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Intimate, nuanced, complex, dark, grotesque, sordid, disturbing, horrifying, haunting an instant true crime classic that brings to mind the psychological insight of Alison Bechdel s Fun Home, the restrained depravity of Rick Geary s Victorian murder documentaries, and the subversive cartooning of Robert Crumb and Howard Cruse Highly recommended to fans of alternative comics Looking through my old high school yearbook, you d never be able to pick out which one of the kids chased his girlfriend across a parking lot and put a bullet in her head before turning the gun on himself Yet, that s exactly what he did just a few years after graduation There s nothing about his picture that would lead you to believe he would be capable of such violence He did not win an award for Most Likely to Commit Murder In the yearbook photo, he s just another smiling student, eager to leave high school behind forever You can t tell by looking at someone what they are capable of doing.Jeffrey Dahmer graduated from high school in 1978, just one year before I did.Most of his classmates, when they thought about him at all, considered him weird, but another student was regarded as the class psycho As classmate, author and friend , Backderf tells it, He was the loneliest kid I ever met Was Backderf actually Dahmer s friend He visited Dahmer s house close to a dozen times, and was once his lab partnerbut friend as in You re my bud let s share our thoughts, fantasies, and hopes for the future Well, Dahmer really didn t seem to have one of those.Instead, Dahmer seemed to be almost a mascot Several boys formed The Dahmer Fan Club, and enjoyed pranks like trying to sneak Dahmer into as many yearbook photos as possible and making him the star of cartoons The club was fond of Dahmer s one talent mocking the family s interior decorator who had cerebral palsy He was willing to perform his spastic act on command, but once the performances were finished, the other boys went off together Dahmer went home alone.I was surprised to learn of Dahmer s binge drinking in high school Backderf once watched him drink an entire 6 pack in 10 minutes, and he frequently roamed the halls with liquor on his breath as early as 7 45 in the morning How could the teachers have missed this As the author points out, high school in the seventies was a far different word from today s almost prison like schools Teachers wanted to appear hip They wanted the students to think they were cool And narcing on a student wouldn t have been cool.You can t tell by looking at someone what they are capable of doing.And Dahmer s parents They were basically indifferent, caught up in their own brand of marital warfare His mother may have suffered from some mental problems Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim, a hitchhiker, shortly after finishing high school He would later kill 16 people before his conviction He was murdered in prison in 1994.There is much speculation in the book about what could have saved Dahmer The author maintains that the adults in his life were too incomprehensively clueless and or indifferent I agree with the indifferent part One of my son s teachers once told me, The quiet one s tend to get ignored And I can tell a difference in my son s friends The one s whose parents play a significant part in their lives are outgoing They look you in the eyes when they speak But what would have changed the way things turned out for Jeffery Dahmer and his 17 victims We ll never know I can t help thinkingthe one thing that might have made a difference was a true friend. #Read Pdf Ý My Friend Dahmer â You Only Think You Know This Story In , Jeffrey Dahmer The Most Notorious Serial Killer Since Jack The Ripper Seared Himself Into The American Consciousness To The Public, Dahmer Was A Monster Who Committed Unthinkable Atrocities To Derf Backderf, Jeff Was A Much Complex Figure A High School Friend With Whom He Had Shared Classrooms, Hallways, And Car Rides In My Friend Dahmer, A Haunting And Original Graphic Novel, Writer Artist Backderf Creates A Surprisingly Sympathetic Portrait Of A Disturbed Young Man Struggling Against The Morbid Urges Emanating From The Deep Recesses Of His Psyche A Shy Kid, A Teenage Alcoholic, And A Goofball Who Never Quite Fit In With His Classmates With Profound Insight, What Emerges Is A Jeffrey Dahmer That Few Ever Really Knew, And One Readers Will Never Forget I was a teenager in 1991 and still remember the day we all gathered around the TV to watch the shocking news about Jeffrey Dahmer The stations were talking about it continuously and kept showing the footage of officers taking bags, boxes and containers out of Dahmer s apartment It was upsetting and revolting.For those who don t know, Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer apprehended on 1991 Click here for his wiki page That is why when I first heard about this graphic novel a few years ago I decided not to read it, I thought it too dark for me However, I went to the movie theater recently and they showed a preview about a movie based on this graphic novel The trailer is why I decided to read this book Watch the TRAILER here This is an excellent graphic novel, it depicts the high school