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Nicole is a very likeable person, and her story is exactly the sort of thing that dramatic memoirs are made of Believing that her father died of colon cancer when she was very young, she suddenly learns as an adult that he never died at all, and her mother has been deliberately hiding that from her for her entire life That s a huge, dramatic revelation, and I expected a huge, dramatic story to come from it Not so much Nicole s response is very subdued I can t imagine waiting over a year to tell my mother that I know she s been lying to me about my father s death But then again, my mother would never do that Nicole s reluctance to confront her does make sense, in a way She recognizes from early on that she won t get satisfaction from her, so what s the point of a confrontation I do get where she s coming from, but I still badly wanted to see of a reaction out of her A big chunk of this book was about Nicole s relationship with then girlfriend Radar, rather than her current relationship with her mother It wasn t a good relationship, and those parts of the book tended to drag I would have rather had about her mother, or her sisters I was also surprised by just how little Dr Laura had to do with anything The publisher summary had given me the impression that she d called Dr Laura than once Instead, it seems like she only called her once, and got some really terrible advice That whole part flies by so fast, and it s a bit disappointing But the last few pages are great, by far the best part of the book It was sad, and a little hopeful A great note to walk away from the book on And it was a very quick read overall, despite its size So I did like it, there were just some things that could have been better tighter focus, definitely, and the art could have been a bit clearer in a few places and I didn t fully connect with Nicole, even though I liked her and understood her reactions. Both whimsical and forthright, cute and frank, loose and firm, delicate and determined I love it I feel sad and kind of guilty that I didn t like this graphic memoir as much as I expected to Sad because, well, duh it s disappointing to be disappointed, and this sounded so promising Guilty because Nicole Georges definitely had a story to tell, and I feel as if I caught maybe half of it.Partly that s because of Georges style I read plenty of comics and graphic novels, and I ve never found it difficult to tell who was talking In this book, I often did.Partly, though, I kept looking for an arc that just wasn t there Georges keeps bringing up ideas and events that feel as if they re leading to some kind of payoff, and then it all fizzles out Things happen almost at random, without much in the way of analysis The story is vague and melancholy and the wrong kind of quiet.True fact Nicole Georges response to stress is to doze off That s exactly how this story felt to me as if she weren t quite awake through the telling of it, but expected me to be.I love graphic novels, but this one just didn t work for me. It was an interesting experience to pick this up literally as soon as I put down Ellen Forney s Marbles Unfortunately, having read Marbles made me like this book a little bit less One thing I noticed after having experienced Forney s art is that some of Georges artwork wasdisorienting Occasionally I really squinted and thought to myself, Uhwha What am I looking at Where are we, right now What And unfortunately several of the characters in the book look or are drawn to look disconcertingly similar, and so I sometimes felt disoriented for that reason That s a bad reaction for a graphic book.At least twice in the story Georges says But that s another story or That s another story for another time I really hate when writers do that Either tell me the story, or leave it out, but don t specifically tell me, I have a story to tell here, but I m not going to tell it now I meanwhy say that Especially since whatever the story may be, the topic seems directly relevant to the moment, sowhy leave it out Well, specifically, why tell ME you re leaving out what seems to be a directly relevant story Also, the telling of the story felt a bithaphazard Georges moved around, from Florida to Kansas to Portland and travels quite a bit, and, the story itself is told in multiple flashbacks, sometimes a flashback within a flashback, and again maybe it s haphazard the way life and or memory is, but experiencing it in a book is sorry to use this word again disorienting And another thing along these lines Georges mentions two older sisters, but then describes her childhood as if she lived as an only child, but then in asides makes it clear that at least one of them was significantly close to her, andit s not made clear why she leaves them out ENTIRELY except for when they are adults I don t know I feel like there were several stories going on at once, and I really wanted to hear about many of them, and the ending is really, to me, abrupt, and so I almost wish an editor or publisher had allowed her room time to tell all the threads of her stories, across multiple books. The art is great, in this graphic memoir, and Nick seems fun and interesting, but also seems sort of shallow, in a way, something s missing, even as we confront lies about who her father was, abusive step dads, broken relationships, in this coming out story It feels like this BIG and attractive book is trying to balance being funny with sharing oh wow details about her life but it doesn t come off as oh wow to me, really, even though