration It was the first time I d supported a human You had such heavy bones I put myself between you and gravity Impossible It occurred to me that this might function as a reference to the Biblical Fall of Man, which Christ s sacrifice was supposed to redeem In this version, there is no redemption it s impossible to save a human from falling gravity , and it s Xas who falls, sins, and lives Plus there s the hot half naked angel on handsome Frenchman action You know you want to get on that. The way each book deals with issues of structure, chronology, plotting, characterisation, and, of course, theology, are radically different to what I expected.THE VINTNER S LUCK should stand and fall on its own merits But if comparisons must be drawn, one might look at how Neil Gaiman characterizes religious mythology in his fiction Heaven and Hell are made real, as are Lucifer, God, and a host of angels, all given motivations and decisions to make.This would all work out pretty well, but Knox chooses an intuitively obvious structure for conveying her plot one chapter for each year that takes place This makes sense, except that the angel and the vintner engage in lovers spats It draws the events of the novel out longer than necessary Knox cheats the structure a couple of times as well, when it suits her to draw chapter endings in conventionally dramatic fashion.We re allowed to see the life of the vintner, but the experiences of the angel are related to us by him, in small bursts Thus, we are given portraits only of secondary characters in the vintner s life Of those, only his friend and employer, the Baroness, is vividly painted For that matter, the vintner s character is muddled, as the themes of the book are played out within him.Ultimately, THE VINTNER S LUNK is an interestingly imagined tale, but doesn t always handle its characters and plotting well in order to present a cohesive end product On the plus side, you don t need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy it. Real Rating 5 of fiveThere might be another perfect read for me this year, but I doubt very much it will come at me from this angle or evoke in me this memory.In everyone s life there is a piercingly perfect moment Its sounds and lights and emotions are all, in one frozen frame of the film we must make for ourselves, exactly and precisely right I had mine on a chilly autumn afternoon My true love and I were walking the length of Broadway We had reached the corner of Canal Street as sunset was at its blue and rose and gold peak I held his hand, looked down at the brown eyes laughing at my perceived reluctance to cross against the light I was transfixed by the beauty of the scene I was pierced by the sad certainty this would be the last time we would make this walk I was utterly, completely, fully present for one of the few moments in my life I smiled and sniffed and spoke some nonsense or another to him.The world started again, we stopped in a bodega for coffee and some kind of lumpen doughy things to ease my hunger, his had already flown away from him I could have eaten the entire place and been hungry because I was empty in a way I never knew I could be.Perfection has a price I m still empty I ll never be full it s impossible But age, aging anyway, lets me look at the size of the space I once filled and say, my love, my love, I ll never have you or see you again, but how perfect you are and always will be He died eighteen months later That was twenty six years ago. If a man falls in love with a male angel one summer night on a hilltop in a French vineyard in 1808, if for years he sees this angel only once a year on this same hilltop, if the angel seems both intimate and impersonal at once, how will this affect the man s ability to live his life as his family has lived for generations raising children with his wife, making wine, interacting with the local nobility What connection, if any, is there between the angel s annual appearance and the success of each year s vintage What can the man make of the angel s matter of fact telling of wildly incredible stories of heaven and hell And, perhaps most important, what horrible things would be necessary for this angel to be worldly because of his love for the man This book affected me deeply For me, it falls somewhere between fantasy and allegory, tending toward the latter The quiet, even voice somehow manages to evoke powerful response think still waters run deep It s not for everyone It s unique.