years of Jeffrey Dahmer as observed by one of his then friends The art inside is much better than the one in the cover so do not be dissuaded by the simple cover Based on the stories inside, not many people could have predicted the monster lurking inside young Dahmer Maybe, nowadays an observant parent or teacher could have noticed some signs and sought help but not back in the late 70s where, according to the author, some signs of Jeff s disturbing behavior was dismissed as awkwardness Overall the art and storytelling was excellent I highly recommend this graphic novel EDIT I had to update the review to include that Jeff Dahmer was a serial killer, a friend of mine who is younger didn t know who he was loved this Great information and animationLots of hard work put in this Sometimes when reading non fiction it feels like it is just an extended research paper But, when the author was actually involved in the events, it gains a bit of a personal investment My Friend Dahmer is definitely the most intense first hand non fiction I have ever read It s not just another expos on a horrifying story, it is well fleshed out, truthful retelling of previously little known events from before the nightmare began.I can tell that Backderf went out of his way to as truthfully as possible share this story that was close to him using the medium he was most comfortable with It may seem to some that graphic novel is an odd format for this story, but it translates surprisingly well and I think even benefits in that the author could recreate scenes for us as cartoony as they might be Some critics might slam an author for profiting from a tragic story like this But, as we all know, every scandalous and horrific story gets told and retold hundreds of times through books, movies, television interviews, etc We all crave information about people who have lost their minds and or cross over twisted criminal behavior Sometime these retellings are obviously sloppy, done just to shock, full of untruths, and riddled with unfounded opinions in which the author is trying to advance their agenda that actually share information In this case, Backderf followed the graphic novel with several pages of notes to show how close to the real thing it was and how he attempted to keep any speculation out of the story And, in the prologue he talks about how this story was the result of many years of reflection on his years with Dahmer, not something he rushed to get on the shelves ASAP once the story broke For me, this was truly powerful and heartfelt.I think the art is very interesting Backderf has a style that stands out For some reason it kept reminding me of cartoons I used to read in Mad Magazine At first I was not sure if I was going to care for it, but it grew on me as the story progressed I look forward to check out some of his other graphic novels.This is a facinating telling of Dahmer s high school years There is a little bit of gruesomeness, but most of that came later So, if you have been turned away from the Dahmer story because of the details of his mad scientist esque crimes and cannibal behavior, that is barely a part of this story This is the origin story This is a telling of the early signs of madness These are the stories where there may have been a chance to stop the horrors of the future if things were slightly different or if someone had stepped in but no one ever did. Find all of my reviews atThis is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhemingly depressing A sick, pathetic miserable life story, that s all it isJeffrey DahmerI need to get one thing out of the way before I begin That being said Sorry Mitchell made me post that.For serious, though, My Friend Dahmer was a fascinating read and one of those books that will have your co workers saying it was weird enough when she started reading comics awhile back, but now she reads comics about SERIAL KILLERS screaming mass exodus from my corner of the office commences This story was absolutely fascinating to me I think it s nearly impossible to contribute any human elements to a psycho killer who you ve only seen on television We see them as monsters from our nightmares brought to life, plain and simple Like a train wreck, I loved getting the opportunity to discover a little about what was beneath the completely benign appearance of someone like a Jeffrey Dahmer I mean, really My Friend Dahmer is about Jeffrey Dahmer s life before he began having his dates over for dinner It tells of a sad, neglected, not ever quite right kind of boy whose problems were ignored by his family, classmates, and teachers alike There are no excuses made for what Jeffrey Dahmer eventually became, just a sort of filling in the blanks of the timeline of his downward spiral into insanity Derf Backderf s story is nearly hypnotizing and its graphic novel format makes it one that can be read in less than an hour Backderf also did something in his story that I don t believe I ve ever seen before There were no moments of oh, he was so normal or he always seemed so quiet Dahmer was weird and everyone knew it In fact, near the end of this book the author admits while he was visiting his hometown having a mini reunion with some old high school buddies there were jokes exchanged about