the father coming out stories are the two very center pieces of the story Is it maybe because I am not the target audience for this book, as a straight male Possibly You tell me, but I think this feels like something is missing, some dramatic arc she seems to promise some surprising thing, but it doesn t feel all that insightful, finally I know I am in the minority on this one Georges is a talented artist and she does lots of fun stuff in here, no question, creating a lighter and fun feel to everything but it feels sort of flat to me Go ahead, talk me out of it. Book 41 for JC I am suuuuch a sucker for the indie lady comic memoirs Plus, if that lady is a vegan lesbian rocker from Portland who keeps chickens in her backyard, falls asleep during times of extreme stress, seduces girls by baking them peanut butter cups, and has staggering familial issues to contend with Well. Then I will certainly fall in love It s true that this book is a bit disjointed and jumbly she takes long digressions into points that are not all that important like the title sequence, when she calls in to the Dr Laura radio show for advice, and then transcribes the entire conversation , and she also glosses over some bigger things that I think deserved closer attention But I thought it was marvelous anyway The story as given is still strong and extremely emotionally open It s a shockingly intimate journey to go on with Nicole, from her pooping problems to her emotionally volatile mother to her various agonizing heartbreaks It s possible that I got some dust in my eye when I read the epilogue, even.Plus I actually will say something about the illustrations I adore them For one thing, she is sooo good at facial expressions I decided this on like p5, which I have pasted below sorry it s tiny and hard to see Trust me, the expression in the bottom panel on the left when the other girl says I don t want a girlfriend is just so ridiculously perfect Moar indie lady comics memoirs in 2014, pls It s so easy to fall into this endearing and bittersweet graphic memoir It s as good as Bechdel s Fun Home but it also has a wonderful overcast Portland vibe through it all as Georges s family secrets hang over her like a cloud It s a sad read at times but Georges is able to make each character family members, girlfriends into sympathetic characters, even when they re flaws are showing And of course, the artwork is fantastic too. I do not condone calling Dr Laura for advice and you should never EVER read one of her childrens books, as they will hurt your eyes and your soul I do support you reading this memoir that features Dr Laura and my fair city, though Wholeheartedly This is one of the most personal stories I ve ever read Georges pulls no punches she talks about her physical, mental, emotional, relational, and social problems with candor and rawness This story is less linear than I expected it s less about Dr Laura, it s less about her family, and it s about her and where she was at during this very personal moment of an era It s about her romantic relationship with a rockstar named Radar It makes me think about how, really, all of our lives come down to patchworks of context At any moment, we are experiencing the world with a synthesis of childhood trauma, mental wiring, astrological tendencies, aesthetic preferences, life goals and desires, and physical clouding There are no experiences we have that are just about the facts of what is happening There are times when we can handle being grown ups, and there are times when it all comes crashing down There are times when you need your friends to help you keep your chin up, and there are nights when you just need them to bring over a bottle of wine and give you a hug Significant others can play a role in your comfort, but it s important to have a support system outside of that one person who may or may not be in your life longterm.wow, sorry I guess this lovely book struck a nerve.Back to the bookGeorges illustrations are beautiful and curvy I really appreciate the change in aesthetic she adopts when flashing back to her childhood There s the ease here of an honest, practiced zinester It s a beautiful package, and not one where I missed color all that much It feels like you re peeking into a very articulate and polished personal journal sketchbook Although she s definitely addressing you, the reader, directly.The issues she explores here are not only personal, traumatic, and emotional they re also very adjacent to stuff that I deal with in my own life, particularly recently as you ve probably guessed.After reading this, I want to give her a hug And cry Navigating a progressive life can be so damn exhausting.Bought myself a signed copy at Georges reading at the Olympia library. `Download ⇛ Calling Dr. Laura ☔ When Nicole Georges Was Two Years Old, Her Family Told Her That Her Father Was Dead When She Was Twenty Three, A Psychic Told Her He Was Alive Her Sister, Saddled With Guilt, Admits That The Psychic Is Right And That The Whole Family Has Conspired To Keep Him A Secret Sent Into A Tailspin About Her Identity, Nicole Turns To Radio Talk Show Host Dr Laura Schlessinger For AdvicePacked Cover To Cover With Heartfelt And Disarming Black And White Illustrations, Calling Dr Laura Tells The Story Of What Happens To You When You Are Raised In A Family Of Secrets, And What Happens To Your Brain And Heart When You Learn The Truth From An Unlikely Source Part Coming Of Age And Part Coming Out Story, Calling Dr Laura Marks The Arrival Of An Exciting And Winning New Voice In Graphic Literature