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When ever I am finding it hard to get a good book I turn to Paul Doherty Her always manages to hit my mystery sweet spot This book did not let me down A good read. Written under one of the many pseudonyms of Paul Doherty, the Kathryn Swinbrooke series is one of my favorites of his and one of the best historical mystery series around Apothecary and physician Kathryn is appointed Devils Advocate in the canonization of a newly dead friar in Canterbury As she unravels the mystery of his death, occur, engaging the very highest levels of the English nobility Absolutely fascinating and wonderfully written, a delight at every level Please, start at the beginning of this series as several major character themes are resolved. [Read Pdf] ♔ Saintly Murders: A Medieval Mystery Featuring Kathryn Swinbrooke ♆ In The Late Summer Of , Medieval Physician And Apothecary Kathryn Swinbrooke Is Summoned To Investigate Yet Another Puzzling Situation In Canterbury She Is Appointed By The Archbishop As Advocatus Diaboli The Devil S Advocate To Argue Against The Beatification Of Roger Atworth, A Friar In The Order Of The Sack And The Confessor Of Dame Cecily Of York, King Edward S Mother Atworth Has Died Under Mysterious Circumstances, And There Are Rumors Afloat Of Miraculous Happenings Surrounding His Body At The Same Time, An Infestation Of Rats Has Begun To Afflict Canterbury Never In The History Of The City Has Such An Invasion Occurred, And The Topic Is One Everyone S LipsMeanwhile, When Kathryn Begins Asking Questions At The Friary About Atworth S Death, She Discovers That The Logical Explanation Is Murder, Not A Miracle His Involvement With Cecily May Have Brought About His Demise, And Kathryn Suspects A Link Between His Death And That Of An English Spy Outside The Friary With The Murderer Still On The Loose, What Began As A Search For The Town S Ills Becomes Instead Kathryn S Pursuit Of A Killer I enjoy the main character in these series of mysteries set in the time of the Yorkist King Henry IV She is a local healer and herbist She also has a boarder, Colum, an Irish mercenary now in the employ of that king They are in love the problem Kathryn has a husband is he still alive or was he killed fighting for the Lancasters The archbishop has a problem one of the local monks has died and there is a move to begin the process of sainthood He appoints Kathryn to be devil s advocate and promises to seek the truth about her husband Kathryn finds out the monk was murdered They find the reason for the murder and the murderer The archbishop tells her he has found her husband, her late husband , dead and buried Kathryn Colum are betrothed in a ceremony The history of the times is interesting and quite fascinating in and of itself. Using Kathryn s medical skills, she and Colum make a good team investigating the mysteries of medieval Canterbury Fascinating look into the lifestyle and politics of the time along with the influence religion plays This is a buy This was my first book featuring Katheryn Swinbrooke and I enjoyed it very much Because of Goodreads recommendations I had recently tried books from other series written by this author under his name Paul Dohertyliking one and not the other Since I liked this book so much I will revisit Doherty s other series after I polish off all the Swinbrooke books I know I will continue to like these Mediocre medieval murder mystery fab Una donna medico e speziale nella Canterbury medievale Una storia di spie alla corte d Inghilterra, alla fine della Guerra delle Due Rose Adoro. Great storyAgain I Marvell at the twists and turns this book takes all the while keeping the reader engaged Marvellous reading