Dahmer probably being a serial killer by now Little did they realize while they were joking that Dahmer had already begun doing exactly what they were laughing about. I had thought all you needed to know about Jeffrey Dahmer was in1 The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer by Brian Masters2 A Father s Story by Lionel Dahmer3 The Stone Phillips interview with Mr and Mrs Dahmer and Jeffrey available on youtubeBut now comes this peculiar addition, a graphic novel about the author s friendship kind of with JD during his high school years at Eastview Junior High School in Bath, Ohio This was the kind of friendship where a group of guys fairly low down in the social hierarchy adopt a mascot even lower down and despised than they are Jeffrey was the freak they adopted What made him a freak at the age of 15 and 16 He threw fake epileptic fits and mimicked the slurred speech and spastic tics of someone with cerebral palsyHe would do this in the cafeteria or in the corridors in order to entertain his classmates, who otherwise entirely ignored him Looking back on it know, knowing what we know, it seems incomprehensible that Dahmer could get away with such bizarre behavior But it s not as if he was the only freak at school.Backderf develops his argument very carefully and convincingly Jeffrey Dahmer fairly quickly went completely insane when he was a teenager and there was no adult intervention, because in those days, adults did not take any notice of kids They would see right through them The parents were involved in their own bitter fighting, which ended in a very nasty divorce The teachers some of whom were young stoners like the students either turned a blind eye or were oblivious to Jeff s weird behavior and also the fact that he was mostly drunk at school he had no problem getting hold of alcohol.So when Jeff was 18 the father left the house, then the mother left with the younger brother, and Jeff was all alone No friends now, having left high school Father moved back to the house in a couple of months As the devil makes work for idle hands, that s when Jeff killed his first young male, who was a hitch hiker, on 15 June 1978 Backderf illustrates an incident which happened three days later, when Jeff was trying to dispose of the corpse The cops stopped Jeff in the middle of the night while he had bags containing the remains in the back of the car smelling to high heaven Instead of taking a look at the offending items, and making a grisly discovery, the cops gave Jeff a sobriety test and a citation for drifting over the centre line Just imagine, they could have saved the lives of Jeff s next sixteen victims, but again, the adults of Bath, Ohio weren t paying any kind of attention This subject is extremely lurid but My Friend Dahmer is sober and thoughtful At the heart of the story is the problem that you really never do know what s happening with your son, your friend, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your boss, your father, your sister, your mother, your partner As the Chiffons sang in May 1965, when Jeff was 5 years old Nobody knows what s going on in my mind but me Gush Times a thousand THIS IS THE BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL I VE READ ALL MY LIFE There This is a profound, one of those once in a life, lightning in a bottle type experience This dude is master chronicle auto biographer, expert storyteller, and amazing cartoonist all in one this is the project that only HE could produce A type of unicorn, really you CANNOT possibly let it pass you by I ve never been shaken by something in this genre, like, ever Until now Lie Actually, it IS a tie Fun Home by Alison Bechdel also shares the accolade.PS Movie sucked This was really disappointing So it s sorta a memoir by this guy who knew and kinda bullied Jeffrey Dahmer when he was in High School Sounds okay How can that be boring It s kinda boring Problem is, I m sympathetic to Dahmer than Derf That s crazy I mean, it s Dahmer and Derf is just like a douche But even then the douchiest douche can t possibly inspire negative feelings than a goddamn serial killer I mean can it Derf s not even that much of a douche Kinda flawed in the self reflection department a glaring weakness in this memoir, and dammit memoirs needgenius level self reflections to be readable , but one of those nice, ambitious boys who got out of midwest suburbia to work in creative fields Still, reading his book just made me kinda angry Like, didn t he learn anything Everything in this book is emotionally defensive Like okay Derf, you knew Dahmer Do you feel regret over not treating him as kindly as you could have Do you feel scared knowing that someone capable of doing such things was a relatively normal seeming human being standing right next to you Do you feel fooled Derf spends like one second on uncomfortable, unflattering questions and then, snap blames the adults and moves on It seems like the most emotion he can display here is disgust So that s this book Disgust and tired armchair psychiatry I guess what I mean is Derf should have explored his own emotions and actions instead of trying to figure out Dahmer s, which was obviously something out of his psychiatric and empathic league.But the art was great.